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I'm a Taurus woman who has been with a Gemini man for one year and counting now. When we first became acquainted with each other, our chemistry was out of this world. He was so cool to converse with.

Once we started to know each other well, I became strongly attached to him. He did too, but it took longer for him to reach the level of liking where I was.

One thing that drove me crazy about him was he was so UNPREDICTABLE! One point of time he would be this great lovable person who would tell me all kinds of sweet things then the next he would be this nonchalant guy. So therefore, I was always on a rollercoaster with him.

It's very true with they say about a Gemini men; they are very restless, flirtatious, and adventurous. As for myself, a Taurus woman, I like stability and I can become very jealous if I am willing to put forth the effort of being with someone.

He and I have a special connection among ourselves. I give him freedom and he values my security to him. We try to be understanding towards one another everyday. Yes, it is a struggle at times, but we rarely get into arguments, but when there is a disagreement, we tackle them, and boy there will be fireworks since we're both stubborn.

Just some advice out there to those Taurus women and Gemini men, don't get discouraged about what you read or hear about the lack of compatibility between these two zodiac signs are. The real lesson is how you guys make the relationship work! If there is trust , love and understanding within these zodiac signs, I trust and believe that there will paradise!

I am a Taurus woman who dated a Gemini man for three years.

I swear he had two different personalities. He could be so sweet, so sensitive, and then get a few drinks in him and he could become withdrawn or ultra sarcastic. He was so brilliant in some respects but totally lacking in common sense.

Like most artists, he had a lot of talent but wouldn't use it to his advantage. He would go on these spurts for a while, full of creativity and then just stop as suddenly as he started.

Our sex life was very good because it meant a lot to him to please me in that respect, but when it came to doing things that I wanted to do, it was like pulling teeth.

His sleeping habits were way, way off, staying awake until two in the morning and yet he managed to go to work every day. Me, on the other hand, would be crawling into work on a wing and a prayer from staying up so late.

After three years of seeing this relationship was going no where but draining me, I broke it off.

Mostly, it was the drinking the affected our relationship. He never hurt me physically, but he cut me to pieces with the drinking and never doing anything. I guess I just got tired of coming home to someone passed out on the couch when I wanted to go somewhere or just visit with friends.

I'm a Taurus woman who dated a Gemini man. I was attracted to him at first because of his face, but when I got to know him better, I was also impressed by how determined and focused he was. He could be a little blunt and arrogant, but he always meant well.

We got along best when we were one-on-one without a lot of other people around. Even though we didn't have tons in common aside from being in the same school (I like reading, he was a huge sports freak), he was always honest with me, which in my book was more important than remembering all the important dates or being extremely romantic.

Sometimes it felt like his teammates were more important than me, but still, I would have liked it to last a little longer, but he wanted to pursue football, which required him to move around. I think his best feature was how intense his gaze was; it always felt like he was looking right through you.

Aw Taurean girls, how we go so crazy for these Gemini boys!! So smart, articulate, witty, and fun is he that I am positive I have met the man of my dreams! And I am equally as certain that he feels the same way about me when I see his eyes sparkle at our clever banter! Then for no apparent reason he acts bored, making me wonder what I have done wrong, and several hours will pass before he will mentally and emotionally comes back to me as if nothing has happened. So wonderful, yet so confusing!

I read these other experiences and smile at the words "special connection", "rollercoaster" , and "blunt and arrogant, but he always meant well", and I wonder, have we all been dating the same man?! lol!! After all, it wouldn't surprise me, since this Gemini man is such a flirt! I guess I try to ignore it because I am just grateful that I get a part of him.

Sigh, I love him, and although I know he loves me, too, he would call it something else just so he wouldn't have to use "that word".

I m a Taurus girl and ive been friends with a Gemini guy for over 2 years. What he thought about me was that I was very amusing and fun to be around with, as well as just a 'very annoying little girl'. Although Ive never told him that I like him for then a friend and its true that he is two faced (never know what he thinks since every day he is different towards me). He is quiet shy, and not the only shy Gemini in my class. Neither does he have a problem expressing his feelings towards me like (I like it when we talk) even though he tells me 'im more into fashion then news' (which I know is a turn off for him since a Gemini boy likes in a girl since they are intellects and like to hear something 'new') He also LOVES to tease but like most of my Taurus girls, they don't understand it, I think that he insults me by saying 'ur too much attached to me' while he says he's just teasing cause its funny how I fall for it. Presently our relationship is still active and cute.

