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Ok, i am an Aries woman in love with a Gemini man and to be honest nobody else has ever brought me this much excitement. I mean Aries, they say give the Gemini man space, u know at times u want it too so let him be, u can't force this man, if he loves you he will definitely come around. There is only one problem I find though...he can't seem to keep up with my sexuality. He seem to need more mental stimulation, just always wants to talk. He has become my best friend so I try to look past this so called minor problem. But I do love his sweet ways, I can't seem to stay mad with him...oh I am pregnant after 1 year now. I am excited. With or without him I am happy that I had this chance to experience love that I wish to share.

Lets see. My Gemini man is very good to me. When he does something wrong, if I show a good point on why he's wrong, he usually stop what he's done wrong dead in his tracks. He's very smart and always knows how to argue his way around me. But his love is very deep for me. I know that once a Gemini falls in love with a woman, they are sold for life. Although they aren't the most romantic type, there is something us Aries woman fall for with them, and it's the challenge. I love my Gemini man. Wouldn't want it any other way. And we have a child, and he's a great father. I agree, it all depends on the man, not the sign when it comes to cheating, or leaving.

I was with a Gemini man for 2years, when I fell pregnant he left me, after he left he tried it on with his ex. I've found out in time he was never faithful to me, ive felt a fool and used..

I'm really sorry to hear about that. It sucks. Honestly though you could find examples of this with guys of any sign. Nothing makes them run away faster than a pregnancy if they aren't mentally responsible. If he was cheating on you as well, then.. good riddance, clearly. Hang in there girl, there's plenty of genuine guys out there.

My best friend for 9 years was my Gemini. We always had this thing for each other. We now have a 1 year old and are engaged we have our little problems but nothing big (or so I though). Me being an Aries woman have always had a problem with his flirtatious ways, he has always been a player since I knew him. But I thought things were different since we have a family now and are getting married. Come to find out I just had a miscarriage and on top of that I found out I have Chlamydia now. Hmm how did that happen when we have been together for 3 years. I didn't have it when I was pregnant my dr timed it as me contracting it in the last year after my sons birth. I have been completely faithful to my man no if, ands, buts about it. I confronted him and after 2 days of lying to me he confessed he cheated on me when I had our son. Now im not stupid if he admits to cheating on me once odds are it wasn't once and it probably wasn't just 1 girl. Needless to say I am heartbroken that 1) I lost my baby because of this nasty std 2) I lost my so called (soul mate) 3) Ive lost all trust in men.

One good thing is I finally opened my eyes to the truth before my Gemini were to bring me something worst like Aids.

We got along perfect, he was my ideal man. But the two faces/personalities are the worst. I would like to know how he could look me in the face dead serious and lie to me year after year. That takes talent.. these Gemini's are fun loving and whatever but they are very sneaky, fake, people.

im a Gemini woman and dated a Aries woman. we started off real good at first. she was sweet, funny, protective, and charming. then after a few months we drifted away. and we didn't talk much. I would try to work things out with her but nothing worked. I hated this relationship. and then I just told her to get lost.

My Gemini drives me nuts to the point that I want him more... Interested one minute and disappears the next... But he keeps coming back..

I am an Aries woman deeply in love with a Gemini man. He is the sweetest most loving man I have ever met! Everything he tells me I believe because it's so genuine. Our conversations are great and very interesting... I have read so many negative things about Gemini's being 2faced and players, and all that other stuff, but everyone is different and if you go into a relationship thinking negative, nothing positive will come out of it. I love this man, and he loves me as well. We are taking it day by day, but I couldn't have asked for a better man.

I am an Aries woman married to a Gemini man for 1 year, and boy was it a tough year!!!!! I know that he loves the hell out of me, however, the staring at other women is really starting to get old. As an Aries woman, I want to dress more provocative now than usual to get his attention, but he just gets mad. Such a double standard. He is a very sweet man and complicated at the same time, but I would never get rid of him.

