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When I met Mark it was lust at first sight. Being a strong Gemini man, he was flirty, talkative, knew what to say and what to do. But our relationship was not just physical. Being a Cancer woman, we would also have deep introspective moments and long philosophical talks that would take us well into the night.

Actually, it was these talks combined with our wildly physical relationship that drove him over the edge. Literally. It would appear that our relationship drove into a manic state that turned into a deep depression that he could not get out of.

Not only that, but trapped in his own world, he also became selfish, self-absorbed and viciously jealous. I could not help him, though I tried. I encouraged him to eat right, sleep well, exercise daily. I tried to help him express his feelings, having been trained in counseling myself. But it was all too much for me, he was in too deep and he needed treatment.

He became known, among our friends as Mental Health Mark. I think he felt ashamed when he caught wind of it. I tried to remain detached, to give him space for him to complete his treatment, and to prevent him from following him into his depressive state. This he resented, and would push me away. If I began focusing back on my life, he demanded that I spend more time with him. I did eventually give up on this yo-yo of pushing in and pulling away. Eventually a new job carried me into a new city and I haven't seen him since. But to this day I believe Cancer and Gemini's don't mix!

I always attract Gemini men. I am a Cancer woman. Gemini and Cancer are great for one night stands of flings but not for anything serious. I ended up marrying a Gemini and every problem we have is exactly like it is described in the zodiac. He does not make me happy. He barely wants to have sex with me, he is sneaky, a liar, and I can't stand him. I want romance and sex on the daily basis. I have dealt with previous Gemini's and they are all the same way. Gemini's should do everyone a favor and never get into relationships with anyone.

I am a Gemini man and was with a Cancer woman...

It all started out okay I suppose, but as time passed I found that her passion couldn't match mine even though she would brag about what a great lover she was. I don't know where she got that idea but she wasn't all that at all, not even a fraction. She was also quite stern and frowned on my boyish jokes and antics. I would tell harmless jokes not meant to hurt anyone and maybe a little immature, but none the less it caused a great deal of friction. And I am playful and pretty high energy (for a man that is 42... soon to be 43 I have more energy than most 20 somethings) and like to stay physically active. Both in the bed and out.

In the bedroom it was a total disappointment. And I mean TOTAL disappointment. I really believe that a Real Doll would have been more energetic and passionate than she was. Yes I am focusing on the physical right now and there were other issues which I will address in a minute. The bottom line is I enjoy making love 2, 3 sometimes 5 times a day. I was lucky if we made love 3 times a week. And it was boring and uninteresting and just not any fun when we did. Foreplay is nice and all but it shouldn't take 45 minutes to an hour!! And passion... it's hard to describe what I mean here, but if you are a Gemini man then I think you will understand what I mean. She really lacked passion, and several other Cancer women I have known were the same, at least to me they seemed to be.

In the political arena... I am a Libertarian, she is a Liberal Democrat. Didn't work out at all. Too many arguments and disagreements over politics and I am very active in the Libertarian party and trying to restore the Republic and end this era of entitlements. She is all about Obama and the entitlement nation he is working to create. Me I am all for Ron Paul and other politicians like him. Needless to say it was just one more area of contention that killed the relationship.

Another issue were her mood swings. Hey I realize we all have bad days and that sometimes things just suck. But with her... nightmare! Up one minute down the next, brooding and sarcastic in a mean way. Bottom line is I didn't realize the lack of compatibility between Gemini and Cancer in horoscope until AFTER the relationship finally ended. Wow had I known that before... would have steered clear and never got involved in the first place.

Now I am with an Aquarian woman... WOW! Check it out... I'll post my experiences so far on that message board.

I'm a Cancer woman dating a Gemini man

In my opinion its depend on the person. I don't have problems with my boyfriend. And if there a problem we usually work it out.

I have dated and talk to guys that are compatible but never kept my interest alive.

I'm also responding to the 42 years old man comment. I'm a sexual person too. I'm more sexual than my boyfriend like I said it before it depend on the person.

Cancer woman and Gemini man - he is 13 years older, and so good for me, 'been there, done that, got the T shirt' - so I feel really secure. As for sex, - great, he really brings me out of myself and it is wonderful to have a man who wants to make love every day.

Its crazy how we started off Homey Lover friends and never really expected much out of each other at first. I would literally tell him about other men I was talking too. We both genuinely cared for each other. I ended up falling for another guy a Leo and he hurt me to my core. I died on the inside, I ended up deciding to let people out of my life who weren't serving a purpose. The Leo being one of them and I approached my Gemini and told him the same thing I told the Leo which is if your not trying to build a foundation with me than you need to step; Without a moments thought he jumped on it; Every day since has been the most beautiful experience in my life. I truly know what love is and I know he is to be my Future Husband. I don't get to see my Gemini every singly day (a trait of there's ripping running) and it doesn't bother me because the moments we do get to share with each other he makes them so beautiful. We have Great Sex and foreplay. He's a music p roducer and he's slowly letting me meet the other side of him sharing with me things I'd might not of known had we not taken this 2nd step to being with each other. He has a great interest in astrology which I didn't know until recently when we were outside under the stars and he pointed out the Big and Little Dipper to me turning to me too say how he "Couldn't believe we were there together, Sharing this moment in time". He's so dreamy. It really depends on where you both are in life cause honestly had this been right when we started off talking it probably wouldn't of worked a Gemini/Cancer relationship is something that shouldn't be forced by interest but grown w/mutual respect and admiration.

My Cancer girl is the best . we love each other everyday for 14 years

Cancer woman....divorced Gemini man. He: liar, cheat, sneak...charmer. Acts like he loves me when he wants something. Never again. Will say anything at the time to end the follow through. Now I am after my real soulmate...a Taurus man.

A Gemini man much older to me is very interested in me and is really chasing me hard. I love all the attention and pampering! But I wanna make this work for whatever time it goes on. He is soon gonna ask me out for a date! GUYS, ANY TIPS!! Pls help. I just wanna be the best he ever had!

