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Im a Scorpio lady, who not to long ago fell quite hard for a Gemini man. We met thru mutual friends, and after he met me he kept asking for me, he got in contact with me! I was surprised how this man found me again! So we started talking, we took things slow! I really liked him for that! He didn't rush things.. he didn't call me babe or baby or anything like that till' a month later, we kissed like a month later as well! I was 100% positive he was going to me his:-) Well, honestly...I fronted myself into thinking that:/ he would act HORRIBLE WITH ME! One day he would tell me all these nice things like 'I fell for you because you're an amazing person' and the next day he would use this short-talk-I-could-care-less-about-you! It really crushed me! I got attached to him sooo much! He would make me feel comfortable and everything.

I guess I just got use to him because he wasn't like no other guy that would call me babe or baby on the second day! Ugh! Then I would get suspicious that he would talk to these other girls! and I would ask him about him because I'm an extremely jealous person! And he would be SOOOOO good in denying EVERYTHING! And there I go back to him): Turns out he was talking to a Libra behind my back! I asked him and he said there was nothing going on, I got fed up so I stopped talking to him...3 days later...he made that Libra his girlfriend): I was in total PAIN! Ive dated a Leo before and it didn't turn out so good. He stopped 'loving' me like in the 8th month of our relationship. & besides I didn't like as much I thought I did. Then I dated a Scorpio. We didn't have nothing in common. He was to mysterious. He was too clingy Idk WHAT I saw in him.

Now I've met this Pisces man. Oh my god! He have this WEIRD connection from the first day we met! We have so much in common he seems to make me laugh so much like no other guy! The problem is that, he's to slow to realize what he wants and to see the strong feelings I have for him. Its weird, I feel like I've known him my whole life. We'll see what happens with him ..

Well, right now I'm in a relationship with a Gemini man and so far things are going great, even if there are some times when I don't feel like he really cares.

I was the one who noticed him and started a conversation, but after the first discussion he was the one who talked to me and asked me out.

He can be extremely affectionate and passionate partner or a distant and friendly guy. The main problem is the fact that I feel he is too superficial but this problem seems to disappear little by little.

I am a Scorpio women who has had strong feelings for this Gemini guy. There is just this mystery about him that I can't explain, but I thought Scorpios where suppose to be the mysterious ones. Whenever I talk to him, he just uses one word sentences and tells me as little about himself as possible, but he likes to hear about me. It drives me crazy! (in a good way) I just want to know how this works in Gemini men.

I have had two dates with a Gemini man. I have to say they went really well. chatted non stop all night.. he says he likes me, even took me to meet his friends... but since the last date we stay in touch but nothing really... Im confused?

I am a Scorpio who has dated a Gemini man. At first I was head over heels for him, and I noticed that when I was crazy about him, he wasn't all that crazy about me. So eventually my feelings faded and I moved on, and just like that he snapped. Gemini men have terrible tempers when they get frustrated. He changed, he became this whiny little girl with the occasional anger problem. I am the type of person who kind of likes the challenge. So when a guy completely caves to me I find him boring and see no use for him, so sad to say he didn't have a chance after that. And once I move on it's for good! I tried to be his friend but we can never get to that point because he doesn't want to let go of the past. Oh well!

I am a Scorpio woman (and have all the characteristics of Scorpios-positive and negative). My first experience with a Gemini was in high school. There was a Gemini guy who was flirting me, very persistently. Of course, HE dumped me because "it wasn't working for him". Anyway, some years later, I met a second Gemini and we have been together for almost 4 years. He was funny, extroverted and everybody loved him. He was very passionate and persistent.In the beginning everything was perfect because we didn't see each other very much and when we met he was very passionate and caring. However, as the time went by, he changed completely. As a matter of fact, he was changing habits, ideals, friends etc all the time. That was driving me crazy. I am very faithful, stable and persistent and never leave things unfinished. Plus, he was quite indifferent and ironic while I was hysterical about all the girls he was talking to etc. Not that he was cheating. he just wanted to feel wanted and popu lar all the time because he had a strong feeling of loneliness I suppose. I was there all the time for him, (but he wasn't for me) and helping him when he was in need. We had great times, as he was funny, liked to party and making jokes, but he was also absent-minded, indifferent, selfish and he wanted too much space for him. However, I loved him too much and wasn't planning to break up with him. He broke with me in the worst way just before my very important examinations in University. He gave no explanation except that he wanted some space and to be left alone for a little time to thing. Of course, I gave him time and space only to realize that he started dating a girl he had met some weeks earlier when I had gone to visit my parents. I was crushed. The worst thing was that he was still hanging on me while dating the other girl. It was the worst period of my life. The surprising thing is that even though he was very sure about his decision of leaving me and he told me a million times to go on with my life and forget him, he returned to say how sorry he is and ask for a second chance. It's too late though, because I found a Scorpio and it's quite a magical experience. He understands how I feel, he is funny but very serious and mature when needed. He may not be quite handsome or attractive but he has amazing dark eyes and sex is a really unique experience;) PS.I don't even have Gemini friends, even though they keep showing up in my life :P

I am a Scorpio woman and dating a Gemini...we were close friends for years prior to dating. It is an interesting relationship to say the least. I constantly ask myself if I am thinking too hard about the relationship and remained myself to just go with the flow, we were great friends for so long, don't fret! But I cannot help to analyze things...why isn't he calling/messaging me back, how does he really feel about me, and all of this even after I pay very close attention to the fact that he doesn't like to be tied down - I totally give him space and make sure I am not being "too needy", but it eats me up inside. I find myself getting mad at him, but not showing it. And when I see him or talk to him I cannot be mad at him anymore...Drives me nuts to think that he has all the control in the relationship, even to the point of controlling my feelings. I love him dearly but he is seems so locked down and just shares the surface thoughts and feelings with me even though we have known one another for so many years. I want to get him to open up...get to know the core of his soul, but don't know how to do this! Scorpio female/Gemini male relationships are challenging!

