Funny experience with a Leo man

I dated a guy once for three weeks to a month...not a leo and not an important love in my life nor a love at all...if anything a fling... Nice man left on a respectable note with each other we just had nothing in common...the experience lasted a blink of an eye and there was no matching interests so we both stayed friends and moved on...two months later I met a wonderful man whom stole my heart...I fell in love quicker with him then I have fallen with any other man...and more true than any matter the length or love...this man had me truly after our first date

We have been dating for about a month 1/2 on my 26th birthday...morning of, we got it on like two romantic lovers from Spain......I had never....never felt passion like I did when his lips were kissing mine.....and I new....the way his skin felt to me and the way I felt laying next to him as he was snoring....that I was in love......the same morning I went downstairs to get some water wearing nothing but his knee high socks and as I was filling my water from the automatic fridge thingy, I looked up and saw a picture of "my love" arm in arm "Best Buddies Picture" with.... the man previously that I had briefly went out with... I nearly dropped my glass of water in a panic...and naturally freaked out in my mind and almost out loud yelling fuck...fuck...fuck..what are the chances...I immediately started wondering if they were a casual run in run with a circle kind of friends....since there was another person in the picture standing in the middle of the two

I figured maybe there was a possibility and hoping, that they weren't.....two days later he left for his trip to Tokyo,
which I knew about ...and was excited for him...I figured at least it would give me a good opportunity to figure out how & why I was falling in love with him and how exactly was I going to tell him that before dating him, I briefly dated, "Dated being an understatement" someone that I saw on his why is this city so so small....anyway...I figured without thinking about it too much, that the right thing to do was to just be honest...give him a heads up...and again be later on if they happened to be good friends than at least I told him on my own...even though I never even dated the two at the same time and that there was never a cross over between the two I still felt that I had done nothing wrong....non the less my policy has always been I waited for him to come back from Tokyo

Meanwhile from the moment I saw that picture on his fridge....any
phone call I ever received from the man on the fridge...which I did...he did still call me...I never answered nor returned the phone wasn't because he wasn't a nice guy or that there was anything bad about was strictly because I was in love and even if my guy didn't know that....and of that I didn't matter I knew I was in love and therefor anyone...any other.....meeting of a man of any type didn't matter.....SO SO SO....he gets back from Tokyo...asks me out to dinner...he made dinner reservations and he happened to be sicker then a snot nosed kid that had been playing in the snow all I thought and admired the fact that he wanted to see me when he could have been relaxing at home getting better before another trip of his....he had another two week adventure that he was leaving for the next day, therefor it was the only available day that he had open and at that point as well as mine...

Funny enough I was out of my right mind...and had the evil
monthly woman thing which apparently makes me act like an idiot...and all my rationality seemed as if it never existed in the first went right out the window...and during the middle of a perfectly fine dinner his phone rang....he said oh this is my good friend *$#@...I gasped and out of my mouth fell out.....I dated him for a brief amount of time nothing big, just wanted you to know...I was aware luck wasn't my thing but apparently, timing wasn't of course I sat there waiting for a response...freeeking out in my head...and he turns and looks at me with this shocked stare/long long glare...only for his response to we have been good friends since 8th grade....if that means anything he, is now of course it might as well be his best friend....if not already....(my god)...I felt my heart drop to my stomach...

Before I knew it I had that sharp pain that only comes from either being stabbed (which I haven't experienced) or from your
heart actually breaking...and then it suddenly hit me....If I know myself and knew that he liked me....knowing I had felt like shit and was absolutely hormone crazy....why did I even go in the first place? I was setting myself up for absolute failure...anyway...I did plan on just mentioning something but damn what a way to screw something up....anyway....that was the first night we
had hung out and not spent the night together....I asked him to drive me home....and there was no way in hell I was going to even try to kiss fear of being rejected...though I missed his touch so much...he just looked at me in disappointment and I hugged him said and thank you diner & good night....he is now gone on another adventure and I am just lost....and thinking
there is a pretty good possibility he might not even come back to me at all....hummmmmmmmm the pain of love and and opening your heart my my....and he doesn't even now how strongly I really being coy roy...:((((

