Frustrating Aquarius man

I met this man 6 weeks ago he came on very strong at first we dated 2 times times in the first week chatting and texting then he became very illusive literally no texts and do response to mine ...whatever ... i just stopped texting and life goes on then out of the blue makes contact again on the telephone texting wanting to hook up ..i think but never really saying so confusing and dam frustrating on this goes till now he starts texting again and i just say look here is what i am doing here is were i will be if i see ya i see ya ...and walla to my surprise he shows up and now back again to NOTHING. Its absolutely insane. I am very attracted to this guy and honestly each time i see him i like him more ...when he stops texting i delete his number and really just get on with life thinking he is not going to text again and he is just one big pain in the butt anyway ...and he does and it
surprises me because we will be right in the middle of fairly intense interactions ...the bang? Oh he is also 14 years my junior i am late 30's he is early 20's just to mix it up a bit ...I AM CRAZY this i know. can anyone help sort this out for me?

..i wanted to add that We never did hook up when he was "eluding" to it and he did again just stop texting and i did also stop texting but only after i told him exactly what i thought with a few choice words...and he seems completely not phased by this ..never brought it up and another time as well ...i also in much politer fashion told him to stick it but that was after he came up with this crazy plan ..and i agreed then at the very last minute he "changed his mind" i had to make adjustments in my schedule , he did apologize and i had to make it clear that i do not just sit around waiting for him to call me all day i am very busy if he makes a date i have to make room for him infuriating..however the crazy part is ..that when i am with him ...i am so stupid and giddy and totally smitten and so is he ..what a mess.

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Frustrated also
by: Anonymous

I laughed after reading this because I too am dealing with an Aquarius man 6 years younger than me. I don’t know what is about him but yes, he goes from hot to cold. I don’t even like to call or text him because I never know what I’m going to get. I hope I get over him fast. Good luck.

Way to funny....
by: Debbie loo

God must have made them from the same mold....I've been chatting with a guy for the past 4 years, same exact thing!!!...I've deleted him many many times from BB, facebook etc and we hook back up again. We're both 44 so its seems that age doesn't really matter when it comes to the Aquarius man, they are all just moody!!! At least I know now not to take him "seriously" but he is interesting and I do have feelings for him as getting to know him from the inside (we've never met in person) has been quite interesting. All in all he's seems to be a really NICE guy. I do hope to meet him one day and maybe by then we would have ironed ut all the rough of luck to us all :)

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