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I'm a Capricorn woman, happily married to a Gemini man. My husband and I have been together for seven years now, and each passing day brings us closer together and more in love!

I was initially drawn to him because he had the kindest, most giving personality I had ever come across. He was/is the type of person to give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it.

Our relationship has been amazing because we are so compatible. Our personalities are definitely different, but they mesh. I can be a hot head at times, but he has a way of always calming me down and making me feel relaxed and loved.

My favorite thing about our relationship is that we can be playful with each other. We not only laugh together, but we laugh at each other. He is the one person in my life I feel like I can be my complete self around. He accepts me for who I am: flaws and all. He has loved me at my worst and at my best.

I am a Capricorn woman who has been living with a Gemini male for 17 years. He truly is my best friend. He is very generous, kind and considerate.

I've always read that Capricorn and Gemini were not compatible for long term love relationships. This is definitely not true in our case. We both share the same type of humor and tend to balance and ground each other. He is typically much more affectionate than I am, however I am learning to be a little more demonstrative.

Sexually we are very compatible. I tend to be a little more aggressive in that area but my Gemini doesn't mind in the least.

I just don't get it or him!!!! I am a Capricorn woman and have been seeing a Gemini man for 10 mths we have broken it off 5 times within this time frame....

I am a very giving person and share everything I have, I would say I like a relationship to be 50/50 but I never receive half I give. He has a child that I pretty much take care of when its his weekend, I cook I clean, I don't really do anything for him to feel insecure but from day one he has accused me of cheating, lying and being selfish. which hurts me cause I am the complete opposite of what he says about me.

I know im not perfect but I feel like he brings the worst out of me. he has a filthy mouth and I really find it hard to believe that he loves me like he says but on the same line has no respect for me.

we now live together and I feel our sexual chemistry has dropped due to him... it just seems when he's good and ready then that's when its time and me being 30 and very affectionate, im in my prime and want him all the time. don't get me wrong when were not fighting everything is great and he always wants to be with me rather his friends, but when a disagreement happens it turns into a war, name calling.. really lashing out.

I have read some Gemini traits and they fit him to the t, so I try to bend a lil because I love him but when all's said and some I always feel alone. Most of the time I feel its his world and im just in it and he doesn't care which way we end up... his first reaction to everything is to break free when I tend to try to fix a problem.

I'm running out of patience and when I do so I tend to back off which probably makes things worse but I always feel at some point in our relationship I always have to put my guard up which to me gives no sense of security. He can be dead wrong but somehow its always my fault... he never apologizes to me when he's wrong he rather fight me but when he finds he was wrong with a friend or his son he is quick to apologize. I have been contemplating over the last few mths to walk away or stay.... I guess I just know if I do walk it will be for good this time but I love him so I damnd if I do and damnd if I don't.

I'm a Capricorn women with a Gemini man and I must say I love our relationship. We actually took time out to build a friendship first. we have a lot in common and we both like to feel we have some freedom at times. I personally like change if not I become bored and if I'm bored I get frustrated so that makes the two of us. we both enjoy laughing and joking around. At times we get into a argument we both like to be right but depending on how I feel I'll keep it going or let him go on which its not a big deal really. lol. As far as the zodiac signs we carry some of the traits but really its all the inner person. Were both faithful and its been that way from the start we know and communicated.

Me and my Gemini boyfriend have a on again off again relationship. Even when we aren't together we talk daily and have trouble being detached from each other.

Our personalities together makes for a divine situation, sometimes he is insensitive and blunt which makes me upset yet he's always comforting. He also gets upset when im being too sensitive. However, I have realized that over the past 18 months I have tougher skin, and he's softened up quiet a bit.

I am Capricorn, I have known this Gemini man since my childhood just got in touch recently, when I contacted him by phone, from April to end June he was after me so much when he used to call me everyday and be nice and flirting with me, but since the first week of July he suddenly cut all connection with me, now even text or email him he does not reply like before, he seem not interested, I do not know the reason, when I asked him he try and ignore the matter, or bring some other topic to change the subject, I love him dearly but I think he suspected this and now want to get rid of me, in the beginning when we started to knew each other he even asked me to marry him twice, I do not know where I am standing with this guy, I like him to be at least as my fried as I enjoy talking to him but now I feel neglected and I feel very upset and hurt, what to do please advise. Please note he is married with 3 children of his own and I am married with 3 children of my own, my r relationship with my husband is not so good, and he says his relation is ok with his wife but it sound he is lying to me.

I'm in love with Gemini man last ten years I m his friend of bad times........ but if ever I'm in bad time he simply left me alone, I know he has a soft heart but his selfish nature all the time makes me cry. but when ever he want any shelter or protection he simply run to me. but he never protect me, I had face many breakups from his side , because of his mercury nature........

