From a Scorpio woman having an affair with an Aquarius man

by scorpio girl

i thought auqarius men were not jealous,he is quite overbearing and won't let me beathe, he is very suspiscious and does not trust guy's around me. last night we had a heart to heart talk and i saw him cry for the first time.he says he is angry with himself for LETTING HIS REAL FEEINGS come out. he told me himself that he is jealous when in love. Can anyone else confirm my discription of aquarius men. From scorpio woman.

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by: Anonymous

He sounds like a young aquarius. They mellow with age.

They are nuts!
by: Scorpio Mom

Some of them mellow with age, not all. One I had was extremely jealous and would lash out at me and accuse me of cheating when he had NO evidence whatsoever, it just came out of left field quite often....pretty farfetched attitude and quite surprising given his old age. He also didn't want me having any friends.

Only when smitten
by: Anonymous

That's me personally. And by smitten, I mean absolutely smitten, like head over heals, balls to the wall in love. I'm either ice cold or on fire for a woman. There's only been one woman that I was smitten by and lo and behold she was a scorpio. There has to be something completely spellbinding about a woman that brings out the jealousy in me. Otherwise, if a relationship is so-so, and i'm somewhat into the girl i'm dating, but its more a casual thing, there is no jealousy whatsoever. That's just me though, and it varies aqua to aqua.

very similar experience!!
by: Scorpgirl

I had a VERY similar experience with an Aquarius man I was dating. He wouldn't stop calling me at work, so I stopped answering and just FWD his calls. He then proceeded to leave me a nasty emotional voice message, so I called him back telling him how riduculous his message was and "NO ONE talks to me that way, so lets just stop seeing each other". When I said that, he said he was just joking... which set me off on another rapage on how that was NOT a funny joke and I didn't believe it to be a joke.
Anyway... I saw him the next day and he started crying apologizing begging me to stay with him.

WHAT?!?!?! Your an Aquarius... lover of Independance... I was so confused by how needy he was and how he wouldn't let me BREATH!!!!

He was not young, he was 40 years old and a VP of a major construction company.
I let him go, because I wasn't ready for a full on commitement and I thought this was going to be a flighty relationship... but it was FAR from it! Talk about reverse roles!!


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