Gemini female seeing leo male

by Kendra

totally agree with poster who says Gem/Leo relationship starts out exciting and hot and passionate and flames out. All relationships do, but Leo males are creatures of habit, Gemini females get bored even when happy ... are just restless spirits and the Leo male is so self-satisfied that he doesn't even notice.

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by: Female Gemini

Leo and Gemini are great friends and that's the most important .The great thing about it that Gemini female is very confiedent and could encourage any man to tell her about all his past as a joke in comparison to his experience with her love and respect.

however Gemini woman is looking for a very srong character man who never give up .But Leo is not like that .And Leo needs some one always to be behind his back and bush him and Gemini is the only person who don't like to get results with a lot of bushing no test!!! any way this is my experience may be some one else have another experience..But not to forget The best sex ever I had it was with Leo .(Kissing) OMG

by: Anonymous

leos are so obsessed with themselves they sometimes neglect geminis. geminis end up feeding leos ego..then gets bored. geminis need spotlight too

best match
by: Shilpa

If ur really into it...match the natal charts...sun signs are just a LITTLE part of ur compatibility...!!

Gemini female and Leo male
by: Anonymous

The relationship started hot and amazing. There were a lot of arguments but we stuck together threw them. Sex was very great. But I got tired of feeling like I was doing all the work for him, having to encourage him all the time and helping him. I got bored quick and furious he wouldn't give me my own space. Then the relationship just died. It was a great but he wanted me to change how I was so he could be happy. And I'm not about to change myself just for him when I felt like I got nothing in return.

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