Gemini lady in love with Scorpio guy

I am a Gemini lady in love with a Scorpio guy, we met January at his work place after a month he explain his feelings to me but coz I had a lover (Sagittarius) I told him we could not be lovers and I explained to him my love for the Sagittarius but believe me that since then I felt in love with the Scorpio guy that I could not resist him, two months back I confessed my feelings for the Scorpio guy two days after w kissed and started dating a week after I dumped the other guy coz he was honest at all to me. believe me I don't know what I can tell you but my Scorpio guy is good in bed, loyal, honest although it is hard for him to trust me coz I used to tell him about my ex, but you he rocks even if I see other guys interesting I don't care I think I have all in this Scorpio guy, all I need is to gain his trust everything seems to match with us just that I am moody at times whilst he does not like to talk but I want to keep him forever

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