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I am a Leo who dated and actually ended up married to a Gemini. We met at a bookstore and our boss quickly realized that we were the perfect compliment to one another. I was a driven worker who loved to finish any job I was given as quickly and as perfectly as possible.

The man I ended up married to noticed... my butt... and decided he would love to be able to work near THAT... He ended up helping me stack a pile of books, and suddenly it turned into this wonderful competition.

My boss noticed that the floorstack took about twenty minutes to finish, which would typically take one or two people a couple hours. She was absolutely enthralled, she moved the both of us into the warehouse where we spent hours competing with one another on who could open more books, who could cut pallets down faster etc.

He had been dating someone else at the time, so nothing came of it, but there was also something there simmering below the surface. He quit the job suddenly and left town with no forwarding address one day. Turns out the woman he was dating had been fooling around with his friend and he decided to move in with a friend out of state to get over it. I did not see him again for several months, but then made contact through a mutual friend. Well, we've been married for 3 years now!

I am a Leo and I was seeing a Gemini for about 9 months. He was very immature, yet very fun and sexy. He was very wishy washy and could not make up his mind. One week he loved me the next week he disappeared. He loved to pursue me and as soon as I became sweet to him he wandered. He was never bored with me and he was always stimulated either intellectually or sexually. I know I was the hottest he ever had - he wasn't the hottest for me, but he was lively and on the freaky side sometimes which was interesting and fun. Be confident, unpredictable, flirty, fun, intellectual stimulating and play hard to get and you just might keep that Gemini man interested for awhile... good luck! Honestly there are many more compatible signs for a Leo than Gemini girls so run away and find someone else if possible.

I am going with a Gemini guy who always throws bad things in my face in it hurts so bad I am a Leo woman who is sensitive.

I agree that a Gemini man can't make up his mind. One day or week they are your best friend, then out of the blue, their moody, and throw nasty words your way. The Gemini man I like can be very sweet, which makes him attractive. Its just the little things he slips in out of nowhere which make you think "awe, that was sweet". He has also hurt my feelings or ego a couple times. Whenever I tell him or put him on the mat, he always fesses up and says sorry and Im always quick to want to forgive. He is pretty loyal and protective of me. His smile, becomes something that you begin to associate with him, and you expect. If for someone reason your don't see that distinct smile in your conversation then you know something isn't right and their moody. My Gemini man likes to lie sometimes to impress me or get my attention, but his lies aren't convincing (and he knows you don't believe him, most of the time) , so it just becomes him talking. As a Leo its natural to becomes jealous when he talks about another girl or his eyes wander, however their is something in my mind that thinks about it and then dismisses it with out giving it any more thought. Its shocking cause I know normal wouldn't hold back, but I amazingly have restraint with him. If you let him know your willing to let him go (at least put up a front that you are), he will most likely crawl back, if his wasn't bluffing in the beginning.

If we ever become something, depends if after I'm done playing with the child in Gemini, can he always be a man when I need him to.

Im a Gemini man and I love Leo females. I have never dated one so I don't know about their jealousies and controlling issues. But my best friend is a Leo and he can be like that with his girl. Me and the Leo female met at a bar. All of a sudden she came to my lap and sat on and gave me a kiss. We stayed at the bar cuddling and making out together and went back home to a friends house. Everybody was playing xbox while me and her laid down on the couch. She obviously though I was sexy cuz she suddenly grabbed my hand and put my fingers inside of her. Oh yes. Great fun under the covers with people with us. What a sweetheart.

I am a Leo woman who has known a Gemini man for over a year now, but we have never been least not yet. He has expressed his sexual feelings to me, but I have rejected him for the simple reason that I am with a Virgo (and trying to get rid of him because it's not going well) and he's with another woman, whom he says it's not going well either. I think that we are going to end up together sooner or later, but I have already noticed some of his Gemini characteristics in him! And I am looking around in websites trying to learn more about him in the event that we do end up together! I think the part that scares me is that they get bored easily or that they may be unfaithful at times....but hey, it'll be a shot!

I am a Leo woman hopelessly attracted to a married Gemini man that I work with. He is witty and fun, always teasing me and flirting with me. We communicate well, although our conversations are never too deep, however he always puts a smile on my face with his quirky charm, his great sense of humor and of course the chemistry is just amazing. We communicate in the office over the phone, by letters or internet and even cell phone. He is an excellent flirt ! I know that to start up a stimulating conversation with my crush I need to ask a question. He can talk on just about any subject and I love his big "Gemini smile", he puts the fun into every day that I work with him. He often hides my stationery or writes notes all over my desk calendar, He has changed my screen saver/desktop background a few times already, flicks the light switch when I go to the ladies and appreciates all the attention I lavish back on him. I would love to take the hand of this Gemini man with his boyish heart, just run and go play !

dear hopelessly attracted, is this back and forth flirting with a married man ok with you? would you be comfortable with marrying a man who did this to you behind your back?

I don't mean to be rude or mean or anything like that. but I'm just sensitive to respecting a person's marriage.

I am a Leo Woman and I have been in a Relationship with a Capricorn which was disastrous. I was also seeing a Scorpio man for 5 years only to be stabbed at the back and ended up nearly committing suicide. He went to the UK saying that he is going for work where as he was married to someone in UK for 3 years. Remember Scorpios are excellent liars. You can only catch them Red-handed or else they will always have some back up reason. They are simply bastards.