I am a Scorpio Female with a Gemini Man. He dwells in the past on how an Aquarius Female played him and broke his heart blah blah blah! I hate it to the point of insanity. He knows this and is working on it. Other than that our relationship is great. He has issues that hamper our relationship but at least he is willing to work on it.. Our relationship is going on four months. We live together now all his doing... We shall see.

I've been with a Gemini Man for over a year now. He's very funny & I LOVE that, he always there for me and everything BUT He's a BIG flirt & I HATE that ! He always be flirting with other Girls & that makes me soo angry & He always lying about it, that makes me feel like I'm not good enough for him. But I love him with all my heart & I know he loves me too :)

Gemini man here. The biggest problem me and my Scorpio have is that she wants to spend way more time together than I do. I like my space (I'm an artist and find it helps make me more creative) while she basically thinks I'm seeing other women. I'll admit I do flirt sometimes but there's a big difference between flirting and cheating, and the lack of trust drives a wedge between us. More than anything I feel like she wears me out. Spending a weekend together is very draining emotionally. I love her more than anything, but I cant imagine living with her. I'd be very curious to hear a Scorpio woman's comments on this situation. Maybe it's common, or maybe I'm just odd?

I'm a Scorpio woman trying to make it work with a Gemini man, and yes, I feel like I want to spend time with him more than he does with me. He says he wants to make it work, but I have issues with trusting him. Anyway, I hope it works out for us, because he says he's looking for a long-term relationship and I'm a bit crazy about him.

I'm a Gemini Man here, I find it really hard to be with my Scorpio since she's so emotionally draining. It makes me tired after talking to her or listening to her. She's a really jealous type to, I'd be visiting with family members and when I come back she would sit there and ask me 100 questions about what I did today. I'm really tired of this routine, I'm adaptable but this jealousy crap needs to stop. I'm as loyal to her as she is with me, I would just like it if she didn't sit there and act like I was being investigated by the police. I'm everything that Gemini's are traits/personalities, I change on a whim, But my Scorpio's is actually easy to figure out and it makes me bored. I find myself FORCING me to change to "adapt" to her but being repetitive isn't so much fun for me. Gemini men are loyal just so long as you keep their attention do something exciting Scorpio's are all about "security" and what not. As for the sex it's really intense and amazing with a Scorpio.

Well Im seeing a Gemini guy right now and I am a Scorpio woman and I am having a really hard time having to play what I call games so that he will chase me I guess? Otherwise he gives out very little and it drives me nutz...But the minute I let go he responds....Its really a challenge for me because I am a straight to the point type of person..Dont like to play games and feel if I have to then Im turned off...But I am really interested in getting to know this man so I feel that however and whatever I need to do to get him I

I agree with the person who wrote about your feelings ,being triggered off by the Gemini man, my guy does like his space sometimes , but that's ok cos he lets me without a problem to have my time. what drives me mad about my man is he can be a bit cold when I show my feelings, as me the Scorpio is very open , but my Gemini man, has a problem in doing this as Ive read in the quotes above, he is very loving when and says openly and very often that he loves me, I never ask him for anything but we spoil one another in our own ways, we can be very volatile with each other in a row, yes I can have a spiteful tounge,but in my relationship, he knows how to hurt me with words, like two different people, but 4 years now we've been together, I have an engagement ring, marriage is to be in the near future, I feel though as he's always been there.....

I have been dating a Gemini man for 2 months now. I told him upfront that I am not seeking love or a relationship right now. He pretty much dismisses everything I say and turns it into a challenge and thinks I am playing hard to get. I am becoming so fed up with him I just want him to leave me alone. He needs constant attention and constant affection, and the more he needs the less I want to do it. I think he has a Cancer rising, maybe its why he's so emotional. He is constantly trying to convince me that we should be in a relationship and that love is great and that I am the one for him. He already told me he loved me and I clearly didn't respond but he once again thinks Im just trying to hide my feelings. At this point I feel like I am suffocating. I say to him that I don't want to be in love and he doesn't understand how someone can't want love. or how I can control when I fall in love. I act like an bitch to him and I have been very cold to him recently, but he says it turns him on even more. I miss our fun friendly conversations that were full of jokes and sarcasm. This has turned way too deep and way too fast. Being a Scorpio you would think I'd like it. But I plan ahead and before I even knew him I already knew I do not want any deep feelings involved. Just not the right time for love right now all I want is to enjoy myself without any attachments. Why cant he just sense that I am being cold and back off? I told him we need a break from each other and he just laughs and says "how can we have a break when you don't even want to be in a relationship with me, we basically are on a break". If he thinks THIS annoying constant contact with him (everyday phone calls and texting, once in a while date) is a break then he is CRAZY!

