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I find Gemini men to be way to detached. They resist anything that feels like they being tied down (ex long conversations, too much dating, confessing feelings). They like to keep it light and carefree, void of deep emotions. As a Pisces I find it torturous dating a Gemini. I need a solid foundation, security, and deep bonding which is the opposite of the Gemini Man.

So far so good. I haven't yet experienced any problem he's very caring kind and loving I just hope it stays that way

lol..i suppose u r just in the beginning of the relationship..!!

while he's showing all the affection and attention to u.. he is obviously looking for some 1 else too!.. No doubt u aren't the only 1 on his mind! Trust me, not at all reliable.. he will go away one day!! leaving u in self doubt!! n wondering how did everything just vanish!! He'll be even dumb enough to ask u to go out with him, and still be demanding as ever after the breakup!! They don't deserve loyal, sensitive partners

To the girl above me.... you don't know the other guys placements. For all you know he has lots of water signs in his chart being the girls ideal partner.... my Gemini has lots of Pisces in his moon Venus and mercury... he is my soulmate and im a Pisces we have been in love for 7yrs and happily still going....don't give all gems a bad rep

From a typical Gemini man: yeah you're very much on the money there, angry girl in the middle. :)

I am a Pisces woman who dated a Gemini guy for two and a half years. In the beginning he was attached and amazing, and out of no where he found himself else where... I can see what they mean by needing other woman.

Yes when we first started dating thing were good for the first 6yrs then the last 2 yrs everything stated going downhill. I have just given up on the relationship

everything is good in the beginning like really amazing but after time the Gemini leaves you Pisces feeling hurt confused and questioning what the hell happened? (Gemini) think too much and we the (Pisces) feel too much. it can work if both are open minded ,if not good luck!!! as much as I want to hold on and try, I really don't think my heart can take a Gemini they are too detached and its hard for them to communicate and show affection. (Pisces) I feel would be the one to try harder and bend over backwards for the Gemini for it to work. like we would be the ones to wear our hearts on our sleeves. due to the fact we are so mesmerized by the Gemini. if he or she is worth it.

Gemini men are two faced back stabbing cheaters toward Pisces women

i love my gemini, is all i know :)

I have been dating a Gemini for two years.. in the beginning he was soo loving and caring after a year in a half I noticed he didn't care as much anymore.. i cant tell him anything because he seems not to care which makes me cry he never seems to understand me.. during sex he wants it his way. So don't let them Gemini fool you.. there sweet and nice in the beginning but after a while they get tired of you

I am a Gemini man and to be honest, I am extremely affectionate with an amazing Pisces. I am absolutely crazy about my Irish, red hair, leveling eyes, luscious pouty kissable lips, ideas, personality, all around AMAZING WOMAN! She is honestly more than I could have ever dreamed of and I knew it from the moment I saw her!

Just sayin :)

I am a Gemini man, in love with an Pisces women in which is 2 months and 16 days older. We have been separated every since December 6, 2000. Will I ever find her again?, and if I do shall we become Man and Wife when?

You've been separated for 10 years and you're asking if you'll be married?! I'm sorry to be harsh, but my guess is "definitely not" for that one!

I'm a Gemini man, and while I really like Pisces women (mmmm.. Sexy!) I realize that our personalities don't exactly mesh very well. I can't speak for all Gemini men but I can tell you that no matter how much I love a woman I can a) get bored of her and b) be very insensitive to her needs at times. Ironically, the more needy a woman is the less patient I am with her, and that's a very vicious circle with Pisces women who are about the most needy of any I've dated.

I don't do this to be mean or horrible, but.. You kind of can't change who you are. I dated a Pisces lady for a very long time, and still love her. I suspect she would tell you how much I sucked and how lame I was (same as some of the posters above.. I can picture her saying those things). Just know that we mean well.

You Pisces women give Gemini's a bad wrap. im a Pisces and my Gemini is very caring and loving. just because u have one bad experience doesn't mean u put all of them down. its like saying that us Pisces are pushovers. stop being so melodramatic and get over it and find someone new. Gemini's are compassionate and worth spending time on!