I've fallen in love with a Gemini man who just keeps popping up in my life. I love his touch, his mind, his nature! But I made the mistake of telling him and he spooked. A year later he was back and I was fed up. I ignored him and continued on with my life and he couldn't stand it. He said "just be my friend," and I agreed. He is now my best friend and our relationship continues to grow each and every day. He always seems to have the perfect gesture when I'm down and keeps my journey fun and interesting. He has introduced me to all his family and friends and they've become a big part of my life, which is kinda scary for me in such a casual relationship but I could see this going far if I play it cool this time. I would like to hear a Gemini man's take on this dynamic relationship!

Ive Been with my Boyfriend for about 9 or 10 Months now, fighting with him seems inevitable and im always the one to blame, sex is good, I lost my virginity to him, but that's not why im connected to him in may on his bday he left to go see his dad and wont be back until Dec 22, which is my bday, but he already cheated on me and I don't know what to do, I feel like everything im doing to make him happy is only resulting in failure.

and he does nothing to help me with this, as much as I don't want to say it, I think maybe him and I just aren't meant to be...

I am a Capricorn woman and I broke up with my Gemini boyfriend an year ago , as we were in a year and half relationship and he betrayed me for a married woman. Generally as per typical Gemini trait he too is very Selfish and only wants a girl for Sex, as I did not allow myself to cross my limits with him as I loved him very truly and wanted to get married .But then on fine day I questioned him directly as i am very frank in that matter , things became ugly and we ended up with a break up.

It took me very long to come out of this post breakup trauma , but now i am independent and happy , and I believe that i am not made for a Gemini at all.

I dated a Gemini male, we had SO much in common, we even thought alike. He did keep secrets from me though, he ended up breaking up with me, once I found out that he went to his ex-girlfriend's house to hang out and give her an X-mas gift when he had told me he only called her to wish her a happy x-mas. I told him I couldn't trust him after this was the 3rd lie, he had told me and he broke it off with me. Our sex life was REALLY good and I am still trying to realize how he can let me go so easily. I am hoping he will call me but I don't know. It is hard and I am just trying to keep my head up. I do miss him.

To the poster above, Just leave him. He isn't worth your time and don't waste time thinking why he let you go so easily. he DON'T love you. Simple as that. Who think love can be let go so easily? It NEVER does. Gemini don't care about love and only care about having fun. Don't believe me? Then ask yourself this...what do you saw when you were with him? All fun but less romantic, right? If he really love you, he have to prove himself that he do but unfortunately, he is ONLY good at conversation and cappy women would EASILY fall for that. You need to know that Gemini man can talk ANYTHING they want and it is really HARD...I repeat...really HARD to catch if they are lying to you unless you catch them in the act. Do you know that Gemini man are known as "GOOD LIAR"? So, you cappy women have to defend yourself or you would fall under his spell again.

or I can say....RUN away from him!!

I am Gemini and I dated a cap girl for almost 7 yrs. fighting was inevitable and possibly the worst fights ever. I would admit I was a bit foul mouthed, and I think she slowly realized; it's the moment of anguish as I never ever meant or desired anything bad for her. sex was gr8, as most times it was the solution to our fights. what we both realized that our fights would b for a 3rd person who had nothing to do with our lives. we were a very young and vibrant couple and we loved the attention we both got as a couple.

the thing with cap women is they sometimes close the door for communication which pisses a gemini off.

But what I did fail to understand then was cap women suffer from insecurities once the initial fun time is over and an aging cap women starts getting practical more and more to a point of being selfish and ruthless.

she had a very steady life in terms of education, career, finance while I had a few rough patches. Although, she cannot deny now that we r equally successful and well to do.

the point is a cap women will leave u if she runs out of patience and more often they do personal comparisons, while a Gemini is more of a team person. she broke up with me purely when I was at the abyss of my career, and when she found better options around.

I really wished she stuck around during those struggling days as today with our success we cud have been a powerhouse.

the one thing about Gemini men are, they appear lackadaisical and carefree, but that's precisely their strength and strategy. Gemini men are very focused (be it career, money, family or loved one) once they give their mind and soul into it.

The childish aspect of Gemini men is their lifeline, if u cut it, u are actually killing a Gemini.

