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I am currently getting my PhD and before classes started last month I did something I NEVER do...I hooked up with a random guy at a local college bar and it was hot. I don't know what I was thinking...well I do know...I was thinking he was gorgeous. I thought that was the end of it until I was assigned to be a T.A. for an undergraduate writing class and he was sitting in the FRONT ROW. I looked up his information on the roster and I see that he is a Gemini...and I am a Gemini as well!!!

Did our paths cross for a reason and I should try for something more than just a hook up? Do two Gemini's get along or am I doomed? I may be a teacher by I am just a student when it comes to this stuff - anyone with experience on this combo?

I have had a long relationship with a Gemini guy and I am a Gemini female.

It's been one heck of a ride. The mind stimulation is there, the understanding is there, the room to be oneself is there, the sex outrageous still. We don't try to have a conventional relationship and the friendship carries the shortcomings.

After 11 years, I feel we are hitting a stride, so that we both can relax in one another's presence. However we can turn things up so fast. There were times I tired of always being on, but the years are allowing for a sense of us now hanging without getting antsy.

It is not without its challenges. One person can require intimacy and the other be flying off in another direction. You can learn to read the signs and act accordingly. Reacting kills this combo.

Being with this guy that stimulates and understands me like no other is great, but I never count on it as long-term and that seems to help.

I am a Gemini and my boyfriend of 2 years is also a Gemini. We are planning on getting married in the summer of 2011, we compliment each other well and I think it is because neither of us is exactly what is described in the paragraph on a Gemini. We each possess some of those specific characteristics or qualities while the other possess the others.

We have a fantastic sex life, and great communication.

I have a Gemini girl friend and she have more patience than me. my relationship with her so far is fantastic and as I am bound in her love I don't see any other option but her..

As I am too Gemini we get along with each other comfortably. she is kinda rude sometimes but next moment she will b soft like never before and it keeps the excitement of our relationship alive ....

no problems girl can better match with Gemini boy than a Gemini girl

lol im a Gemini women who can honestly say Gemini men suck!!!!!! I dated a few and yes they are liars and yes very very sneaky!!!! STAY AWAY

Me I am a Gemini Woman and my boyfriend is a Gemini also, and we been together for 4 years and he is the best boyfriend ive ever had and I don't want nobody else but him, plus when it comes to bed he is the best fuck that ive ever had he so fantastic & me and him have great intellectual conversations together.

Well my story seems to be a little different. I am a Gemini girl (Woot Woot), && He's a Cancer. I am 16 and he is 17. Its crazy because I knew I'd be in a situation like this. I knew him since the 6th grade and since then we stopped talking due to changing schools. Then a close a friend of my older sister and mine as well, I just found out the Cancer boy and the lifelong friend of my sister and I were Cousins. Now were in the 11th grade. So a few months back I was at their house attending a party and we being to catch of on life, and from then we were very cool. we talked at the time of a good week, then the following week an another party at the same house happened and while we were talking he said he wanted to show me to some new things. then at that party we accidentally ended up having sex later that night while others were sleep. I highly regretted it. because although I knew him, I did not want to lose my virginity that way. Yes never went together, but we w ere super close and he was very caring. Always texting me, calling etc. Then it began to stop. and I wonder why. but I just left it alone. and then it seems as if he's mad. I call he'd try to get off the phone. It was crazy but when I did my research on him I got all positive feed back I guess I was wrong. It had been at least a month with no talking. then just recently he aims me with a sup and I end it with short. that was a week ago. just today he aims me with a " ily "= I Love You! Huh, Im totally confused. I don't know what to do because being that he now has a part of me I really don't want any body else but him. But then again I m already seeing these weird signs of him and don't think I can cope with it. I don't know what to do. I want to be with him but then again I don't. HELPP =]

I'm a Gemini woman, interested in a Gemini guy at work. As I observe, we are very much at par with each other.. . good in communication, very expressive and curios. This curiosity, he also shows to me. Yet, I know he is a big flirt and hears his escapades with other girls in the office. I'm still very challenged to win his attention. As a Gemini woman, I can very much relate to the descriptions that we love variations, intellectual stimulations (mind games!!! fun fun) and challenges. I hope I can win even his heart.

