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I'm a Gemini guy and I've been dating a Libra woman for around 2 years now. Overall it's a very good relationship. Good conversations, good sex, lots of playing around with each other. The occasional disagreement of course, but nothing that isn't forgotten quickly.

She's very proud of her appearance and home, and owns more shoes than anyone I've ever met. Looks like that's a normal Libra thing lol. One of the best features of our relationship is that we often write each other letters and stories. May sound dull, but it keeps a spark going and has led to some very interesting situations and teasing!

I'd like to marry her one day, but it's expensive - and neither of us are very good at saving money. I'm not sure how we'll fix that.

I am a Libra female and I was dating a Gemini male.....personally I feel its the worst match ever.. I was so pure and innocent when I went ahead with this relationship but the asshole simply ruined the fun by cheating on me..... a perfect sex maniac.. I am happy I am out of that bastard now and I hate this bullshit that Librans and Gemini's are an ideal match... I guess they are ideal enemies

I am a Libra woman, my boyfriend Gemini is the best fit for me, ohh,i love him very much. I know he loves pretty girl, but it's just part of life. and I know and I feel, I am the most beautiful of him eyes! for me, Gemini and Libra is the best partner for ever. thank you.

Libra woman, Gemini man, Not enough passion. Gemini men don't know how to have a relationship, and Libra women live for it. STAY AWAY FROM GEMIN MEN, Libra LADIES. They will only break your heart, and keep smiling....

I am a Libra women been with this Gemini for about a month now, as far as I can say'it's been really fun but at the same time I don't know where this thing going...I'm thinking it's my time to take this to the next step, either he's with me or lose me!!!!

Yeah the connection is great, but from my experience Gemini men are deceptive, not all but most do. They often have an agenda as well and will do whatever to get the object of affection. I've never dated a Gemini but I have had two very close Gemini male friends that I could have dated but just listening to them and seeing how they treat women told me not to bother.

I am sure they're are great Gemini's, but they can be very playful in a bad way, a bit childish and pretenders. Although I think that connection is amazing (Libra and Gemini draw to each other) but Gemini's lack the maturity and stability for Libras wanting a long term relationship.

I am a Libra who was married to a Gemini man... BEWARE... they are not a good match.. Gemini's are twins (evil twin)... but it was more like JEKYLL & HYDE... multiple personality disorder... Libra's are about LOVE and are in it for the long haul, wanting a relationship to work...sticking it out until the "bitter end"... Gemini guys have no clue how to communicate, are all about themselves and will smile and say everything is ok while behind your back they're living another life, (lie, cheat and con). Every Gemini man I have ever known... they have all been the same way.

Stay away, no matter how good looking or charming they are!

I have been married to a Gemini man for 9 years. Its definitely the worst match ever! Librans love being in love and will be devoted to 1 man only, while Gemini's like to flirt with anything wearing a skirt. His ruined 10years by cheating (more than once). The only thing that Gemini's and Librans should be is friends, as they are fun and can chat quite humorously

Im a Libra woman with a Gemini man. Together we have a lot of fun whether be on a wild adventure or simply a night in snuggling on the couch. While both of us are flirtatious we have an unspoken understanding & respect for this quality. Its hard for us to make any decisions. I love how charming he is but even in the biggest of argument he finds a way to talk himself out of it! Sometimes I feel like he's hiding something! Other times I feel like will last 4 ever. This may be because of his multiple personalities!!!!!!!

I love my Gemini guy but to be honest I have no clue where our relationship is going!

a Libra and a Gemini match? well it seems like fun at first. I am a Libra woman and have been with a Gemini man for almost four years. I was totally in love with him! it seems perfect. the chemistry is good and the attraction is there. until you find out about the Gemini men's "other world" it's like a whole different person! they are very deceptive. it's like they are masters in manipulating people. they just can't get enough of one woman. they constantly need to feed their ego. they lie, they cheat.. and the worst part about it is that you will be taken like a fool, you won't notice because they really seem perfect and all. that is their gift. they are very charming. that is their curse as well. a Libra woman deserves better because Libra women are very good lovers. they are loyal and very romantic. I was pure and innocent too until that Gemini man ruined my life! good thing everything is now better. Libra women, find yourself an Aquarius guy!

Hmmm These are all soo true indeed he will break your heart and think nothing of it and keep life going like its normal. By him doing that you'll feel pretty stupid!

I "dated" a Gemini guy and two weeks into it I dumped him by email. Although I was intensely attracted to him, there were too many red flags to ignore.

I am a young Libra, met this charming Gemini older by five years and he swept off my feet. oh my. it was the most wonderful experience ive ever had. he was just too sweet. we were completely in tune and madly in love with each other. well, it was a sweet sour story in the end. I decided to end it. deceptive he was. a cheat too. I erased him from mind. deleted him from my memory book. interestingly, ive met another Gemini, its been six months so far, he is very sweet and interesting, but I am being careful. once bitten they say

I just find it interesting how so many people want to use this place to bring out the worst in us Gemini.

Immaturity is not a hallmark of Gemini, or even Libra for that matter.

Then again, spitefulness and the inability to let go and to look for better is.

Then again, me being a Gemini man, what do I know? Nothing about maturity right?

How about a big middle finger to all the cynical ladies out there who don't even do their part to change dynamically for the better for their Gemini men. It's a 2 way street for us.

Owe up, and do your part.

I am not sure if Gemini and Libra are such a perfect combination for the long term. I am Gemini, and I am really attracted to Libra women. But I admit that I can only take care of the fun part. Hey, if you are a rich and independent Libra women, go for it. Otherwise, look for someone else who can provide for ALL your needs. I guess it will also depend if your Gemini is close to Taurus or Cancer. I my opinion those tend to be more stable and providing. Even Gemini can usually get more satisfaction and personal growth from a fixed sign like Aquarius and Leo, perhaps even Taurus. Astrology is fascinating, and helps a lot if you know how to apply it. By the way, tomorrow I will date a Libra :)

P.S.: English is not my first language, so please apologize my typos.

I believe of course, every couple eventually has their problems, but I also believe that maybe sometimes, there might be some that don't. that would be nice, however, as far as Gemini's and Libra's... I am a Libra female, what a tough world it is in the love zone, and then a Gemini male comes along and I feel like he takes away everything I work for, and I am so excited about it, yet mad at myself in the end. Although I have a specific dilemma and I am a bad girl, I think its his fault. haha, I take my blame, but still. Now I am torn between a long term relationship with a Capricorn, because I hurt him, I told him....but what should I do? I feel like staying with my Cap is the best path, the smartest, safest, most enlightening.....and the other path, Im not sure, I am scared, but I like it, and I do want to be crazy....cant I have them both?

Libras and Gemini's are a great combo!

I'm a Libra that fell in love with nothing but Gemini's, yes some of them did end on a bad note. but the Gemini im now I have been with for four years and this relationship has brought the best and the worst out of me. some days I love him other days we could kill each other, but its funny when we try to we just end up making love.

yes, there are some thoughts not to be with him because he seems very deceptive but its so hard to let something go that makes you feel so alive!!!

im pretty sure other woman can agree how fun it is to be in love with a Gemini!