I am I Capricorn woman and I am in love with a Gemini man, he loves me too, but he keeps pushing me away. one minute he wants me and the next he just freaks out. we meet when we were very young, we became friends and then over the years we became very close and we started having feelings for each other. when we first started liking each other more than friends, we started dating one another, but it just didn't work. when we broke up we stopped talking altogether, it talk a whole year just to say hi to each other. and mine and his feelings for each other got stronger each day. I told him one day that I still liked him, and he became very clingy and wouldn't stop being near me. and then a week later he became a real jerk toward me. and when I was ready to give up on us he asked me out, but I was to shocked and I said no. I felt like an idiot, I love him with all my heart and soul, he is just the most amazing guy, his always there for me when I need him most, his just so a making and I turned him down. another couple of months later we started talking again. now we are really close friends, we both want more then that, but he keeps changing his mind. and at the same time im just sitting here waiting for him, I don't know what else to do. sometimes I think I should just give up and let him go, but I don't know how to let go of this love, its just to much. and I don't want to risk giving up and letting him go, because I know what his like, he will want me back. its so hard to let go of a Gemini guy, his just to amazing for his own good.

I'm a Gemini and I've been dating this cap female for 2 months but I know there is something considering she doesn't really feel comfortable to her other suitors that fast. BUT recently, she told me to just back away, no calls or text and that she doesn't want me to add up to her problems.... I don't get it

I'm a Capricorn woman and my boyfriend was a Gemini man. We had a phenomenal sex life. We began as friends, and then became boyfriend and girlfriend without even noticing it. However once the passion, and my patience wore off, pretty much that was it. He was kind, and very loving, however very unstable. He would constantly change his mind about our relationship. I never really knew what he wanted, I felt like he didn't feel confident that our relationship was going to work. We broke up several times, he would let me go., but then a few weeks or months later we would change his mind and desperately come looking for me. He would buy me flowers, dedicate me songs, text me during the night and beg me he was going to change for good. (Which he never did) I took him back many times, but then I said...enough, is enough.. and that was it. Hopefully he does not come looking for me once again, since it has been 3 months since we have broken up. I believe this time will be for good, since I have met a nice Taurus man... Good luck to all my Capricorn and Gemini couples..

I am a Gemini, met a cappy, was amazingly attracted to each other instantly. We started meeting frequently and so fell in love. Then we moved in together and there she started to show like a monster. She was totally upset and mad with whatever I said or done. Like upset by default. She was sometimes shouting out for 20 mins non-stop because I just said a simple when we were in a restaurant, celebrating our 1st anniversary, I said: "shall we sit at this table?', she was shouting like crazy!!! We fought a lot and I left her few times, but I was always to make up and come back since I love her heartily. The more we fought, the more we fell in love and clinged to each other, until I decided I want to marry her, cause I thought I couldn't (and didn't want to) live without her in my life. She refused me for a reason I don't know and I was shocked. I left but still couldn't go always before. I met another woman, but couldn't get her outta my mind, so I broke up and came back to my cappy to make up. I proposed her again and we got finally married...but couldn't stop fighting.

When we fight I tend to shout myself out loud, but I would calm down after few mins. She would normally be upset for few days after the fight, during which she acts in a totally mad way like she is without a singly cell or brains.

After 4 months of marriage, again we argued about something, we got tensed and I shouted out loud (like always). She dumped me and left.

I decided I won't like to stay with her and we are now divorcing. I don't want her to dump me again.

Cappy woman is very careful, but when she gets mad, she really gets mad literally. No one (even she herself) know what she is doing or why she is doing it. And it is always a disaster afterwards.

Although it was the greatest love and relationship in my life, I came to a point to squeeze my heart and decide to stop it. I know it will not work.

well im a Capricorn women and my boyfriend is a Gemini men, and we been together for 5 months going on 6 and we get along just well I love him so much. We love each other so much actually he's outspoken, charming and obsessive he can have his mad moments and including me to the point we end up arguing, but at the end of the day I think we make a good match...and I think are relationship is going to last for a long time (hopefully).

I'm a cap woman and been with a gem man for 10 months now. we grew up together and were just friends, until we seen each other last year for the first time in awhile, and he seemed liked a different person. he matured a lot. we have an incredible sex life, and he's starting to be more affectionate and loving then he has ever been with anyone else. I do have a few issues with him because he has never allowed himself to have a loyal long term trusting relationship, so a part of me feels he doesn't know how to, even though he wants it now. we did get into a huge recent fight, our first one ever the other day and I'm very stubborn and have been waiting for him to call but of course he's a Gemini and prob wont end up calling first. we are expecting a baby. I read a lot of things that say these two signs aren't compatible and will never work out long term, but I fail to believe that. I love him with every fiber of my body, and understand his personality, and try my hardest to work with it. He has become my best friend and he is my ray of sunshine. losing him even as a friend would be unbearable to me. so to all you caps and Gemini's out there, please don't be discouraged when you read stuff like this. if you really love that person, then you learn to meet each others needs. Gemini's might be very difficult at times, but there is emotions and caring under that flighty heart of theres, getting it out is just the challenge and all caps love a good challenge!! =)