As an Aries woman, I must say that Gemini men are the most exciting mates for us.. however they are detached and hard too cope with, so in the long run, an Aries woman will begin to feel empty.. getting heartbroken is inevitable

wow I am dating an Gemini man and I am an Aries woman and wow I simply don't get his ways one minute he says no it's better off as friends and the next minute he is calling saying he wants me and only me I just can't seem to keep up anymore I am starting to get bored of it one time I did tell him I didn't care if he came back or not anymore and he literally kept asking me is that true tell me that's not true lol but he drives me crazy about him but I do feel he lies to me about a lot of things I can't know whether he is telling the truth or not but I guess I will take it day by day for now and try my best not to fall for him.

I am an Aries Woman. From first sight I knew my Gemini was my dream man. We fell madly in love. Gemini is not overly romantic, however, his old-fashioned courting and concern for my well-being won my heart over in a wildly-romantic way. Seven months into our whirl-wind, jet-set long distance romance, I find out he is married. I was crushed. He divorced within 60 days and we picked up the pieces.

I've found no better relationshp highs and depths - than with my Gemini. Truly, he did leave me feeling lonley and heart-broken. We stll love each other to this day, though I have moved back to my home state - after relocating for 1.5 disasterous years to be live with him. BUT there were so many times we'd go out with friends and I'd feel terrbly gulty that we were so happy; when our friends relationships were much unhappier pairings. We laugh, cry, play, have intense passion, he's my best friend, and so on..

We grew apart, as I lost my ability to make him feel wanted and handsome, due to his outbursts when we would argue. I always suspected he was cheating after finding out about his wife. The twin personalities don't help for suspicion! Not to mention I am very emotionally sensitive, so I can see he has been flirting or being another personality that isn't used with me.

I would always have to play mind game swith him to keep him from getting too arrogant. He respected the fact that he had met his match. Can't get away with anything with this Aries woman, because Aries ladies are flirts, too. Never a dull moment.

My Gemini has cared for me since day one. He has taken care of me in every way a man would and much more - even when we aren't "together". He taught me to love my family. He was willing to take my brother into his home. That tells me he will be the kind of man that will allow me to care for my mother when she is elderly - and I would do the same with him, because he gives me that kind of love. I have dated all other signs. Gemini works for Aries because Aries bores quickly. My Gemini is such a shape-shifting people-pleaser, but I am never bored with him. He appreciates my idiosyncracies and creativity. He anticipates my needs and relishes in being my Hero. He allows me to entertain him and encourges me to create, though he himself is not creative.

Aries women have so many picky details needed for a perfect partnering; Gemini is a people-pleasing chameleon. The only better I could pick is Capricorn, because of my drive for success (I'm an ambitious Aries), but Capricorns can be boring - and you know Aries Women - though we are ambitious, we need romance and passion like we need air!!

My Gemini and I are now working on reuniting. I am so excited. I could nit-pick the man to death, but truly, at the end of the day, he loves and cares for me. My search is over. I only worry he may start a econd family one day (doble life). It never gets old with the Twins!

Hi I am an Aries who is dating a Gemini we been together for 3 years we have kids sometime his so sweet and the next he needs his space so I give it to him. but am afrad he will cheat on me he haves before and lied and said nothing was going to happen I don't know what to believe anymore I love him so much that it hurts in the being was the best now its like hell I don't know what to do am only21 and his 20 please help me

I am an Aries woman. I have a male bestfriend who is a Gemini. We've been friends since childhood. Our communication has always been beyond great... We've been friends for 21 years and during that time we've been intimate 3 times, which I regret... But those occasions had a lot 2 do with being intoxicated. We've talked about being a couple a few times, but the idea scares the heck out of me. With us being only friends all this time, we know a lot about eachother, which could be a plus... But I also kno that he isn't a 1 woman man... He says it would be differen with me, but I dnt trust it. He dislikes every boyfriend that I've ever had and he always says he wished he could have been the father 2 my kids, or he'll ask why I never wanted 2 be wth him........ I'm very unsure of what 2 do... I'm so tired of gettin myself into relationships that end in disaster... HELP!