I am a Gemini woman and like a Gemini man who I work with. Its very similar to some of the stories! We were flirting for ages, everyone thought we were at it but we were not. We ended up having the most amazing two nights together, and were both texting and flirting all the time and emailing. I finally told him how I felt and everything stopped. He wont even look at me, be in the same space as me, and doesn't respond to anything. I was a bit obsessed with him but I thought he was too. I'm hoping as well that after awhile of not talking he'll start talking to me again. He's just very hot and cold and sort of makes it obvious he is ignoring me. I think we both like mind games but I think he is actually just ignoring me. I hate but like him at the same time. I am a very typical Gemini and think that him and I are very similar and would be great together and there was so much chemistry It actually hurt my brain! I melted every time he looked at me and we had this amazing connection.

I am a Gemini man and my ex is a Gemini I was born june 7 and she june 8 I was madly in love with her we got in a relationship real quick we had fun from day one we are both very playful but I found out that she was cheating on me and I was always suspecting it because I know Gemini's and it was true I found out that she was using me for money and she total my car I moved out my place and in with her and she use to live with me I never told her to leave no matter what as soon as I moved in with her she put me out after three days and I paid her first months rent I also have custody of my 10 year old daughter and she told me and her to leave that's foul and I felt real stupid cause I never seen the true evil of Gemini's and what people would tell me because I am one till I meet her.

I knew one Gemini with whom my relation started in room only and he asked not to tell any one in the college . We were in only physical relationship . I loved him a lot . He was having some friend groups in which one girl was also there he always bided his relation in front of everyone . But over phone he use to be very caring and loving but he use to always with that girl at each and every moment of college . Can I know that is this was love or he was only fooling me??? When I told him nw enough go and tell the truth to you're friend he just told me that if I will let them know everything between us will get finish and he didn't told about us .. Later I told them everything about we both than he abuse me on msg .. But I dnt know I love him a lot and still feels that he can't cheat with me .. please help I just want to know do that guy loved me or was using me ..I myself is Gemini women

As a Gemini man, whose in love with his Gemini girl I can say it is the best relationship ever! I've always dated Aquarius women and thought they were great. Years ago I briefly dated a girl who was a Gemini. ( But did not know it at the time. ) We were always super good friends. And liked each other a lot. Pushed her away when parents disagreed. Biggest mistake of my life but, didn't know it at the time. Lost track of her for 24 years. We just reconnected a few months ago, and Guy and Gals, it has beenthe best three months of my life. Never realized what I was missing in my life. With her there is no need to explain jokes, understand mood shifts, and just plain keep up mentally with. We connect on every level! No woman has ever gotten this close to my inner core, and she says the same. So, if your Gemini/Gemini relationship can freely open up the dark hidden inner self, that we all Gemini protect, you can get through anything! But, if you can not or will not don't get involved with a another Gemini.

Why do Gemini man use to play with my heart for long long years? why he used to say those lingering words but no actions follows? why he still use to say he loves me inspite of im married now? I hate you Gemini man!!! Gemini girl :(

My Gemini man and I were born on the same day a year apart. I loved him from my soul the day we met. After 10 months, we are finished. He refuses to commit to a belief that relationships should be open, honest and together. No wondering what the hell is going on or constantly playing games. I will never forget the passion, the conversations, the mental and physical stimulation but I will also never forget how lazy, forgetful, selfish and mean he was either. Be careful Gemini!

I am a Gemini woman, and after reading all of these experiences/questions, I don't really know what to think. I know a lot f people say that puppy love doen't count, but when I was around 13 I fell IN LOVE with my best friend(Aries), as many gemini's tend to do. I loved him so much that when I thought about it too hard it actually HURT. Long story short, he told me he felt the same way (after us beating around the bush for 3 years!) and then I had to find out from a random friend that he asked a girl out the day after we confessed to each other. Now I am 18 and I still don't know how to mentally get over it. I want to start a relationship with a Gemini guy but I don't really know after reading all these mixed reviews. I know that if I get hurt again I will completely shut my inner self from the rest of the world (gemini's know what I'm talking about) I guess my question is- should I go for it? is it really as worth it as some of you guys say?

I am a Gemini woman, and I a really interested in a Gemini man. I born June 6th, He June 7th. He stimulates me mentally and physically. He touches me without saying a word. BUT HE CAN BE SOO SELFISH AT TIMES! and that really bugs me. I can't seem to commit to him.He plays allot of games and loves to flirt and fool around, but is definitely not ready for something serious.I understand this, because I know how gemini's can be after coming out of along relationship, esp after giving all they got. They need the space and time. But my gosh..My Gemini guy KNOWS how to captivate me, and keep me. He knows how to draw me in. Recently he told me he loves me. BUt I know he is lying.I know this is one of him games. Sigh. I know how fickle we can be, and I know the games we play. But getting a taste of out own medicine...dont feel good. I shall be a Gemini who shall never be fickle AGAIN! lol. But ladies...if you find a Gemini guy who is willing to stop the games and be with you. Pull him in, and never let him go!