This whole debate about maturity.. It's really a separate issue! Anyone of any sign can be immature. While it's a valid complaint in a relationship it's lame to try and blame that on being a Gemini or any other sign. It's an independent problem, it just happens that women face it more than men.

I have a question about a Gemini man and I would rather hear my answer from one being that I have dated a Gem before. I recently met an AMAZING Gemini man at a party and sparks flew! We held hands and had great conversations, no sex though. Now he seems unaffected by me whilst I am completely head over heels. How can I tell if he is genuinely into me and what can I do to peak his interest?

I am a Libra women and I am currently dating a Gemini man. our relationship gets a little weird at times, but overall I am having the time of my life!!!! he is my dream come true, and I'm so glad that I met him!!! This Gemini and Libra is a perfect match!!!!!!

I am a Libran and just started dating a Gemini he is sweet very giving I am very much attracted to him he also has some issues he needs to resolve I really like this guy but I don't want to get hurt and don't want to loose him either he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world he compliments me talk the time and makes me feel special but still there is that nagging feeling that it maybe to good to be true. any advice for me would help

I'm a 26 Gemini male

we don't like to cheat that's a fact.

we like to flirt that's a fact

I dated several Libra women and I fell in love with one 6 years ago.

I still remember her, it was the most powerful sensational feeling I ever had I was madly in love and she was too unfortunately she moved with her family far away and step by step we lost what we had.

I am with one Taurus now since 4 years ago and I NEVER CHEATED ON HER.

I am a young Libra falling for a young Gemini I'm a girl and he's a boy I feel that we have a strong connection but and the chemistry is so beautiful we understand each others thoughts and we know what each other ate feeling without spoken words I feel great around him because he can be very intellectual around me which is a turn on and he is big for entertaining people most people point on him for entertainment and library love to laugh they feel like when they are by someone who makes them laugh they are in their comfort zone I think they are beautiful together I don't know about the other thing that library have felt about Gemini's negatively because I haven't been in one yet but I do know that we both like each other we have hooked a couple of times and the kissing is great ! You two could kiss for hrs and not get tired of it.(: he will try to have his cake. And eat it too if you know what I mean meaning he will try to have you and some. But really I think its just that Gemini are confused with what they want or who they need a lot of intellectual evidence ..something Libras can surely give Go For It!

Libra women are materialistic, as a Gemini I dated a Libra woman for 6 months, it was amazing the first 4 months but it became more of an issue of money as the time went by. And she kept telling me that our definitions of relationship are not the same . I felt she was too demanding , to call her all the time , to give her gifts all the time and to have sex with her all the time.... You ask for too much Libra ladies.

this is what I don't get.....

Libra and Gemini are "so great" so the stars say but Gemini is twins and Libra is scales?

Libra= balance
Gemini= up, down, all over and no balance

Libra= peace and love
Gemini= good vs. evil

Libra= stable
Gemini= wild child

Libra= quiet and calm
Gemini= loud and energetic

shall I go on?.....

To the poster above, you make an interesting point, except your descriptions are way too narrow and in the case of Libra they largely miss the key personality traits. Also, couples don't have to agree on everything and be carbon copies of each other. Opposites work really well, as can ones who just compliment each other harmoniously. You'll find it's a lot more complicated than just finding similar traits :)

I am a Libra woman that has had a relationship with a Gemini man for 4 years. It has been the best and worst years of my life. The first two years were difficult, but these last two years we have both really developed. He gives me what I want, I give him what he wants. We are both major flirts, but share a much stronger connection than any fling can ever bring. It is a challenging yet satisfying relationship. He truly does make me happy, and I believe that we have both made each other better people. The sex is great, the communication is nearly perfect, and how we balance each other works out wonderfully.

Although many previous Libra women complain and say that it's the worst relationship ever, I believe that it really does depend on the people and the connection they share. It wasn't easy, he's hurt me a lot, but I have in my own way, hurt him as well. Every relationship faces difficulties, and my Gemini man is a wonderful guy. Whether he's deceptively charming or not, I'm glad where this relationship has blossomed.

I'm a Gemini male. Rising sign in Gemini, Moon in Leo. I was married for over 16 years to a Leo woman. In all that time I did not once cheat on her even though I was very unhappy with the marriage Only when I really looked hard into my birth chart did I realize why faithfulness was so important. Venus in Taurus. Apart from looking at where your Venus (Love) placement falls in your chart, Mars (Anger, Drive) and other planets need to be understood to see your unique self for who you are and the ways in which you respond. Berating Gemini's and for that matter other signs for being 'typical' is paramount to judging people by the color of their skin.

Okay I'm a Libra women & I am with a Gemini man, been dating now for 4 months he broke up with me once.. See with Gemini guys you gotta trust them if you do not have trust he will leave an I realized I needed to change, when he get's in his bad mood let him talk but do not fight back with him you have to have understanding. We are much better now an I see it an feel the better change in our relationship. He isn't going to change if you don't period. They are hard to talk to if you don't know his moods. once you learn the different moods you'll be good to go but you just got to take him for how he is & the love will grow after a while. you need to show him these things as well if your good to him he'll be good to you :)

I am a Gemini Man and loved a Libra woman indeed they are by far the best at kissing very sensual, beautiful there is a natural ease being together and both are very intelligent. I would like to point out while the nature of Gemini is to flirt once he loves you then your the only one in his heart forever both Gemini and Libra have negatives both intelligent enough to address them and work through it if your worried he will cheat ? ask him just say I read its part of your sign you may be surprised to find out how much he REALLY LOVES YOU

I am a Libra woman married to a Gemini man. My advice is that the two signs are not good for marriage. Perhaps dating only because Gemini does not offer the maturity and stability that a Libra woman desire. We are very compatible intellectually, sexually and have a lot of fun when we are together, however the Gemini man is too fickle and flirtatious. We have had to do some major reconciliation because of his cheating. I find him to be very deceptive and will lie very easily masking it with charm and ease. I SAY TO Libra WOMEN DATE THEM (ITS A RELATIONSHIP YOU WILL NEVER FORGET - IT IS DAMN NEAR PERFECT)BUT don't MARRY THEM. Gemini men are not mature enough for marriage. Love them at a distance.

I have been in a relationship with a Gemini man for 4 years and he's the love of my life. We've had ups and downs and we have both stuck to it firmly. We love each other greatly, I respect him and he respects me. I feel we're very compatible and sometimes it feels we can read each other's minds. I think our compatibility goes beyond our star signs to be honest.

I am a Libra woman and I have a Gemini male friend for the last six years. At first things were not the best, his moods were up and down and he was very indecisive. Over the years we both have grown older and wiser and there is a new "spark" that has recently arisen. We fit perfectly together because we are so different. I am the symbol of balance, while he is the symbol of chaos. They say opposites attracted and honestly I believe that you have to balance one another or things will become boring. We have been romantic before recently, we actually dated for over a year. Although, as I said before; it has taken becoming older and wiser for us to understand how to deal with certain life circumstances. Libra's stick with your Gemini's they become awesome.