He is also a great flirt just like all Gemini's but if you're in a relationship with one, don't worry bout it or question him too much because its true that they don't notice when they do it (just like ive asked him he says 'that's not true! I don't flirt with her... or her... euuw' but he does)

My suggestion for Taurus girls, go for it until they show that they are not interested!!! Every day they are different and to be sure in yourself ask them what they think about you're relationship, don't be scared!!

Taurus girl attracted to Gemini man who is extremely attractive, witty, clever but the most flirtatious guy I have ever met. Just leave him to flirt and have fun cause if you get all jealous (typical in Taurus females) he will run a mile. I have asked my female friends what they think of him. They are all different signs and they say he is fun but wouldn't like to be his girlfriend. I hang onto him for the fun.

Im a Taurus girl with a Gemini friend who is attractive blunt and arrogant .who is always sending mixed signals. drives me crazy, he is sacred of commitment. maybe because he loves to flirt.

Wow! I read everyone's comments and yes that Gemini man is definitely two people. Never ask him to define your relationship cause that scares the heck out of him. He has a good heart, and yes he is the biggest flirt around! Loving a Gemini man when you are a Taurus woman is not easy but life without them just isn't the same! I find he drives me crazy being in my life but when he isn't I miss him to bits! Torn between my typical Taurean traits and wanting to be with this Gemini man is hard but I think if one has enough patience and can hold back the Taurus jealousy you could potentially have a great thing going. Not my easiest relationship but by far the one I haven't been able to let go of. The attraction to his wit and charm are too strong a pull! Good luck Taurus women with those Gemini men, I know how you feel!

Yes indeed,

I am a Taurus woman and am crazy about a Gemini man. We have been dating for a year and I find him more irresistible everyday! He does have two sides to his personality. I did not believe in the typical ideologies of horoscopes until I met him, because he has two different personalities at times. I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster as well. Oh, and he flirts like mad. is too true, he looks at women all the time. I know that he cares for me, he tells me often how much he adores me and shows me in a myriad of ways how he loves me. I do not get it! He tells me he adores me and then looks at other women. I want this to last but I have to give him lots of room to peruse with his eyes. I guess I do not mind, because he has a brilliant mind and an amazing personality and I find him dizzyingly intellectual and wonderful on so many levels both physically and mentally.

Taurus! Taurus! Taurus! That I am to its truest sense! Been with Gemini man for 5 years! Roller-coaster ride is an UNDERSTATEMENT! His flirtatious behavior and manipulative nature coupled with a constant need to be entertained makes for an internal battle with himself. But after my psychological breakdown of my guy, I find that after all is said and done...he is full of shit. He wants and yearns for the same as me - to be loved unconditionally. The connection we have is unexplainable. He does zone out at time, and I often wonder if I am pursuing this relationship by myself, but after reading your blog, I don't feel so isolated anymore. But I am at a crossroads, is he worth the list of pros and cons points to a big ole - 'get the hell outta dodge'...but when I've tried to separate myself, the missing and suffering of being away from him eats away at my soul. Its a funny question, but does a Gemini really know what they want?

I am a Taurus woman in a current relationship with a Gemini Man. Id have to say I thought I was the only one who felt that this man has 2 many female friends and his personality does change daily. one day he's up under me all lovey dovey.. and im in heaven then he gets this lil burst of ok im tired, or don't touch me. he is a good lover but doesn't want to do the deed all the time. I can understand and he doesn't want to get bored with me. He is very smart and I see the world differently after being with him for a year so far. I do try and keep him entertained, he loves video games, but damn it ill never win in an argument. He drives me up the wall but like you other girls... I go crazy being away from him. We have a high intellectual level with each other. I know him like a book and he will never figure me out lol. he likes that I know him so well and that im such the little house wife! it is hard but we can make it! Hang in there Taurus women!

I asked a Gemini guy to define poor relationship and now it feels like he is pulling away, what should I do now? Let him go or just give him his space? We have a very strong connection.