I'm a Capricorn girl and Gemini and I never seem to really get along. I've come across 2, both of them seemed very clingy and possessive/obsessive/potential stalkers. One was emotionally & verbally abusive whenever he didn't get his way & would watch my every move luckily we didn't live in the same state so he couldn't come knock on my door). The other Gemini male met me and instantly became attached to me he asked me out twice *on the second and third date - I rejected him both times* he'd come around and knock on my door without even bothering to call me or ask if he could come over until one day I outright confronted him and broke it off. I've read that Caps Gems are not the best match and due to my prior experiences with them I will forever keep my distance from Gemini. I just want to know if any Capricorn female has ever gone through the same thing?...

I am a Cappy, married to a Gemini man for 6 years. All I can say is, it is TOUGH...!! Listen when people tell you that caps and gems don't get along. We cappy women are very emotional and need stability... Growing up I longed for a Scorpio, and well, I should never have settled. I feel vulnerable and alone all the time, while he plays his little love games. Gemini's are flirts, and not the particularly faithful type. He loves sex with me, but doesn't love me. Once he's had his daily dose, he's off on his next adventure. Don't expect to be protected and cherished. Everything for him has to be lighthearted. There isn't any such thing as deep-felt sex in his book. I get so annoyed with his childishness because, lets face it, we Cappies are responsible. My dear Gemini man cannot hold a job of any sort for longer than two years. He's really restless. One of the hardest things for me to live with, is his inability to connect on an emotional level. Think before you leap, C appies!!! A lot of tears have been shed over the last six years, and I would RUN from this relationship if I could. Sadly our religion doesn't allow for divorce. I'm aging twice as fast as I should be... paying all his past-due bills, and trying to keep our finances out of complete ruin while he is off partying. I try my best to love him, but he would be better suited with a different partner.

I'm a Cap who met a Gem online (first online dating experience). It took several weeks for him to even ask to talk on the phone. There were several long phone calls before he asked to meet for lunch. After that he was available at my whim. But the closer we get and the more fun we have (chemistry time a million!), the more he would disappear. I don't know if he is testing me, is afraid from past experience, has a neurosis of some sort, or what. We haven't officially become a couple but I know he likes me a lot, is attracted to me, enjoys my company and is not seeing anyone else. Sounds (from other posts) like I need to wait and let him come around when he's ready. I'd like to get to know him well and find out whether we are even compatible. I'm losing patience with this disappearing stuff.

Not worth the time:

Every single time I here the word Gemini , I freak out. I'm a cappy woman and I met my ex Gemini man at a club. we were instantly attracted to each other. At first, everything was good. I was being myself and noticed that he didn't like it. meaning myself I would call him and text him as I pleased and wanted to spend lots of time with him. I cant help it , im a cappy we love to cuddle. anyways, I than figured that I didn't like who he was so I decided to lose contact with him. he would call me eventually like once a week and still keep something with me. so I decided to go with the flow. a few months after playing his little game of calling me and getting with me when he felt like it, I found out the time that we were together he was cheating on me. so I decided to play a little game with his head. I had read an article on how to seduce a Gemini , and it worked!! drove him crazy! us cappys are big on revenge. he definitely was not worth my time but he got what he deserved . he is still crazy about me right now and swears that I was the love of his life. lol..good luck cappy women and Gemini men. too much games.!

Listen Gemini Men,

We Capricorns need and want things. We also want our partners to do it before we demand it. We like your kind heartedness but we don't like it when you don't get it. You just need everything to be spelled out to you so you can understand where a Cap is coming from. Caps are complex personalities with a lot of battles within. Caps are born to leave a mark on this Earth. Caps are born to make it better for themselves and if you are likely and stick together, then you might enjoy the things Cap has made for herself and let you benefit from as well. Caps WONT slow the pace down just because a Gemini cant keep up. Caps wont stop being serious about their goals a minute. You might find us very very strict and stuck in our ways. Yes we are. Because almost all Caps got at least 1 big goal in life and a Cap cant function if there is no goals or obstacles to get over for them. Let us Caps fight, work hard and go get it. That's how you keep us happy. don't tell us ''hey baby stop working to day. why don't you go to this place with me on this beautiful Monday morning?'' A cap cant go nowhere on a Monday Morning. We got a dream that we HAVE BEEN trying and planning to make it come true. Way before we met you, we had set up a plan and we would like to do it our way. Thanks.

I think part of the problem is that this combination tends to have electric attraction which makes it more difficult when the Gemini starts playing his games. It makes it very hard to walk away because we want (and hope) to go back to when it was awesome, knowing we probably won't have that kind of fireworks with anyone else. Seems like the secret is to quit while you're ahead. Be thankful for the fun and accept that it's never going to be a harmonious situation. Sad, really.

