Fell for an aquarius guy and he rejected

by lisa

i had a huge crush on an Aquarius guy. A few days later i realized that he has also grown an interest in me. we used have eye contact frequently. I even realized that his friends are also teasing him about me. he used to stare at me and many incidents made me believe that he has also fallen for me. He is my classmate. he is 22 and i am 23. I am a Sagittarius. after continuing this for four months i could not resist my self and asked him whether he likes me or not. He said no, he doesn't. i was stunned. i told him that i like him. he said nothing and said that if u had any query u should have asked me earlier. now i am shocked. he said that he never realized that i like him. he said that i can call him . but i said i wont. he also asked me if he can contact me or not. i said no as it would increase my pain.

Can anyone explain the situation, is there any chance that he would come to me?

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There's another chance
by: Anonymous

yes there will be another chance that he could come to you: You should accept him as a friend first. Aq men want to keep their options open and are afraid of losing friends,so if he tries to hold on to you, he still want you to be his friend.
I'm an Aquarius girl and I react exactly the same.

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