Im a Piscean woman, and what I'm about to say is very generalized view, Gemini's in my experience, I would describe as intelligent and vastly child-like. The gems I knew, liked to have fun, they play mind games a lot of it, and they have a way of talking their way out of "sticky" situations, but if they find they are the centre of it all hell would break lose if they are caught in the firing line.

Currently dealing with a gem issue now, he is very jealous towards my male friends, causes drama to get his way, if it weren't for his child-like behavior he would be a perfect guy but that's him, you cant shake who you are. On the bright side he is vastly intelligent. Anything a gem does creatively such as writing of any sorts music or novel writing they will do it brilliantly. I suppose that's why Im so attracted to this gem, he is brilliant--but again child-like....

I am a Gemini Man Married to a Pisces woman, We have 2 children which are teens and are celebrating our 20th anniversary next month. It has nothing to do with astrology people it's called commitment.

I've been dating him for over a year now. Things are rocky sometimes but the other times are awesome and so worth any kind of problems. I'm hooked. :3

My Gemini & I dated for a yr before breaking up because I was ready to commit & he wasn't. We met again mire than 10 yrs later & decided to meet for drinks. When we sat down & started to talk it was as though a decade had never passed. My guy is a true GEM!! He's brilliant, funny, attentive, caring, SEXY as hell & just downright FUN!! All the negativity you read about Pisces & Gemini can be disheartening, but my experience has been just the opposite! When it comes to sex all I can say ladies is DELICIOUS!!! Sure he likes his freedom, but to be quite honest so do I! What's wrong w/that don't they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think the key to making your Gemini fall in love & stay in love is to be a sexy girlie girl, w/a quick wit, & a mean competitive Tom boy streak!! What guy wouldn't like those qualities. As for me, I love my Gem's beautiful mind, boyish charm & zest for life. The key for us has been sexy witty Fun! Give those Gemini's a 2nd look you may be surprised by what you find.

I have had a Gemini chase me for about 3 years now. I guess it isn't only about sun signs either. I find him completely amazing, but I just to give in to it, because of what I read about Gemini's.

My Gemini boyfriend of one year is confused as hell as to what he wants out of life. Anticipating his nature, I have decided to not become emotionally committed. It was very easy to play it light with my Gemini. He is undemanding, gives a lot of space, is very pleasant all the time. But recently he has started appearing needy and clingy, out of the blue he wants to spend more time with me and has become more emotionally voluble. I've grown used to the arrangement we have - that of a sexual, light-hearted, companionable relationship. I don't want it to change - particularly into a serious relationship - he is not my type. But I'm afraid that telling him that I don't want to take it forward might hurt him. :S How do I tell him that I want to keep it light n' sweet, not serious and permanent?

Pisces girls, DO NOT go for a Gemini man unless you want your heart broken. At first it'll be great, but as time passes it's hell. It's very easy to fall deeply in love with your Gemini man and no matter the pain and hurt you never fall out of love with him. You become trapped within this person who causes the greatest pain just because he also causes the greatest happiness. This kind of relationship requires sooo much work and there will be a long and rocky road for the rest of your life, and girls, trust me it isn't worth it. Because in the end, he will break your heart so many time you won't ever be a whole person ever again. My advice to you is RUN! While you still have the chance. And don't look back because if you, there's no escaping. To this day I still love my Gemini ex, but I also know that my sensitive nature and can't stand the heartbreak. And ever since him I've never been the same.