Gemini man here engaged to a Scorpio woman. I dont know why they say theses relationships are so hard... there's faith, trust, loyalty, plenty of love and the sex is intense! what more can a couple ask for? as long as gods in your life and you know what you want, it shouldn't matter what sign you are! Its only a sign!!

I am a Scorpio women married to a Gemini man. It is very frustrating. They can seem very selfish to us Scorpio's. They like there space when they want it but if we give it to them and act indifferent they don't like that. They also want sex when they want it and on their terms. I have been married for 32 years (I think only because I didn't leave). I am thinking of ending our relationship. I recently met an old boyfriend who also happens to be a Gemini :) I really like him a lot but again I don't know if I will be frustrated with again another Gemini (what is it that I am surrounded by Gemini's)! I also have a Gemini daughter!

Scopio women here. I Started dating a Gemini man and on our Second date he told me he loved me. Granted we spoke a few months prior to dating but WOW.. I couldnt say it back to him. Well not at 1st.. its like he wore me down a lil bit. or maybe it was his charm.. Next thing I knew he called me his GirlFriend.. Caught me off-guard.. When did this happen.. But I fell in the trap I guess.. I started caring a lot for this man. He knew what to say.. But all the same time I felt confused. When I mentioned about us being in a relationship he replied "oh I thought we were only dating" HUH???? Things were not working out so he decided to TEXT me saying it wasnt working for him.. UM TEXT?? are you in high school.. We are both 33 years old.. But I agreed. It was not working out. The SEX was great but the rollercoaster he put me on made me upset all the time. Well a few weeks pasted and he started contacting me again. I admit I missed him and he claimed he missed m e and still cared a lot for me. then all of a sudden I stopped hearing from him. A week later he is now in a relationship with another Women.. I finaly Cut all ties with him.. I hate to label Geminis from the ones I know and the one I dated... RUN Scorpios RUN!!!! They Lie and very decetful..

I am a Scopio woman that has dated three Gemini men.the longest relationship was 3 years the shortest 2 months. The sexual attraction is good- but they don't care much about a person past looks. They were all very childish and exhausting, selfish and very superficial. But I clinged to their social magnetic personalities and their childish ways are cute, fun and challenging. I don't mind that they were all flirts - but the selfishness is constant and annoying and with those traits there is no way you can have a strong relationship it was always take with no give.

Scorpio woman here, who recently met a Gemini man. There is so much chemistry, much common ground with beliefs and loyalty. I'm surprised to read of the lack of communication etc, because he is the opposite with me and already shared some very personal and hurtful experiences just as I have shared with him. As a TRUE Scorpio I cannot believe I am as open as this. I trust what I feel so I am going to keep pursuing it.

The attention from him is second to none, but I will admit reading about the superficiality scares me a little.

im a Gemini man in love with a Gemini woman, our situation in complicated, its one of those "friend who's secretly in love with his friend" situations..its kind of sad really, you see, we are both dancers (contemporary) and so I am around her a lot, and I often do a lot of partnering with her so I often have that sexy attraction towards her, and for a little over a year now my feelings for her have been growing and growing. I told her I had feelings for her once before but the feelings weren't mutual. the problem was she dated my ex best friend for almost a year and a half. I know that makes me seem like a bad friend but I assure you its not like that. he was a jerk and I watched him treat her like shit and one day I saw him cheat on her. after they had broken up I told her how I felt about her and that ended my friendship with my old best friend. that was about a year and a half ago and my feelings for her had almost gone away until recently. her older sister is no w my best friend and so I am around her and her family even more than I used to be. I know I shouldn't like her but I just cant help it, I cant even begin to describe my feelings for her, I care about her more than anyone else possibly could. she truly is the most beautiful woman i've ever met, inside and out. she is the kind of person that is friends with everyone and she makes people feel happy when they're around her. I could go on and on about how she attracts me both physically and emotionally. I love her and I want to tell her how I feel but im afraid of rejection. unfortunately I don't think she feels the same way and thats what's keping me from telling her but another part of me says I need to tell her because if I don't then ill never be with her...and with our history and current situation im not sure how I would even go about telling her.

any advice?

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE DAY TO WRITE ON THIS! Alright, so I am actually born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, but I'm born on Nov. 20th, still Scorpio.... Ok, I know personality is also something you really have to take into consideration, but my Gemini and I ended on a HORRIBLE note. That jerk! This all happened yesterday, so understand my anger. Ok, so, we've liked each other and we both didn't know it for 4 years. So then we started hanging out, and wow, and unbelievable connection. Like, I was starting to fall in love, and was scared, ya know? So, I thought he was a player, and I confronted him about it, and he said, "I can have girls as friends, and I know you hang out with guys, so you can have guys as friends, babe!" He was right, a lot of my friends were guys, and he had a bunch of girl 'friends' who he'd flirt with like no other, and with me, every time I was even in a picture with the guy on the other side of the room or something, he'd get jea lous. He loved to find out facts about me, since I'm so secretive, but he himself was so insecure and I always needed to comfort him with his probs. Anyways, we waited off on sex because we had like a weary start, and I told him I'm not some screw around girl, and want us to be together and such...well, before the next time we were going to hang out (and prob do it) I found out info from one of his close friends that he's been having a lot of random sex lately, and all he wanted was to 'hit my booty' (I do have a nice tush for a white girl lol). but wow, like, Gemini man, you straight up lied, multiple times to my face! This guy is the ultimate charmer. He will say anything, and do whatever he can to get into you....literally. I am so grossed out and everything. He might have pleased my Sagittarius side with his spontaninty, but my Scorpio side wants to dag my stinger into him....not literally, but you know. I know your prob looking at your Gemini man thinking," No, he's different...." and maybe he is, but just make sure he doesn't cross your boundaries without letting him know it, cause in the end, you'll just blow up all tha hidden angry, cause you said ok to him the first time.