I am a Libran woman that has been recently hanging around with a Gemini male. It started off as a chat now and again, but one drunken evening I was seduced by his charms.

He is highly musical, smart as a whip, and very... very spontaneous.

However, I find that I am dealing with different people constantly due to his dual nature. One day he can't get enough of me, talks up a storm, and the next day he can't be bothered. It is frustrating as hell. There are never any concrete plans, and they are just... everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Approach with caution most definitely. As a sensitive person, they can do a real number on you emotionally.

so I'm a Libra women and I have been dating a Gemini male for 3 years. Things are wonderful. We make each other laugh all the time and we enjoy each others company. I have been reading some of these and wow I think women are just to needy it's no wonder men leave you dummies. My boyfriend has really strong believes of not cheating due to his past relationship, the girl he once loved cheated on him and had a baby from someone else. Now he loves me. we are madly in love and we want to get married.

A Libra female, my journey with my Gemini began over two years ago. While I can attest to the many ups and downs of our tumultuous but fiery relationship, I will admit that both Gemini and I are very social, flirtatious and prone to wandering off from time to time; we're young. However, we do seem to find our way back to each other time and time again. He has hurt me - left me hanging, missed dates with no explanation, disappeared for various periods of time, etc. - but the charming bastard has such a way with words that all is forgiven. The chemistry between these two signs is absolutely undeniable. Despite what your Gemini does, know that some of his playfulness is innate and not necessarily done purposely to hurt you. I've dated three Gemini's in total and they're the only men I think about fairly often...

Well I am a Libra female I've only been with a Gemini for almost 3 months. At first we were just dating we both had heart broken before we even met each other. We did get a long mostly the dating part because we both wanted a serious relationship so we did got together after all. I believe in zodiac signs at first it was all a joke but ever since I started reading about my personality it was so true even Gemini personality fits him. As a Libra I like to be classy and not easy to get so I played hard to get at first and I love testing guys to see their patience and personality. When we just started as friends we loved talking to each other he loves talking a lot and very intelligent mostly using words and me I wanted him to know that I am unique in my way but what really made a Gemini like me is because we love talking and I treated him almost as my best friend so I finally decided.. sure why not try the next stop month later we got together. The problems I have I s that I am very loving it's easy for me love a person and I enjoy being with him and so does he but the problems we had was jealousy and sometimes I trip easy and think negative that's why Libra are very argumentative. I am a bossy most argues we had .. I broke up with him once & he got me back which shows he likes me but we mostly have arguments and some how I'm the one ending up wrong and I really hate his sarcasm which I told him to change that and he said he'll "try" Gemini might look calm most times but they are just not the type to be emotional deep inside there can be a storm. You might think he's immature but you have to accept him who he is and influence him good what he needs to change for the better. If you change and he doesn't he will feel left out and Gemini don't like being left out they like to be the same with you at most times. If you are just a young teenage don't trip so much even if we Libra can be sensitive because if you show to much it will make Gemini think it is to much to handle so just stay calm & If he doesn't change and you did it shows that he doesn't care all he cares about is "being himself" but there are different types of Gemini so study them before you fall in love. Gemini are a fun relationship but don't expect to much romance if you expect romantic guy then he is not the one for you.

I have a question? :

We had an argument about him being to sarcastic and some how I just get mad and think wrong easy well ever since that argument it was fix we still talk but not like before when he always will be the one making a topic now its me.. Is it because he is afraid that he might say something wrong? or Is it that he just doesn't feel the same way but I can see he tries to talk even when he is busy.. He always tells me he likes me a lot! but sometimes I feel like he doesn't or am I just thinking to negative..

I've been with my Gemini guy for 7 months. I love him to death and can't let go of him, but I've never told him lol. We are like two puzzle pieces and fit perfectly. I fear that if I let things become too easy for him and do everything he wants then he will lose interest in me and move on. So I tend to keep a slight distance even though he will ask to see me every day. I too have a fear of being stuck or tied down so when things start to feel like we are becoming too comfy I push him away and we drift. We always find our way back to each other. All in all things have been pretty amazing so no matter what happens I have no regrets.

I'm a Libra girl and I really like a Gemini guy. I think he likes me too. But after reading this comments, I'm not so sure if I should liking him or move on. I need a honest answer will this relationship really work or is it just a waste of time? My guy is really nice, sweet and shy. He is definitely not a cheater...I hope. I really need advice, please help!

I am a Libra woman, married to a Gemini guy for 4 years and it was the WORST! All I wanted was peace and harmony and all he wanted to do was argue.

I am a Libra woman dating a Gemini man. We've been dating for almost 2 years now. We have had our shares of ups and downs. And I'm talking like UPS and DOWNS. Some hard times. I read all these posts. I can see how they can be true about Gemini male. They are indeed flirty!! But who said Libras aren't :p. I think we are the perfect fair. We get along very well. He is kind of opposite of me :) he completes me. I love him and he loves me. We plan to get married someday. But I do admit that I fear his "other" personality. That is definitely something to get use to. Its pretty crazy if you ask me. Its nothing like his "original" self. Its a twin alright! Devious I might say. Anyways. I say that Libras (girls) & Gemini (guys) are a perfect match. Should definitely keep an eye out though, he does have a wandering eye! Very flirty indeed. Deceiving as well. And yes this Gemini male has broke my heart!! But I stayed! I love my Gemini.

im a Gemini man that was recently involved with a Libra lady.. I DID NOT like the relationship at all.. I find Aquarius to be my best fit cuz only do they actually understand each thing you try to put out to them and to Libras its never enough... They always ask for so much and don't appreciate what they get.. im sorry Gemini and Libra for me don't go well

Hi I am a Gemini man and my wife is a Libran. We met each other by internet and we were in different parts of the world. We do have a good match and also sometimes we fight for our differences and try to patch up. I do not say its the best match but a match which can make your living happy on a long run if you both were to understand each other. I love my wife and also I have her name as a tattoo on my chest saying Name and I love you a lot. Hope all Libran woman appreciate it and this shows GEMINIS honesty and GEMINIS are not flirtatious like LIBRAN woman feel.

I am a Libra women and my boyfriend is a Gemini( and our relationship is crazy. he is so damn sexy( we both are physically and sexually attracted to each other. The sex is fire works. But he does have the not being so honest trait. and I drives me crazy but he always tell me and show me that I am #1 in his life. I truly believe that Libras and Gemini's are meant for each other.

My Gemini man was the first man that I ever made love to. I was a virgin. I am still in love with this man after 20 years. He was not ready to settle down, I have married twice and him not even once. I would take him back in a heart beat. No one as ever swept me off my feet like he did. I have looked for someone as romantic and charming but have not found such a one. I am about to get a divorce and hopefully we can re-kindle what we had. Maybe he's ready to settle down. He has always told me that he loves me to this day.