I am an Aries chick, with a Gemini boy friend. I had a crush on him since the moment I saw him. Heh, I'm a violent one, very easily angered. But when he's around he seems to put out my flames and replace the fires with pure happiness. He is a bit heartless at times I do admit. But I love it because it gives me a chance to drive him crazy and get angry at me. I love to push his buttons and he knows it. But when the day is at its end he smiles and kisses me. Says you know I'll always love you and sends me on my way. He let's me have my space and I let him have his when it suits me. Things couldn't be better...I never thought I could be in love....but I think.....if I am I won't say say it. No point in screwing up a good thing.

I am an Aries woman, my best/special friend (if you know what I mean) is a Gemini man that I've known for 7 years. I can honestly say that he is the only man that can get me excited! As an Aries woman I can be very bossy, he is the only man that can put me in my place (and I don't have a problem with that), infact the way my Gemini man takes control of me, turns me on. Aries ladys, if you want to be turned on with just one touch, find yourself a Gemini man!

I f-ing love my boyfriend. It really does just depend on the person and the ways they have been brought up and what they believe in. We have been together for about six months and I KNOW he's the one for me. Im lost for words. I can't even explain us. We are amazing, fun and adventerous!!! Woooo go us!!

"good love is hard to find" ~ Tom Petty x

I am dating a gemini, and I feel like a princess when im around him, he is kind, and caring and most of all, he actually cares for what I have to say. No matter how much I ignore him or not look at him, he always comes back. aries, if you learn not to be jealous, then its a good match.(:

I am dating a gemini, and I feel like a princess when im around him, he is kind, and caring and most of all, he actually cares for what I have to say. No matter how much I ignore him or not look at him, he always comes back. aries, if you learn not to be jealous, then its a good match.(:

I am an Aries woman, playing mind games with my Gemini ex, so my advice, TRY NOT 2 SHOW HIM HOW SENSITIVE YOU ARE, THAT YOU ARENT SOMEONE TO MESS WITH. HAVE PRIDE! NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER SHOW A Gemini HOW WEAK YOU ARE, JUST LET HIM KNOW THAT YOU ARE A WOMAN WITH other words, play mini sweet battles and like I said, never show how weak you are, but hint that you do have a weakness. trust me, this will help, and it will all go down smoothly.

I am a Aries women who likes a Gemini he is 22 and I am 29 I like him as a friend but he is very handsome and it's hard most of the time when I see him with his pretty brown eyes with every Gemini I have met in my life had the most beautiful eyes every there is something about there eyes that pulls you in I like being around him.But the one problem is that he had sex with a friend of mine we were friends before he slept with her and I no for a fact what's going on with them is not at all serious because she said it from her own mouth she is a player had sex with 2 of his friends and some other guy that she loves her sister and I are best friends we have been friends for about 17 years now . I no that she really don't care for him but she still see him sometimes she is 20 and I am a women she is a friend of mine but has a lot of growing up to do she can't have 2 of his friends and him too and he have told me that he needs a women not a girl that wants to have her cak e and eat it to he act much older then 22 and I like that he's a big flirt and loves to flirt with me a lot I to myself as Aries women like to flirt but when I am in a relationship I no how to turn it down I find it very sad that young people now today don't no what the want at the age of 17 I knew what I wanted I really do like him but I think we should remain as friends and nothing more.

im in a relationship with a Gemini married man for almost 2 years I always try to leave him but I cant... I love him too much and I know he also love me but I don't want to ruin his family..we know if we are really meant someday we could be together and until now I still love him... our relationship is day by day only...

I'm a Gemini man who was in a 13 year amazing relationship with a Pisces lass. We had just decided to 'get serious' and start a family and get our own home when she was called to a better place. 5 years on I am really falling for an Aries lass. I had a fling for a few months with a Capricorn lass about 2 years ago but it wasn't me. Too needy if you know what I mean.