I'm a Gemini male, age 16. For about a few years now, there was an extremely beautiful Scorpio girl that was always in a grade younger than I.

She was naturally popular with the guys, and always dated the guidos and over popular type of crowds.

I myself am quite popular in our school because I'm an actor, been in three plays as the leading role,

This year's play is rebel without a cause ;).

I'm James Dean :D. Anyway,

This beautiful girl, for whatever reason, SEEMINGLY wasn't effected by my charms, but when we talk, it almost seems as if she herself is alitte....Nervous...Or jumpy..Or...Jittery....Whatever you want to call it.

...I'll admit I have a bad rep as a player, I was involved in a huge incident, where I cheated on my Capricorn Girlfriend to take the virginity of my Libra Ex girlfriend..

...Oh god...

This Scorpio is so good looking, and I can tell she's full of passion, raging emotional swelling from the very depth of her core. Was it me who wasn't interested? Are Scorpio's truly immune to Gemini Charms?

They must not be...We've never been anything more than basic friends, but than again, I haven't really tried to get with her, her and I...We.....I don't know if it's just me, but she seemed effected by me. Any comments? :/

I am an unusual Gemini man from what I've read so far, we have been dating for two months now and there are times when I feel like my Scorpio is in her head, holding on to feelings and making all kinds of scenarios... I need to insist a little so she'll share and then we'll both feel better and have a great time after that... The secret for me is listen, ask questions, but don't be invasive and open up yourself. Never EVER lie, or even hide something, tell everything to your life partner, I must admit I truly love her, we had heard of each other through mutual friends and one night while dancing in a club I saw Her, prettiest girl in the whole club, I asked her "Valerie?" and she smiled and answered "Nooo" so much chemistry between us, I was hooked... next morning I asked her for her phone number, gave her mine, and we texted all day... I just can't get enough of her, every time we spend the day together it's truly wonderful I feel so happy, she is so loving, passio nate, caring, delicate... Thanks to all the comments before mine, I will flirt only with her, make her know every day how much I love her and reaffirm I will not leave her ever (I really intend to be the father of her child and her faithful, caring husband but in time of course) when we have the occasional "disagreement". A real man does not seduce many women, he seduces the same woman over and over again... I learned that from a Capricorn and a Virgo, my parents, still going strong after 45 years... With love, dedication and most of all communication, I know we will succeed, she's the One I just know it...

I have been messing around with a Gemini man for over five years. As a Scorpio woman, I don't feel as if he is in tune with his feelings. Just recently, after five years, I told him that I love him and you know what his response was "you caught feelings for me due to sex??" I wanted to slap the dog shit out of him. He is totally flaky. At one point, I think he cares and the next minute, I feel as if he only see me as a sex object. We are always off and on. I eventually get fed up and move around or we get into a heated argument and go our separate ways. We just started talking again after two months or so. He gets on my last nerve but it is something about him that keep us attached. What to do?? I love and hate him all at the same time.

Scorpio girl here, was with a Gemini for 10 years ( yeah long time I know!) and I encountered everything mentioned on here. As a pure Scorpio, I held on to this relationship as I thought I could work him out and help him but to no avail, his selfish, childish side won again! His numerous cheating, changing friends, constant leaving me then returning back wore me down to the point where my Scorpio tendancies have got the better of me and I'm done with his ass, and there's no going back now. Stubborn Scorpio has made her mind up. There were nice parts to him such as his social skills, his fun nature and we were dynamite in bed but overall I would never date a Gemini again - way too flaky for my serious, commited side.

I'm a Scorpio woman who has strong feelings for this Gemini man. I don't actually understand why I have such strong feelings toward this Gemini man but I guess its the mysteriousness and because he's always there to listen to whatever I have to say. He's very curious so it makes him a good listener in a way. But what really gets me is that he flirts with you one day and he doesn't the next day. He's fun and remembers almost everything you tell him your likes and dislikes etc...The downside about Gemini man is that He keeps you hanging in many situations. And when you ignore him and don't talk to him for a while. He sends you random messages or gives you random calls. I feel like i'm on a rollercoaster and i'm strapped in there everytime i'm with him. But the weirdest thing is that I find it interesting and quite challenging with this Gemini man.I'd like to see what happens if any. Oh and Gemini man don't ever like talking about himself, he only likes to find out thi ngs about people.*sigh which makes it quite frustrating!!!

Wow! I am a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Gemini man and can't believe how all these stories sound just like mine!! We started dating about 3 months ago and he was so into me, told me he loved me within the first month. Something about him was shady and I could tell by the second month that he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. He is now taking trips to other states and not answering phone calls, he's becoming very distant. I am ending this relationship today before things go any further. My Scorpio instinct tells me he's cheating and I am not ignoring it any longer!

