Fighting turns Aries men on!

I'm a Libra woman. An Aries male (I found that out later) would not stop staring at me at a party and I loved it. When I started talking to other men just to tease him, I could see the jealousy in his eyes. Later when I was alone he approached me. We had sex that same night. And now we're engaged.

Hint for everyone: never be afraid of starting a fight with an Aries man. It actually turns them on!

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nailed it.
by: Anonymous

Im an aries man. I love it when the woman argues with me. Ignites my sexual desire like gas on a fire. I dont like timid women- to me its like fear and i dont like scared women. tell me exactly what your thinking because im going to do the same. quickest way to loose my interest is by being closed off. Its like hunting a bear compared to a little puppy. hunting the bear is way more exciting and rewarding. and the sex with the bear is WAY

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