Gay Aquarius women

by Laura

A lot of Aquarius women are gay. Seems they just have too much knowledge to accept men, who for the most part are selfish, thoughtless, childish, individuals.

Aquarians want the spark, the beauty, Trust harmony and dancing in their heads and hearts when they are in love and caring the sharing. Grace, happiness and the poetry. I always fell for Libra men who were gay, be cause I liked the female side.I would melt in a heap if I ever met Ellen Degenerous(sp)Another Aquarius Bubbly, effervescent, dream come true. I love her madly.

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by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarius Girl Who Loves Men. However, I Think I Would Be Up For Making Out With a Hot Chick That Love's Men Just as I Do. I Also Will Bluntly Say How attractive a Women Is When I See

Real Love
by: Anonymous

I guess it could be said,
that I love the person..not
just the sex.I have had the
best and the worst. And if
the desire for that person
is not there, then it is
wasted time. Which I am
oppossed to.Do not try
to force me, that is rape.!

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