Scorpio woman here and well yall lol my Gemini guy is crazy!!!! I have recently divorced a Libra of 14 years and jumped into a friendship with this gemini. I knew him almost a year before we started hanging out, we had chemistry like nothing I have ever expierienced. At first it was all about me, he made me feel wanted and granted he probably did want me, however when he needed me I was there I did all sorts of stuff for him and helped him, but he never returned the favor. He called me his girl once or twice and was very jealous for a while, the sex was o.k. but emotionally he wasn't in it, but I was and he loved it. We held off on sex for months and after a few times he slept with his ex girlfriend which put an end to it for me, I was insulted. I'm a good thing. lol but he never called or txt me back and if he did he needed something. I feel used and played by this guy but the sad part is he genuinely loves me, maybe not romantically but he still checks in with me now and again. My advice never get started with a Gemini man, if you do you will fall hard and they will leave you to pick up the pieces by yourself! Good luck ladies!!!

I'm a Scorpio woman, and I have been in a relationship with Gemini for almost 3 months. Since the first time we met, he showed that he really attracted to me, even I still have a boyfriend that time. Few months later I broke up, then he keep contacting me to see me. On our first meeting, I took my girl friend with me and all night he was saying how much he likes me, how much he wants me. he even hold my hands after that first meeting. 2nd meeting, I was having dinner with my friends and he joined me. during the dinner, he acted as if we're a couple and he always mention to all my friend that he likes me a lot. he also started to call me 'baby'. The next day, when I'm going back to my hometown, he insisted to drive me to my hometown, it's 2 hours away. He held my hands all the way, he can't stop staring at me and hugging me. He was begging me to be his girlfriend at that time, but I said,'not yet'. I don't feel comfortable since we barely know each other. Then he met my family instantly, he was so charming, talkative, and smart, so everyone likes him. He kissed me in the 5th days after our first meeting.

The first 2 weeks was very beautiful. I told him that i'm not ready to have sex, and he's patiently wait. he always around, driving me to works, even waiting for me when I have meeting. I was completely in love because of all his attention.

After that two weeks, we started fighting, and he started to show the real him. when he want something, he has his own ways to say it to persuade me, until I say yes. he promised this and that, but then he would break the promises. I ask him not to continue the relationship, but he's apologizing and asked for another chance.

He's smart, funny, and friendly. he's also childish, he loves to be taken care of. I begin to fell in love with him. There are times when he will be very depending to me, but there are also times when he's out all day, busy with things and left me feel neglected. Sometimes when I really need him to do something, or even when i'm sick, he is still busy and he will pay no attention at all. Scorpios needs so much caring and attention, and I started to complain. When I started to cry or put too many emotions, he will get uneasy and avoiding you. the best way to say things or complaining to him is through jokes. Say what you need to say with a smile and tease him, he will hear you.

he has a lot of friend, from boys, girls, high class VIP, waiters, even gay. he even still hang out with his ex girlfriend years ago. I usually get jealous, but I never showed it. but I do my little research, and I found out he lied a lot. he loves to party, while I don't. most of the lies was he went clubbing and he didn't told me. I also found out that he flirted with some girls, but I feel that it's not so serious. After months, he became more distant and cold. but when we see each other, he will act as if nothing happen. I told him that I need more romance, he laughed at me and said that being romantic is so last year. Actually I'm very tired with this relationship, I need him to love me and take care of me like he treated me on our first two weeks. I'm thinking of breaking up with him, but somehow I feel that I still want to work on this relationship, to see if there's something more I can do to make things well again.

I am a Scorpio woman and I have the Gemini curse. very many reasons. I have a daughter and me & her father are not together. he was so interesting when I first met him... back in the day I was attracted to bad boys... then a year after I met him saw he was all BS and a loser... moved back to my moms... was on the verge of breaking up.... then I found out I was pregnant. boy did this Gemini put me through hell after I had our baby. stole $1200 for my stupiid traffic ticket warrants. called cps on me cuz we were going to press charges but I had to leave because my mother was an alcoholic. so I went back to him had no choice. 3 months later went to jail for getting drunk and cussing out a peace officer.... while I was at home with our 7 month old. I left him the 6 months he was in there. got back with him I was the only one working... he couldnt get a job such bad felonies... ugh long story short he got reallh messed up on pills and almost suffocated me. he's now in jail yet again. I had a best friend from first grade up until middle school we stopped being friends. I had another best friend that was a Gemini and she ended up sleeping with my older brother who was older and she was underage & told a bunch of people about it. my brother was in the wrong yes but he was drunk and didn't realize what he had done till the next day... she could have gotten him in jail. my other best friend was a Gemini and once she got a new friend she threw me to the dirt. then my other best friend abbi she was the only friend that stuck around after I got pregnant (with a gemini) and she was the "godmother" of my little girl.... convinced my mom after 4 yrs of letting her come back over I finally convinced her... abbi still didn't see my daughter after 3 months she was born. so I go to a festival with her and the plan was for us to stay the night so instead she decides to go spend it with some guy she just met... didn't talk to her for 6 months and made up. then we got into a fight... then my mom died of liver failure and I called her because she was my bff & she told me "stupid bitch shouldnt have drinken so much vodka" and hung up. NOW I actually met this guy... we chilled at my apartment and stayed up from 12am-9am talking the whole time so much in common and guess what HE'S A DAMN Gemini & I REALLY LIKE HIM! UGH!!!!!!OPPOSITES ATTTRACT SHOULD I JUST LEAVE IT ALONE SINCE I HAVE HAD HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES WITH GEMINI?