I'm with my Gemini man for the second time. The first time it was hard for me to get used to his cool exterior. However, this time that is exactly what I like about him. It's totally different for me as I always wanted to be swept off my feet and to have total romance. My Gemini, however, gives me much more on an intellectual level. The first time we dated (4 months) the attraction was incredible on both sides, the sex beyond my wildest dreams, and the conversation perfectly easy. But, I wasn't used to the coolness and I misread all the signs. I now see that. This time, I know what to look for. We never stopped loving each other, we just didn't know how to deal with it. The attraction is there, the love is there, the intellect is there. I've only been seeing him for 2 months this time, but it's evident we want each other. Time will tell.

Im a Gemini man deeply in love with a Cancer girl and we've had our arguments but we always work them out and reading those astrology compatibilities really hurt me and my faith in long-term but I want a long-term maybe even marriage. I want to know can this relationship workout even though the astrology say no we cant.

I am a Cancer woman with a Gemini man. The great thing about us is that I'm not too career oriented but my foundation is the family! I love to cook, keep the house maintain and family is an absolute priority in our life! Now, with my Gemini boyfriend, he is totally career oriented, strives on success, very intelligent, can talk his way out to any difficult situation, can sale any product to you, he is a chatter box, his brain is always working and exploring new things. My boyfriend hates being bored with silly argument and loves challenges. But the only thing that is negative about my b.f. and perhaps like any Gemini man is that he is very sneaky, He can be two-faced, superficial and cunning. He can actually look into your eyes and when you ask him are you telling the truth? He can gaze into your eyes and say yes. I am totally in love with him and happy that he proposed to me with a beautiful engagement ring. But, our sex life did go down hill and I noticed that. But, he kept telling me how he was in love with me and I am his soul mate. One evening, he took a long time to get him home and I called him to ask where he is. He (of course) lied and said that he was doing errands and bit busy. Then I ask him with great demand -Where are you? Don't lie to me! Then he confessed and said that he is at the porn shop. The second incident is when I noticed he saved a bunch of pictures on the same porn star and amazed how many pictures he has of her. He had a bundle of movies of her and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a shrine of her. I wasn't too carry away jealous but was curious on why he practically worship this lady. I confronted him about it and ask him 'is she attractive to you and I realize you admire her as a celebrity, what does she have that I don't have? With one lie to another and another rile, my b.f. finally tells the truth and says: Okay, babe this particular porn star brings excitement when she makes love, she is like a time bomb with different positions and I like how she talks dirty! You're awful in bed not excitement, I am bored, no thrill and we do the same routine all the time! Okay ladies who have a Gemini man, lesson learn---Gemini men are easily bored! They like something that stimulates their mind, because they have inquisitive minds and they are also versatile. I must admit, I am sensitive and shy when it comes to having sex but all means I love sex. I love passion, flowers, candles, smell of cologne, love compliments, adore being admired and hugs. But Gemini's (well my b.f) don't really care for the foey foey romantic stuff but loves different positions, jazz it up a bit, no silence while having sex, be spontaneous, use words, use words, use words no dead silence. But he reassured me he absolutely loves me and it's unconditionally! But, I am learning to understand what turns him off and what turns him on. Happy to say that we have a healthy relationship and I told him next time he can just be truthful to me and I will do the same on my part! I am a true cancer emotional, cautious, protective, sympathetic, touchy and loving. When we do have our arguments, I tend to hold on to the problem and very emotional. My b.f. can solve the problem give me a kiss on the cheeks and get over it real fast, because he feels he has bigger and better things to do. He can be too direct and able to criticize freely. I am more a moody person and always shed tears when Im hurt. But are relationship is going well, I am a dare devil between the sheets, change the mood up a bit, put more excitement in the bedroom. We are also seeking a Sex Therapist, visits at the Sex store for appealing toys and understanding our differences. To all the Cancers out there: Please understand that Gemini are a bit sneaky at times, don't wanna be bored, they don't like to concentrate on emotional problems and they are have brilliant intelligence! But I did sit down with him and truly discussed the meaning of telling the truth and be honest. I more say drilled in his head that I am not going to tolerate on his lies anymore but be more upfront with me. So there is a difference and hope this helps everyone! Thanks - Katie

I am a Cancer woman with Gemini guy, were doing ok but I want it to be more on what we were having now, can you give me some advice? I do love him and willingly give everything for him

This is for Katie, the Cancer Woman on her Gemini Man -- you are awesome and right on the money, all I have to say is thank you for the advice, your comments gave hope to me that the possibility of a Cancer Woman & Gemini Man relationship is not that much of a stretch, all we Cancer women have to do is not take their sh-t, and tell them what's exactly on our minds (and yes, that also includes that we're on to their lies and conniving ways), and Gemini Men, if you're out there watching my comments here, I know for a fact, that you appreciate it (even though you're reluctant to admit it) when we Cancer women stand up for ourselves, be upfront with you and SHOW you that we will not be treated as doormats. maybe it's a little too late for me now, because I only realize all this with the help of everyone in this board AFTER I broken up with my Gemini guy - I couldn't take his constant criticizing, his disappearing acts, not knowing which "twin" I have to deal with each day, his sneak y ways, not following through with plans/promises, the list goes on. the thing is, he's so darn hard to forget but I have seen him on MSN Messenger "adding" all these half-naked girlies to his friends' list and talking up a storm and always putting his status as "Busy" - I learned too the hard way that Gemini men do move faster than the speed of sound after a break-up (Anyway, thanks again everyone for your comments and experiences). (Cancer girl, 23 yrs old)