My Aries girl has had a lot of messed up relationships where I have mostly not. She is really pissed off with chaps letting her down. We both knew my Pisces lass though so don't know how she would react if I made my feelings known. She loves her family and friends of which I am one, but takes no shizno from chancers and gets very angry after a few glasses. I would so love to make her happy and diffuse that anger inside.

Well im an Aries woman in mad love with a Gemini man thats in jail we been together for two years he been in jail for eight of them mos. on and off when I first ment him I told him that I was good I was not lookin for love he found away to get me going around people I worked with just to see me our relationship is strong from the baby my drama to the HATERS we been under water and back this is the only man that look pass all my flaws and loves me for me not only do he listen to everything I have to say he has respect for me that no other man has showed me ive been thew so much in my life he has got me pass a lot of heartacke and pain I love this man I will not never give him up

I'm an Aries woman who was in a 1yr relationship with a Gemini man. He was my 1st Gemini and I liked him a lot he was very kind, mature, smart, ambitious and he loved going out just like me. Oh and the sex was great!! But like a typical Aries woman I got bored with him, once he became too clingy and weak. Plus he was aging poorly =/ Clingy, weak, sloppy men are also turnoffs for us Aries Women, I eventually dumped him even though he wanted 2 work things out but I just was no longer attracted to him.

Im dating a Gemini guy. He's very sexual... which I love. Hmmm, we've broken up twice in the past two years. We're together for our third time. He has no idea how much I want him... mostly because I play hard to get. And it works all the time :)

I am an Aries woman........ in middle school I fell for a Gemini. My mother sent me away to boarding school and we lost touch. 13 years later he found me on an online dating website. Didn't know it was me as I have changed from ugly duckling to Beautiful swan. Lol. Anyhow we met and the passion was still there burning like crazy. After seeing me once he wants to buy a house and raise our kids together. He has his and I have mine. What a crazy twist of fate

I was with an Aries women for about one year. She was amazing at first really sweet, understanding and talkative. I had a girlfriend when we met. I was in love with my girlfriend but, we were going through some rough times. Aries women understood me. She is married and much older than me. I got tired of the Aries women she became to controling, manipulative, she wanted to be first then my childern, to bossy but, I just stayed with her because I couldn't make things right with my ex. She used me for my money, I did fall in love with her. Then she knew it became to cold. Wanted to speak to me when she wanted to. I have finally let her go broke up whatever we had. Now I want my girlfriend and my son back. Aries and Gemini do not mix well.

I dated a Gemini man for two years. He used me. I bought him things, helped him pay his bills, and helped him get a car. He lied to me about not loving his babies mother. He lied, cheated and gave me a std. I was so stupid. He let me control him, I was the leader an our relationship, I gave hime good advice. He did put me first then his childern that made me feel good/special. He can go be with his ugly ass ex and he's ugly ass kids.

I've been on and off with my Gemini man for 3 years, it's been rough and emotional but I wouldn't change a thing about it. He makes me happy and we always have a good time together. We're getting back together (again) and this time I know it's for real, he's never once before been so serious with me. I just hope it all works out cause I love him

Im an Aries girl, I met a Gemini man a few months ago. I'v never really been out with a Gemini man & I have to say I'v never had so much chemistry & been so compatible with a boy, and it was instant. He is wonderfully verbal, we have a great rapport. He is a true Gemini- intelligent & hi tech with his 6 computers, 3 blackberry's, 5 ipods etc.. He has various interests too, he's definately mastered the art of communication with people through the way he mutates in conversation around different people & uses what comes out of others mouths as e reference point to any topic of conversation. Although the depth of his knowledge in any area may be something to be desired..

The only thing I don't like about him is the way he can behave in a rather unsophisticated manner around me in public thinking I find his immature antics amusing/impressive & I'v lost my hot Aries temper with him over it. He told me he finds my temper a little scary. He's kind of a bit of a bogan! Where'as I'm used to snobby private school boys I guess..