i've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 10 yrs..and its almost a love/hate relationship. I love him to death but he works a gem boyfriend acts like a third child...they are very dependent men matter if they have a good career or not...just sayin...its draining to a scorpio...woman! I am very deep in thoughts,but he gives one word answers...and I wanna give up but havent...i find myself stuck with him...too secure to let go and live...and I know that can be a problem... also, Gemini men and Scorpio women are always bumping least we are...never can agree on anything without a debate....and neither one of us would step someone!

I am a Scorpio woman who has been married to a Gemini Man...OMG! its been the hardest 20yrs of my life. With a Gemini you just never know what your going to walk into. Can be the nicest person in the world...then he can be the biggest jerk you have ever met in your life. I have stuck around because I don't like to give up and plus we have a child together. He has hurt me time and time again. Say's he wants his freedom and just when I think its over...there he comes saying he's sorry. They are great at blaming the other person...never taking responsibility for HIS actions. He says that he feels caged up. Never wants to tell me where he is going just takes off. For you Scorpios out there you know that just kills us not to know anything grrrr. But they only tell you what they feel you should know...if that.

But I guess its gotten better thru out the years. I have cheated on him...I didn't go looking for it...I met a Cappy man that just drives me crazy. But I will never ever leave my Gemini man.

wow, I'm really scared about that now. I've known a Gemini man for a year now, and I'm head over heels for him. I'm a full out true Scorpio ( the description matches me perfectly) and I've been 'with' a Gemini for a year now. I met him in London and low and behold we come from the same city.I fell inlove with him at first site and we talked all day and he was like the missing puzzle piece. Everything about him seemed like he was the ONE. We spent two whole days together and didn't do anything wrong. Then he went back to our city and I left the day after him. I come home and there's already like three messages from him. So we emailed each other atleast 300 messages that day. He says he wants to see me soon. So we make plans for 3 days later. We hang out all day I'm connecting with him really well. Then when he drops me off I kissed him. I had never experienced that feeliing before. It was quite litterally magical. I check my email the next day and he tells me that he has a girlfriend. That didn't stop me though so we decided to see eachtoher again. He came to my place and we had this amazing make out scene. OMG I never felt that way before. WE stayed connected for a long time. Then I came back from a three week vacation over the summer to find a message say ing that he screwed my life up and that he was sorry and he wanted to end it. two months later he sends me another sorry letter saying that his last message was a dick move and he didn't expect me to talk to him again. I was still inlove with him and automatically replied. We are so close and I'm inlove with him and even have dreams of him. but I don't know what to think after reading these comments and knowing that even before I met him he had a girlfriend

Ok, so my brother is a Gemini and I'm a Scorpio (Female). Being a gemini, he's quiet and likes to do his own things. He wouldn't bother others. But when he starts on his annoying mode, there he goes. He wouldn't take anyone's advice.

We always have a big argument, and I'd ignore him for days. He'd apologize but you know, the stubborn Scorpio I am, I still didn't give in. Bur deep inside, I love him dearly of course. It's just a lesson learnt for him.

In summary, Gemini's works hard for something they want, they're ambitious but sometimes they're plain lazy. Food wise, they're fairly picky. When it comes to love, well I do not know for sure but he seem to like briliant and a girl of good morals. I'm so gonna find out who that girl is ;D

I'm a Scorpio woman dating a Gemini man for the past ten months. I fell for him very quickly, after about two weeks into our relationship he told me he loved me. I admitted it back (because I did feel the same way). We argue a lot when we are not together and I will accuse him of cheating or lying because I just don't understand how his mind works!! I honestly do trust him but something in my mind gives me the instinct to accuse him (Its a Scorpio thing! LOL) He gets angry and asks why I cant trust him and all of that but I do. But when he comes home I am totally differnt I act like a little girl all cheesy smiling and laughing and barely have a temper at all. I think its just tension from the seperation when he is away because I miss him. I feel as though I fall for him more everytime he comes home. (He's away in school) and I told him I could see us lasting for a very long time possibly the rest of our lives. But I don't think he feels the same way just not yet and it kills me because I do love him but I will give it time to see what happens we got plenty of time.

I'm a Scorpio woman and I'd consider myself a very strong one that knows what she wants. A lot of the above stories I can relate to with Gemini men and the thing is it is a sign and I believe other factors play a part in a persons character / personality however these two Gemini's I have dated in the past were pretty much the same.

I always get told the same thing about my personality and find I hear how I am calm, reassuring to be around and should be in a job where I'm either working with children or as a nurse, that kinda thing.

I actually did work with kids before and have now moved onto my dream as a musician. I earlier read an article by a Gemini man saying he too is creative and I think this passion of mine is the only thing that saves me and helps me to think black and white about a situation. I don't like needy men and I like my own space and time so I like that Gemini's have space and aren't hanging off you as well plus I think distance can make the times you are together more meaningful.