My kids father is a Gemini....and boy have we been through the ringer.....I know that he loves me and I know that I love him but will we ever work who knows...we have been together since we were 15 but the sparks come and go.....its just as someone else says they love you when they need something and push you away when they don't.....I think out problem maybe sex...I think he loves me but I am just not cutting it for him. I have a hard time getting in the mood. we have 3 kids and another on the way rageing from 3 to I am tired and irritated a lot of the time and rather than understand where I am coming from he would rather cheat on me and leave me for other now we are broke up he has a steady girlfriend and yet he still comes around and tells me he loves me and that he's coming home he just wants to be free right now....I KNOW RIGHT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPSOE TO MEAN.......AND FOR MY Cancer WOMEN WE don't SPEAK THAT LANGUE....ME AND HIM HAVE BEEN THRO UGH THE RINGER AND NOW I JUST WANT MORE THEN SEX WE HAVE BEEN OFF AND ON FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS AND SOMETIMES I don't THINK IT SHOULD BE A PROBLEM IF I don't WAN TO HAVE SEX 2 3 5 TIMES A DAY WHEN I AM CHANGING DIAPERS AND CLEANING AND COOKIN DINNER


Reading through the comments above doesn't give this Cancer woman much hope of good news for a future with a Gemini man (He's 11 years my senior) I'm corresponding with. We've been emailing for two years and both confess we're madly in love with each other but for reasons beyond our control, haven't met yet.

All your comments of previous experience with the Cancer/Gemini pairing doesn't sound as thought it will bode well for a relationship when we finally get to meet each other in the flesh. Should we give up now?

I am a Cancer woman. I am 23 years old and entirely too in love with this Gemini man(24). Summer 2005 we were together and I loved him so hard that I got scared. While this was happening he would randomly leave me for days and even weeks without letting me know or answer his phone. it drove me insane (on the inside) I never exposed my real feelings no matter who was around (that's probably why I feel skitzo), anyways I was about 17 and he was 18 I lived in one city with my mom and he lived in another (20 mins away) and that's where he would disappear to. Me being so emotional about it and feeling clingy, he never knew and it would keep me so quiet when he came back around. I would have a convo with him anyways (off topic) but he would still ask me what's wrong, like he seen right through it or something. I would just laugh it off and go to the next subject. I guess all I was waiting for was an explanation which I never got. And at the end of the night I did lose sleep . I was so mad and confused. I was afraid to just bust out with my feelings and all of that nonsense, maybe that was how I pushed him away.

But in reality what happened was, so many girls hated me over this guy and guys used to try to test him by flirting with me while he was around. They should've never done that because when he wins a fight it was such a turn on to me, made the other guys look stupid we were young) it was fun. But anyways, the girls who hated me used to tell him that they seen me flirting with another guy, and when we officially broke up he yelled at me saying "so and so said you did this with this person" and that was the end of it. I sort of felt his rage and he walked away, I let him. He moved on quick too and accidentally got some random girl pregnant, whom he hates to the core to this day. He said she "trapped him" lol.. I say that's what he gets for not staying with me and working out HIS issue. I had issues with him too but I never blew up on him and broke up. Come on now..

Anyways, (I know this is long but its important) I sat in sorrow for 5 years had 5 different boyfriends and none of them lasted longer than I year. But when this Gemini man popped back up ALL of these feelings just rushed back into me and its impossible to ignore. No I've never told him I mean I tell him all the time that I love him and someone has yet to mount up to how he makes me feel. He thinks I have a load of options but he doesn't get it. He's even below my original standards but I ignore all of that because of the way he makes me feel and I have NOO idea how to explain this feeling without looking overly emotional in a psycho manner. There is just so much I want to let out on him but im scared, not only of what he might do but wearing my heart on my sleeve is a bad idea ive learned from experience. I also have trust issues like a mf I can't even trust myself. My own parasite switches and changes beyond my control. I have mood swings, mind changes rapidly and etc. T his Gemini man keeps telling me when im ready, he's ready.. either I feel his BS, im paranoid or its me all around, who knows. Relationships should not rewind but maybe we can start where we left off seeing that I might be a little wiser (probably not). He says the same thing I say to him and he actually likes being around me. When he disappears I call it a test. I guess only time will reveal what we mean to each other but like I said, another man has yet to make me feel how he makes me feel. I guess it does all depend on the person.

For Cancer Woman 23, above: Talk, talk, talk. Gemini is influenced by talking. They are a talking, thinking sign of communication. I'm sure everything will work itself out for the best if you can only let down some of your defenses and just let the guy know exactly what's on your mind and what you think about things. About him. About you. About your relationship and even get to the point about telling him how it makes you feel when he disappears without a word. Being Cancerian, and keeping your feelings close to your chest as you do, communicating with him will be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but I'm sure you'll find it will be eventually one of the best things you will ever do, too.

Good luck.

i'm a Cancer women and his a Gemini men. we have been together on and off for 5 years, we lost a baby and I lost my job, that is to much for a Gemini men. I love to have sex and with him I have to ask if he wants to and when we do its only like 3 min (wtk) I love to love and be loved but a Gemini doesn't show you love doesn't hold you when you need it. don't get me wrong his a good men but not for me..I WILL MISS HIM in someways.

Im a Cancer with a much older gemini. im 21 he's 41

from my point of view its pretty hard. but this male Gemini really pushing me to the limit. in positive ways. very good advises (which at the beggining I don't really like). I feel like im a better person everyday im with him, after I come up to a conclusion that he just have a totaly different ways to care than I (cancer) do. its very depressing when you don't really get what he really meant. by the words, by the jokes.

at the beginning we have a lot of missunderstanding but getting better as i, bit by bit accepted of how the way he is. I think we Cancer should open up a little bit and see thru the differences. Cancer and Gemini supports each other really good. once we can blend smoothly, we cud build the strongest kingdom.

remember. see thru the differences. then you cud understand. many might not agree of the above, so ill give out things I actually don't really like about Gemini guys.

the sex. omg..i kindda hate it actually, I prefer to be like extremely romantic, passionate and bla bla bla..

