Gemini get bored very easily


I am a Gemini lady. I got married to a Gemini male. but after 3 years I started loosing interest in him. Then after I dated a Taurus male for 6 to 7 months but I get bored again. Then after I started dating an another Taurus male. This time I feel I am very much happy in this relationship. I want him to be with me. But he has his own family and obligation. I don't know what to do. In the meantime I tried my level best to make my relationship with my husband better but it did not worked out.

Will this type of uncertainty be there in my entire life time or I will get stability somewhere? because I want stability in my life.

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Damn Gemini
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman, "damn Gemini" is a comment that I've received time and time again. I've been married four times, the divorces are not my fault; they couldn't get it together.
I'm bored to damn death especially in my relationship, we don't go out, we don't play, he's gloomy most times and complains about every damn thing every damn day.
I live with my husband and my daughter; they have separate addresses, this helps a little to alleviates the boredom I feel. I can stand him for about three days at a time, I then go to my daughters house. I can her house for a week at a time because it's just her and I and she is a loner.
There is so much that I want to do that I sometimes drive myself crazy.
I have nervous anxiety for noting. at all times there is a body part moving I'm never completely still unless I meditate; which is a difficult task but I'm getting better at it.
most times I talk to much and I know when I'm doing it but it feels so good to share information that I've learned from where ever I learned it...

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