I am a Leo and have had the time of my life dating a Gemini man. We have great conversations and talked for six hours one night the week we met. Sexually he is a bit on the freaky side. He can be very tiresome and pushes my limits constantly. I can't imagine life without him.

hey stop dissing on Gemini's because you got burned, end of the day the only reason a Gemini man would get up and leave or cheat is because you pushed him to it, yes were easily bored but also incredibly loyal to the point where it angers us if not returned, plus! im trying to win the affection of a Leo girl and were looking at these horoscopes for a laugh and your really making me look like a bleep =/ thanks dudes!

To everyone... the thing with the Gemini's, the Libras, and the Aquarians (Air folks) is the fact that they live in there minds. They are detached and like to keep things light because they are ALL subject to change their minds at ANY time. It is perfectly acceptable to them if others do the same. Therefore they expect others to be in perfect collaboration of that from them.

The water people... need to not be so watery (emotional) and sensitive. You have a heightened sense of do they. The difference is because they live in their their minds most of their thoughts do stay. When thoughts are verbalized out of their minds, sometimes (with the exception of the gentle natured Libra) they aren't always the most tactful people. The reason being unlike the Fire folks (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) ..not of malice, but, morals just callous. The Air Folks have a tendency to be a bit OBTUSE and frankly don't understand why you just don't get it. Try to not be so into your feelings so much. Learn to thought process and not be so emotionally charged.

To the Earth people. you are fine they admire your balance and progressive nature. but you all may be a little too Practical and reserved...Earth is a planet ruled by GAVITY grounding.. your earthly nature may be a bit too confining to the aviated and very eccentric, eclectic, liberal, free minded hence.. "AIR" folks. Loosen up, free your mind and maybe perhaps one of the Air signs will blow with you.

To the Fire folks... (I'm talking to myself here. I'm a Leo female.) The two of you can work with the exception of the Libra/Aries, Aquarian/Leo, these pairings may be PLENTY challenging.) Otherwise to the fire are passionate, adventurous, domineering and self centered...Get over yourselves! They find us tiresome and when we don't get our way very difficult!!! Then they.. being the detached individuals that they are, quickly move on...why? Because, they have ZERO tolerance for D.R.A.M.A. Hello! Just remember that they live in their minds. And ALL of US never met a thought WE didn't want to share. Make them guess. leave something for their imagination, it is one of the activities that they love and cherish doing in their minds. Challenge their intellect and ignite and enable their thoughts of creativity. Oh and every once in a while SHUT UP! Silence is Bliss to these folks. They are THINKERS!!!

hey I am Gemini male who is dating a Leo female and I never met anything like her at one moment I be ready to break up with her then the next I picture her face and then that thought fades to black she falls in love quick and I know I am not the perfect person but I think I may like her a lot it has only been a month in a week but it felt like forever at one time but I amt to see how far we go and see if we can build with each other

I am a Gemini woman, who has met a Leo woman. It was my first time and we were a perfect match, it was great. We both made each other feel comfortable, we understood each other, she was extremely affectionate which I liked. Then, she backed out and now I hardly hear from her, the reason that she gave me was that she is not ready to have any feelings at the moment. I do not understand if everyday she would tell me she misses me, how she told every single body that she really liked me, and how every night she stayed the night. Now im left asking myself ok, is this how a Leo is, is she going to come back? I just want to know, so if anyone knows please let me know, I am very hurt by this. Thank you, id really appreciate it.

I am a Leo and have been dating a Gemini for the past 10 months. Although we've had very good stimulating conversations, he has only taken me out 2 times and prefers to come to my home and chill out. I've endured his calling and saying that he'll be "here" at a specific time, but he is always 2-4 hours late. He also doesn't own up to his responsibilities for his actions. Instead, he has the knack to turn things around and make things my fault. In addition, he has me "slotted" for evening hours only. In the past 10 months, I've seen him during the day maybe 5 times. We don't go on dates. I've endured this because I have strong feelings for him. But, I am at the end of my rope and feel that I am not important in his life. Should I finally let this "relationship" go?

im a Gemini male dating a Leo women and we have been on an off for about 3 years now! there is a lot of drama between us but some how we both feed off of it. It's never nothing serious but it never a dull a crazy way we understand that what's keep us together. we are engage but there's no set date. See what I mean!

p>Gemini men are the most strongest lovers to a Leo. I am a Leo woman that has been with a Gemini man for almost two years. He is charming, sensitive, and dominate. Excellent communicators and very clever. He makes sure that I am happy, he takes care of me like no other. They are amazing in bed and deeply faithful to the women the love. They are only focused on the things that mean the most to them.

Leo and Gemini go great together because of their personalities. Leo always needs a backbone to their independence and Gemini's are the right medication for that.

Gemini in bed is like no other. Daring, adventurous and sexy. Don't expect sex only once a week with these Gemini men, they usually get what they want.

I am a Gemini man and know this lovely Leo lady, she likes me like anything care for me, she praises me before everyone, her parents, siblings, friends, my parents etc....she it too sensitive and I am scared if I will match up her expectation.

She only lacks the witty talks which I admire most and that detracts me a bit, she is also too talkative like me, but we hardly end up doing witty talks. she is also too shy to talk dirty so she just listen to it and don't contribute much.

I like her dedication for me I never felt that she don't love me and that is the only thing I am sure about her.