and he's too rushing. we rarely had foreplays before. but I stayed silence not complaining for awhile, just to understand what he really needs and how to combine things he likes and mine. after understanding a bit more, slowly I started projecting it conciously and unconciously. not too straight forward. so he wud really get the meaning of "i want to take it slow, enjoying every second with passion". he began to understand. but cancers, you need to be extremely patience.

also with my own emotional problem. sometimes when I needed a shoulder to cry, he wud tell me jokes and trying hard to cheer me up or even give advises. for me as a cancer. it is extremely depressing. for god sake I just need a shoulder haha..

and for awhile ive been telling him that, but he remains stronger in his own oppinion that if im sad, he needs to cheer me up. not to share the pain like Cancer does.

so, again. cancers needs to be patience. like growing an oak tree. but once you get thru it. he is amazing.

say what you want but slowly.

he likes new things. teach him things that he doesn't know. itll be like the first time you introduce crayons to babies. his eyes gona glow. in sex, get a kamasutra sex position book. hahaha.. he'll love it. mine soon gona be the best sex ever, its on the way, and getting better each time.

hope this helps, coz the other comment are helping me too. thanks a lot :)

and were getting married soon ;) wish me luck

I am a Cancer woman with a Gemini man, it been three years since we have been together. We started as friends we talk for a year, helped each other through some tough time and then decides to give each other a try, our love grow with time.Like someone said above Gemini/Cancer relationship is something that shouldn't be forced by interest but grown w/mutual respect and admiration. The two can make it through anything only if they both want to be in the relationship and both are comfortable. They are always ups and downs in a relationship , its how they deal with it the makes the different. Comprising and a great friendship with each other plays an important role in the Cancer/Gemini relationship. My Gemini boyfriend is a great person,he is kind,understanding,loving,committed to making me happy. He is everything I require in a man.Not saying he is with out flaws nor I but that where we comprise for the better good of one another. Sex is awesome with us and no problem with either partner sex drive, it didn't started out that way but with open Communication and honesty we soon conquer that aspect of our relationship. In my experience it is safe to say Cancer/Gemini relationship is a Rare Gem when dealt with properly. (Open Communication, great friendship,Understanding and Comprising, not exactly in that order.)

I have recently started dating this Gemini guy whom is 44 years old and I am a Cancer woman that is 40 yrs old. Thus far it has been a 2month conversation , he says all the right words and expresses his desires to become a couple. He lives in Texas and I live in Louisiana. I will continue to take things at a slow paste after hearing everyones stories. I believe that any realtionship can work if the two people want to make it happen. Thanks for all the positive and negatives b/w a Gemini and cancer.

I am a Cancer woman with a Gemini man. I have been with my Gemini on and off since childhood. He was my first real crush and I was smitten from the first time I saw him. He is funny, intellegent, sweet and chaming, but he can also be mean, cold hearted, and super jealous. We have been living together for 7 years now and we have been married for two of them. I love him but, I think we are just growing apart. I still want to remain friends and still be able to talk. He is a wonderful Dad and I want him to see the kids whenever he wants to. He thinks I am falling for someone else but, I just want to be alone for awhile. I am scared about leaving and being on my own but, I think it will be very benificial in the end. It is sad. I never thought it would turn out like this.

Hello,I have been with my Gemini guy for more than 11 years. We have to kids. A boy 7 and a girl that's 5. I love him and I want to try and make it work, but I just don't know if it is going to happen. I feel that I need a lot more than he can offer. I an a nurse and sometimes I want to talk about my job, and he doesn't want to listen. He is not here for me emotionally and when I tell him that I am not happy and I want more he just thinks that I am complaining. I don't know how much longer I can stay with him. He's constantly hanging with his friends and doing things without me. I feel like he lives a double life, and I can't take it anymore. The sex is good and that is when I have to ask him for it. Things did not start off this way, and now I am beg. to think that meeting this Gemini man was the worst mistake of my life. Helllllppppppppp!!! I am tired of crying. Any advice on how to make that connection back that we once had, or will that never happen.

I am a Cancer girl with a Gemini guy. I am 37 and he is 38. Our relationship is very up and down. I kicked him out recently cos I felt like he didn't care enough, he doesnt' know when to say sorry, I felt like I put everything on the line for him, my 2 children my heart everything. He couldn't contribute much financially, he lost his license and I felt so pressured by it all and his attitude really got me. But once he was out couldn't stop thinking about him. We have history together we were seeing each other 18 years ago. Is he the one? We are secretely dating again, he says he loves me to death our sex life is amazing. I hope it works only time will tell.

W.O.W. is all I have to say because I too am a Cancer woman who has been,guess what, on-and-off for a few years with a Gemini man. The attraction is there but we manage to date other people never commiting to each other. He likes to say that I "take things the wrong way" and I feel like he is cold at times. I do catch him in random meaningless lies and sometimes it seems like he is putting on an act hoping people will percieve him a certain way. He is pretty stylish but in a "poser" sort of way. I guess what I am trying to say isb that there are a lot of elements to his personality that don't seem sincere or genuine and maybe that is part of why our relationship ebbs and flows despite our attraction to each other. It may be obvious from this post that right now we are in an "ebb" period but two weeks from now we could totally be "flowing"

My Gemini guy is going away soon :O( After I kicked him out he explored his options and is now leaving for 8 months or so. I am really sad about it. He has a job lined up and I guess there isn't much point him being here while he doesn't have his license with his line of work. Just don't know how I will cope without him. I plan to visit him when he gets settled. He says he will come back to us. I'm scared and worried, but prehaps this will be the best thing for us, perhaps we will learn to appreciate each other a lot more. I feel like over the past two months I have completely fallen for him all over again. Hopefully we are meant to be I guess time will tell. Feel free anyone to comment !!! ???