I'm a Taurus girl and I recently met a Gemini guy a few days ago and he brought me over to his place because we had sooooo much in common. next thing I know, we got snowed in. it was crazy! he couldn't take me home for 3 1/2 days!! and during those days we "shared" a lot mentally, physically and emotionally. and he kept saying how he's trying not to fall for me so fast. I didn't either, now I find myself "in love" ...I guess you could say infatuated with him. but before I met him, I was so over men and their antics. but with him, I just feel so free and happy. and I haven't felt this way in a long time. I also told myself I would never again get back with a Gemini guy. he's stealing my heart and I don't know what to do but give him space since we were in each others faces for days! I don't want to scare him off like I did the other guys but he has noticed my "ways". and he's starting to get a little worried. I can tell. this makes me just wanna quit this "relationship" a together before I get hurt. since I have a stubborn attitude anyway, it can be easy but can get worse over time because he's just so hard to get over. damnit!!!!!!!!!! what should I do??????

I am a Taurus girl and I am dating a Gemini man. We've only been together for just over a month and he drives me crazy.. In a good way.. I do agree with the roller coaster ride.. He is very clever and fun...Then he is super quiet and keeps to himself.. but he is a complete LOVE BUG! very very affectionate and very passionate.. He absolutely loves to cuddle and make me happy.. he is a total giver and a pleaser! He is an amazing lover... I'm 28 and Have never felt this good kissing anyone then I do with him..

Plus he is amazing with my daughter and animals :)

I was in a 6 year relationship with Gemini who left me, Taurus, with no indication of a problem, for a bi-sexual Gemini female. We had never really ever had a fight. I guess I missed the signs. We saw each other every week, usually weekends he slept over or I stayed a night at his place. One weekend he kept texting me saying he would see me later that he was busy...very busy...too busy to see me. Got to go for my regular Monday nite. Arrived at the same time he did, before he had a chance to get into his place I arrived. Went to the bathroom and all my cosmetics and personals were gone. He had removed sheets from his bed and a towel and bath cloth was hanging where mine would have been. Long story short, he said he was seeing someone else, our relationship was now platonic and handed me my things in two plastic bags. The bastard gave other warning and simply stated he was moving on with someone else. I was told her name and happen to know of her and that she was lesbian. I asked me a few days later why a lesbian for me. He claimed he did not know it....everyone else pretty much did. That was August, its now January. he claims he didn't really believe it...Hah! what a joke...Its not a secret to her family, whom I know and some of her associates. Can't figure this...hurt to my bones. love the guy still....Can't function. we still talk even after my rage reaction...He didn't know I would be so upset??????? Stupid!!! Why wouldn't I. I am recovering but have not had the interest or energy to move on. Help!!

RUN, TAURUS, RUN! Not only I have my 2 year "relationship" experience with a Gemini man, but I also read A HELL LOT, to come to this conclusion - RUN. The sooner the better, because due to his intellect, charm and sexual appeal we think we are 'in love' and fall deeper each day. The next thing you know is that you are stuck with him and can't leave. I'm still trying to leave. THEY NEVER CHANGE!!! What you see (dual flirtatious unstable nature) is what you get and can NEVER change him. You think he is the 'One' and that you have this amazingly deep connection. True? True. It is something with a Gemini man- Taurus woman pair, that makes all of us to believe it. In the end, you end up heart broken with a psychosis and never wanting to date again OR working like a horse trying to keep him entertained. AND it doesn't get any better! Go for a Virgo or Capricorn. We want to feel like a woman and be appreciated for our home-making skills. Taurus woman is traditional and romantic. We think we'll get what we want with Gemini, but it is all an illusion. They are also the most likely sign to cheat. Do you really want that?

So my story...back and forth with my Gemini man from an exclusive to an open relationship for two years, because he is afraid of commitment and him feeling the regret of not sleeping around enough. Being understanding, supportive, etc....hurting like hell inside, feeling he is the one and can't move on. Despite the break-up, he keeps calling and we continue the contact, he says he can't even imagine sleeping with another girl, we are back together, then the SAME thing. I feel like a toy!!! It will never end well. He'll keep making you feel like he'll change and with time, he'll be more stable and committed. LIE LIE LIE! Don't believe it and when you see a Gemini man, run the other direction. He can only be happy with a Libra or a Aquarium, because they also love freedom and themselves more than their partner. So selfish! With sex, love and everything good. He'll NEVER know what he wants and you'll go insane! I'm trying to get my life back together and gather the strength to push him away 4EVER. DONE!

Anyone of any sign can cheat. While Gemini's may or may arguably be the most likely sign to do so that doesn't mean that any individual one will.