I am a Libra woman, dating a Gemini man for near 2 years now, we had an instant connection, we were pretty much inseperable, we literally cried at the thought of not being able to see each other. he completes me. i'm so picky with men, but with him- he has it all, he never bores me and he is everything ive looked for in a man right down to his great physic, and dashing looks. we have an AMAZING love life, and he meets any and every need I could ever have in bed. he is my other half, and he completes me<3

I am a Libra woman dating a Gemini man. We've been dating for 1 year and a half now. He's my ex-boyfriend's best friend actually but finally we got chemistry by chat and the feeling was growing up till now. I really think that Gemini men and Libra women has "something" that other signs doesn't have. Actually I can't read my Gemini man's mind. but as a libran, I have to play 'the game' too. it makes my Gemini man still curious on me. and I hope our relationship would be last forever.

I am a Gemini man, and I am dating a Libra woman. I have never ever experienced anything like what we have created together. We completely complement each other, we fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. We can talk for hours about everything or nothing, or we can sit in silence, and feel what the other one is thinking and feeling without saying a single word. We can go out and end up in spontaneous crazy fun times, or stay in and get close and watch a movie or just listen to music. Our thought processes are totally different, but we both are looking for what the other one comes up with to finish our thoughts. Every second we're together feels like a movie, and we're the stars. Libra's love to reciprocate anything that you give them. If you love them, they will love you more. Gemini's mirror emotion, and love. When this process starts, it defies physics. A small memento of love given to a Libra is given back with twice the power, then Gemini reflects it back, an d Libra again reciprocates with twice the power. In no time a small act of love become an amazing gift that words can't describe. In the bedroom, everything is amplified. After being with a Libra, I have a new standard of what physical love can be. The mental connection creates amazing physical moments behind closed doors, or in public! Life doesn't always let us just be what we are, but when my "evil" twin takes over I don't let him speak openly to her. He has learned how to think before he speaks to his beautiful Libra. The Libra woman doesn't usually want to hear what the "evil" twin has to say, but if she pays attention to the Gemini, she'll know the exact second the "evil twin" shows up, even if the Gemini hasn't recognized it yet. My Libra has now fully accepted the "evil" twin, and enjoys her relationship with him as much as her relationship with me! There is a lot of different things to consider when you are looking for a significant other. I know it's not only our Astrological link that makes us so good for each other, but the compatibility from that link takes our relationship to a whole new realm. If you are willing to open up and let love bloom, this can be the most rewarding relationship imaginable!

If I may, I would just like to contribute an article regarding men and women in general and a few if not a little more than that about Gemini men. I am 26 years old. And I am a Gemini. I am a very moral person, kind, giving, even when I do not have anything for myself I often put others who are more needy before me and my mom scolds the crap out of me for that. I think all of you are missing the point about being Ladies and Gentlemen in general.

Compatibility and astrology is a very overlooked aspect of life. It is the most vital and I will say , in the supreme Goddess' name, is mandatory to follow it. You ever wondered why people complain about relationships not working out. I will say it is due to ignorance of the self and the inability to take the time and effort to understand one another, regardless of the zodiac signs. Yes, Cosmic power and energy rules us, its not the other way round. But when it comes to listening to reality and god herself, it the same TRUTH ( in caps because may it never be overlooked )

I have been reading a lot of articles in this website and all my life grown up in astrology while dealing with education. My mother has been a really great help with helping me understanding women.

One more thing to all the ladies is that you do not realize you are praising yourself too much disregarding humility. Its not a matter of where you are from, or where you are at. It YOU. Its US MEN. But first I have to address something very important which is very overlooked.....

If you want to even reserve the right to think about calling yourself a Gentleman or a Lady, I suggest before you get into a relationship, assess yourself, and find out your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to a relationship , if you will be able to tolerate heartbreak and not get suicidal, and most of all please know what you want in life and not be haphazard and fickle about it. I suggest for the "so called gentlemen", if you really wanna be one, and TRUST ME, IT FEELS GOOD to be one myself. I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I put others before myself .

But a word of advice, please do not make the mistake I made as a child, and that was not realizing the fact that I have to be in a good place physically, spiritually and in my heart in order to be there for everyone else. So PLEASE make you take care of yourself first. And that's just number one.

Number two. DO NOT assume anything about anyone. Every individual is different. Which is why as aforementioned, you have an obligation to use time cohesively to your advantage to understand the common Lady's heart. Likewise for the Ladies, please do not discriminate against us men. Yes I know it is painful when you get cheated on. Being a moral Gentleman, I believe anyone who does so should be sentenced to death on the spot with a high heel up his culo. And for the men, regarding the "ladies" who do that, I say get back that Ring, get back that Victoria's Secret Fall and Summer Collection Babydolls and bondage straps you got for a discount off the internet ( the conveniences of modern technology.....) But will it hurt to stick to just ONE PARTNER and realize who really DOES LOVE YOU ?

The problem for the women is that you do not woo them enough. Even if it means resigning from Wall Street, I am sure there is another legitimate occupation that financially fulfills you equally. If you know you are not going to be able to touch and caress a woman, and take the time to taste her all over, I suggest the men should get their priorities correct and not settle for any relationship, at the expense of the happiness of another individual, in other words, the gentleman or lady, depending on what your sexual orientation is.

Do what you say. Goes out to the common man and woman alike. Do not give excuses. If you say you're gonna be there, be there. Love does not equal games. It is not fun when you see someone who has loved and adored you so much find out you were cheating on him/her, and they are hanging from the ceiling . I beg of all of you, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE KARMA. It happens to both men and women everyday. You don't know it. But you have to realize who really cares for you just like mommy and daddy did. You cannot expect everyone to tell you verbally they adore you and care for you. Its often the people who do that are NATO ( No Action, Talk Only). So you have to be skeptical oh so often when you come across that. but then again you cannot expect immediate results. The longer it takes the more valuable it gets. Haven't you Ladies and Gentlemen heard of the term " Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" ? When the sages said wait, THEY MEANT WAIT.

As pertaining to myself as a gentleman , who takes his morals and ruleset seriously, I am a proud virgin at 26, and I love my mothers, both of them, for giving a substantial contribution to me maintaining it, although it was 80% in part of my own will power to resist sexual desire as any human being should.Personally I consider a lady's body to be a sacred sanctuary for only ONE MAN to penetrate. And my virginity is too valuable to lose to someone who wouldn't care for me like my mothers did. I have never even kissed a lady in my life, I promise. But once I have fulfilled my life's ambitions and career goals, and it will not take long to achieve it, being who I am, I will find my lady in Italy where I will taste her inside out and prove to her our sexual relationship will never stagnate even after marriage and when I have my children, who I will adore till the end.

Everyone has to understand that astrology plays a great deal in our lives and to ignore it is unwise and stupid. Its a cosmic theory and proven fact, by god herself not to undermine what is most sacred. And that is to make sure NO ONE gets hurt in ANY way ( emotionally, physically, psychologically ). And another word of advice is to keep your past intact. You are not supposed to forget your past for the sole reason it is supposed to remind you of what NOT to do. Not what TO do. Take note the key word is "NOT", not "TO".