I care for her but cannot show it and sometime I hurt her for example when we talk on phone I praise her and in love with her, but when we chat I un intentionally hurt her, but knowing it I just apologize. I do like to give her surprises and then want to make it alright like nothing happened. Its just me... she is struggling hard to understand me. I know she is the girl for me as I cannot get over her, the feeling is sacred and I am loving it.

I am going to marry her soon and I am sure we will be happy together.

I am a Leo woman dating a Gemini man. We met each other about 14 years ago when we were both in our 20s. We dated a few months off and on, but he was not reliable and had a lot of women in his life. We feel out of touch and I got married and he got engaged to someone else. Well, 14 years later after a divorce for me and a broken engagement for him we ran back into each other. He immediately got my number and started pursing me again. I had reservations because I remembered what he was like when we dated in the past, but I was still very attracted to him, so I went with it. He is now 39 and he has matured so much it is almost hard to believe. He needed to live some life and go through some things to know what he really wants. We've been dating now and its been great. The one thing that did not change is he still cant tell me his feelings for me.....So he did it in a text message! I realized there are things about him I will never completely understand and now I don't care. As long as he is respectful and true to me nothing else matters.

I dated a Gemini man for four years. (I'm a Leo woman.) The good thing about it was the depth of his intellect. The bad thing about it.. was the depth of his intellect. (lol) There's no arguing with these people. They take it as a competition, and will not try to find the middle ground. However, in retrospect he would always apologize. But, as soon as we argued again he would bring up stuff that he apologized for! The sex was really amazing. The biggest problem we had was his ever-changing persona. Watch out.. these guys are two people rolled into one.

I am a Leo woman and just recently met a Gemini man. He is absolutely wonderful. He is very intelligent, witty, and charming. We met online, and after a few phone conversations, he decided to make the trip down to my home. It was love at first sight. He stayed for a week and the sex was phenomenal. He is now talking about moving to my location in order to date me fulltime. I can't say enough good things about this man. He is funny, responsible, nurturing, caring, thoughtful, kind, compassionate...the list goes on and on. I believe it's not so much the signs, it's the relationships between two individuals. Hopefully, all will work out between us and we will eventually get married. Peace & love to all.

I am a Leo woman and dated a Gemini for about a year and a half, but off and on, which is not surprising at all seeing as it is of Gemini's nature to be flighty and changeable.

We had a "good" relationship, we rarely argued and if we did it was based solely as a friendly debate, sometimes my feelings would be hurt, but Leos are of forgiving nature and Gemini's are good with manipulating their words to get their way.

He was very affectionate and tender when he wanted to be. But he could also be very distant and would often retreat into his own world from time to time. The most frustrating part about dating him was somewhat partly due to my jealousy and Gemini's constant need to feel free and independent. Gemini's do not like to feel restrained, so I often found myself keeping a lot of my feelings at bay because I was always afraid he'd react negatively. Although, he knew I still cared and adored him. Leo's have that way about them, even if I never told him I loved him, Im sure he still knew.

Another hardship about our relationship was how he kept me separate from many aspects of his life and often kept secrets about partying and about his social life. He seemed to have a bit of a wandering eye, I may had felt occasionally threatened but I still trusted him and felt he demonstrated integrity.

Gemini's are not the most understanding, while they can be very engaging, very intellectual and are often thought of as "deep thinkers" they can also appear to be very shallow as well. Apparently, this isn't true. But their moodiness certainly begs to differ... Every few months, my boyfriend would want to break up. I don't know if it was because he felt our relationship getting boring, if he'd gotten a wandering eye, or if it was because I had confronted him about the secrets he'd been keeping about his social life. I didn't think I was being unreasonable and nor do any of the people who know us and our relationship... but my Gemini, once again, felt the need to separate.

Its been over a week since Ive heard from him. And while I miss many things about him; his tenderness, his affection, his intellect, his boyish charm, his playful nature.... I'm not sure I could put up with his moodiness or the instability any longer. Our relationship was on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Maybe after he's matured and is finally ready to settle down, could a long term relationship would work for him... but we are still young and I think he wants to experience more from life.

...One thing that still bothers me, was that I'd once overheard that he'd wished he had met me when he was older and was ready to settle down, because I could make him happy and I'd make a great wife. Gemini's and Leos can be suited for each other, just providing they are both ready to make that commitment.

I've been dating a Gemini Man for a year now and it has been the most amazing or miserable time of my life I'm really not sure which one to go with my Gemini cannot communicate. The fights yes I agree always has to win I have to apologize even when I am not wrong. Space is a big one to I need space well when your in a committed relationship what the hell does that really mean? He is very contradicting and can be so mean. His good points are He is funny, clean, responsible, he does what he says he is going to. When we are good it's amazing when were bad it's scary..

I dated my Gemini for five years before we married. We have being married for 18 years... He is very grounded. He has being working for the same company for 20 years... I guess my point is that not all Gemini's are as bad as people say they are.

I am a Leo female.. into a relationship wit a Gemini Male for around 3 years now.. trust me guys.. Gemini males are best.. they have best compatibility with Leo females.. the only thing which bothers me about him is indecisiveness at times.. and narrow thinking over petty maaters else there is nuthhin else which can be said negative for Gemini Males!


I'm a Leo girl who's on and off dating a Gemini boy. We are perfect for each other in everyway. Yes he can be flirty, and yes I can be possessive but we're so madly in love. I mean we have diasterly fights at times that break us up but we always manage to find each other and make up. There's not a day that goes by that I regret being his lioness.