Sup Y'all I'm a Gem male & I recently have been catching feelings for this Taurus girl but at da same time I think its just infatuated cause sometimes our mind can sub consciously control our emotions be cause we don't use our emotions a lot.. Most gems don't wanna get married cause we like 2 have fun esp at a earlier age whether man /female..

Now taurean female are very stable & very money-oriented.

besides da fact that Taurus FEMALES are VERY LOYAL jus like gems we just show it totally different but both signs have something to give 2 each other.. If both signs can actually tolerate each other while @ da same time communicating with each other while @ da same time come to an understanding./foundation then it can work out for the best.. Y'all gem dudes know y'all be wanna freak them Taurus females.. it's only right since we are a sign apart from each other.. y'all know they cute in a different way that makes us wanna chase them.. have patience gem... bottom line is this it's there is any sign we would actually build with as far as being totally different from each other... NO IT"S NOT (SCORPIO) it would be Taurus cause after all they do care & love as well right..?

I am a Gemini man with a Taurus woman. and man oh man its like fireworks all the time. I love her dearly I've been with her for a year and half... this relationship required a lot of sacrificing, but to me was all worth it because I love her dearly. She is very nice and decent and she fell in love with me first. I sometimes think how life would be without her. And I have my say, it would be very boring. Mine and her relationship is literally a rollercoaster, something that I'm fine with. She is slowly getting on it to don't worry. So girls relax not all Gemini men are flirtatious, I know I am but I flirt with my girl and not anyone else...I've seen a lot of love in her eyes for me and as for the sex life ...well we haven't really got to that yet, she's very protective and I never forced her to do it, I guess it will come naturally.

I am a Taurus woman and I dated a Gemini man for about 8 months. What is it about Gemini men that attracts, us? My Gemini and I broke up about 4 months ago and I still can't get him off my mind when actuality I should have been let him go. The first 6 months ofbour relationship was heaven, we had fun together, romantic, laugh, just loved each other. The last two months, I felt like I was in a relationship with a different person, I felt like I didn't know him anymore. We broke up because he felt like he couldn't give me the time that I needed and I still miss him dearly!

I have been pursued by a Gemini man (but I must add that I have Venus in Gemini and also the North Node - planet of reincarnation, and he has Venus in Taurus and we both share a Aries Moon) who I have also had strong feelings for too and when we are together we just instinctively understand each other. Everyone thinks I'm a Gemini because I'm so much like him lol and vice versa. He really comes on strong and I like that, yet at the same time it's all light and mercurial which I also need because when things get too heavy I run, so I do dare say we are a perfect match, or a match made in Heaven, and that mirrors the opinion of everyone who knows us! :)

I have been dating a Gemini man for a few months now. We've known one another for a couple years and threatened to show one another a good time for some time now. Now that we're involved, I've found I really, really like him. I love his acidic sense of humor. I love to listen to his comedic stories of his workplace. He keeps me in stitches laughing, then he peels every stitch off of me ever-so deliberately, like he knows he's supposed to be there. Unlike the way he talks of love and relationships, all cool and like he doesn't really care, he makes love like he means it . . . every time. He is so passionate and really wants to please. For him, it really is mental. He is satisfied by knowing he can satisfy me like no one else can or has. He'll allow himself to lose his cool for very short spells . . . just to let me know he cares. Then he's back to his super cool act. He knows I can see through the cool exterior, but he also knows I'm not going to push him through thi s relationship. I told him I'll just enjoy him for however long and I think he likes that. I like the fact that he's kinda macho, a man's man, you know? Masculinity is a turn-on for us Taurus women, because we can be controlling. It feels good to have someone we can count on take the lead on some things. It gives us a chance to let our hair down and bask in our femininity. I compliment him a lot on how much fun he is and how sexy a lover he is. I think I want this to last. I think I'm falling for him. I'm really enjoying myself and I think he enjoys me too. I think about him all the time. Hmmmm . . . is Ms. Taurus in love with Mr. Gemini? That's a first . . . a really nice first. Mmmm Hmmmm

I am a Gemini male and I'm madly in love (or infatuated) with a Taurus girl. Don't know why I became interested in her in the first place... maybe because she arouses the same intellectual passions in me and she would let me talk for hours to her; even when I complain I am tired, she will prop a pillow and tells me she enjoys listening to me. However, her slow tendency to change such as committing to a relationship with me) overran my patience and I asked some foolish but dead serious questions about us - she exploded and told me she liked me less.. well I decided to give her some time while trying to forget her, which is quite difficult and I do miss the times we used to enjoy the sound of our laughs... don't know if it will work with her but I want to remain attached to her until it reaches a point it can't work anymore.