I have been with my twin for a period of two years. I can honestly say he is the worst man I have ever met in the whole world. He is a jerk, if he gets mad he starts bad mouthing me and for some reason it it always my fault. I decided a long time ago to leave him but he keeps coming back to me. I have ran out of patience for his childish ass. I am done want nothing to do with him or his lame aspect. I am aware my Gemini can't be alone. However, how can women be attracted to him? I guess their lame conversation skills help them. Too bad they can't keep talking during sex and after sex.

Hello! Well I am a Capricorn woman and I was dating a Gemini man, He and I had the most amazing time together. I notice him when I was about 17 and he was 22, We didn't start talking till I was 18 and he 23 he would always make me feel loved and special for about 3 months, after that he would start to play games and hurt me very much. After that I stopped talkiing to him and then we conitinue a friendship but not your good and heathly one but "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS". Even though I did not like it, I couldnt let him go but I got the courage to stop. Now I am 20 years old and he just turn 25 we hang out once in while but it still seems like there is chemistry. The thing that I notice is how come Gemini's and Capricorn's have amazing sex but cannot commit into a normal relationship?

The Capricorn female Gemini male relationship might have started with fireworks for me, a cappy girl, but it has just been one disappointment after another for me. I know it just doesn't seem to be working out on my end, because it is a truly frustrating situation. I don't believe I will ever know if he has feelings for me or not.

I fell in Love with a Gemini man and now have a beautiful baby boy. He wants nothing to do with him, but he looks for me for sex. I am tired of his games. He has had so many girlfriends in the past two years and when he heard I was getting married to my husband he was super upset! Why? Then, he blamed me for everything and told me I was wrong and threw mw out of his house and called the police department. He is so confusing...I hate HIM!!!!

I'm a Gemini male and dated my Cap girl for almost 15 years. We recently parted ways and unlike many of the posts here, I was the one that had my heart broken. Our relationship started off rocky and I wasn't sure if she was right for me and kept breaking up with her initially. Eventually, I wanted her back and did whatever it took to regain her trust. We were great together, our friends were delighted with our presence and we set the bar for many relationships. The sex was incredible! My Cap girl was very reserved in public but was a freak in bed. I shared many good times with her and that's what I like remembering. Unfortunately, my Cap girl suddenly had a change of heart. With no fault of my own, she put us on a break and eventually after months of waiting, she was stubborn on her decision to not continue with this relationship anymore. How can a person suddenly stop loving and losing interest in you? It really crushed me. I agree with another post on here that my Cap girl turned into a ruthless monster. She had lost all her interest in me and completely cut me off. I'm a lover and a fighter and boy did I put up one heck of a fight. At first I thought things would be back to normal as we had sex a few times while we were on the break but I guess she just used me to satisfy her needs. This is weird coming from a guy but when she told me after the sex that we were still on break, I felt cheap, disgusted, and humiliated. I truly loved this girl and had always made love to her passionately. And like another post on here, my Cap girl also left me during a time where I had lost my job because of the economy. So cruel, for real. The time when I needed her the most and she abandoned me, where I was there for her during her most difficult times giving her the strength to overcome anything. I tend to flirt with other girls but have never touched another woman and have never slept with anyone other than my Cap girl. Her reason for ending our relationship was that she wanted to pursue other things in life and did not want to marry and settle down. I know, you are thinking WTF? Geminis were the unstable ones, not in this relationship. I had planned on marrying my Cap girl once I was back on my feet with a job but it never reached that point. I agree that Gemini men and Cap women will fight and bicker often about issues but in the end, a nice talk with each other certainly calmed us both down. It's still hard for me to understand how my Cap girl could break my heart like this. Our personalities certainly clashed but she gave me a reason to be stable and not so impulsive, in return I showed her how to be flexible and adaptive to changes. I would say we both evened each other out. Say what you will about Gemini men but this one did everything right for his Cap girl and still got his heart broken in the end. Good luck to all the other Gemini/Cap couples out there. Your relationship will require a lot of work but I hope your ending is much better than mine...

I'm a Gemini, and I feel bad for the above post. I agree that a Capricorn can change and break all the promises they once gave for life. MONEY plays a vital role in a Capricorn girl. (directly she may not agree to this but think deep - the answer is clear. its MONEY and Money) not that she would want money from you, how ever she will respect you only if you earn great and have a great job. she would want to associate with people of higher class. she surely wont ever hate you, but the sympathy she shows will kill you. its better you not stay in touch with her ever., and if at all she feels to get back, let it be on your terms. she has a STONE heart which you have realized very late. she can be cold, would never express her feelings to anyone. She can just close everything to herself - that's the great advantage she has.