When I first met my Gemini man, I was not too impressed. When we first met & hung out he tried to kiss me. I pushed him away, I even tried to see if maybe my friend would be more interested in him than I was. The more I tried to stay away the more I became hooked, I noticed as well the more interested he became. It was a game to him which intrigued me to play, since I am not one for games because I usually get hurt, this was a game I was in control of. I became more attached and grew to love him. I have been with my Gemini man for almost a year & it seems that the farther I try to get away the more he chases me & the more he wants with me, & the more I want to be with him. I disagree on Gemini men not being so committed. He told me he loved me when he saw me and 3 months into the relationship asked me to be his wife. So I have to disagree with him not being committed to me. He does play a lot of games which does take its toll on me. I cannot stand his child-like way s. But when he tells me my butt stinks, I know it is him saying he loves me in an immature kindergarten way. I have told him though that many of his games had to stop if he wanted this relationship to work & he is more than willing to improve & has improved. I think in order to be with a Gemini man when a Pisces woman, you have to be the disciplinary, to get the best of him. The sex is absolutely amazing, I have never had such a fantastic sexual chemistry with any man. I am a great actor, as many Pisces are, but I have not once ever faked an orgasm with him. He is the only man that meets my sexual needs, & being a sexually oriented sign, this is very important in a relationship to me. I think that with any relationship you have to work for it, & in order for anything to work with your Gemini man you have to be vocal, which can be hard since I am always expectant of him to just know. But he will never be able to guess unless you tell him. I hope that the farther into the relationship we go the better our relationship will get.

I am dating with a gem man for one month and already got tired! he is so superficial with his feelings! though I think he likes me a lot and wants lasting commitment from me. but I also think that if he is to reach me(ie.a Piscean deep emotional level), he will have to born at least hundred times in this world! there is a proverb says-'empty vessel sounds much', like that he always talks about himself and his qualities I know other gems who also do this).sooooooo superficial!!

He was so much fun. We didn't argue. All of a sudden he just wrote me an email calling me crazy and ended it. I am not sure what happened. Very heart broken and as far as I read he probably won't be back.

I'm a Pisces woman, and I dated a Gemini for almost a year - things were amazing in the beginning, we fell in love right away and spent every moment together, and even started talking marriage after a few months. He tended to have huge mood swings, but when we were happy, it was amazing! He was super romantic and made me feel great. But after we spent a few months long distance, he cheated on me and broke up with me because he "couldn't commit to a serious relationship" and "didn't want to worry about hurting my feelings". Currently, we still talk every day and he admits he still loves me, and we want to try again someday...But my advice is, don't date a Gemini unless you're willing to give him a ton of freedom, and willing to REALLY work to make it work. He has cheated on every other girlfriend he has ever had, and even admits to getting bored with girls after a year. Don't think you can be the one to change him!! it's in their nature to be two-faced and to become bored easily.

I think geminis are not always soo bad... they can also be sensitive..but in their own way..

I have a friendship with a Gem amn that I have known for a number of months. Over time we have developed feelings for each other but we r taking it slow, as we hsve both been married and hurt. He says the sweetest things to me and I bring out the emotional side of him. We get on really well, have a lot in common and can talk and laugh for hours. I feel so comfortable with him that I feel I have known him forever. Being a Pisces woman I know how emotional we can be, but its not always about us. It's about him to, they had a life before us and so did we. You take those life experiences and weed out what you don't need. Take things slowly and get to know someone, really get to know them...People are amazing beings and there are not many people that I don't get on with. But thos Gem man is a GEM...I'm not needy or clingley, I love my own space just as much as he does. I have my own lofe, I don't need anyone else to make me whole, I just like someone to share my life with, good times and not so good times...Am I falling in love...Who knows but it sure is fun finding out!

I'm a Pisces woman and am still dating with a Gemini guy. We are together for more than 4 years now. I have to say, it's really torturing to be with a Gemini guy if you are not independent enough. They are not very understanding at times and sometimes they can really irritate you out of the blue. No doubt, they are loving, caring and at times, sweet... but they can easily hurt a Pisces girl as we are actually very emotional and sensitive people. We care too much... love too much & the worst part is we are too attractive to many other guys. When things aren't going too well with our Gemini guy, any other guys that comes along the way could easily steal our heart away ~ with simple touch and love. Well, in the begining of our relationship, I love him more... but now, it's the other way round. Pisces ladies... Don't show love to your man too much!! You'll end up hurting being taken granted of. Gemini men, honestly... if you really love your pisces, don't hurt her too m uch. She may just RUN away and NEVER come back.

just find them strange been seein a guy and really like him but never shows his feelings and can be grumpy and cold sometimes but still keeps coming back for more do you think I should run

I'm a Pisces woman who has recently experienced a break-up with a Gemini man. It was great at first because he was on his best behavior, but as the "unpeeling of layers" on both sides transpired, he put effort into maintaining his facade. Real intimacy was a challenge for him and I was tortured the last 3 months of our relationship. Although I found the Gemini man to be generally a good person, he lacked desire for depth (in all aspects of life) and he resisted change,....maybe too fearful to expose any of his weaknesses.