I'm a Gemini man and have recently met a Taurus woman. we've only been courting for maybe 1 month. she is the second Taurus woman to come into my life. the first one came into my life while I was a senior in high school. I remember vividly how our relationship blossomed - and have been on a constant quest since then to find another relationship that would have the chance to blossom in a similar fashion. with the first one, our relationship grew slowly and ended abruptly. we never argued for 2 years, and when we finally did argue, it was our first and last argument. she basically tore the entire relationship to pieces by her anger alone, and then blamed me for it because of all the times I told her I wouldn't hurt her. she considered me breaking up with her over our argument as hurting her. the argument was explosive, one that she initiated which ended with her hitting me - which lead to me breaking up with her (I did not hit her back, of course). I never had a chance to understand what culminated the argument - she initiated the argument on her own accord while I was on the receiving end wondering what exactly I did wrong.

with the second, so far I notice her doing some things almost exactly the same way the first one did them; especially by what she says "I'm scared because I think I like you more than I should" comes to mind. I am also rather scared of this relationship, but not because I am afraid of settling down. in fact, at this point in my life. I want nothing more than to find the right woman and build a life with her. I am scared because I am unsure how much I am willing to change. I am willing to change a lot though, because I am aware that it is good for me to do so, but I am afraid of losing who I am as a human being in the process - a quality, of course, that I would never take from her. I am also afraid that it will not blossom at all, and I simply will turn myself off from relationships because I am becoming "bored" with searching and wondering when my time will come. I want a soul mate, and do not feel like shuffling through the deck to find her for the rest of my life. I want t o spend my life with my soul mate, not just the last 10-20 years of it.

my Taurus is seemingly more social than I am, lately anyways. I tend to occupy myself more with activities that keep me busy at home - as does she, she says anyway, but she has yet to exhibit this quality in the way her horoscope explains. although we've only been talking (haven't even kissed yet) for one month, I feel a greater connection to her than most women I've been with in my life. I do notice her being impulsively critical of certain things I do - I usually turn it into a joke. she is less patient in some ways than her horoscope explains. she admires my memory for certain things that specifically have to do with her - I am inclined greatly to remember such things, I do this by habit with all women I've been with. I am a musician who writes and records his own music - she greatly admires this quality as well. I compliment her in an honest way - I don't try to woo her. she has voiced that what we have started here, should go slowly and I am absolutely respecting that. I you understand more about how these things work at my age, and that is a value that I also hold for myself in relationships. I'd like to see this go the way of my first Taurus, minus the bitter ending. I am willing to work and the make the changes required to have an even deeper connection with her. I understand her flaws and appreciate them with all I have, but I sometimes feel she'll have a more difficult time accepting mine. I feel that I will not be able to accept this lack of mutuality if it does in fact manifest itself. without going into detail, I feel our connection now is like a dream. I knew her previously to what we share now and this was not possible then. certain factors have played themselves out and somehow I have stumbled into the equation unexpectedly as opposed to myself. she came into my life when I was expecting no one to do so, and maybe vice versa.

I sincerely hope we can build something grand. I've done much research, most of what is possible online, and the signs seem to point towards a great path for both of us, but there are also negative points. the negatives, although, our countered with positives that are the exact opposite. one negative will say that we will not be capable of passionate love, and the positive says that our passion for love will be legendary.. etc. I'm not sure what this means, or if one will be a greater factor in our relationship than the other. I can say that there are exponentially more positives than negatives. :)

wish me luck!

I am a Taurus woman, Gemini can be the most loving and confusing of men. My relationship with the man that I love so very much was not to allowed to grow for religious division. All I can say is true religion is the love that we should have for one another on this earth. My loss is with me deeply and profoundly. Gemini is a wise, beautiful, witty, exasperating rollercoaster of a ride. I am happy to have taken the ride with him. I just wish it could have been forever.