Wow!! after reading all of these posts,I am thinking, so many things now ...I have dated my Gemini boyfriend for 2 years and I intend on marrying him and have a child ..Our relationship is great, well it is now , cause the first year was like a roller coaster, but I love him so much and could imagine my self with any other man in this world ..we have had our ups and downs but what relationship doesn't? I do think that he is lazy and selfish sometimes, but after the moment is over he apologizes to me for the whole indecent, after he has calmed.but we have had our fair share of arguments and we do have the most stimulating conversations in the world..but the one thing that I don't understand that no one seemed to mention is why does the Gemini man seem to live in a fantasy world? he tends to worry about not getting his goals met. all of this is a bit much , and I have e ven broken up with him, but it hurt us both so much we worked out our differences, and continued on...

I'm a Gemini man, never had much of a relation with any Gemini women, because, honestly, I didn't know too many Gemini women, but after reading some of the things on this site, about all the signs, and then figuring out that a couple of my friends are gemini, and remembering the times that we had, just as friends, it was nice. I never had to explain things, except that I usually had to explain things to people of other signs, because they didn't share Gemini's intellectual background. So from just that even, i'd say it's worth it to seek out a Gemini girl, if your a Gemini man. and if your a Gemini girl, be sure what kind of a guy your looking for, since i'll say from experience, since my best friend is also a gemini, and we're two very different people, that Gemini guys are no where near the same. I'm the kind that would think of every option, weighing them, and using gemini's darker tendency as a last resort, while he'd never consider it at all. But I still have h ighly regarded good qualities as well. I'm 19, and i'm single, so if you want to, seek me out

I met my Gemini man in the 80's and recently reconnected. It's true, the connection between us in like nothing I've experienced with others. Just a thought of him, plasters a smile on my face...

Gemini men get a bad rap for being liars, sneaks, unfaithful...but my philosophy is why ask questions that will only make your man feel the need to lie? why restrain him that he feels the need to sneak? and why not just trust him with your whole heart? If he really feels loved by you, I do not believe he will be unfaithful. And please, tell me Gemini women, that YOU have NEVER flirted-don't lie now.

Both sides of us Gemini's-that's the puzzle...get to really love and embrace both sides...

...and when your Gemini "disappears", don't always think it for the worst, cause it's probably not. They need to get their thoughts/emotions in order by themselves, don't we all? Relax, just let them know you miss them!!!

Oh, my Gemini man, if you read this one day and say "Hmm, I think this is my girl?" It probably is and know that I will always and forever LOVE YOU!!! No matter what may come, the wind will always blow your name in my ear.......

Born june 3rd he was born june 20...dated about 3 years..we got along fine at first but soon he became a bore..couldnt talk about any emottions..made me make all the decisions,,had no input on anything. he treated me like a lady and the sex was good but we had a lot ofcommunication issues.i found myself rolling my eyes a lot torwards the end of relationship he got on my nerves he could be so stupid.

I am Gemini man in love with older Gemini woman we have been friends for years and recently have been in serious relationship, I can't describe how much I love her and connect with her in so many ways. But it is not easy she has tons of male friends, often misses dates, constantly flirting even in front of me, she seems at times so complicated, sometimes I am overwhelmed by it all.

im not a Gemini but im dating a Gemini man. and holy shit is he just a mean arrogent selfish [bleep]. and when I say selfish I mean he don't care about your feeling whatso ever.

I met my Gemini guy four weeks ago. We were quite attracted to each other instantly, His bday is the 12th and mines is the 4th. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. We talk constantly, he is always texting me and calling me, and I him. I think I am actually falling in love with him and I can't help myself. I was hurt in two relationships before this one an Aquarius and the other a cancer, so for me to want to love again is a big step. I can't help it, I was smitten after the first date. Things are starting to get hot and heavy and I have a hard time controlling myself around him. I want every single inch of him all the time. We have fun no matter what we do, if we are at dinner, going out, or staying in. He wants to introduce me to his friends and I am so excited. I truly think that he is the one. And as a child of divorce, that is a rare diamond to come out of the coal for me, never have I ever wanted to get married, but after knowing this guy f or a few weeks, I just know. I love him!

A Gemini woman whose dated not one but two Gemini men...let me say this, the mental games that was played was truly exhausting. The tit for tat, the shiftblaming was too much..i don't want to date another Gemini man. We're too much alike.

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