HOWEVER, I have been played, tricked and lied to before and tbh I will do what I like as well. I attract my own fair share of guys and will take numbers, date and just get to know lots of people as I am a very socialable person and know I too am a good flirt so if you want to play that game so can I, and if you don't like it then tough.....stubborn lol!!

The first Gemini I met in summer has opened up to me and has tried to be secretive but 1) is see trough and 2) hit on a friend of a friend...erm hello! Girls talk so that didn't go down too well plus I sensed all the games and didn't like how one min communication was there and then.....*tumble weed*....ignored txts, phone calls even when we had arranged to do something THAT evening!!

I was out one night and I flirted with his cousin and bro knowing it probably would get back to him, we had a massive argument despite me sayin but "where have you been? You don't respond, you get funny when I tell you no and I just find you rude!" I deleted him from almost anything which he was likely to contact me through and then much to my suprise he added me back! He's very jealous but I did think "do you have no pride? I moved to your cousin AND deleted you (giving him the Scorpio cold shoulder which happens more and more these days) and you came back!" We do speak on and off and I hear the "Im going to come see you one day" and I will be cheeky back and say something sarcastic in return lol.

This next guy is flirty too and actually the guy above admitted this also cus he is insecure and wants to feel needed....answer to your problem...STOP being so fickle, moving from one cirle / girl to the next so you don't even have time to build anything and then on those days when you feel low you may actually have some true friends and people that care around you to pick you up. If you need reassurance from strangers then daaaaymn man up! lol.

Anyway this next guy, I will say it how it is cus I have been the doting Scorpio who lasted an abusive relationship with an Aries and realised that no matter what I do some people will only see my kindness as a weakness when really I am all for respect, if I don't feel respected by you....bye bye. I believe in treating people how you want to be treated, having common courtesy and really does this all depend on what sign you are?? It shouldnt, having space and wanting time for you should be a different matter to going about it rudely and saying you will call me later then not doing it! Firting one day and bein so over charming it is obvious what you're doing then acting differently around people or in public. I think things do have to be on their terms but I'll be private and mysterious too so when he cant come and see me I'll make some comment about doing something else and I get the response "like what?" never you mind "like what!" lol...Iv told him to his face that he was ba re face rude by saying he was going to call me back in 2mins and then nothing and he apologised and could tell I was backing off, this does sometimes get them running back but tbh if the right man comes along I will go for it, if he doesn't I am very comfortable being by myself and don't get caught up in all the emotion quite as much as I use to. My biggest switch in my core has been turned on and my heart has gone cold towards men generally, so therefore I need to see and feel as I have very strong intuition, the real deal, if I have any doubt then I will be thinking from my dark side and be purely stubborn as always lol.

Piscian men, wow I was dating one for ages and it was great BUT he didn't want a relationship but become very controlling, wanted everything his way and is also very selfish....he is OVER emotional too, whines at anything and sulks like a child, that is not great but the more mature sensitivity is. Im not too sure how much star signs have to play in all this as I believe we were made by 1 God and I think culture, generations, family lifestyles, life experiences all make these factors what they are. I am not the Scorpio I was 2 years ago but I feel a stronger and more determined one now! (maybe not for others but me I feel more in control because I realised I do not need unproductive, time/energy wasting people in my life).

Scorpio's you are meant to have great intuition / instinct, go with it and don't let anyone make you doubt yourself...I don't trust easily but the least I could do is trust my analytic brain cus 9 times out of 10 I have been completely right and made myself feel a wally and like these men have had the upper hand....thats all changed :-)

Hi, M Gemini men here. The amazing fact is that Scorpio is very genetal sex appeal... I really like sex appeal which they offer during their conversation... But the problem is this appeal works only for a few days and after some time, Scorpio like to take over me... which I feel too much.... I need variety in sex and love... I got bored with the routine. so if Scorpio bring veriety and keep changing their rotuine, I don't see any problem arrising out here..

I'm a Scorpio woman with a Gemini boyfriend. I can't complain about him at all. we love each other and we talk about getting married some day. I feel like he's my soul mate. I know he's not perfect but I love him just as he is. I guess it is still early days, but I think (hope) it will work out between us. I never wanted to marry anyone until I met him and just felt like he was the one. apparently when you meet 'the one' things just work out so easily in a relationship and that is how it is for us. I don't feel insecure at all. he is caring and always there for me and a good communicator. he is fun and warm.

I read everything above and I can tell you it's all the truth. I'm Germini man , 24 years old. Dated a lot of women and I get tired of relationship very quick . Its like we were made just to have fun on earth and never be serious about anything . I met a Scorpio women one week ago and could have slept with her on second date but didn't as I really like her and I know if I sleep with women I loose interest straight away.The only women that ever outplay me was a Libra women . He is advise from men point of view how to keep Gemini men interested for long - keep him guessing always, no straight answers . Don't try to play you will loose .Be mysterious , ignore at times. I'm attracted to women that are tough to get . Gemini men always need a challenge so be that challenge. If Gemini men in bed mood don't get into argument ignore it , you will see that this is actually the best way to deal with Gemini mood inconsistancy. Don't ask Gemini to commit into relationship even if he ask you about say that you are not ready yet , keep it away for as long as you can. Hope it will help one of you

My experience with a Gemini was horrible. We connected instantly, he started telling me he loved me after about a week, he charmed my kids. He was very attentive and only interested in pleasing me during sex. I stayed the night with me almost every night and spent all his spare time with me.He was very jealous of other men talking to me when we went out to the club together. After showing all of these strong emotions toward me, he just suddenly disappeared.He stopped coming over, he didn't call me or return any of my calls. He took me through a whirlwind and just dropped me and this all happened in about a 3wk time period!!!!!!Damn you Gemini!