I have been dating a Gemini man for two months and I feel that I am getting mixed signals. I not only like him but I believe I have fallen for him hard. He is very handsome, intelligent, passionate and affectionate. We made love at the two month point and it was short but good. I know that department will be really good but I am not sure if I want to go there again. He spends time with me and calls and texts me but if he is interacting with others and I call him there seems to be a problem. He acts as though I am bothering him. This does hurt my feelings and I do not understand him at this time so I back off. I have good vibes about us but when he becomes distant I do not know what is happening. I am in my mid 40's and he is in his early 40's. I have read the comments about Gemini men and it scares me but I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. My feelings are good and I have weighed the pros and the cons and want to get to know this man better. I believe he is the o ne. It really does depend if the people in the relationships want to make it work. I do not believe he is going to give up on me and I do not want to give up on him. Love is powerful! God is in control!

i'm a Cancer woman who recently started dating a gemini. i'm 19 and he's 20. I can honestly say that this relationship (though it's my first real relationship) taught me a lot about myself and what true love actually is. in a span of two days he completely won me over. saying everything I wanted and needed to hear, and making me feel like I was the most important person on the face of this earth. i've had boyfriends before but not one of them was ever as intense as this. after just three days of being together he showed a complete different side of himself. from what i've read in horoscopes, cancers are supposed to be the emotional ones. this was completely opposite. he had so much emotion and baggage that it eventually broke us. he came jealous and a bit possesive. also very cunning and able to say and do things to make me stay. I always felt as though I needed space and he always wanted to be with me. always. eventually the arguing everyday and stress caused me to push him away. it all lasted about a month before I called it quits. I tried my very best to completely cut myself off from him, but he refuses to let me go. which I think is good and bad at the same time. as of now we're working through our problems. I believe the hugest issue was that it was a whirlwind kind of romance and we didn't get to know each other well enough..we just fell into everything. from what i'm experiencing, this relationship takes work. and a lot of it. but it's also the deepest love i've felt so far. I do want it to work and believe that with time and effort it could possibly be something really beautiful.

My most dramatic relationship was with a Gemini man, and I'm cancer. I actually had to have counselling to deal with the fall-out.

Sexually it was like no other sign i've been with. They are dominant and demanding and I LOVED pleasing him. He was charming, manipulative, flirtatious. Initially the intensity was incredible, but over time it was difficult to maintain a healthy relationship based on this alone. I'm on the cusp with Gemini so believed it might work, but it really just didnt, and personally I would never take the chance on another Gemini because of that. I'm aware that everyone is different, but it just isn't worth the risk!

Reading through the postings here, the "on and off" seems to be the most common relationship feature of gemini. That was my experience too.

A Cancer woman, met the Gemini men when I was very young, and it was my first serious relationship, which lasted, "on and off" of course, for 13 years. It was just amazing in the beginning, nearly too good to be true, there was a lot of chemistry, great physical attraction and I was sure the relationship would last for a long time, maybe a lifetime.

There were moments when I felt him away though, his mind was somewhere else...but I tried to adjust myself to this. Over the years, there was also the part of promises and plans which never took place. As a true Cancer, also young at age and not really knowing how Geminies were at the time, I really believed all the promises, and when they did not come true, I tended to accept the justifications and hoping the next promis would come true. It didn't.

After some years, I also found out that he had been on a parallel relationship with another women, for quite some years as well. He tried to deny his commitment, arguing that it did not meant much to him..

But... that was the point of no return for me.

The unkept promises together with his dual personality are definitely NOT appropriate for Cancer signs, who value honesty and safety above all.

In the midst of my relationship I started to get some more information about Gemini personalities, but I also tended to ignore them. From personal experience, I say be cautious! Do not brake up with Gemini after reading this, but have this opinion in your background when problems start showing up with Gemini.... Good luck!


Hi, i'm a Gemini guy. I had a very close cancerian girl friend :) I wanno know more about her and our future as life partners :)

I am a Gemini Man.. I met a Cancer girl about an year back & within few months I was in complete love with this woman. I never tried so hard for anyone. Completely changed my flirty nature just because I think I have found the ONE.. She is moody and initially we had one two fights because I was not able to understand her but things sorted out threafter. Gemini Guys, just keep a check on the things you say because you have no idea what can hurt her. I know we can get bored easily with repetitve things, but just give your 110% if you want to make it work..

If anybody can sweep a cancerian girl of her feet completely, its a Gemini. But you need to understand her really well if you want to have a happy life thereafter... its all about understanding each other. Its all about saying things in correct manner & try to understand each other's point of view..

Gemini man here, read about my compatability with each sign, but its pretty hard to read this, it seems as each Cancer could write a book on their relationship with Gemini, look at this huge paragraphs... Perfect example why its not a good mach, Cancer is too deep, too emotional, and too CRAZY for Gemini.

Gemini man here and totally agree with the above. If someone can't make a succinct point and present it in a normal format then.. It says a lot about them in my opinion. Why do Cancers use 500 words when they could use 50?

I'm a twenty-one year old Gemini man. I met my Cancer women when we were in high school. She was shy yet spoke to everybody, beautiful, sweet to everybody, mysterious, and had the most pretty smile i'd have ever seen. Being a Gemini I was captured within a blink of an eye. I ask for her number. And we talked everyday for a year. She talked about everything, she was incredible. I was a virgin, she wasn't. I started having feelings for her but, couldn't seem to admit them to her. She was older just by a year. She was NOT a homebody she would always be out, partying, or just hanging with friends. My mom was very strick so I couldn't go out with her. But, when she was home she was cleaning, making food, washing, helping her mother out that seem so important to her, helping her mother with her little sister. Well I was in love I asked her out, she said yes. We were together for four years. But, now I have lost her. I cheated on her, I lied to her, I just messed up. Now that I'm ol der I realize that I will never meet another women like her. Being a Gemini I can't apologize, I can't stand to see her, yet I can't stand being with out her. I still see the women I cheated on her with but, I can't forget about my use to be Cancer girlfriend. She made mistakes also she has admitted them but, I'm too proud to do anything. I really enjoy the women I'm seeing but, she's sometimes to cold and harsh. My Cancer ex told me something I will never forget "when you wanted me, I didn't want you, when you loved me I didn't love you. When I wanted you, you wanted some other women, when I loved you, you feel out of love with me. Maybe we just need time apart I would really want her to be the mother of my kids. If a man has a Cancer women as a girlfriend, wife, or mother of your kids. Your lucky! Once you do something to them they'll never forget or forgive you. Treat them Cancer women right, show them love, talk to them about what's missing between the realtionship, do everything in your power to make each other better. She was going through rough times because her father passed away. She wasn't the same person and instead of helping her out I replaced her. Well at least I thought I did. Even if I still see the other woman, I will never forget you my once Cancer lady. I'm sorry.