I am a Taurus Woman in a relationship with a Gemini man. Oh boy, It is a struggle because we are truly very different. And it's funny in a way how everyone of y'all Taurus women out there feels the same way, yet we can't stop falling for them. I believe that there is a reason for that, maybe we do need someone who will spice up our world a little, and trust me ladies even if it takes them long to commit or find some kind of peace with themselves, at the end of the day they will turn to us. Like most of y'all out there they do wanna settle someday and when they do it'll most likely be with a Taurus woman.

A Gemini man can make us go crazy, there will be many battles to fight but their way of being is also a mystery to us, that makes us feel attracted to them.

A Gemini man feels probably attracted to a Taurus woman too because of the way we are, they know that they will drive us crazy but kind of enjoys it, and no matter what they do they know that if there's any woman who will love them unconditionally for who they are and what they do, it'll be a Taurus woman. A man just want security, so what if he flirts a little, telling them wont make them stop it'll only push them away.

I am in a relationship with a Gemini man of 2 years now, I am also pregnant with our first baby and things are wonderful. It do happens ladies, oh and did a tell you he's black and I'm white, that's a whole other topic. You can always speculate of what's wrong or right but to much of that will leave you waiting for mr. right that will never come. Whatever makes you happy is what matters the most. Black, white, Gemini Taurus it's all about respect, compromising and love. But who knows maybe I was lucky. Hang in there me fellow taurean women, a Gemini man ain't that bad. He just don't get it (YET)

I am a Gemini man and I Have been dating a Taurus woman off and on for 6 years. I am strangely in love with this woman. I found out that she had lived her life as a lesbian before me. She didn't tell me, someone else did. She did confess though. Anyway, she is very stubborn and untrusting of men, period. We met on business and then our attraction was more than either of us expected. I love her but just like I might two sides to my personality, she does also. I MEAN THE LESBIAN THING. Maybe that's why I am so attracted, because of the other life that I feel she has. She is very jealous and insecure, but very loving and caring. I know I drive her crazy, but it's no cakewalk for me either. But what can I say......I love her.

However this thing turns out. I will never forget her... she's intoxicating.

I'm a Gemini male who split up with my Taurus ex-girlfriend about 5-6 months ago just short of our 2nd anniversary. I understand the mutual attraction that most have talked about on this board (a sort of 'chemistry' as she once called it in the early days), and it is certainly to do with our different approaches. But I'm not sure those two different approaches can be reconciled in the long term, even if it is what marks the relationship out as being fun and exciting for a while. After all, a little bit of tension is always necessary for attraction to flourish otherwise you may as well just be friends. I just feel she didn't really 'get' me, and still doesn't (we talk/text/see each other occasionally) -- I feel that she is so immersed in creating a cohesive whole, a sort of 'cocoon' of tangible, practical, earthy love that is structured and has a certain framework, that she totally forgets to let go and enjoy the here and now and to let things move forward at a nature al pace.

I'm not suggesting that she is artificial, far from it. The point is that it is in her nature to be so, and it doesn't sit well with the Gemini male who is more spontaneous and carefree, and believes that deeply rooted love and affection of the lasting kind simply cannot be forced. I felt as though the longer the relationship went on, the less my feelings were being understood, or were even being thought of as part of the equation, and the more hers became dominant. Double-standards became standard (if you insist something should be a certain a way with us, why is your best friend a sleazy womanizer Scorpio!! for example); lack of long term vision; impatience; stubbornness; less sex/willingness for intimacy; expecting all support in her decisions but not giving much of the same in return. I want my woman to be my equal but it almost felt at times that she wanted to act the passive female and I was the one who should take charge and 'make our destiny'!

I could talk for ever about this. It's nice to get it off my chest. And yet, I still miss her and there is a part of me that still loves her. I would want to try again with her, but not in a capacity where I felt I had to 'teach' her my point of view. I would rather she could be a bit more discerning, sensitive and empathetic. I don't know if Taurus women, with all due respect, display such attributes in the same mould and complexity as the Gemini male mind.

Im a Taurus female and have been involved with a Gemini man for only 8 months but it feels like 8 years. The first 3 months were like a scene out of a love story, he was sweet, charming , and not a day went by he didn't tell me how sexy and beautiful I am. He would call and text every moment he had free and just as fast as it began it left. The calls stopped when ever I called he would have to call me back, his cell phone was always ringing and it was like pulling teeth for him to come by and see me. I felt he was getting bored so I even tried an open relationship, he was not having it, I felt trapped and I just wanted thing to go back to the way they used to be, broken promises, and lie after lie. I called it quits a month ago but he still calls saying how much he messed up and wants me back, it took a lot of will power but when I break I break!

