Finding out how a Scorpio man feels about you

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i need some advice any please!!! i met my Scorpio 2 years ago I'm an Aquarius and circumstances were not right for us to get together. now its different we are both single and we have been together on and off for about 3 months. i feel so intense about him he is the man i have been waiting for all my life. i just don't know if he feels the same way. I'm not sure if its all just sexual to him. it is amazing and when we talk its like we know each other so well. he is a bartender and i know he is enjoying being single but he keeps coming to me for romance but it seems like he just wants to play games. i don't get to talk to him or see him enough so that makes me wonder how much he cares or if he cares at all. i want to believe he does and when we r together he makes me feel that he cares but i just cant read him. should i just be patient, should i ask him how he feels, i don't want to push him away but i want to let him know that i care for him. help please help I'm at my wits end and don't want to mess it up with him.

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Scorpio wants you as a sex toy
by: Anonymous

Hi Aquarius~~ I'm Virgo. I can't give you advice but I have a little comment because I understand how you feel right now. At first Scorpio commits or very intense with someone who he is attracted to and after his desire is full fill, his intense will become lesser. As you said,"he just want only the sex." You probably correct. He commits just to release the sex energy only; he didn't take you to his heart. That is why he is on and off.
I know you loved him; you love the wrong person.

VIRGO NEVER MAKE MISTAKE. Take care of yourself.

so in love with this scorpio
by: Anonymous

I have been with my scorpio man for three years.this February 3 my man moved out after giving me an engagement ring f or xmas after a big fight.In the begining of our relation he was sooo in love with me he gave me more attention than i could retain toward the end he hardly call me plus he barely engaged in lovemaking.In early times he would call me like three times a day now that he moved out its been two months he just started answering some of my calls and texts.We work at the same place and i go out my way to bump into him when he cs me u can still c he still loves me by the way he stares at me and he tries to hug me and kiss me but if he hadnt seen me he woudnt attempt to contact me.he still tell s me he still loves and miss me but chooses to not b with me bcuz of my temper im a leo.will he ever come back to me he promisses me hes not with a nother woman and gets upset when i asks.he makes no attempts to contact me and when i calls him he tries to be distant and uninterestd in talking then a week of two latter he calls saying he miss me and love me but dont want a relationship i know he once loved me and still does will he eventually come back to me and give our relationship another try.why is loving him so confusing and emmotional he once wanted to get married and was looking for a place to have our reception now he wants nothing to do with it im left with a broken heart and despite my pleding he wont give in what do i do will he change his mind please shed some light.

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