Im a Leo women and I been talking to a Gemini guy. Well his sweet funny, interesting, good looking &nice to be around. But our only problem was that he had a girl mean while me &him was talking so then we sore of stop talking bcus we had a big big argument so then we stop talking for like 6months. Then we had class together &we started talking again & I think our vibe &chemistry was high so we couldn't fight it no more so we did the unthinkable &after that he been after me but I don't really like him &haven't seen him as much but when we hangout we always laughing never bored with each other we have things in common, we look like a couple &in one point in my life I did fall in love with him but it was jus that he had a girl &I think he still does now but we jus close now &we have benefits with each other we will always be there for each other x

yes I love my Gemini guy, but I can't trust him. he will keep secrets ladies. heads up

I am a young Leo woman who has known and been involved with a young Gemini man for 6 years now. We share a very complicated story with lots of bad timing and mistakes. We aren't together as of now, but we have been and we've always loved each other, and I think we might very well end up together. I have indeed experienced his "split personality": one day he's his normal self (sweet, kind and loving) and the next day he can vanish or be distant. I've read that some Gemini men can be nasty, but "mine" never has. He's never said a evil or nasty word to me, because that's simply not who he is. I hate the part where he can disappear off to somewhere for a while, but it might be because of circumstances that we are both in, but I've gotten more or less used to it...

I can't agree with the part of Gemini men getting bored, being flirty or being unfaithful. "My" Gemini man has known me for years and hasn't gotten bored with me thus far nor cheated, and he isn't the flirtatious type either. But the reason to why I have yet to bore him might be because I am also a real challenge to him. He known me very well, but I am also unpredictable, complex, wise, quick on the tounge and strong and I have a lot of pride (yes typical Leo, and I have so much that it gets in my way most of the time). I can be jealous, certainly of him, but I never show it. One thing is for sure: our communication is excellent. It's witty, funny, smart and quick on the tongue. I think that's what we both like about each other.

I am a Leo woman dating a Gemini man. He is hands down the greatest thing that's ever come into my life! Before him I always seemed to end up in relationships with tarus', and we would never end up on good terms. After a year of single time I met alex thru our moms..even tho that is very highschool, however they couldn't have done a better job. His job was to cut down trees while I perfered to hug them. we were very differant in so many ways but the more we got to know each other the more we had in common. We are now inseperable and it's been that way since a week after we met. I personally believe leos belong with geminis. The personality trates mesh so flawlessly. And the differances become silly little arguments that keep the relationship alive and interesting. We are a very playful couple who can be serious if the time calls for it, but ONLY if the time calls for it. Everything about this Gemini takes my breath away, I could have searched the whole world and neve r found a better match for myself..way-ta-go Moms!!! K sorry thats the end of my shpeel im just giddy on the topic.

I strongly dissagree with the part in the article that says Gemini men aren't sensitive in the begining of a relationship. after knowing my Gemini heart throb, [who is now my boyfriend of 7 months..and my partner in crime forever, anyways .. after knowing him for less than a month my father passed away and he showed up at my house with a gift..not flowers or a card or anything typical..but with a journal for me to write in. He said that one of the first times I let him into my room he noticed I opened my old journal to take out a paper to write something for him and it was the last page so he bought me a new one cause he knew i'd need it. then he layed in bed with me and was ok with my seperate blanket rule and held me all night. He would bring me tissue when I was crying and gently wake every half hour to make sure I was ok and not having nightmaires [which I commonly do and he rememberd me saying on our third date] he is the most sensitive, sweet, romantic man I have ever met. he's also funny and extreamly friendly..everyone that knows him adores him, he truely could prolly have any girl he wanted but he was never a whore about it or woman skipper. he waited untill he met someone he couldnt see himself without and I was that lucky girl...o gosh here I go again all gonna stop posting things now you all get it my man is great and I recomend gemini's to every girl..not just leos :) once again Thank you mom and his mom for introducing us! it seemed very highschool at the time but I now see it was just fate..another mirical thrown my way :)

I met a Gemini man 34 yrs ago .We had a short relationship . At the time I was separated from my husband ,whom I had a very bad relationship with. Gemini and me seemed to get along very well and we had also engaged in sex . I was in my early 20's . Anyway I remember that he had said that he had stong feelings towards me,but eventually I went back to my husband and we ended up divorcing a few years later. I tried to find Gemini and could not. so life goes on and things happen. anyway every once in a while I would look on the net to see if his name would come up. I had allways felt that thier needed to be some closure. something wasn't done. I never found him until a couple of months ago . I just took a shot on a website and his name came up.I was shocked. I sent an email. He remembered me. We continued to email ,them brief conversations on the phone ,texting . I sent him my picture. Things seemed to happen so quickly after that to the point of him saying he may even lov e me... you know I know better than that I don't encourage that from him. I read about the Gemini traits ,superficial and fickle .but I still want to see him . I'm very excited and scared with all that I've read about Gemini,but I feel so comfortable with him at the same time. I love it when he calls me baby! we are now in our 50's and I guess I feel that I want to see it through. I have my own life and I have always kept myself looking good. I guess that Leo pride...I hope it works out. because I do have feelings towards him .. but I know it may just feels like it's time to find out where this relationship might go...So ,wish me luck,please