Geminis are really confusing. One day they act like they're in love with you and the next day, they'll act like they don't even know who you are. It is so frustrating because I really like this guy and he drives me crazy!

I have been dating a Gemini man in the beginning things were really good I just loved to be with him he made me feel secure and spoke about commitment aswell however I understood him later on all his promisese were false he seems to be a flirt and sexually attracted liar aswell but he still says he loves me and I don't know how to stop all this I am commited to him and cant think of losing him

I'm a Pisces married to another Pisces for 18 years now, but there are times when I would be happier with a man of a different sign. Recently, I've been interested in the movies and life of the actor John Wayne who happened to be a Gemini. Just do a little bit of research on his personal life as well as his co-stars, and you'll get a very revealing picture of this charismatic man. Regardless of his age, he had and has a very magnetic draw to him.

I am deeply in love with a Gemini man and wouldnt trade him for the world. We are engaged to get married and trying for a child. truely the happiest ive been with any signs even the ones they claim is a perfect match for Pisces

Guys...thanks for sharing all you're opinions and experiences. I'm Gemini guy and really love this Pisces girl. She loves me very much too. Actually, what the astrology thing says doesn't seems promising. But According to me, GEMINIs really loves changes but are also very creative and can have some good tactics. Well, use them to impress PISCES, they love it. They know we're trying to do that, but be sincere that you do it because you love her, she'll appreciate and love you more. Also tell her that we love changes but will always love her and always be like that no matter How much you change, Pisces love that. They are very cute, loving and gentle. I always love to see her sleep in my arms. We GEMINIs always change but just try to stay commited wit her...Whenever you think you are about to change, just tell her indirectly but lovingly. she'll love you more. She loves me very much for that too. And anyone out there, maybe be a Pisces girl or Gemini guy, please share you're opinions , I love to check out and explore more to spiced up our relation more. Thanks and all the best to all lovers.

well.... I love my GEM. We have been on and off for the past 4 years. Yes he has broken my heart over and over. He is very child like. Plays way to much. I guess its part of his charm. I am unsure of where we are going. what I do know is that I love this man. All the signs say run run run. But still I stay. I love him. It's like I'm stuck. I know ond day he will go and I will be okay when he is gone.But I love every minute he is here. I hope that isn't stupid. I left a wonderful Cancer that I really didn't love for my gem who I'm sure I love. That is the one thing I do know. I hope its worth the ride. I'm going to try my best to make it work. Wish me luck!

I'm a Gem and married to a Pisces woman. We have two children and let me tell you one thing ,these girls are the most perfect girls you can find on this earth.They are caring,loving and sexy in every rate. Don't get me wrong, we have are down and up's . The key to any good relationship is to stay inform of the person and apply what is needed with love and affection you can't go wrong.


Hi I am dating a Gemini guy and I have been dating him on and off since 2005, we have known each other since then, and it has been an adventure needles to say, I love my Gemini, he is so charming and interesting to me, and I love to spend time with him and be around him. I am in still very much in love with him, and our sexual chemistry is great, we can't keep our hands off each other. Just last night I went to his house, and we hung out, and we did more than just hang out, so to speak, and it was great!!!! I am so attracted to him and he is so attracted to me physically. And then today, he told me that he thinks it's best if we stay just friends with no benefits, but it's going to be hard for him to resist the temptation of sleeping with me again because he finds me really hot. I said that's fine we can be friends, but I told him I like spending time with him and love being around him. Do you think I did the right thing in saying what I did to him?

I'm a Pisces lady who fell madly in love with a Gemini man and have been together for 11months today and engaged christmas night love him till I die and on...