So I hope all the Ladies and Gentlemen would be able to work it out for themselves . What I have stated here are the basic rules of love to abide by, and no it was never necessary for me to have been in a relationship to understand what it is like to love and be loved. I have my mothers and my father. I am really gifted to have them educate me on life, and I know for a fact they love me more now than ever for raising myself in a unique way.

All this has a direct relationship to a man and woman who are in love, because it can never be conceived or perceived wrongly if done right. So I say put your differences aside and cultivate a strong basic understanding of the self first before advancing to the more complex perspective of life; sexual intercourse and adoration. I use the word Adoration more in life because the concept of love has been tainted by ignorant and selfish individuals.

But about Gemini men, we are not all talk, the TRUE GEMINI's practice what we preach, but we often need the time to collect ourselves together and contemplate about the more productive aspects of life. Yes we find ourselves straying away from primary objectives, but there is a reason for that, ever so often an individual has other aspirations we want to achieve. But that's why we need everyone, especially that special someone to be there FOR us, not AGAINST us and take the first opportunity to cut-n-run. Nobody is perfect, every individual is different, and the word "please understand darling" goes much deeper than it sounds. If you do not have a heart to understand another person's problems, regardless of what gender or horoscope you are oriented with, please do not call yourself a man or a woman. Trust me, in life, THAT MATTERS A GREAT DEAL.

With that said, I hope this article has been informative to every Lady and Gentleman who visits this site. I wish everyone all the best in their relationship. And remember, when you have somebody who adores you and you KNOW IT, please don't let go.



To the man who posted this....

I am a Gemini man, and I am dating a Libra woman. I have never ever experienced anything like what we have created together. We completely complement each other, we fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. We can talk for hours about everything or nothing, or we can sit in silence, and feel what the other one is thinking and feeling without saying a single word. We can go out and end up in spontaneous crazy fun times, or stay in and get close and watch a movie or just listen to music. Our thought processes are totally different, but we both are looking for what the other one comes up with to finish our thoughts. Every second we're together feels like a movie, and we're the stars. Libra's love to reciprocate anything that you give them. If you love them, they will love you more. Gemini's mirror emotion, and love. When this process starts, it defies physics. A small memento of love given to a Libra is given back with twice the power, then Gemini reflects it back, an d Libra ag ain reciprocates with twice the power. In no time a small act of love become an amazing gift that words can't describe. In the bedroom, everything is amplified. After being with a Libra, I have a new standard of what physical love can be. The mental connection creates amazing physical moments behind closed doors, or in public! Life doesn't always let us just be what we are, but when my "evil" twin takes over I don't let him speak openly to her. He has learned how to think before he speaks to his beautiful Libra. The Libra woman doesn't usually want to hear what the "evil" twin has to say, but if she pays attention to the Gemini, she'll know the exact second the "evil twin" shows up, even if the Gemini hasn't recognized it yet. My Libra has now fully accepted the "evil" twin, and enjoys her relationship with him as much as her relationship with me! There is a lot of different things to consider when you are looking for a significant other. I know it's not only our Astrological link that makes us so good for each other, but the compatibility from that link takes our relationship to a whole new realm. If you are willing to open up and let love bloom, this can be the most rewarding relationship imaginable!

BRAVO!!!! You have blessed me more than you will ever know...

Gemini and Libra. Can I say a two headed coin. I think they are so much alike is what makes them tick. But they are so diffrent is what makes it worth persueing. I think everyone is being way to hard on Gemini.I don't think that people should be definded by their sign.I was with a Libra male for 5 yrs, we had extreme chemestry even when we argue it was still passionate love b/n us. I was so laid back, and easy to get along with, he started being very jealous and mean and even got physical with me. He cheated on me and got another woman pregnant. But we are the bad guys??? In the beginning we were still feeling ea. other out and he was dating other people and so was I, but when we pledged to be a couple I cut off all other men and and focused on our relationship. And in turn what did I get him getting caught with other woman. Yes Gemini like to flirt it fuels our ego to go home and make passionte love to our mates. people think that we are whores.NO!!!! they are.they want to much,and give too little. So what do all you Gemini bashers think of that!! Libra I like for a while we are talkers,loyal to the core,giving and can be your rock, but they are closed and I need someone willing to share with me from your dreams to your fears. But it just didn't happen. Now I'm digging this sexy Aquarius guy.Hope it work!!!

I totally agree rishikesan I have been a Gemini all my life and have heard these things about geminis I have heard them a million times but for me my version of a Gemini if we love someone we are strong in that fact and will only be for them these other geminis must just want problems but I don't need any nonsense just a true friend for life really just lookin for that one

wow you guys must really be doing bad if someone has to make an article. I have a Gemini brother and I can tell you that the women in this are mostly right. He always argued with me about every little thing. He always goes after girlfriends that he argues with, almost like he thinks that marriage is a battle of the sexes. and yes he would argue and tell me not to do things that he would just go and do himself, so not practicing what they preach IS a true gemini. And im not doing this from a romantic relationship standpoint. And yeah the other ones that Libra girls are compatible with, Aquarius and leo, have mostly gotten good feedback so I don't think its just them.

Hey Libra - you want to know the secret about Gemini man not? Not a young Gemini guy. I'm talking about Matured Gemini- key word "Affection". That's a Gemini's weakness. It's like a kryptonite when it comes to relationship. Show him that you always there for him. He will stick to for the rest of your rolling coaster life. Otherwise he would go for Taurus, because Taurus has the stability, loyalty, and Affection.

I am a Libra dating a Gemini male and he is so freaking confusing one minute he is all love dovey then the next thing you know he is talking shit, its to the point now that I don't believe shit he says I have had my heart broken before iand I dread to have it happen again..teh thing is I planned and making this my last stop in finding love and make him the one but he iis just to damn two faced I cant never read him im lost what the way to tell if a Gemini man rreally loves you

I am a Libra woman and I am with a Gemini man. When we first met, he was very attractive to me more than I was to him. I did not like him at all. Because he was a nice person, I gave him another chance. We went out and still I did not feel much for him. But he was very crazy about me. We still talked after we went out. In the first couple months, I kept pushing him away becasue I was not interested in him at all. So we had a lot of problems. But he did everything he could to get me. He showed me how he was crazy about me which eventually it got me and I like him. I am still with him now. So far we have been together for more than 3 months now and we are still happy. As for him, he is completely ready to get marry but I am not. Although I like him, I am not ready to marry him because I am really scare, like his sign Gemini, he might change his mind. I guess the reason I am afraid to get married him is because of his sign "gemini" who has 2 different personality where he could love me at one point but does not love me at the other point? But in general, Gemini man is a passionate and romantic person. If you are female and with Gemini man, just be happy but at the same time be careful with their 2 different personality.

