Fatal Scorpio actions against Leo

Scorpio woman here. I was so completely and totally wrapped up and crazy in love with a Leo man not to long ago. And I am certain that the feeling was mutual. I had never felt so DEEPLY for anyone in my whole life and he said the same. Every moment I was with him was the very definition of absolute happiness.

But, of course, being a Scorpio woman, I started to feel ignored and suspicious when I had absolutely no grounds to be. I did end up getting upset and did lash out (verbally). Turns out it was probably the worst thing I've ever done because he left me. I am still so hopelessly in love with him, even after a year of separation, and there really isn't a day that goes by where I don't wish I hadn't hurt him like that. Everyday I wish he would come back. I won't contact him because I love him far too much and I know that contacting him would hurt him more and I never want to do that again. So, I just stay away despite every screaming urge I have to just call him and tell him once again that I am sorry and that I love him.

All I really wanted to accomplish my posting my story is just to let all the other Scorpio ladies know how important holding on to that sting is if you truly are in love with a Leo. I know how hard that can be, but these guys are so incredibly worth all the challenges that come with them. They are worth the effort. Do your best not to make a horrible mistake like I did. You may regret it forever given our obsessive natures. I know I will...

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Leo man scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Oh my just reading your post has brought me to tears. Cos thats exactly what happened to me. My leo man made plans for us one saturday evening( well yesterday) but i made him cancel THE plans cos i wanted to meet with some girlfriends. Turns out he had a huge surprise already Planned for me for THE evening as part of THE plan. He let me Go with my friends but on THE way when he was dropping me off he started crying and telling me This. I was so hurt That i hurt my baby bur he did forgive me. I begged and begged him. He said he ll call me later on. After he dropped me off..... my ego came into play. He texted me but i Didnt reply. He texted again after 20 minutes. I Didnt either. Then after 2 hours he texts me " "well no reply? Thats ok. Good luck with life, Work and love". Oh my i've Been hurting since then. Sendt him messages he Didnt reply. 1st angry message then calm msg then angry msg again then THE last one was "baby pls i know its over but pls call me i' m a mess " and he hasnt reply. I feel so sad i left This Loving loyal man Get away

Do it
by: Anonymous

Darling, as a Leo Man (who is prepared to put up with the danger associated with a relationship with a scorp ..remember we are Leos are courageous). I can tell you, so long as your words and actions are genuinely sincere, we have a HUGE propensity for forgiveness. We may test you, to be sure of your regret ...but when we tell or show you that you are forgiven, you truly will be. This forgiveness is possibly harder for you to understand, as you are (not having a dig at you, just the way it is with scorps) less forgiving (well not until you feel avenged). Leos possess an innate confidence which allows them to fully forgive (up to a point of course ... for repeat offenders I have no problem banishing forever) ..where as signs with more insecurities, full forgiveness is harder. So step outside your comfort zone, you have only one life to live, so: DO IT. Let him know. We Leos are full of surprises (and thats why you love (or hate) us).

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