IF the Capricorn women trusts the Gemini man's capabilities, she should get back to the man with out second thought. he is the best she can ever ask for. A Gemini man is so caring, is always open to understand the Capricorn needs, he is the one who can treat you as a princes. he is loyal, dose not break promises(promises for a Gemini man mean for life), true and transparent to you - what else do you really want? he may not be a hardworking donkey, but surely a smart working monkey. lol. end of the day he comes home with money and satisfies your needs. And in bed, he is equal to two persons(can surely satisfy all your fantasies). It is you, Capricorn women who needs to put your egos aside and take a step towards a Gemini man to truly experience the warmth and happiness he can provide. For him - love is unconditional.

I am a Capricorn woman in a relationship with a Gemini man..we have been together for 5 years...i must say that it hasn't always been easy, but we give each other the space to be to be ourselves.he has been my best friend through some of the worst times in my life.(actually we've saved others lives)..we think alike..we say the same things at the same time..if I say something..he's already thinking it..we've learned a lot from each other..i've learned to take chances and he's learned to be more responsible..i can't see myself with anyone else..he's really is my twin..and yes the sex is still amazing after all this time..and next year we're getting a cap and a Gemini relationship isn't all that to everybody who's in a Capricorn and Gemini relationship..hang in gets better with time..

I'm a Cap girl and I just broke up with my Gem guy yesterday...

He cried when telling me " I don't deserve you,you desever someone better. I'm just a fucking idiot. It's all my fault... etc". But when I asked him "So why don't you be that someone?",he just said "I can't...." and keep crying. Then finally he told me " I do care a lot for you but I don't know,I just don't feel that way,love." What more can I say?

We had lots of fun talking,going out,....but I feel alone sometimes. What kind of boyfriend that never says "I miss you" first? He's like a little boy,always kid around,chatty and love to hang out with friends than have dinner with me at home. He just SHOWS me that he cares for me,but I can harly feel it sometimes.

What hurts the most is he doesn't want to try at least once. He doesn't want to try for me. I'm like an out-of-date stuff for him. F*cking liar.

I just don't get it,why he cried?? Because he's not that emotional....

(Sorry for my bad English)

I think capricorns are too insecure for my taste. I love them deeply but jesus, they get really anal and I'll buck if she starts treating me like a lab rat. Im all about money too but I really don't like snobs. ITs hard for caps to love unconditionally. We Gems the freer we feel the more we love. And that is really hard because Capricorn is really phobic about a lot of things. ITs hard to express true love when things are done out of responsibility. Thats not what love is. Love is freedom and evolution. Not no rules. Most of the cap girls I have met are really fucking beautiful. I feel a lot of things for them but I can not express them as I can with other people I have known. They really don't give a fuck about words I think. I kind of drive myself crazy inside not knowing how to project. And Gem is a yan sign so...they go a bit berserk when there is a lot of limitations that they perceive. Capricorn women do dress really nice though and usually have a really strong physique with nice legs and hot booty. I find that even though it says that caps are dominating that they are very submissive around me. They are very interesting and incinte a lot of passion in me but I get really frustrade when things do not happen fast. People say gems are not emotional and all that but it is not true. We are actually the only air sign with true emotion and passion but the thing with mercury is that things happen fast. Caps on the other hand are not like that. I don't know about the caps but im a fighter at heart and fights don't really bother me. A lot of times we gem just like too ignite passion and rekindle romance, we just don't like to talk about what we are doing.

yes.. .... its gets better with time... am a cap woman..having relationship with a Gemini for 7 years.. he is all my support and I am everything for him.. some times we felt it tough.. but now.. its better.. its more mature and understanding..

so I say hang on...its gets better with time...

I'm a Capricorn woman in a relationship with a Gemini man, and while our outward personalities couldn't be more different, I feel we share the same values. We seem to have opposite ways of expressing the same things. This can be challenging at times, but we are far from incompatible as people who like to simplify astrology might think. Sexually we are extremely compatible as well. It may be a bit tougher than other combinations, but I've found it well worth it so far!

I'm a Capricorn women and engaged to a Gemini man. We just had our first child together. We have been together for almost a year now and I have found out many things about him throughout it. I have seen things where he has hit on other women online, talking to ex-girlfriends saying sexual things to them along with also finding naked pictures of his ex's he kept in his email along with other women he had online flings with. Just a few weeks before I gave birth to our daughter I found pictures emailed to him from a women he knew where he grew up naked and pictures that he sent of himself to her. I told him flat out if I find out anything else or if you keep doing this to me we are done and that I'm not marrying him until I know I can completely trust him. I still feel that he is hiding things from me, but as of right now I can't prove it. He is a kind, loving, person and is a great father, but he has hurt me to much in this relationship. He also doesn't like confronta tion so when I ask him questions as to why he did this he tells me he doesn't know why, but I finally got it out of him one night when we were drinking. Do I really know it is the truth? I don't, but for now I will take his word for it until I find out otherwise.