I am married to one-almost 15 years. Here is my advice for libras if they are up to the challenge. Yes, I said it that way! My dad is a gem and I dated a few. I can't speak for all of them but just my experience. Let them pursue you. Don't chase them. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve or they will take it. My gem hubby spoils me but he has is faults. Keep an eye on them with finances=this is a must. They can hide stuff-be on top of it. They like a confident woman. Not one who is a jailer though. Libras have to use their charm here. I get what I want pretty much but I've let him know that he is not the only fish in the sea. Ladies he can be sweet IF he chooses to give his heart to you. Just don't be in denial about his need to be active. Don't tolerate stuff from him. Don't be at his feet. Be strong and do your thing. He will find you attractive.Don't be afraid to stand your ground with gems when the time needs it. They usually are a lot of hot air. As long as he k nows what your willing and not willing to tolerate it should be good. We are like best friends. If he is giving you a headache tell him you don't want this anymore. They have to know you mean business and your not putting up with his crap.If he changes good! If not it's probably better ladies!

I am married to one-almost 15 years. Here is my advice for libras if they are up to the challenge. Yes, I said it that way! My dad is a gem and I dated a few. I can't speak for all of them but just my experience. Let them pursue you. Don't chase them. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve or they will take it. My gem hubby spoils me but he has his faults. Keep an eye on them with finances=this is a must. They can hide stuff-be on top of it. They like a confident woman. Not one who is a jailer though. Libras have to use their charm here. I get what I want but I've let him know that he is not the only fish in the sea if ever decides to act stupid.Say that with respect for yourself to him not a threat. Ladies he can be sweet IF he chooses to give his heart to you. Just don't be in denial about his need to be active( he is social and probably likes sports). Don't tolerate stuff from him. Don't be at his feet. Be sexy but not a doormat.Be strong and do your thing. He will find you attractive.Don't be afraid to stand your ground with gems when the time needs it. They usually are a lot of hot air. As long as he knows what your willing and not willing to tolerate it should be good. We are like best friends. If he is giving you a headache tell him you don't want this anymore. They have to know you mean business and your not putting up with his crap.If he changes good! If not it's probably better ladies!

I am a female Libra..i was with a Gemini a couple of years ago who was extremely a BRAT.. everything was about him.

I am with a MATURE Gemini male now and the difference is a polar opposite of the other gemini.I was almost ready to run when I found out that my new guy was a gemini..but this one is different,he listens not just requires an audience,he doesn't just want affection he gives it.

When we met we talked for 2 hours straight and after that we kissed for 5 hours straight. I dated him for one week and the broke it off because 3 days went by without a call from him, he was very upset,he yelled at me because I even went out with a male friend to watch the Chicago Blackhawks game and drink beer..had a great time too,as friends !

He thought my friend was a date,my new suitor was how he worded it ! I told him that he didn't call so I assumed he wasnt interested..he blurted out that he's enamoured with me..and that I should have known..i said how was I supposed to know? He said BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ! I wouldve fallen down if I wasnt lying in bed ! I decided to wait til reality settled in..i only texted him..a week would go by before I wanted to see him..i stood my ground and he respected me..we have been going strong ever since I am worth respect and should not have to read his mind I give respect and say what im must never be in a gemini/libra relationship...this can never be a do as I say not as I do must always be made fair & TRUST MUST BE GIVEN to get ALL OR NOTHING ! I love my Gemini and wanted to be sure he loved me so I just waited without telling him 1st....and he told me....twice before I told him...of course I wasnt going to say it back the 1st time when he yelled it...i waited and it happened the way I needed to hear it...spoken to my heart

...he also sent me a text in gaelic ( iwas born in Ireland) I didn't know what it meant so I had to get it said you are the pulse of my heart!

we have been together for only 2 months now but he brought me to his family christmas and bouht me a present I never expected..a huge amethyst with 2 white sapphires set it gold.....i think he was trying to show me that he meant it when he said he loves me....i think I believe him...i am a lucky woman !

Im Libra and have been with Gemini man for almost a month, im not sure if im coming or going. He will call telling me how much he misses me, the next day he doesn't want to be bothered. He will make me feel like a queen, the next minute you are crowding his space. To me, its something that im not willing to put up with. Being in this relationship is like a full time job, you constantly wondering what he'll do next. Yes I have seen three people in him, which totally scares me.

I am a Libra woman who has been in the relationship with a Gemini man for 7 years. We love each other very much. My Gemini is very gentle and kind. His evil side: He is very emotional but has a lot of pride (too much pride) and that can cause lots of misunderstanding. He does not want to show and often hides it. He does not know how to describe his feelings and appreciate me when I helped him to let it out. I think Gemini man is very emotional and weak when comes to love and feelings but they have lots of pride and pretend that they are cold and unsensitive. They have great fear of being rejected and therefore if they sense that they often decide to walk away first before becoming a victim. Their weakness is that they cannot face the rejection and cannot take a "No" answer. THey are actually very warm and sweet person. That is my Gemini man. I think if you can tolerate him of being cold or unsensitive and try to be understanding, he will show you the real side of h im (but not for long, they always have a fear) and he will be very loveable. I love my Gemini man and we get along so well. It is my only Gemini that I have known in my life.

Well I've been dating my Gemini Man for 8 months now and I love everything we do together its so much fun when we get together it's a none stop adventure and I love MY Gemini MAN just like he loves HIS Libra WOMAN WE ARE SO INSEPARABLE and that's how I want to keep it.

I have been dating a Gemini man for four months I'm a Libra and I thought I found the best guy ever so sweet and kind always trying to buy me anything I want then just out of no where that very evil twin came out and he will not call me are have anything to do with me crazy because we where perfect and every way I have to have my space he need his I really don't no what happen and I guess I never will I will never date a Gemini man again

I am a Gemini man who is sick and tired of women who back off as soon as I reveal my sign! There is nothing 'evil' about me! I am a very loyal friend and there is nothing deceptive or phony about me. I will tell you flat out what I want or don't want. The only time I get "evil' is when I am betrayed and then look out!! I don't play games and I have no patience for those who do' My biggest fault is that I hold others to my own lofty ideals and I am usually disappointed. I am a complex man with a lot to talk about just looking for a woman who can keep up!!

This is a match made in Heaven! I am a Female Libra, married to my Gemini Male for 10 years!! The spark between us still flames eternally. He still gives me the butterflies. Of course, everyone is different varying on their exact birthday and year. But marriage between us is how you want it to be, the grass isn't greener on the other side if you don't water it.. me and my Gemini do have our ups and downs, but we learn to forgive and forget, compromise with each other.. because at the end of the day.. it's just me and him.

Hi! I am a Libra woman with a Gemini man for 6 years (4 years of dating and 2 years living together because he got me impregnated). Yeah, they are horrible. At first they will treat you like you are the only thing that runs through his mind all day and everyday. They will make you feel wanted. Wanted to the point that I have to never get sick because I have to take care of him all the time and when it's me that is ill, I can't ask for any help from him. They are immature, selfish and insecure. They enjoy being around with friends when you are already his husband and forgets about you. Yeah, words are not enough to describe what he did to me. Geminis are charmer at the beggining but if you are going in for this relationship please take a minute and pause. You maybe putting yourself in a trap. I guess I have fallen a trap. but until this end. I still love him very much.