well at this point all I can do is wait....and hope he comes the way he's a leo....I'm a cap....we aren't supposed to all....but even though my communication is sometimes crap undre pressure in fear of being hear
broken... we have still somehow communicated with our eyes...heart and soul....I just wished those were the features I only' payed attention to that night....instead of butterflies and open mouth syndrome....which apparently I suffer from...:) Well I might have lost the love of my life but at least I was
honest to and for him and not for selfish the end of two weeks if I hear nothing I'm sure that will be the answer, sad but that's life and it's true...the glass my NOT be half empty nor full....maybe it's just half. either way....I respect him so much which is why I said may not have
been the right moment but I think it was more important to say something than nothing at all....I still love him...:)

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by: Anonymous

This story/experience was incredibly gripping. I so so so hope it ends well and that he realizes what's waiting for him!

by: Anonymous

OMG so what happened?! Small world indeed!

Thats terrible to find out he was his best friend. Even if he liked you, its like off limits as you dated his BEST friend.

At least you were honest and sincere

Leo (me 0.0)
by: Anonymous

That would be a bit nerve racking lol however everyone is different, who knows =P

Leo men
by: Anonymous

Well, I dated a Leo man on and off. I am a Cap and as you said we are not supposed to be compatable. Well the passion was the same...I never experienced that with anyone in my life. I didn't even know I had that level in me. But he is so random with calling me. Heavy duty at first, 5 month gap, the chase again, then it led up to an incredible night. Up to then my feelings were guarded. But the last interlude I started to unleash feelings for him. Only to be dissapointed again...nothing after several weeks. I know he felt something too. After this last time I am done with him. He is too on and off for me.

I wish you luck. It could turn out so good for you. As they say "if it was meant to be, it will."

Let us know how you make out.
Fellow Cappie

Leo guy <<<
by: Anonymous

If it is me thats going on and off, ^^^ (person up there, if this may help) I'd have these "connections" with people, but it'll be like a big flirt and life goes on. Nothing really happens because I don't feel that it should (For me that is). If i'd really like you I'd be in contact with consistency. Its not like I do that every so often, more like years apart, but I'm fine with that. I could stay single my whole life, till I find someone that I'd actually want to be with. Catch my drift. However, I see myself different from all the other Leo friends I have though. Not that I'm abrupt to speak out independence, I've just done some thinking/realizing over quite some time now.

Just to be frank with you...
by: Same Leo guy

I think on and off is because he see's u as a person that is willing to just to be "over friendly" with at times he feels like he needs to be wanted. I get these urges, but I always prevent myself from doing them. I really don't like getting mixed emotions out. (I just hate misconceptions). Moreover most leo guys I know are very naiive or have moderately effective various "get-at-girl" schemes. The Leos I know... Well they all have a shaky past and it takes one hell of an endeavor, or a taste of reality, in order to establish a committing action amongst themselves. Like I say, I may definitely be different from them, because for one I do not enjoy introducing errors into my life(or I may be wrong). In which will call for a flawed future in terms of relationship. To me learning once is good enough. However, attempting to purify the whole fiber of my being is leaving me in a nut shell, which is compromising my whole future of "Living". But living\fun isn't what I want when it appears to be totally unnecessary from my perspective. In other words if this may not make sense to you, I analyze enough to find inconsistency then gradually reject. A clearly paradoxical situation. D: I think ill stop here lol...
(Just an opinion from a super honest Leo (I think)Take it or leave it... The choice is yours, BWHAHa)

A good 5 min break off studying =D

by: Anonymous

i appreciate the insights from you Leo's. It was a nice experience but it helps to understand a bit more from the other side. So it's good to move on and just chalk it up to experience.

I think if it was meant to be more I would have felt the connection right away, not at some random time later. It all works out for everyone in the end...

Thank you for the responses!

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