I don't have any worries that he may be a stereotyped "unfaithful Gemini" as he's been clear about what he wants with me, particularly when he asked me if I wanted to "make this work?" Im more of an aloof Aries girl- I don't smother but am vulnerable yet ferociously independent & that is why I think I'v never been short of a boy..

IM a Gemini man in love with a Aries woman we recently split up over petty arugements I got upset and was into my feeling because she first wanted to move fast and I was a little skeptical about it and then sice ididnt wanna move that fast but I think she had the notion that I was going to move the way she wanted because I couldnt say no so after she found out that I wasnt trying to move that fast she back off and said she wanted to take it slow we had a argument and split up I really do love her and miss her I was willing to go ahead and try to be in the relationsahip completly and now she doesn't she says she loves me and I want to be with her but shes ignoring me now what should I do help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a Aries woman dating a Gemini man. we went to highschool together, lost touch, 10 years later we found each other on Facebook.He relocated from Atlanta to be with me here in Detroit.Its been rough going since last october, we argue over little things.We btho have trust issues.I found him to be wishy washy, he finds me to be secretive and mysterious.He knows me better than I know myself, he's patient with me.He's exaggerates alot, butits to impress me. lol. I love him unconditionally, and he tells me that I'm the pnly person that understands him.The sex is great.Sometimes, I don't know when to believe him, and when not to.But we talk alot. He talks alot.He dreams big. and wants me there with him.he gets bored if we don't keep up with the exciting sex wer have, he likes doing it allover the house, and the excitement of it all.he knows me so well.he's a family man. he wants to have kids with me.our relationship does not have any dull moments.its a roller coaster rid e. i'm 27 and he's 28.he'sa flirt. so am I. I get jealous. he does, but he hides it well.he doesn't like that I have a huge bustling social life, he feels he cant compete with it.he's a bit needy at times, but is good at giving me my space.i need him. I want him. I love him. and I sincerely hope we make it, but he has the tendency to get bored with the stability and the security of a relationship. i'm gonna cross my fingers and hope it works out for the long run.

I am an Aries woman and love a Gemini man. We have known each other for 2 years and have been good friends. He has a girlfriend and a baby with her but they have always been on and off. He keeps seeing me (if you know what I mean) and I just don't know what to do. I love him with all my heart and don't wanna lose him. I want to tell him how I feel but Im scared to. I want things to work out but Im not goin to force him into anything. I would love some advice...

ima 23 years old Gemini man and I like/love a 29 year old women shes in a 6 year old relationship,deep down I think she likes me we always together she gets jealous when im around other women as if we were a couple like, even when I recive a text and laugh or just put a cheeky smile she always wants to know who texted, just things like that, that drive me crazy,we r always flirting very seriously,everyone at work thinks that we have something going on which we don't mind,she knows my feelings for her she keeps saying she likes me and loves me but its hard for none of us is interested in going forward while she still in a relationship with the other guy but I know I could have had sex with her if wanted to, but I like her too much, sometimes I wonder if shes playing games with me, like sometimes I think that just the idea that she could have me excites her I don't know shes very easy to read but in very last moment she changes it all I don't know sometimes she tells me she likes me then says that her boyfriend has no reason to be suspicions of her because they have been together for 6 years ? what is that all about ?anyway I wont give up :)

I have a friend gemini! I am an aries.Gemini they really have two personalities and it makes me mad sometimes.I know that he loves me because I always caught him looking at me. Then he makes funny face, then I grin secretly. We love to chatt and fool around. he is full of sense of humor and I love it! but he drives me nuts because he's sweet and later he's cold as an ice. >_<

Just found my Gemini bf, who I used to think was the sweetest kindest guy ever, has cheated on me with at least 3 other women. How naive can I get? He was so good at hiding it and living in a city as large as NYC I guess it's easy to hide.