I have been with two Geminis in the last two years. there was instant attraction with the first Gemini. He found me online, contacted me, and after about two years of dodging him, I finally accepted to meet him. the physical attraction was great too. the relationship was fun fun right from the start. he would treat me so so well. he would pick me , take me out and we would just have fun. but then a few months into it, he strated acting strangely, sometimes even ignoring my calls and not callig back or resppondiong to messages. he would start pursuing me if I ignored him too....we are on and off,,,its sweet and bitter.. I wish he was more mature and more in speak out his mind!...the second one was too childish.

I' a Libran guy and I have found a Gemini guy... I don't understand how this all works but reading everything that has been previously posted, having two males is the EXACT same as having a Libran female with a Gemini guy. Now here's how it happened. I met this guy in school and he was really cool and whatever, he had a girlfriend at the time and I really thought he was super awesome. When I first saw him, I was like "OMG!" I hoped that we would be best friends at least or something. Anyway, I spoke to him quite a few times after that (not enough to get personal or anything) and then after about 6 months, I started talking to him again (keep in mind that I have had a crush on him for quite some time)he said something to me so profound. please don't ask me what it was, for the life of me I wouldn't be able to remember (considering the fact that we have had so many many more conversations)We stayed up so many nights drinking and smoking and speaking about life experie nces and what not (not to mention philosophies, science, history, etc,) I started to fall in love with him at that point and I spoke to him day-after-day, night-after-night. It seemed as though I could not stop talking to him. After a short time, he broke up with his girl-friend and we spent even more time together. I loved him so much that I wanted him to be happy and so I found him a new girl-friend. Please keep in mind that she is awesome and plays the ukelele and sings and everything. About 5 months later she graduated and neither my "best friend" nor I have seen her since. He still talks to her on the phone every now and then but from what I could tell, he doesn't seem to interested in their relationship any longer. About a month ago (after she left) it has been about a year and a few months that I have known him. We were drinking and talking outside of the dorm about the usual things and he told me (or shall I say "let slip") that he was bi-sexual. That's when things started getting heated between us. I've liked him so long and I was never able to tell him how I really felt about him. He told me that he has had a crush on me as well for quite some time. He dragged me to my room at the dorm and we had sex. We have ever since. But the problem now is that he keeps telling me that he loves me but on other days, it seems he feels totally different. He has told me that everything our relationship has been built upon has been a complete lie and that he has been manipulating me for the longest. (knowing him after so much time, knowing the way he thinks, and why he thinks the way he thinks) I know that he was just trying to fix (correct) everything that he has done. He is extremely impulsive and he has a girl-friend and a boy-friend (me) as well. he doesn't know who he wants and so I am trying to take a neutral position in his life so that he is able to make a clear decision. He is so insecure with who he is and doesn't know what to do. He keeps telling me to "be patient" and "wait for him" but I don't know how long I can be patient for. I want him to be happy and I know that he will always love me but I just don't know what to do. I feel as though this guy is the type I have been looking for my entire life. May not seem long for you all seeing that I am 21 years old. But in the gay world, it is so hard to truly find someone that loves you the same way you do and speaks the same "language" as you do. He has been trying to push me away these last few weeks, but I know that he loves me and it's been hard watching him struggle as he does with who and what he wants. Today, (and yesterday) it seems that he is happier than he has been in the past month and it makes me happy to see him happy. But still, yet and then, I don't know what I am to do about this situation. Any information or advice anyone can give me is good enough.

Thank you all for reading this and have a wonderful day! Mikey ;)

I Have Been In A Relationship With A Gemini Guy For Eight Years We Have Three Children Together And I Love Him To Death. In The Beginning He Was Mr. Right I Loved Everything About This MAn We Have Gotten Engaged in 2006 And We Still Have Not Gotten Married Yet He Cheated Twice And Im Still Around. I Think The End Is Drawing Near For Us To Just Become Parents To Our Children And Become The Best Of friends I Still Will Love Him But I don't Want To Waste My Rest Of My Life WIth A Person Im Not Sure Im Attracted To Emotionally Or Any Other Way. We Both Are Young And WE Both Shouldnt Waste Each Other's Time For Everyone Out There Every Ones Relationship And Outlook On Life Are Different...But I Think Gemini Men And Libra Women Are Not Quite Good Together!!

I am with a Gemini man & he was living with his ex when we met. We got really close & I fell for him & felt it was going nowhere so I left him by moving out of state. We were apart for just about a year even though we kept contact for the most part through letters, email, phone, text etc... Anyway He came out here to see me and it was amazing, he always makes me feel like he has thought everything through before I can mention any concern, he left but will be back in 2wks because he wants to see if we have a future ahead of us. He knows I only am willing to date if we are planning on marriage. I refuse to be with someone forever without making it official. I am absolutley for sure 100% in love with him. I know that we may seem to be moving fast or are we? I don't know all I know is if we last this year and he asks me to marry him I am going to say yes. I am afraid because I know number one I am an emotinal Libra woman who has been through alot, Plus he is you nger then me... I usually only read numerology but I decided to take a peek at astrology on this one... I am a true humanitarian, and I have a very forgiving & deicated soul, I truly hope I am not going to get hurt like everyone is saying. I do not want to be cheated on & I am not planning on a divorce before I even get married. But I feel some of these stories are true and I really hope I can avoid these situations I am by no means a judge & I don't want to find myself pointing the finger at him? Oh well I guess i'll have to wait & see... Good Fortune is all that I can hope for. THanks everyyone for your ever so precious input!!! Feel free to advise me or comment! ;)

I am a Libra female who have been with a Gemini man for 3 years already. I love him so much. wE HAVE been through our ups and downs but at the end...It is wonderfUl! Libras and Geminis are the best match ever..And the sex is great!!!!!!

I'm a libran married to a Gemini man. We have loved each other for 6 yrs . Its a Hell... One day I was happy other day I was said...This has been going on from the time we started dating...But we never had this problem as friends..I think we made great friends..We should have stopped there.

All I needed in marriage was LOVE! and thats the only thing I needed.Though I am a very confident person alone,In marriage I wanted to be in the arms of my husband like an innocent angel offering my honesty to him.

I realised ,that will not happen, because a Gemini man is too imature to handle intense relationship.He feels I'm an emotional Idiot.But thats my nature,I'm a sign of "love" and I can never be alone. Sometimes I feel I'm living with 2 different men, who contradicts his own words and me being a perfectionist and a careful speaker ,I feel victimised and hurt.

He does a lot of things for me...But there is no consistency..which is making my life meaniningless.I don't know which of his nature is true.One day I'm his queen the next moment I'm an unwanted person..Rather than going through this hell ,its better you live with someone who hates you,, atleast you know what to expect

A Gemini man and a libran women can be the worst match ever.

And the victim is the Libran woman..

I'm not a beliver of zodiac signs, but this is true and I don't want any other libran woman to go through what I'm going through ,hence writing this post...............

God bless!