Yes, Cancer women could be very emtional, moody and mean they can make a Gemini man feel real bad for what they did. Not every women I dated was good at making me realize my mistakes they give tough love when we need it and they give us nothing but, love, kisses and hugs when we need that also. Us Gemini man can have a relationship with a Cancer women if we are not really, really childish since we are already we just turn it down. There's no need to be that flirty with other women, they say Gemini man are not jealous, well I am I wouldn't want her flirting with all the men where she works. So, I don't flirt. I love my Cancer women. She's funny, crazy, loveable, undertsanding, friendly with everybody, fair and she kisses me like no other women has ever kissed me before. She's a lady in the street but, a freak in the sheets! I love when she bites my lip. I have to go purpose now.

Wow Im amazed at all the stories I've read. Im a 29yr old single mother of 3, and met my Gemini man whilst going through my breakup after a 12yr relationship with a Scorpio man. He is a lot older than me (43yrs) but we just get each other so well. I have the same problem with him though, sometimes Im not sure weather Im coming or going. One minute he treats me like a princess, and the next I get the cold shoulder. Totally confusing. As a Cancerian woman this make me emotional, confused and just at a loss for our relationship. He is also very flirtatious without even knowing it. I spoke to him about it and he doesn't even realise he's doing it. I can honestly say that because this man keeps me guessing, it makes me hang on more. I am the typical cancerian and have learnt so much from this man emotionally. And I have never felt so in love or been attracted to someone like this before. He does have a bad history with woman, but because we have such a gre at intellectual yet humourous relationship, I think this can work. I also have my faults as a typical cancerian, but in order to make a relationship work, Im working on changing me (just a little) Im not ready to let go of my Gemini man yet. And I wouldn't believe all you read about the compatibility charts. I was in a relationship with a Scorpio man, who apparently I am totally compatible with, and to be honest, that was an emotional roller coaster for 12 years with the lies, cheating and abusive nature. I don't think it's a star sign thing, I think it's a maturity thing!!!

Ok so it's now been 2 months that my Gemini guy has been away for. Am missing him so much. It's very hard on us all. He is doing really well and seems to be really turning his life around and want's to really make a go of things when he comes back. We have so many ups and downs though. He still holds resentment towards me for kicking him out, but I feel like my reasons were justified. I am reading a lot of self help books about relationships and using this time to find out who I really am. I have a habbit of shutting people out when I get hurt, it's like a wall goes up and I am trying to work out why and how to make that wall come down sooner rather than later. Wish me luck ! Rina

The basic key for this relationship to work, is to have a great understanding and friendship between the Cancer woman and the Gemini man!! And communication is a second asset!! If the Gemini man is faithful and reminds the Cancer woman, that she loves her more than anything..and the Cancer woman in turn, is not too clingy and jealous..and gives the Gemini man his space and freedom..I think these two share a sizzling chemistry!!! ;-)

The basic key for this relationship to work, is to have a great understanding and friendship between the Cancer woman and the Gemini man!! And communication is a second asset!! If the Gemini man is faithful and reminds the Cancer woman, that she loves her more than anything..and the Cancer woman in turn, is not too clingy and jealous..and gives the Gemini man his space and freedom..I think these two share a sizzling chemistry!!! ;-)

My Gemini guy was exactly like described above. He was a flirt, poser and always trying to impress. Well he did impress me physically, intellectually and emotionally. I fell hard for this guy. He is my almost lover that will never be anything else. I really tried to be "cool" like him and lost myself and I even hurt him and it ended up with me feeling guilty. He never stood up for our relationship so I figured he didn't cared for it so I decided to just block him all the way. Pretty easy since I live miles away and changed my number and my social pages. I am just done with him I suffered and cried so much thinking of the "what if's" I am DONE" and all you ladies out there my advice is just to MOVE ON cuz he probably did already...

I'm a Cancer woman, dating a Gemini man. He being 4 years older than me, but not as experienced. Does that affect anything? In my opinion, it does. At first he was afraid to love, knowing what had happened before. But as time has progressed, he's became more caring, and open about his emotional attatchments. Me being a Cancer woman, I've always been very open about how I feel. At times he isn't the best to "catch ya when you fall" but he's always the one who can "pick me up again".

In my past, being with other signs, they couldn't keep my interest. My Gemini does. He is always comming up with new ideas and things to share. Though, only our relationship have lasting 2 years now, it's the longest lasting one I've had with a Gemini.

Gemini's can go a little over board, and get on your nerves, but depending on the person, it can be about many different things, and there can be many different ways they may, or may not make it up to you.

As for our sexual life, at times he can be very romantic and charming. We both find our sex life very enjoyable. (parshal due to his adventurous attitude, and places.) I'm not one much for foreplay, but he can make it as pleasureable as anything else. We both like trying new things. To me, he's opened up a while new part of me. And my understanding, and open mind has helped me through.

Not just Cancer women, but Cancer men, along with both genders of the Gemini, being attentive an having an open mind is a kay for happiness, pleasure, and many different things. A Cancer and Gemini being together in any way, it's importan to remember those two things.