I'm a Scorpio woman, who dated a Gemini man for almost two months but we didn't last long. Right away he had trust issues with me (he blamed it on his past relationship) and I did everything I could to let him know that I was not the player he thought I was (although I get a lot of attention for men, doesn't mean I sleep with them all). Ever since I met him, I've never been interested in anyone else and I turned away all of the others who wanted to date me for this Gemini man. I was into him right away and he told me that same thing. Our attraction was incredible. Whenever we were apart we'd fight and argue but when we were together, I had the best times with him. Just recently he asked me to be exclusive with him and I agreed. Then he went away for the weekend and had made plans with me that sunday. Then he didn't call or keep in touch, and I felt like I was smothering him with texts so I ended up not texting him until sunday. We had a very hard time communicating with each other soon after that and reading everyone else's comments, I realized I wasn't the first Scorpio woman to feel this after waiting all day sunday for him to text me, he ended up standing me up (which really pissed me off) so I texted him saying "that's for leaving me hanging" and he texted me back saying "I guess i'm not the relationship type blah blah blah" so I told him we clearly weren't working out and to delete my photos and phone number and he did. It's been a day now and I really wish I hadn't blown up on him and pushed him away...I liked him A LOT but I guess you can't win them all.

Hi,a Scorpio lady here. How can I approach a Gemini guy ?? He just seem so shy as when I walk past him(when he is alone)he would seem to be fidgeting terribly or when I pass him papers and tried to look into his eyes, He would just look away and give me shy glances and a saying thank you softly , but later he would seem uninterested at all!!!! I tried to give him a few stares when I have a chance,but he gave me back a fierce look or even tell his friend! I don't really know what to feel as a few of his friend told me that he ask if I am attach,Did he ask it out of curiosity or is he really interested in me? Should I give him up? I am so confuse now....

This Gemini guy was my schoolmate for three years and we got to know each other through a mutual friend. Well, not really. I caught him staring at me for a good 10 minutes so when I saw him at school, I get all nervous and excited at the same time. We started with a little hello each time and after he graduated, we still kept in touch. I've known him for say, four years and eversince we became friends, he asked me out. I refused as I was more interested in his friend but still, things don't go too well either. Yet, I was firm with my decision- Don't go out with him. Reason? I don't really know. Maybe it's just my ego. Recently though, I decided to give him a chance. My intention was to go out with him, once and for all. Okay so yeah, we had a date.

GOD HELP ME. The first time in a long time when I saw him for our movie date, I got hooked! I felt comfortable & safe with him. We had some drinks and a long chat. I wish it didn't have to end. We got a connection right away. He knew I was nervous, and that made him admit that he was nervous too. And he was funny. He tried to show off his muscles and stuff (LOL. Like, when we were walking in the mall, people were looking at us and right then, I thought, I'm a lucky girl. (OR MAYBE HE'S THE LUCKY GUY HAHA).

We went to a movie and before it starts he was complaining of the cold temperature and so he leaned closer. I knew it was just some sort of reason but I liked it. Blablabla, the end of the movie and I cried. He stares at me as though he never seen anyone cry at the end of a movie. We got out, walked through the mall, stopped in front of a fast food restaurant along the railing and started talking. He came closer and I looked at him straight in the eye, because he was staring at me at such a way when I'm talking. Then I realised I almost lose myself in those beautiful eyes, damn. He leaned and hugged me, whispered something (which I'm too shocked to even hear what it is) and kissed me on the cheek. Cold lips.

He wasn't that kinda guy who would kiss any girl out of fun so I felt special, for a while. I expected something else. Maybe something on a higher level. but sadly, no. We barely talk after that night and I was left feeling unsure of his motive. He was complementing this girl as "hot and pretty" on FB. He never complemented me in such a way, or any way as a matter of fact.

I mean like, why does this Gemini make an effort to get close to me despite my rejection? Why does he bother me for years, and when I finally give in, he takes it for granted. Strange. He could have dated that hot girl right? I could just move on now, but I chose not to. Because for once, I was treated like a lady not some kind of punk babe or whatever. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US Scorpio WOMEN UNSURE.

im a Scorpio and I met this Gemini guy at school 3 or 4 months ago and he is a few months older than me(im 18).so we start talking on facebook and then he gave me his number and we start texting each day I was really bored and I just txted him and asked him to chill.he said yes and he came and we was late at night and kina dark and he was tryna scare me and after that he was hugging me.the same night after I went home he txted me and said that it would be so much fun if me and him go to the movies together we planned it out and after 2 weeks we went ot the movies(we didn't see a horror movie).during the movie and after we left th etheatre he was holding my hand and then he walked me home and when he hagged me he kissed me on my neck :P(this happened 2 weeks ago).now we chill almost every day.he hugges me and he keeps telling me that he loves how scared I get.he also calle dme princess once.he is cute and I really like him but I don't know bout you think he likes me?

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