Gemini and Aquarius - is it or isn't it going anywhere???

This guy and I work together at the same job. I was not interested in him at all. He began to come to my office and we began talking but about a relationship that I was in that was coming to an end. During that time he never tried to make a pass at me. He would drop me off at the train station every night. He then started to make passes, however I was not interested. After a while of this continue drop offs , conversations during these trips, and his giving me special acknowleding when I would see him at work I began to get interested. After about 6 months we became sexual. After that it was on. we went out every weekend, went on vacation for a 4 days, we dined so many different places, boat rides, shopping, nail, pedicures, day at the massage place...etc. That went on for about 1 year and a half. During that time he would not put a title on the relationship. He said it would complicate things. He would tell me that he had a lot on his plate. He would not tell me what all that was however I had fallen for him. So I was willing to stay. He also said that he didn't want to do this for then it would put him in the place of worrying about what I was doing when he was not around. Things seemed to change. He would cancel dates at the last moment. He even told me that we should stop having sex???. Still during that time I was still coming to his house. Knew something was going on but couldn't put my finger on it. We broke up for 2 months. During that time he got back with his 2nd ex-wife. We got back together after that 2 month period. He gave me keys to his place. I still felt insecure and dug deeper. Yes I snooped. I believed that what ever had caused the break up would probably cause it again. I found out that he had been making plans to be with his wife (not an ex yet) during the times things were going crazy between the both of us. I brought it to his attention. We argued. We still ended up staying with one another. I still have trust issues with him however leaving the relationship I'm not willing because I really love him. We have a title now, I have the keys to his place, we sleep together, we eat together, do activities together, yet he won't say he loves me (has said he cares for me). There is a lot that I have left out. Questions from you may help me to understand why I sometimes think he can do well with my leaving. Like at times I see in his actions that he really wants me there. However there are times when we get into a serious conversation that he speaks like he could just walk away. He has said in a conversation we had while watching this show called "Suits" that when you let someone know that you are vulnerable they will take advantage of you, so never let them know. Is this what he does?? I didn't ask him if that is the case with the relationship because I didn't wan't to end a good evening. For me it is hard to leave. He's smart, fair, honest (to some degree), knows me, generous to a degree with me. I will admitt that dating him has been one that seems to just keep me into him. I ask him a hundred and one questions. He on the other hand will not ask as many questions, however he will ask some. I have mentioned that he is honest to a degree, however now that we have been dating for 3 years, it still is a challenge. Our recent conversation went something like this. I told him that I would have to work on believing everything he says. He says to me that he doesn't have to lie (hmm) because if he wanted to date someone else he can. He says that all he would have to tell me that he wants to see other people and that this relationship with him and I isn't working out. Huh??? What does that mean... I mean he can tell by my actions that I am open. Why say that. I am beautiful woman. I have a degree in the medical field. Have still my own place. My own car. Can choose to date someone else as well. Like why do all that you have done and shared with me and still say things. I wouldn't say this to him because I care about him. Please give me some directions. He's an Aquarius male ..born Feb 15, 1961. Im a Gemini woman.. born June 13, 1966. Help!!

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