I am a Leo woman who is now currently seeing a Gemini man. We met at a university party, and I didn't like him in the beginning but he did like me. The party was a pre-pledge party for students who were signing up for the student union and I met him through other members of the student union. He was a member as well. After that party we kept in touch, and we saw each other at the celebration of all the new members after the pledge-period. I started liking him because of his charming personality, and his charisma. He also gave me a lot of attention and admiration and he scored a lot of points with that too. For a few weeks he was all mine whenever we would go out, but at school he would seem to have a different personality. He would not even come up to me and talk to me. Also I feel really jealous when he talks to other girls, and when I tell him that I feel ignored he becomes all defensive. He has also recently hit my ego really bad because he is now all distant ri ght now, and I am really wondering when it will stop, because reading from other posts, they usually come back after being distant, right? I really hope so, because he has really got me hooked and I have never met anyone like him. It is really great to be with him because we both share the centre of attention, and I love to steal the spotlight from him sometimes too. I can really say that he is an adventurous guy, he is really restless and is always doing something. Sometimes because of that I feel jealous, and it can make me feel worthless because he is always busy with something else. But I can say I have never met something like him before, and never felt such a strong connection and I hope things will work out.

I am dating this Gemini boy for over three years now and let me tell you something for the pass two years he was like this person I didn't new I would of meet and since this year started be start to move very moody and we always cursing one another but for some couple of days now he treats me like dha world and I love him a lot but still I find it very hard to trust him I how I don't kno why but thats feel he always asking me to marry him and I told him sure but still I am finding it hard to trust him....i had ah dream I saw my grandmother who pass in my sleep telling me don't give up something great is going to happen I just need to give it time

I am a Gemini male dating a Leo women we have been dating for about 3 years now! I love her to death ,we are made for each other. when we first met we acted like we didn't like each. Just to create some type of dramatic opening.When in reality we were attracted to each other.In the begining I keep my distance from her emotionally because I felt like she was a user.She felt like I was too serious all the time.But that was just part of our drama.Once we opened to each other we became a very affected couple.That both was smart enuff deal with eavh other bull! Now we never argue we avoid each other bull crap. But it keep us interesting also.

All I can say is there is a unbelievably strong attraction between Leo females and Gemini males. I am a Leo and I have been in 3 serious relationships with Gemini men. All were amazing at first and ended sadly and badly. I have just met another man unexpectedly and was so overwhelmingly drawn to him. The attraction is so strong it's almost like I have no control over it. He is a Gemini!!!!!!! This is crazy!

I am a 37 never married Gemini man no kids meet a 37 Leo woman on chat line in a different state going down to see her for the hoildays for the first time she has 3 kids was married divorced for 14 years now wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know leos great match for me I beleive in the signs

Dated a Gemini man for 3 years. me being the romantic Leo I am, fell for him. he was my best friend and we got along swimmingly. There was and still is no one in the world's company I enjoyed more. He let me be the star of the show and then come home into his arms and tell him all about it. He was emotionally supportive and great. However, In the end- as cliche as this sounds- he turned out to be a comPLETELY different person than I thought him to be. very, well, two-faced. I say this with no resentment as its been years since we broke up and I broke up with him. Overall, great relationship, but i've found that most Gemini men have a secret side. one that isn't always as likable as the good side you fell in love with. I loved the good qualities, and being the loyal Leo I am, tried desperately to convince my self that his other side didn't exist.

I ( a Leo Woman) go to school with a Gemini guy that I still, somehow, like. We started talking a lot and had these amazing conversations, but then he'd go cold on me. So it went on like that, hot and cold, for around three/four months. Around month four/five, his best friend, a Pisces Woman (which is weird, since the two signs don't typically get along), tells me that he has a girlfriend. Gemini confirms it and we don't really talk that much for a month and a half (approximately). Recently, I've found out that his girlfriend is a Capricorn Woman with a moon in virgo. It's not a classic pair at all, but i'm glad he's happy. Now Gemini and I pretty good friends and I still sort of like him, but am just fine with just friends.

My advice to other sister Lionesses is as follows: If you can make it happen, go for it. Geminis and Leo seem to go very well together. But if Gemini isn't giving to attention, praise, and love your Leo ego needs, move on down the road.

...The best advise ive been given about dating a Gemini is...Be as unavailable as they are...

...miss leonine..xx

It's true. Gemini guys are flirts. Yes, I am a Leo girl and madly in love with him for nearly 3 years now. But he is flirtatious and it's killing this relationship. His "I'll change and never do it again" means "I'll flirt a little less and make sure you won't know". Sometimes, I don't think I can tolerate him any longer. But you know, Geminis and their seductive talks. Sucks to be me.

I married a Gemini Man. I am a Leo Woman. We have been together since high school, going on 11 years. I am bored with him. He is very wishy washy and I cant stand that ish. He is good in the bedroom but since he cheated, I am no longer excieted to have sex with him. His mouth is horrible and he is very rude to me. Its almost as if he competes with me. I stay because we have three kids together, who he freaking loves. I love that he loves them and its the biggest attraction that keeps me seated as his wife. When we divorce, I will never seriously date another Gemini man but I will have crazy sex with him.

so I posted a bit ago and I have an update . . . Gemini guy broke up with his cap girl and is now seriously flirting with me :( I think im falling for him AGAIN and I don't know what to do because, honestly, I don't really want to. ahhhhhhh!!!!! how do I resist his charisma/charm/whatever it is that Gemini guys have that is so darn appealing?

I am a Leo woman, been dating a Gemini man off and on for about two years. My only problem with our "On-again-Off-again" relationship is his wondering eye. He can say some pretty ugly things to me, which really hurts. Overall, I have NEVER known and/or felt sooo damn happy and fully ALIVE when we are together. We seem to break up with out warning, then like nothing ever happend... my Gemini man comes back to me. I know we are physically attracted to each other, and yes, I can hold a very intelligent conversation with him at anytime...