I love my Gemini man, yes he is child like but he is funny and he makes me laugh. I love to laugh. He is very visual so wants he woman to look scrumptious all the time. Be feminine and look sexy and he will always be there. He loves compliments on a regular basis and he likes to talk about himself and all the girls that are interested in him. I started doing it too, about guys being interested in me too, he told me it bothered him and he felt very jealous. I told him I felt the same when he did it but told him I would stop if it bothered him. He is doing it again so I feel like shutting everything down so he realizes he is only hurting our relationship. When he met me he was seeing someone else, he only told me he dumped her afterwards because he found me better looking. I asked him if he found someone better looking than me, if he would become disinterested - he paused and didn't say one way or the other. He loves me almost desperately, which Im not sure will be good and I feel it will come to a quick end. I am very confused but hoping for the best. One day at a time and being positive hopefully is the way to go. I do love him girls, don't get me wrong. Will keep you updated.


im a Pisces women who is 19 years of age and I have been dating a Gemini for 8 years on and off. When its on its amazing he is so fun and playful, never a dull moment lets me see the good things in life. He helps me see things more logically and helps me better understand the outside world. I love him so much and find it hard to get over him. when its off he I get my freedom and then as a week or two or even a few days I begin to miss him.. and want him back.. I would be the one to dump him and I made the mistake of doing it again. this time he said he jus wanted to be friends and I told him I could never be just friends with him for 1 I love him and 2 the sex was amazing we have an awesome connection that way.. seemed to be the only time we really got along at its best. and well I know it is over for good becuase he doesn't return my messgaes and well I know that if he missed me and wanted me back to he would have came round by now like he always use to. he was pred ictable.. and I liked that I could predicit him but not this time.. and I truelly regret it.. I wish I could have him back he completed my world and made it seem brighter and fun. he could be a real jerk at times but I always forgave him for no matter what he did, people thought I was insane but I was just crazy in love and its sad when you're not with them no more because they can get iver you and you Pisces find it very hard and it breaks you're heart all over again to know that this time it is truly over. its a memorable experience and I believe it could work if you're not a dummy like me and break up with them all the time.. I would say appreaciate them for when they attempt to be romantic since they show it in the weirdest ways..

I loved the Gemini I dated. We met in 2007 and hit it off. Just recently in 2009, we decided to live together and why did we do that?? Lets just say that our relationship ended with a restraining order against him. I miss him, and truly feel he is my soulmate, but he will not continue to pursue me. I have seen him with a chick that was not half way near my status, so that makes me feel that he likes women beneath him so he can excerise control. I can be aggressive, and I did not take his shit. I guess if it's meant it will be... I am an Aries on cusp of Pisces.

QUESTION TO ALL Gemini MEN OUT THERE, FROM A Pisces GIRL: I've met this Gemini guy through some friends. We've only met three times so far among friends and I find him quite attractive. The first time was many years ago at a drunken party. The second time was about two months ago. The good news is he remembered me and I remembered him (trust me, that was a miracle given the state in which we'd left that party back!). Anyway, I thought he was flirting with me on that second meeting, but didn't take it too seriously. Then, the third time (which was about a week ago) he was all flirty, sweet and affectionate and asked for my phone number - he even gave me two numbers of his. I didn't ask for his, mind you, nor was I too forward - just slightly flirty with him myself. He said he'd call within the week for a cup of coffee. He didn't, but, as I know he's really busy at work, I didn't get worried. Anyway, I decided to call him yesterday, but he couldn't meet dur ing the weekend (had some errands to run and some plans with friends on Saturday night) and he said he'd call within the week. What do you think? Will he call? ... I'm asking because I just can't figure out why a guy would ask you for your phone number if he has no intention of using it...

P.S.: Others asked me what was going on with him after the last night out, so I guess it wasn't just me thinking he was interested.

Ignore the question above. He never called. I guess it was just the excitement of the moment talking when he asked for my phone number and then it was gone. This sucks...

Friendly piece of advice to Gemini men: Do not ask for a girl's phone number if you're not planning to use it.