Never again... bad experiences with my last 2 relationships, think I'll become a nun

Im a Aries women with a Gemini man. how are relationship is we get along fine when we both are having a good day but if one of us is off we tend to have bad days and fight about stupid things. we still love each other tho and cant live without one or the other we just need to get over some of the stupid fights. one fight was because I don't think before I act I just go with what feels right and with him he thinks about what he wants before hand. but when we are doing good we do good we both work well living together he does miner things that bug but thats normal. I enjoy his company no matter what sometimes he needs a lot more space then I need which is hard for me to give because I love my attention. but in the future I see us working out very well =)

One minute here the next gone without a word to good-bye. Then back again and gone again, back again and this time has said he want's to get married! First I have heard from him in 2 headache

Aries woman...Run,don't walk, from Gemini man!!! He's so inconsistent, so confusing, (and so confused himself!), AND so indecisive....I am a FUN, Athletic, Hot-looking Aries woman in my 40's, with a great sense of humor & quick wit & he is the same, and we are very compatible in sports, fun, story telling, joking around, laughing,kissing matches that are amazing &(just recently after 3 mos of waiting), SEX....And yet, as much as he says I am his "TYPE", I would see him only one day/night a week & then he would disappear for next 5 days and I recently found out that he has been seeing some woman w/a child (he's not "into" children either), AND, an ex-boyfriends who's still hanging around her!! What? I thought Gems were supposed to be logical people, but this makes no sense, & when I asked him he said he was "just hanging out with her"...well, obviously not just hanging out as he said she was a "bad" kisser.....I don't get it......He swears to me that I am the most fu and woman he's ever met and he's so attracted to me and we "definitely" have great chemistry so I don't get why he still feels the need to see & "taste" other women.....I mean, we've been seeing each other over 3 mos now! When does it the wishy-washy behavior stop? From what Iv'e read here on the blogs....NEVER! They never make up their minds.....I cannot take it anymore ..its making me crazy and I am not crazy! LOL.....

I'm an Aries woman and I was involved with a Gemini woman for almost a year. She was easy to talk to, we were always around each other, and we never argued, but if there was a disagreement (even at times when I would become unaware of the volume of my voice) she would still be patient and nice, and we would be close the next day as if the arguement had not taken place. She was an entertaining person and even when someone would yell at her about something, she seemed to maintain her positive spirit. I appreciated having someone like her in my life because I could talk to her about anything, and she would listen and didn't cut me off, say I talked too much, or lack interest. In return, I would listen to her tell me about her day, what she had planned, and anything else that came to her mind that she wanted to tell me. She seemed like the perfect lover until other people got involved, and then she would appear to be against me and act as if our relationship was completely awful. Other than a disagreement every now and again, we never had any problems as far as I knew, and when I would ask her if anything bothered her, she wouldn't say anything.

After a long time of overhearing her tell her friends about the things we did and the things I would tell her, I realized that she was not the one for me. For a time, I didn't pay her a lot of mind, and then when ever she would be kind to me, I would be kind back and start talking to her again. The cycle repeated, but the relationship just wasn't there any more, so I just stopped speaking to her and moved on without really telling her that we were through. I didn't trust that she was true to me considering she tried to make it seem as though the relationship was in ruin when it came to everyone else, while pretending everything was fine with the one she was with; so I just let it go without a word. Since she was a kind person that didn't give me any problems other than speaking negatively about me and our relationship behind my back, I figured the best thing to do was to just end it without problems: no "I'm breaking up with you" speech, no "I'm not talking to you anymore," I just went on and treated her like I treated everyone else (even though it took her a bit to catch the hint that I was no longer interested) and we both went on to find new loves, and moved along as if the relationship never even happened.

I'm an Aries female, and I enjoy the company of a Gemini man. We keep one another entertained, we have nice conversations, and we share common interests. The only problem is that after a short amount of time with these men, I lose interest. We end up sitting quietly together with nothing to talk about, no activity to be shared, and the once enjoyed company at the start of the relationship always becomes awkward and uncomfortable. For this Aries (at least), this is a perfect short-term union, but in the end I always leave in search of something more stimulating.

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