It seems like he is not ready to settle down and get married. He has told me numerous times that he just isn't ready for a serious relationship. Well, he did abandon me with little to no communication for about a year and a half ago. Then just suddenly, my Gemini comes back into my life again like nothing ever happened.

Today, we have gotten closer, but only for him to leave me AGAIN!!!!.. How amny times have he done this???? Too many times for me to keep trying to be patient with his strange behavior. I have tried to give him his space to roam,flirt, and even keep his secret life of woman; and let him be independent... but Leo woman and ALL women do need the full attention of our man. Yes, he can have women as FRIENDS... but never want him to get romantically involved with them. I do feel that this is what most Gemini men want, their cake and eat it too.

However; when I started to date someone new, my Gemini lover would get so jealous and he wanted to have ALL my attention. Romance between us is absoultly incredible!!!! It has been almost three weeks since I seen him last, and trust me I do not have another year and a half to sit around and wait for him while he dates as many woman as he can charm. I am almost 51 years old, and I am not desperate; but none of us have anytime to waste on foolish men like Gemini men seem to think.

I am a hopeless romantic and I enjoy living life to the fullest. With or without my Gemini man. Life goes on. I miss him so very much and I pray that the day will come when he realize his mistake of "running away" when things get tense or get close, he'll ask me to marry him. But I won't hold my breath.

For all you have marreid, I sincerely wish you all the very best... I really do think Gemini and Leos make the BEST (perfect) couples. God Bless you all!

I am a Leo woman is very much in love with a Gemini man. He is so very sexy and he loves me and he has been very loyal to me. He doesn't like drama,but he will argue to get his point across especially if he's right. We have been together off and on for twenty years. He is the best lover and he has got skills in and out of the bed. He is so intelligent and can do anything. This Leo lady loves her Gemini man.

I (a Leo female) was dating a Gemini male for about 6months. we are both young ... but he has been one of my best friends. we kind of think the same. but I think we are better as friends. he really didn't have a filter on what he said. he told me somethings I didn't want to hear but I kept the thoughts about these little comments to myself because he had mentioned he didn't like paranoid girls and I didn't want to seem paranoid. I honestly don't think we could be more than friends again but he was a really nice guy. He got me thinking I couldn't trust him by sayin "i'm a ni**a , and ni**as fu** up, don't put me on a pedastol" that statement made me feel like he'd done something or was about to do something so our relationship kinda fell of from there.. but besides that everything was great.

I'm a Leo woman and I've known a Gemini man for about 7 1/2 months now and 7 of those months I've been completely in love with him! He's just so funny and smart and just all around fantastic! But he's also very aloof and distant. It's almost like he put's just enough of himself out there to show that he's not closed off but he holds so much of himself back! He has also said in the past that he don't and hasn't ever wanted to be in a realationship (we're in high school) this fact has caused me so much stress and sadness. We're in the same group of friends and everyone that know's I like him says we would be perfect for eachother, what with me being so livly and always smileing and laughing and he being like the base of the fun(like what grounds the whole conversation and keeping it fun) and always making jokes! But he's also mature for his age which I love! But one bad thing is he just loves to brag about... EVERYTHING!!! =) I mean I love him but not quite as much as he does if you know what I mean =) I don't know. I came on this site hoping to find a way to make him change his mind and start a realationship with me. Hopfully just persistance will work out for me. -GeminiLover<3

Hi i'm a Leo woman dating a Gemini male..although its early days...only been a couple of weeks but we have known each other for a few months...i am totally taken in by him...he compliments me every day...loves me like i've never know love feel before...we both have very high sex drives which is a plus :P and he's so caring...considerate of my feelings...i'm just totally in awe of him...he understands my sensitive side and we're so loved up I think its making my kids feel sick lol...I Hope he is the Soul mate!!

Wow! I really enjoyed reading all of your comments. Very insightful & helpful for me. And not to mention a little comical, because I've also encountered some of these traits or Gemini/Leo Episodes. :-) I am a Leo woman who is currently involved with a Gemini man & right now I have to say it's quite interesting. This is my first time ever being with a guy born under this sign. He & I went to high together & connected after our class reunion this past summer. He is so charming, very sweet, sexy & intense, but Not?? We have mutual feelings of "Liking Each Other ALOT!" He uses the best terms of endearment with me(Baby, Sweetie, My Love etc.) which I love, his kisses are amazing & the intimacy we experience with each other is Amazing to the 10th Power!!! We like to joke with each other & it's fun. I definitely had to regroup my feelings a bit after the first disappearing act...that's the only thing that has rubbed me the wrong way, because it happened so abruptly that I thought I had done something wrong. This particular Gemini guy isn't just dual, he seems to be like 5 different guys all rolled into 1! And that's what makes him intrigueing to me. As a Leo I also like my space, so I've decided that when it's time for him to have his space, then it's also Space Time for me. And I've also decided that there will be times when I'll just intitiate The Space Time, just because I want to & that'll keep him alert & on his toes as well! It's only been 3 months that we've been actually seeing each other past our 4 months of phone & texting conversations after our reunion this past summer (2010) So I think I'm going to continue with this, because he makes me feel so FREAKIN GOOD when I'm with him & even when I'm not, because he lingers in my system & all over me! I'm still learning how to navigate in this Gemini's world, but I'm always up for a challenge & a lot of the time I come out the winner. So I'll be patient with him, because he's worth me exploring. Somehow you just know when you feel it's right. Thanks for letting me add my little 2 cents :-)

Hi to anyone reading this. I am a Leo woman and dated the only man I actually believed to marry in my life so far to date. Fantastic compatability and similar interests in everything! One day 4 years later out of the blue I heard a rumor (I know, how typical) of my Gemini playing around. Took me about 4 months to get the truth out of him and believe me it was hard to do, and the secret was true. My feelings after the length of time worrying turned to nothing but friendship, then ex Gemini couldn't get over it apparently - now that we seriously had broken up. Has scared me enough to stay away from Gemini males - I know it shouldn't but oh it really does.