Hi, my name is June, and I have been reconnecting with my Gemini, and I am a Pisces, we have known each other since 2005, and have been dating again, for the 3rd time around. He is so drawn to me, and I am so drawn to him, like moths to a light. We are totally drawn to each other, and have total sexual chemistry, and feel really comfortable around each other, what can I say, I love him, that's what I do know, and I want to marry him, I have made up my mind, I now KNOW he's the one, I can date other people, but I will still know he's the one. He has also dated other women besides me, but he still keeps coming back to me, no matter what. I know he cares for me, because on Valentine's Day this past week, on Monday, he invited me to his house, and we watched tv, kissed, hugged, held each other's hand, and when I put his arm around me, he kept his arm around me, and didn't move it!!!! We are so compatible, and I love him to death, and totally trust him. I say if you are a Pisces woman, give a Gemini man a chance, you never know what you will find, it just might turn out great, like it has for me!!!! :)

I'm a Pisces woman and was with a great Gemini man for nearly 3 years. The first half of the relationship was fantastic. He made me laugh all the time, was very caring, loving and would do anything for me. The sex was great and he was always willing to explore new things. It didn't last! Half way through the relationship he became distant, detached and wrapped up in his own world. Communication with him became difficult or non-existent. The relationship just broke down.

In my experience, a short term relationship would have been better.

I am a Pisces girl, and I have been with a Scorpio man for 4 years, and I truly had the time of my life with him... But, 6 months ago, due to some family issues, he temporarily had to move to another state, more than 400 miles away. I don't get to talk to him as much, only once a week. I am starting to feel lonely... And this is where the Gemini man came in. I met him through Facebook, but we actually share the same job, different departments. For some reason, this Gemini man is very shy! He had attempted to talk to me in person (outise of FB) but he gets very nerveous and always aborts the mission. I want to talk to him too, but I am shy as well. Whenever we text each other, he drives me crazy because one day he acts like he is very interested, and then he acts like he is losing interest. His sentences often have double meanings, And sometimes I can read between the lines, but other days I have NO idea what he is trying to say! Even though he has me very confused, I am starting to develop feelings for him. Though, I don't know if he is worth ending my 4 year relationship with my amazing Scorpio... What do you guys think?

I am a Pisces woman who is totally in love with my Gemini man!We just seem to understand each other.The key to this zodiac union is do not try to tie down a Gemini man.If you allow him to be who he is,he will be a very loving and loyal mate.I would like to mention that he is by far the best lover that I have ever had.So Pisces ladies don't believe the hype about these two signs not being compatible.

I am a Pisces female,march 13,and I am amazed by some of the comments of you other Pisces sisters.First of all several of you say your Gemini lost interest after a period of time with you...well what did you do to keep him wanting to be with you? My gemni man loves it when I give him a massage(gemini's arms,shoulders,back and chest are the sensitive parts of their bodies)And you know they love to talk so always act like you're interested in what he has to say.Most of all,DO NOT be that clingy,needy girl.That will surely chase him away.Come on Pisces ladies it should come natural for you to be whatever your man needs and wants because our feeling are deep.All you have to do is be ALL WOMAN trust me,that Gemini man isn't going anywhere!

Life itself is hard. Relationships is about viewing things from the other persons eyes. There is no way I'm going to deal with a grown man who can't make his mind up. Really. The Gemini men I know are great guys. It may be due to the fact that I don't take any crap from no1. I teach people how to treat me. Moody we all have our moody ways. But when others notice it. Wow. Look people boyfriend and girlfriend come and go. If your relationship isn't working move the heck on. Life is great and you deserve happiness. If your happy don't allow som1 to enter your life that isn't. It can only cause prolems for you. I personally wouldn't bow down to any 1. Get yourself together then we can talk. Real talk

Gemini men are fun . Been there for 26 years. But on the down side they love adventure and change when it comes to women. They don't like emotional depth and definately don't like been confronted on flirtation and friends that you don't know about. They think robotically and probably not a good match for emotionally centered signs. I will be in therapy for 20 years to recover lol. but I still wish him well

I have to tell you I'm totally hooked on this lady. We fire on all levels. I think people forget to consult the Chinese Zodiac. She is a Dragon and I am a Monkey. The Chinese considered this an awesome pairing and I have to agree.