I am a Capricorn women and tried to have a relationship with Gemini man. I was 21 and he was 26. Everything was going well. We talked everyday and then all of sudden he started saying he did not trust me. I tried to be calm about it and sort things out but he would only question everything I do. If I didn't respond to his text messages within seconds he would go off on me. He got very clingy. At one moment he would say he loved me and in the next 5 minutes he wanted to take a break. I just don't get him. I love him and would do anything for him but he just doesn't understand no matter what I do. He doesn't seem to care about my issues either. Everytime I try to talk to him he yells at me or makes me feel inferior, but then again he says I have the communication problem.I am just about to give up.

Just don't try with a Gemini unless you really want to work hard and feel like you're the crazy one in the end.

I met my cap back in eighth grade (I am 17 and she is 18) back then we were just friends. I recently started talking to her again,and everything just seems so perfect. I try to find a flaw with her (cause it seems to good to be true) but I find none. There is this thing about her and me talking to girls,she doesn't like me talking to girls at all,unless they're having problems or are family. We aren't together yet (because we don't live in the same state anymore) though I believe she will move back and we will be together. I haven't found anyone that has felt so perfect to me,and she says it's the same with her for me. Any advice anyone can give will be deeply appreciated.

I am a Capricorn Woman, I have been dating my boyfriend (A Gemini) for 2 years now. For all the other post on here that say's that their relationship went horrible with each other. Well, all I got to say is my realationship for the past 2 years has been great!! My boyfriend has been kind and gentle, and I can say and strongly believe that we are BOTH in love. He proposed to me just last night, of I said yes!! He has never cheated on me, though we have gotten into a few arguments, we make up. He respects my desicion to not lose my virginity to anyone including him till we are married. We both enjoy our time together rough housing, and snuggling. I hope ya'll can work out your realationship's and have a happy life together!! :D God bless ya'll.

I am a cap girl and I have this problem of being only attracted to gem inis! I do not know what is wrong but their free spirit nature just gets me always, and they a always so attractive and talkative. They never seem to work out for me though but I have been with Aquarius men too and I am bad in relationships so it is bizarre. I've dated a June 4th birthday and we lasted for a long time but I was not attracted to him and he told me he loved me so quickly. But I am in love with this Gemini that I had a thing with and gave it all up because I have a wild as mind. But I have been interested in 3 June 3rd birthdays all geminis!

I'm an 18 year old Capricorn girl, and I have a crush on this Gemini. I get along with Geminis very well, better than I do with Aquarius and maybe even Libra. There's always respect and good times involved. But I like this guy. Problem is, he has a girlfriend and she seems really fake. He smiled at me a few times (people don't really smile at me lol) and he is so polite and confident- traits that make me totally love someone. I'm really sad that he's taken, and I can't have him, and I'm not a boyfriend stealer so I'm just left here being sad and sulky. He has such an amazing personality that would balance out mine and return my optimism to me (i've been depressed lately) and since I'm a relatively accepting person I'd accept his childishness. I love his childishness. I'm so sad I can't date this guy.. yet? I feel bad about wanting them to break up. At least I hope he goes to the same college as me soon. so I can see him.

I was seeing a Gemini and I had to keep my wall up because I knew he would hurt me. Gemini men find Capricorn girls a mytery as we are so reserved yet giving and caring. I think they love the way we are and will always come back 'home'. I don't know if its love or they just like our way of life and they feel safe around us. Gemini men get bored easily and like to have more then one girl. Although they know who the best is..Capricorn ;)

cap woman in a relationship with gem man for two and a half years now.... we broke up a million times, we clash, never see eye to eye... he is very self centered and selfish and I am very selfless and pleasing.. we fight like cats and dogs he gets me so boiled up by his be littleing words and I run never wanting to look back... but he is the one who trys to make it right again... and I cant turn away from him, after so many break-ups and meeting people along the way I can not break away from the attractivness and love I have for him... I don't get So after all we are expecting a baby in may a son who will be a

I am a cap girl with a Gemini guy. We have been together for 4 years already and we have been through alot! He is a great guy that loves his family alot! He already told me that he would do anything for his family! We've had a rocky past because of his lies. He lies about the most insignificant things! Well he lied about his education to my face. He was talking to a couple of girls behind my back as well at the beginning but I found out. He is very moody. He changes all the time. One day he will be in utterly love with you the next he will be completely distant and want to do his own thing. Like I said already, we have been through alot! We were even suppose to move out together but he changed his mind because decided to focus on school and live at home. I am very understanding of that part, but what I don't understand is why didn't he focus more on his education in the past rather than wait till the very last minute. That's another thing. He's a big procrastinator. But othe r than the negative aspects, he is a very loving man. Very funny man as well! Me and him could spend hours making each other laugh and smile. It just seems when we are apart is when trouble arises. I feel I could stick this out and wait for him, but its really bugging me if its actually worth waiting? Will he truly make me happy in the end or completely pull another 180 like he did when we were gonna move out?

hi there..i'm a Capricorn IN LOVE with a Gemini man.