Good luck with anyone reading this who is in love! Give it your best.

I am a Leo woman (21) and I have been dating a Gemini man (37) for over 6 months and he is AMAZING. We started dating 3 days after we met and said we loved each other about a week later. Our relationship and feelings grew rapidly as we spent everyday together. The only thing I could complain about is at many times he is sneaky and although we live together and he comes home every night I know he still communicates with other females, which he knows drives me crazy! However, I push that aside in hopes for a better future because I know that he is trying and that Im the one he loves. Although there is an age difference you would never be able to tell because we meet eye to eye and he looks younger than what he really is and I have always dated older. We have GREAT conversations and a EXCELLENT time in bed. We make each other laugh and there is never a dull moment between us which is a plus to me. He has a hard time expressing his feelings for me and most of the time I have to ask him or we have to have an arguement or problem in order for him to tell me how he really feels. He changed me so much for the better and helped me mature and move on to positive things in my life which helped me to become focused and get on the right track in life. Which happened to be something I really needed because when I got with him I found out I was two months pregnant (from my previous relationship) yet he accepted me as I was and that made me love him even more. We have planned to get married after the birth of my son and to have a child of our own. He is the only Gemini that I have dated but he is by far the BEST man I could have ever asked for. He is my lover, soulmate and bestfriend. I DEFINITELY suggest a Gemini lover....its a challenge but in the end its worth it!

I am a Gemini man, I think every women thats dating Gemini should read this. I couldnt of said it any better.

To everyone... the thing with the Gemini's, the Libras, and the Aquarians (Air folks) is the fact that they live in there minds. They are detached and like to keep things light because they are ALL subject to change their minds at ANY time. It is perfectly acceptable to them if others do the same. Therefore they expect others to be in perfect collaboration of that from them.

The water people... need to not be so watery (emotional) and sensitive. You have a heightened sense of do they. The difference is because they live in their their minds most of their thoughts do stay. When thoughts are verbalized out of their minds, sometimes (with the exception of the gentle natured Libra) they aren't always the most tactful people. The reason being unlike the Fire folks (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) ..not of malice, but, morals just callous. The Air Folks have a tendency to be a bit OBTUSE and frankly don't understand why you just don't get it. Try to not be so into your feelings so much. Learn to thought process and not be so emotionally charged.

To the Earth people. you are fine they admire your balance and progressive nature. but you all may be a little too Practical and reserved...Earth is a planet ruled by GAVITY grounding.. your earthly nature may be a bit too confining to the aviated and very eccentric, eclectic, liberal, free minded hence.. "AIR" folks. Loosen up, free your mind and maybe perhaps one of the Air signs will blow with you.

To the Fire folks... (I'm talking to myself here. I'm a Leo female.) The two of you can work with the exception of the Libra/Aries, Aquarian/Leo, these pairings may be PLENTY challenging.) Otherwise to the fire are passionate, adventurous, domineering and self centered...Get over yourselves! They find us tiresome and when we don't get our way very difficult!!! Then they.. being the detached individuals that they are, quickly move on...why? Because, they have ZERO tolerance for D.R.A.M.A. Hello! Just remember that they live in their minds. And ALL of US never met a thought WE didn't want to share. Make them guess. leave something for their imagination, it is one of the activities that they love and cherish doing in their minds. Challenge their intellect and ignite and enable their thoughts of creativity. Oh and every once in a while SHUT UP! Silence is Bliss to these folks. They are THINKERS!!!

I have dated a Gemini man over 3 years ago...and every year like clockwork he keeps showing up at some point in my life or my front a Leo with a Virgo rising and god only knows why he feels the need for a rekindling of our relationship but he just cant seem to forget me....and the really weird thing is that I cant forget him either....the timing is always off but the sex is fantastic!! here is the craziest part...He turns up again last week after bumping into me two months ago and says he loves me, he ready to commit and start treating me right...but alas I was seeing another guy and wasnt ready to be put in that position..grrrrr...>.<...its musical chairs I tell u!!