I have been in a very long hard relationship for the past nine years with a Gemini man. Though we are very happy together currently, a Gemini man and a Pisces woman are not a good match. A Gemini man will always wander. ALWAYS. no matter what you want to think. Just some of them wont do it as much. A Gemini man gets bored easily and that does work well with a Pisces woman, well not with the typical Pisces woman. Geminis don't like to be tied down. They like to be free to do whatever they want, whenever they want. I do not know one Pisces man who is not like this. They are very flakey. Though I love my man very much, we have our issues and sometimes I wish I could let him go. He is the only Gemini man that I have and will ever date... No other Gemini is worth all the trouble that I have been through... It is what it is... a Gemini is who a Gemini is...!

Im a Pisces in EVERY sense of the word lol literally. except iv noticed that as a Pisces the more you are in tune w/urself, thoughts body reactions communication and most importantly your spiritual self you become somebody as described as amazing as Pisces women really are. We are the most amazing women there are, if you ask me. I absolutely love being a Pisces, and one of my favorite parts of it is ihave come to the conclusion we are compatible w/EVERY sign. As a Pisces we are all other signs so how could it be possible to not match them all? plus if it were about not matching then at the end we wouldnt match any of them because there is something in us that every sign is opposite to. Geminis are very sweet people ihave Gemini friends and yes true we are attracted to each other, have I dated one? yes iv dated every sign. &something iv found is that when there is misunderstanding both people in a relationship act like fools. Geminis are like cancers, they are afraid to be h urt so they build a shell around them by being flirty and staying away. But what idont get is what the problem is about them being detatched sometimes and keeping distance or staying away for a while and coming back when us as Pisces do the same thing all the time especially when things arent soo clear about where we stand. ecerything has to do w/communication, and if you would'nt just sit around and whine and be a sissy about things youd stand your ground and talk about it, we have great communication skills use them.

I have a Gemini man. And I loved him, we're still together and I don't love him the same. My eye wanders while he falls more in love. And maybe all Pisces aren't flirts, but I am. However, I remain loyal because I still hope... we can rekindle the wear and tear. There are infidelity issues on his end if he gets bored. But I am the aloof type.If you listen to them and let them talk, they are happy. Never ever bore them.

I have a Gemini man. And I loved him, we're still together and I don't love him the same. My eye wanders while he falls more in love. And maybe all Pisces aren't flirts, but I am. However, I remain loyal because I still hope... we can rekindle the wear and tear. There are infidelity issues on his end if he gets bored. But I am the aloof type.If you listen to them and let them talk, they are happy. Never ever bore them.

I am a Pisces woman married to a Gemini man for 3 yrs. And I love him now more than ever! We have had some high highs and some very low lows but we kept communication open and remembered to respect each others needs even in the bad times and I wouldnt trade our worst day for a perfect one somewhere else. And believe you me ladies my love life is amazing! And it gets better all the time. we are planning for little ones and looking forward to many more very happy years

omg most of the stories i've read remind me of a gem who i've restently broke up with he was so loving when I was with him but then would dissapear when we first met he told me he lived with a friend I later found out that this friend was his long term girlfriend an still I took him back compleatly hooked that's what I was but he did end it with her an we we're fine for a while then he started to act strange again an I susspected he was cheating on me so you know what I dumped him I was on his case all the time and I was never that needy Pisces he broke my heart that many times and I was not gonna let him do it again we girls deserve better all they do is lie and cheat on you but we are drawn to them i'll never forget him and will alway's love him

I'm a Pisces and dated a scorpio,cancer and Capricorn before. Which I have the best commitment with. But with my Gemini, I feel secure. At first he was a little bit b*itchy(sorry for the word,couldn't describe it anyways)but thats his character. Sooner or later our hate to each other grew in to big love. I'm really happy with my Gem. We're together for six months now. He's a caring lover,supportive friend,awesome in sex and god. He's just perfect. We do conflict,but nothing serious. In bed, he understands me like no men ever did. So in other stuff,like my problems and etc. I guess,if it does say, you cant be with a gem,just try on girls. I'm really happy,I swear.