I'm a Cancer woman, dating a Gemini man. He being 4 years older than me, but not as experienced. Does that affect anything? In my opinion, it does. At first he was afraid to love, knowing what had happened before. But as time has progressed, he's became more caring, and open about his emotional attatchments. Me being a Cancer woman, I've always been very open about how I feel. At times he isn't the best to "catch ya when you fall" but he's always the one who can "pick me up again".

In my past, being with other signs, they couldn't keep my interest. My Gemini does. He is always comming up with new ideas and things to share. Though, only our relationship have lasting 2 years now, it's the longest lasting one I've had with a Gemini.

Gemini's can go a little over board, and get on your nerves, but depending on the person, it can be about many different things, and there can be many different ways they may, or may not make it up to you.

As for our sexual life, at times he can be very romantic and charming. We both find our sex life very enjoyable. (parshal due to his adventurous attitude, and places.) I'm not one much for foreplay, but he can make it as pleasureable as anything else. We both like trying new things. To me, he's opened up a while new part of me. And my understanding, and open mind has helped me through.

Not just Cancer women, but Cancer men, along with both genders of the Gemini, being attentive an having an open mind is a kay for happiness, pleasure, and many different things. A Cancer and Gemini being together in any way, it's importan to remember those two things.

I am a Cancer girl that dated a Gemini guy and it was an emotional roller coaster ride. I would not reccomend a Cancer girl with a Gemini guy, ever. Gemini' guys should do us all a favour and never committ with a water sign. Gemini guys are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Sorry but its the truth Cancer they will break your heart and run.

I am a Cancer woman who has been totally captivated by a Gemini man.he moves me,stimulates me in many ways.we all know that cancers are intuitive to say the least,i know he's crazy about me. I also know that he has been very hurt in past relationships which causes him to hold back.we have been seeing each other for five months now and things have changed,he has resently lost a parent, that has softened him a bit,just a bit.i have learned to give him a lot of space,he processes that way.he's not a hugger nor a kisser,too much for him.when we are together the earth stands still we become ingrossed in eachother,one nourishes the other,its so intense,it scares me.he takes me out of myself,to say the least!i serve him the way only a Cancer can,massages,food,an opened ear,warmth.he's put off by me,cant figure me out....i will try to keep it that way for as long as I can.i've never met a man like him,and never will.i don't know how long this will last,but I am going to savor every moment with this brilliant,arogant,witty, intelligent Gemini man.

So we've been apart over 4 months now and I'm happy to say my Gemini guy want's to get married!!!! I guess time apart can really make or break a relationship. We still have a few issues to sort out when he gets back, but I think for me finally that wall that I've been building is finally coming down. We miss each other terribly and can't wait to the day we see each other again. Hopefully it's not too much longer. Rina

I am currently in a relationship with a Gemini, he is four years older than I, and we have been together more than two years. He is my first boyfriend ever. He is sweet, funny, smart, and swift, not very romantic though. He seems to be somewhat adventurous in bed but I feel Like I, the Cancer woman, am much more kinky. For the most part things are ok he seems to love me more than I love him. He is pretty possessive of me which bothers me a lot. He also seems to question me, my opinions and such. Where this relationship will end, I do not know.

I'm a Gemini male I'm turning 28 on June 12......for all Cancer womem "we need our space" and when we are out I must say we do hate the check up call's next time instead of calling try texting..But in all fairness we do creep from time to time...My ex was a Cancer as well but we broke up only because her dad and my dad hated each other so much they would try to put us in there fight witch can kill a family and even a couple..We still talk from time to time via email and we are even thinking about leaving out home town and move to cali and not telling our families that we are getting back togather...Yeah we have our fight at time's like any other pair do but over all we get along very well...I MISS HER AND I TELL HER ALL THE TIME...I think we click a lot because my moon sign is a Cancer and I do understand her even when she is moody...cuz I'm moody too at time mostly when I'm working on stuff.....Look all I'M saying is take the time to learn each other and Gemini if y our in love with a Cancer then love her TRY YOUR BEST "GEMINI" not to still go out try and find that soul mate. IF she's not it then let her go,I understand that you don't want to hurt her or him cuz we do love but we alway are looking just in case we do bump into that one...Cancer if you feel like he is hiding somthing...HE IS WE ALWAYS HIDE ITS IN OUR NATURE.

Hi, Firstly I just want to say how informative I have found all your experiences, thank you.

I have been chatting to a Gemini for a while, he pursued me, as in made contact and we have been chatting about everything and anything, Apparently my ??? lack of experience appeals to him, he also loves my brutal honesty, when he asks a question, I answer honestly, I am me, I am happy with me, I do not intend to change, When asked, he said he doesn't know what 'jealousy' is, yet, when I said I had been asked out, but had no intention of going whilst we were finding out about each other, he fired off questions, how did I know this guy, is he local etc and for the first time, he didn't text me 'goodnight', I left him be and texted him 'Good morning' and he has been responsive, Lol, already I am confused by this Gemini, 'I don't get jealous', then goes on to interrogate me and say 'you talk to others and I will walk', I respond well to him, but I will not play games and whilst he gets jealous, I am confused and I recognise his insecurities, but I will not be anything else than me, he says 'if I see a guy interested in you, that will make me so proud and turned on because I know you are mine and want to be mine' so why the jealousy and sulky attitude. I really like this guy and will not cheat or play, but I will not tolerate being punished for something I haven't done.

