Friends with benefits with a virgo man

by truecappie

I met a Virgo man a year and a half ago through mutual friends while traveling to a different city. We connected instantly and we kept contact until today. Despite the distance, we chat almost every other day. I met up with him a few times whenever I visit his city. The most recent two times were within the past 3 months. He always made time to see me even though he has gotten busier with going back to grad school. My question is, I don't want us to be just friends with benefits, and although I told him I don't do this sort of relationship with just anyone, but because I like him and I always enjoy his company. I hope he doesn't just see me as friends with benefits and discount the relationship potential in us. I want him to come visit me, but it hasn't happened yet. Although he said he will, eventually. I want to know your thoughts on Virgo man and friends with benefits, and whether I really have a chance with this man. Thanks in advance...

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Friends with benefits
by: Anonymous

I'm a true Capricorn woman and I did the friends with benefits thing with a Virgo man. We live very close and it went on for months. We are both single parents, but when we had time we had out of this world sex. But, as a woman and a Capricorn my feelings got involved and I found out he was only good for a friends with benefits situation and being a good friend. I broke off the sexual relationship and he broke off the friendship for awhile. Now we are trying to repair our friendship, but he asks everytime I see or hear from him if we can restore the benefits package and I say no. Even though I miss the great sex. Just, tell him how you feel and if he doesn't want more, don't waste your time. You might be missing out on the real thing somewhere else. Good Luck:)

Thanks for the advice
by: truecappie

Yes, I agree with you. It's easier for us women (and cappie) to invest feelings. The aforementioned Virgo finally visited me in my home town a few months ago and it was the same between us - GREAT rapport/connection/sex, you name it. Now he will be here more in this summer and he already told me about it.
I'm not overly emotionally invested yet. However, I'm planning to tell him that I won't do the whole friends with benefits thing anymore. I have the feeling that he won't (or can't) give me anything more. But I will have to do what I have to do.

Cap women Virgo Men
by: Anonymous

I'm a Cap woman who was married 3 decades to a Virgo man. He was the love of my life but he was one of those un-evolved Virgo men who didn't deal with feelings, mine or his. He was very self-absorbed and the romance left a lot to be desired. Then I met a second Virgo man who was far more affectionate and passionate, however he too was only into friends with benefits, with a strong aversion to commitment.

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