I am a Gemini male dating a pisces. she is the first person to ever sweep me off my feet completely. its only been 8 months. none of my past relationship come close. though she is very emotional and she often takes what I say the wrong way, I seriously don't mind explaining myself. usually I brush it off like whatever. but with her its a different story. for the first time I am completely satisfied with someone. I realized I didn't know what love was until we met her. she makes me wanna be completely faithful. I have met the women of my dreams. I want to purpose honestly. but its a bit soon. I don't wanna scare her away. but I think of it everyday. I don't think I can hold back much longer. key to a sucessful relationship be open and honest. communication can take you far.

I think it's best to let a Gemini man have his freedom, and for Pisces women to be more independent. Be confident and loyal, give Gemini men a reason to want to figure you out. Pisces ladies, it's not hard. Live your own life and let him know he is a part of it, but not your everything. He will respect you and admire you even more. Also learn to "ride the waves".. Don't freak out 24/7! Such a turn off for these types of men. Self assured women are most attractive.

I am a Pisces gal....n m in love wit a Gemini guy wit wum m supposedly dating..its not real but he agreed to be my actually I love him a ex was a Gemini and I got so scared because he started tokin bot da I had to break it off wit him,bt my present guy is sumwat different from my ex.m actually attracted to a lot of gemini's.

Well, I am a Pisces and dated a Gemini for a year. Face it Pisces, despite how it starts in the beginning you will see the true colors of the gemini. At first things were amazing, thought he truly was the one for me. He was sweet, said all the right things and was always there for me.

Then out of no where, he completely changed. From loyal to decietful, from loving to detached. His anger got the best of him and he would say such cruel things as if he enjoyed to cause pain. As Pisces, we are far too loyal, loving and caring for a Gemini. I like to refer to them as, "Dr. Jeyklle and mr. Hyde". For those that don't kno of those characters, it's a story of a man that has more than one side to him. A normal/good side being Jeyklle and a bad side, Hyde.

Excuse my spelling if I spelled Jeyklle wrong and please don't reply critiquing me on my analysis of the book, I was simply giving a example. As I was saying, geminis being "twins" and "two faced", have both the good "loving" side and the bad "detached" side. Trust me, they always start out great and as Pisces, we get attached fast as much as we hate to admit it lol. I have dated 2 geminis (guess I didn't learn my lesson the first time haha) and they both started and ended the same way. Unfortuantly I am attracted to some of the traits of a gemini, but if your looking for consistence, a Gemini is not your mr. Right.

Now, I'm not saying that "your gemini" is going to do this, or that all geminies are horrible people, so please don't take my experience the wrong way. From my experience, they have the same traits and as Pisces these "traits", just seem to hurt us.

Ive had an on off relationship with a Gemini for many years. ALthough he could never fully committ or shoiw his true feelings he has a true loyalty for me and we have always stayed good friends. its not a matter of the Gemini man being cold its just that they convey their feelings so opposite of a pisces. I hope im right...i met a new Gemini man but I can already read him so well

I am a Pisces woman who dated a Gemini man for several years but eventually broke it off with him because he simply was not man enough for me.

Oddly, most of my best male and female friends are Geminis, so I thought my Gemini man and I might be a great match. In reality, he turned out to be a pushover and there was absolutely no sexual chemistry between us (not even in the beginning - I foolishly believed it would come with time since we were compatible in so many other areas).

Communication between us was pretty good, though sometimes I wished he would back off a little. He wanted to talk on the phone every single day. He never lost interest and still, years later, tries to pursue a relationship with me. The main reason I broke it off with him is because I, a Pisces, want an alpha male who can be all man. Gemini allowed me to wear the pants in the relationship (including sexually) and that is just not what I want longterm.

Gemini is a lovely person, empathetic, outgoing, loyal, and friendly. But I believe it is just not meant to be in a romantic relationship with Pisces.

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