Cancer women and Gemini man Im Cancer 25 yr old dated a Gemini guy 48 yr old for 6 months but broke up with him because of my mother. She thought he was to old for me. I felt like I had found the love of my life. We were so deeply in love I was going to move in with him and we actually had already talked about marriage. But one day my mother & I got into it. And she pressured me inyo breaking up with him made me feel like if I was dating my father. Becausr he was 2 yrs younger tgan my father. Yes its true was older but it didn't and nevet felt incomfortable. He had a son my age. I met him and we all got along great. It laste 6 months and I finally toldy mother hiw old he was because I wanted it to become serious. And she got very upset she thought somethimg was wrong with me. Now I realizr I shouldvr lustened to my mothet in breaking up with him. I miss him so mucj and ive tryief getting over him I cant and now he only wants to be friends . He is very hurt . And he tells me we can be friends but we can m ever be more than that. He even told me he wanted us to be friends with beneifits but no more than that. What should I do? I don't want that I love him. And I know he loves me too. But I know my family hurt h. And now I feel like I can nevet get him back. Any advice.? I love him and miss him soo much!! I know he's thr love of my lufe.

I in relation with a geminai guy since a year.he is good enough but very demanding...he feels he met his soulmate but I dont.he doesn't know to respond well,when m under depression...

My heart( Cancerian's Heart) had been broken for 5 years already by a Gemini man who I felt in love in deed. I was confused with many questions in my head and heart why he let me down and lost of self esteem and depressed. After reading of those comments, I got some points that I did not understand about him at all. Those comments are really helpful to me. Now I understand why it was happened to me and why he behaved like this. He is a 100% Gemini Characterisitc. But I am still loving him. This is my problem but I am now happy and bit releived after reading those remarks of Gemini. If I had a chance to get back him, sincerely, I will try to understand him more and will try to ease my strong and deep emotion to be matched with him.

hi im a Cancer girl 23 and my Gemini boyfriend 24 its bin a very rocky srtange relationship for me when I first went on a date with him it was like too good to be true the perfect guy and he's perfect charm it was like we connected stright away on the 3rd date he officaly asked me out and I was happy to say yes I just turnt 19 and he just turned 20 anyways back to the subject 1month 1 month later I had a dream that I was in his car in the frony seet and there was a another girl with a child in the bcak seet of this car and we was having a really bad argument like she wanted to attack me it was so starnge when I woke up all the sudden he rang me then when I answer stright away I asked do you have a child with some elese then he replyed look when we meet to day ill explain everything.Anyways that eveing we met up and he explained he was going to tell me but he didient now how to coz I might be put off him so said ok well next time be truthful and forgave him from that day we c arried on fine. then onday all the sudden I recived a fone call on private form a girl calling me names and swearing down on the fone so I just ignored it I thought it was someone joking about then she called agin and I said call on your number if you have some issues with me, so she did then she asked me who is your boyfriend I said who, then she said you must be mad im his mother of his child and he lives with me and how I was a bit on the side I remeber that day and moment my heart droped like some stabbed me in the stomache I tryed to call him and he would avoid my calls and I neede explination as to why he dident tell me so finaly picked up and it was like as if I was to blame and he was mad at me instead of me being mad at him he aplogized so I jsut let him go and still after this he's mother of his child would ring me and send me threats and call me like every day accusing me of how I stole her man I just ignored her and had to cahnge my number. anyw ways a year and a half went bi, and he saw me walking with my best mate he jupmed out the car and grabbed me with my hand and and insisted he wanted to talk to me it was so imbrassing all of his friends where there watching so asked him wot do you want he said look I really want to work things out and he explained that he aint with the mother of his child and how he couldent stop thinking bout so I decided to give him a chance but after a year whent bi I just lost contact with him then and just treyd o forget him then I get a fone call one morning and how he was arrseted and he is put in prioson for a long time, even so we had our diffrances I just cryed like a baby and couldent belive that he was in that situatuion after all the pain he put me throo so he called me one day from prison and spoke to him he seems so sad so I said I will come and vist him . so I went to vist him and he seemed like so sad and desprate and I new he wanted me to be here for him, anyways when it was his court day I went to suppuort him it was so strange no one was there not even the mother of his child and he did insist that I shouldent come coz its along way to come regardless I went so he stood his trial and he got 3years and a half for his sentance at first I was in shock, he said he does not expect me to wait for him this long well its bin nearly 2years and we have bin incontact quiet a lot I saw a side of him like I never new thought ill see I love him so much and I no he loves me so much to but he always has douts that ill run off with another guy and he's a very jelous type. but latley he's changinh one min he's so incontact with me the next he doesent give dam about me doesent give me not even a fonecall in 2months or so its like he picks and chooses when he's bother to be apart of my life nower days I feel like givheing up I feel traped its bas enough I feel like im lonley he dosent seem to care how I feel all he cares is about him self when he's going throo hard time in there I try to make it as easy for him as I can but when I need emotioal support its like he plays a blind eye and the reaoun why I feel like giving up due to he giving 100% commitment like he is giving me half and I have a feelig he still is with his mother of his child I just don't no if I can trust his promices I feel like some looser right now any1 have some advice thanks for reading xx

This is in response to Rina...I hear ya..the exact thing was happening to me. I kicked him out because honestly I got sick and tired of begging him to work...He promised me the world but hasnt followed through with a damn thing. He is a liar, manipulator, selfish butt....However like you I've cried myself silly. But when I actually think about it. I really don't miss him or his ballgames on TV. I really believe he beat me down mentally to think I needed him. When . he did nothing for me...The sex was good, then there was the cold shoulder. now that he has moved out we actually get together basically for sex once a week. However I think of course he has other motives. whatever is better for him of course. It would be cheaper for him to move back in with me. But everytime we r together I get stronger and stronger. And every weekend I see exactly what I don't miss...The lies, the storytelling, I mean the man will lie about everything. Its like it is impossible f or him to tell the trueth. And to think in the beginning I thought he was so honest. but deep down I knew, there was another side to him. but I didn't want to see or believe. What sucks is he is a Mamas boy, tells her how pitiful he is . I kicked him out...hell she just don't know 1/4 of the trueth, plus never met me....but God knows...he is the pitiful one...Whatever.....keep strong sister...we deserve better....and I know I am probably just doing the sex thing because it would absolutely kill me to know he is with someone else. Hopefully I will continue to get stronger and walk away from this man....

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