Well,4 others..gemini men are BORING coz they don't initiate a move..but try to give them a hint of what you want and it'll be m0re colorful..

The relationship will be valuable,if we,us GIRLS..start it..y n0t be the one to start it? I really am ashamed of kn0wing that cappie women will wait for the man to do what she has in mind..TAKE THE INITIATIVE..we all kn0w that men are n0t mind-readers,right? Yeah,right it REALLY gets better in time..

I miss my Gemini man soooooooo much! I am in sooo much pain. He's been apart from me emotionally for a month and a week. I feel like the air that I breathe has been cut off. Our affair officially started in March. I call it an affair because the moment he was displeased w/me which what appears like our undoing, he expressed I was never his girlfriend despite the fact that he cooked for my daughter & I 5 nights a week, took me everywhere he went, called me all the time (even in the middle of the night), emailed me all day at work, and would seem to think of me in almost everything he did. Except for the information he choose to share about his "girlfriend," and his ex-wife. All the while enjoying these things, I heard of what his "girlfriend's" dislikes were and how he would do the same things for her and she wasn't pleased. It became obesessive and apparent that he missed her. He'd even dedicated songs to her in my presence. Meanwhile, he goes to his ex-wife's hou se and threatens her life because she has unsavory company the night he passed her house on the way to his mother's because his son was there. I saw him cry over it the next day. I was very disturbed by it because he turned around the next day and made it seem like it was no big deal or a new occurrance and I expressed my displeasure in his actions. I knew better because he's known this woman for 15 years, the ex-wife. He bought me flowers and apologized. It didn't leave my mind until I thought I could loose him. Meanwhile he's speaking constantly of this broad. Who moved out on him because of the pressure of the ex-wife. I miss him so much. I wish I could've looked passed his drama for his love, admiration, good times. great sex, and affection. I had just as much to give him in return..and I did. It seemed as though he was always bitter, negative, or thinking of his past. When I heard his assessment of me. I was horrified. "He's just mad at me," I thought. I doesn't know or understand me yet. "He really doesn't believe those things." I loved him in that short time. We've had some of the best times I've had with any man in my adult life. I didn't expect him to be perfect because I'm not. I wanted him to except me as willing as I was to except him. I believe in the wonders a Gemini man and Capricorn woman can achieve. I got the pleasure of experiencing a sample for approxiamately 90 days and all I can seem to remember is good times. I miss him so much. He turned cold and won't reciprocate anything emotional or of substance to me. I loved him and I miss him. I will never get romantically invovled with another Gemini again. Thanks for reading my post.

I'm a Capricorn female and the love of my life is a Gemini male. He is my best friend, but that's all he sees us as...friends. He is a textbook Gemini: very indecisive, wishy-washy, hilarious, always on the go. I'm attracted to him because he makes me laugh, and we have almost everything in common. In the year and some change that I have known him he has been back and forth on a few different women. He is so afraid of commitment and being tied down that he runs away from anything serious. He still though, is the kindest, most warm-hearted, compassionate, loving men I know, and if he wanted it, I would definitely jump into a relationship with him.

I am a Cap woman. I have been in a relationship with my gem for 11 months. Initially he would smother me and csll constantly, and always wanna be around. about 5 monnths ago he lost the closest person to him due to a murder. Now im lucky if we talk three times in a week. Im doin all the work. I call, I drive over to his house tto see him, I go pick him up. He has not had a job since well before the murder, hence I pay for any dates we go on and pay for dinners as well. Sometimes I feel like im just holding on to the past and hoping things will be return to the old way. Is this realistic will we ever have the same relationship. also he is an admitted habitual liar and very sneakyy. we are notin love with each other and never talk about the future I have no clue what he wants out of me. sometimes I feel like im on my own in our relationship, and feel consumed and stressed.

I think I have been with Gemini men before they show passionate love good in sex but never say I love you I find that very difficult to comprehend why cant they say what they feell ; I am cap and when I was done I bounced ; maybe he will learn to talk in his next world but I think we caps are perfect sex match for gems; they like it we give it lol

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