I an a Leo woman involved with a Gemini man, we met @ work and have a mad crazy connection but @ the time he had a girl, & me being the Leo I am has to much pride to be second to anyone, I told him we could be friends and that was it!....A month after he quit his job changed his number and I didint hear from him till 5 months later he txted me. He told me he tried to make it work wit his girl & it just didnt, he wanted to pick up where we left off. He told me he never forgot me & was hoping we could hook up....We txtd & talk for 3 months till we finally hung out, I aint gonna lie but we have a crazy chemistry, the truth though about him is he is the most moodiest person I ever met, it is true bout their two personalitys that is somewhat exhausting to me.....I get tired of his games and tell him im good without his b.s, & when I give him that dueces he wanna come back like why am I trippen....The truth is he gives me the admiration I want & I a Leo loves that attenti on but is it worth his games he plays?...The sex is real good but im a blunt person, hate guessing and beating around the bush....So I guess this isnt gonna be a serious relationship who knows but ill enjoy the good side of him while it last or im tired of him.....Leos can be very devoted or very dogmatic.....lets see which side he wins ;)

For 14 years this Gemini says he liked me I'm a lucky Leo lady he has been asking his cousin which is my best friend to hook him up I gave him a chance after all them years he is seperated from his wife and I want him all to myself on the first date he bought me red wine and 2 roses that had meaning now I told him to close the doors on his relationship and he is distant I have gave him his space I don't know what I did I told him I was falling for him he told me to be patient I. Dated so many men and this one has got my heart

I am currently talking to a Gemini he is amazing... Me being a Leo I love attention, and sometimes he gives it to me and sometimes he doesn't. He has his days where he wants to be bothered then days he doesn't. I have had to learn to accept that and just give him space. One weakened we didn't talk and by monday he was at my house saying that he was sorry, I thought that was sweet... He said the next girl he dates he will marry her so we will be talking for a long timer before we make anything official, bu I actually see us together for a long time. We can talk for hours and I love that and he loves to show me off because he owns his own business so we go to business parties and everything else, but he doesn't get jealous about all the men that aww... over me I like that its like he knows Im his. I hate to admit it because Im your typical stubborn Leo but I hope we work out. We've had our ups and downs but we alway bounce back and I haven't seen the flirting yet, but it wouldn't bother me because I know Im amazing, smart, gorgeous, and I know my worth.

Im a Leo woman and been dating a Gemini for about 7 months now. He's lovely but he is def a fllirt and has a wandering eye. We've been living together for about 3 months and he talking about marriage already?... one thing I realise is that they move REALLY quickly when their happy in a relationship but if you don't give them the space they need they feel suffocated and withdraw.

I do love him and I know he loves me but our relationship is can be dramatic from my part and calm from him. I realise thet me need for control and jealousy of his flirty behaviour tries to get him under wraps. throwing a tantrum when I didn't get my way worked for a while but he's clocked on now so I guess I will have to trust him and give him the space he needs. Make an effort to look good, be confident and keep yourself busy with your own social life and don't worry... he's be begging for your attention and stuck to you like glue!

I met a Gemini man online just recently. We've chat for 5 times only but it seems like we've known each other for years. Most of the time, we don't notice that we were together online for 6 hours or more. I'm just amazed and I noticed that we really get along well together.Everything clicks and I adore very much his wit, his charm & his style.. he told me he likes chatting with me and he finds me attractive too..magic! but's still a long way to go..hope we'll end up into a nice really relationship because im starting to like him now.hope he feels the same.wish me luck!

Me (Leo Woman) recently been seeing a Gemini Man, who is a long time friend. we've known each other for 8 years and just now our true feelings are coming out. He's crazy about me, and I'm crazy about him. The only thing that puzzles me about him is that he's not sure how to handle the love and affection us Leo women shows. All I know is that he loves it and the feelings between us is very mutual. But I sense confusion in his mind, and he is almost afraid that he feels the way he does about me... typical Gemini man I guess.

He is the first Gemini i've ever been intimately involved with emotionally and physically. The sex is freakin amazing, I really couldn't have asked for a better sexual partner. it almost seems like our soul connects when it comes to "making love". Besides the bedroom, I do feel a tremendous amount of love and care from my Gemini man, the only thing ive been learning about how to treat a Gemini man is to: give him plenty of time and space, let him have his freedom, show him you do care about him, give him a sort of security about the relationship, keep the conversations going and interesting, get into his intellectual mind. I think nothing is sexier than his mind and the way he reacts to me.

I honestly feel like he may be a soul partner, and I feel like Leo women are made for Gemini men only if they allow that love to enter their lives and accept their emotions for what it is. remember though, Leo women have to show the almost impossible to tame Gemini men that YOU ARE THE MOST UNIQUE WOMAN HE KNOWS AND WILL EVER KNOW... otherwise you will never be able to keep him around.

Wow! I'm a Leo woman who is kinda sorta dating a Gemini man (See I'm already confused about him. I don't even know if we're actually dating). In the past 2 and a half months, he has taken me on three dates...THREE. I don't know too much about Gemini men but I see that they like to take things slow. The only thing that keeps me wanting more is that he texts me very frequently, so I know he definitely likes me a lot.

The whole deep convo thing is true too. We can talk for hours and it's never awkward, which I love because as a Leo, not many can impress us in a conversation.

Howeverrrrr.......even though he does text me a lot, there are moments that he goes MIA. It's only happened twice, but he once went a whole WEEK without texting me...and then we went back to texting me every other day or everyday. It's just weird to me, since as a Leo, I like routines...but at the same time his mysteriousness keeps me interested.

One last thing, he is very very sweet and says the sweetest things at times and so I could see how Gemini's have a silver tongue.

Oh man...what did I get myself into? I do have hope though! He's freakin sexy.

Im a Leo woman who dated a Gemini man. I can honestly say. He was the worst most physically abusive and mean person I have ever been in a relationship with..The more love I gave, it was like it made him hate me.. We have a child who I named Karma. I love my baby..just am sad by who her father is, being he chooses not to bother with her if I don't bothr with him, but when I do bother with him ..I end up with scars or my things being broken, or being an learn...such is life

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