I am a Gemini Male and my Girl friend is a Libra Female. I haven't cheated on her once, I've learned to control my flirting and I've matured at a very young age, with Gemini's there is a thing called "Evolution of Gems" its basically maturing and growing up and becoming more stable and sure of self. most Gem's go through this later on in life but I've gone through it early in life. I treat her like a queen, I want to marry her and start a family together. I never want her to feel bad, I never want her to feel anything less then good. To the people bashing us Gemini men; at some point Love has to be more then a Horoscope, you have to make things better and grow as a person. thats what I had to do, its apart of Growing as a person.

I cannot believe all of the Libra posts on here that are completely rude and beligerent about Geminis. (Libras are supposed to be diplomatic and sophisticated) I am a Libra female and I ADORE all the GEMS I know. Yes, they have "two sides" to them, but so do we Libras! Libra is the sign of "seeking balance," and our "scales" can tip wildly in that process as well. (Libras and Gems are BOTH dual natured) The conversations, laughs, and general chemistry between Libra and Gemini is unbeatable, in my opinion. (and the Sex is Off the Chain, Awesome, and FUN.) I get along wonderfully with female Gems as well, they keep in fits of laughter! Looking throughout my own life, Isee that I have always attracted Gems into my everydays (friendly and intimate) I have recently married a Capricorn, and, of course, I love so many of his qualities, and he also has a wicked sense of humor. But I still feel that there is no other "natural understanding of two minds" as there is w ith Libra and Gemini. I don't care for all of the bitter posts that I have seen here. I think that the "bitterness" of some people on here has blinded his/her sense of "fairness."

Let me start by saying that, I'm sure all Gemini men are not like this, but this is my experience with the craziest Gemini/Man ever. I am actually just a Libra Rising, but I know that that influences my personality a lot and is the reason why a lot of Gemini's have been attracted to me. I've been involved (dating) with two Gem Men and slept with three. This last Gemini was the worst of all. We dated for a few months and he moved in with me after just two months. We were so in sync it was hard to believe. I felt myself falling in love with him quickly, as he also assured me that he did not have the connection with anyone else that he had with me. He only had words of kindness and tenderness for me. And, though we decided not to have a committed relationship, (I was particularly sad and heartbroken about it) mostly because he had just broken up with someone and was also moving several hours away, we did not want to lose each other from our lives. Towards the end, I didn't want him to leave or experience the goodbye "ceremony" so I left town and left him in my apartment for a few days alone. I trusted him so much. He said that he was only interested in me and definitely, though he had many female friends, wasn't interested in having sex with anyone else.

I came back from out of town to find evidence of him having had sex with another woman in my apartment (don't ask the details, but I'm sure). When I confronted him for an explanation, he, a very good liar which Geminis can be because they are so quick witted, had the most insane explanation for me that I can't even write it here because I'm just not that kind of person to violate something so personal and intimate. But let me assure you... he had sex with some woman.... in MY apartment... WHILE I TRUSTED HIM... and tried to make sure I would forgive him by giving me the most elaborate story (I'll leave it to your imagination) and playing with my sympathetic and compromising nature. All of my friends say he is a dog. Sometimes I think about giving into my love for him. Alas, I cannot. It would go against all of my love for myself.

I just commented above and found out just today (so I wanted to add this kicker) that the Gemini that I've been dating has had a girlfriend all along. Gemini's are dogs! I will never be with one, no matter how fun and filled with happiness he makes me, again.

I dated a Gemini man 20 years ago and he was one of the loves of my life. But I was young and hurt him badly by cheating. We stayed in contact over the years, and he asked me to go back wit him a year later, but I was seeing someone else, the timing was wrong. We both saw different people and started families. Now 20 years later we're back together and i'm still mad about him even though we parted temporarily again due to it being a long distance relationship! I would like to grow old with him. He says he will never marry, I joke and tell him he's AN ETERNAL BACHELOR! I think we're a good match but who knows! Watch this space!

I went out with a Gemini guy once. He was 2 years younger than me, and I swear, I wouldn't date another Gemini guy again! I think Geminis and Libras make great friends, but lovers...No!

He's a smooth talker. Really sweet. But he is also selfish and stingy. He'd rather spend money on himself than on me. He also doesn't believe in paying for the women on first dates. I don't feel pampered at all when I go on dates with him. I even had to pay for him sometimes. The ironic thing is that he is a rich guy living in a big house and I'm from a low-income broken family.

He claimed he likes me because I was beautiful, kind and humble. I was attracted to his honeyed words. But I really shouldn't have. He can get really immature. Ah...I don't like him when we quarrel. He always wants to have the last word and he likes to use intellectual vocabulary that pisses me to no end.

Then again, he's really so sweet. Everytime we see each other, we can't help but smile and all other misfortunes would just melt away. But it's always terrible when we are not together. He would text me, and I would call him and we would chat, but he would suddenly get pissed off with something I said, and then he would hang up on me. I hate being hung up on!! :(

I'm glad it ended, but sometimes I do miss him. Well, he got surprisingly cold after we broke up. He said he never wanted to see or hear from me again. He even deleted my number from his phone. Very cold man when he don't likes you anymore.

I am a Libra woman who fell in love with a Gemini man and still in love with him until now...We broke it off already, I guess we Libras are really clingy, we can't give up especially if we have found the ONE we wanted for life. I love him, and I would marry him if he asked me right now...He is the most loyal, and understanding, and mature. Although their evident impatience and flirtatious nature would really make you back off but the maturity that they would show you amidst the childish manners they have sometimes would really surprise you. He said he wants to marry me but not right now...I guess he is still young but I still stand by him through thick and a loyal friend and faithful lover...i cried, yes a lot, he did brought the worst in me sometimes...but its the good things and the love I feel for him seems to be stronger than those adversities...a lot of people see my love for him as stupidity but I always say...he deserves not to be given up...there is a possibility of cheating only when there is really something wrong...i always believe that, Gemini man are loyal if they are really in love with a girl...they can be flirtatious but they will never give you up for another girl, unless they are really in love with the other girl...they appreciate loyalty and honesty...they can be attention-seekers but thats because more than anybody, they want your love...

I have feelings for a Gemini, as I am a Libra Girl. He is a few years older than me, and it feels irritating to try and read his personality at times, but I accept him the way he is, because no one is perfect and we all have our troubles. In my eyes though, I feel as if he is everything I have ever wanted. I am young yes, but I have never felt this way about a guy before. He isn't "just some guy," though...he's such a great friend. He's thrown some signs of interest for me, but I have low self esteem and am very indecisive (as Libras are) and am very unsure whether or not if I should admit my feelings for him. This has been going on for way to long & I am frustrated with myself for not being able to tell him. I think I shall do it in a humorous way, but I want him to know that I have serious feelings for him...I would rather have him as a friend in my life, than nothing at all.I love the way he looks at me....his smile...his laugh...everything! Yes we joke, & we fli rt, but I kind of want to just let him know how I feel already and if he may have some feelings for me as well...He's pointed out that I'm always smiling, but that's because I am with him in his presence. I wish he could hold my hand again like that one night he did almost a year ago to keep me warm and put his arm around my waist...he is seriously the most beautiful person (inside and out) I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life! I just want to let him know that...

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