To the girl who's having probs with Gemini guy, been there done that, try Taurus guy, they wonderful in every way ;)

I am a Taurus woman who just never got with a Gemini man. I just ended my engagement with a Taurus man, his anger was the worst. very abusive. and controlling. very demanding. I am not this way. I love spontaneity. im dating a Gemini man right now and it is so much different than all of them out there. he is stable and I like stability and his personality is just the sweetest. he and I had a friendship before we started dating. I love trying new things and this Gemini loves that too.

god I think im falling for a Gemini man. oh boy, lets see this roller coaster!!

Taurus girl ha its me! I did like a Gemini guy in my life and he s the only guy I have ever loved till now. . Dunno how I fell but I just did in time. I used to feel he was so much into me, but by the time I was in, he was out! Commitment question shattered my dreams, for me love is very much the same as un conditional commitment but not for him. . I feel we still r connected mentally but now I feel its all just a illusion! I still honestly love him inside, and do pray to god to give him the best in his life. . Though am shattered have collected the pieces of my broken heart and trying to move on into a more stable strong place in life. . Though we were in love for only 4 months I got attached too much in short time! Though it was not anything more than talking, caring for each other, giving each other treats I still felt we were so attached. . . One thing I advise to my fellow women is, when it the end the way he so easily comes out of it when you r still limping kil ls you but he s not you're guy girl!! Never make tis mistake of fallin for a Gemini guy instead I ll go for a Scorpio as my life partner who can support my passion understand my different outlook ,accept me as I am finally knows tat am really special:) good luck

HAHAHA the women who told everyone to RUN!!! that seriously made my day=) It's true, I totally agree with you. I'm happy for everyone who did find love with a Gemini man but for me it just wasn't right at all. We were just to different and the "two personality" thing that they have going on was just to much to handle. I'm not saying I'm perfect but that was crazy, I can only speak for myself and I don't think Taurus / Gemini is the perfect match for each other. However when it happens I'm sure its magical. Sometimes being different can make THE best love match.. Just not for me.

To the woman who wrote about being in a interracial relationship, and being a Taurus woman with a Gemini man.. I think that's great, you go girl! It's all about respect for one another. And I wish you all the best..

Stay strong my Taurus women out there. Love!

Gemini guy is totally complicated, still thinks he s simple! Full of rubbish still thinks he s clean! Full of lies still thinks he s honest! Fully superficial still wants others to love him deep! Full of non sense still thinks others should be sensible! Girl pl love you're selves and let these selfish creatures live wit people as selfish as them . . . Good luck

Everything will appear good in early days wit Gemini guys for taurean females in long run they will be trapped become victims! Girls pl suspect think love you're selves never fall for Gemini guys ! Beware of them

I am in love with a Gemini in my class I m Taurus. He is sometimes so witty and funny. Sometimes he gets bored so easily and then just gets happy again its so confusing. Okay I must admit it every time I see him talking to another girl I feel somewhat jealous but try to hide it when he looks at me. One day, I was not that good on hiding my jealousy, he say me and came over he started teasing me about being jealous. my question is are we made for each other??????

Gemini man here. I read some of what people said on here, and I really do think that Gemini men are misunderstood, and they need women that understand their personality and deal with them. because as a Gemini man I really don't think about the wrong things im doing because I don't mean harm, I just don't care that much about certain things, and when it comes to intellect, I love knowing. I love intellectual convos, but I like the same in return. for Taurus women out there, I love how you carry yourselves, and like what one lady said on here, if we do wanna commit to a woman its most likely a Taurus woman, because they're so pure and beautiful. its really funny to me, because when I read about Gemini men, since I am one, I found it extremely amusing how wrong or right some people can be. here is what explains me as a Gemini male. everything positive you guys say about Gemini men is true, and some negatives are also true, but we don't notice them, but if we're given a constructive criticism about them, we will definitely consider changing that, because we can, its easy for us to adopt, but if we are approached wrongly about the wrong things we do, that just makes us highly critical of our partners. I need a smart Taurus girl who is very understanding, and extremely patient. I know that would be the perfect match for both

wow.. ok I am a Taurus woman and ive been with a Gemini man for 3 years. and have two beautiful babies together. ever since the beginning we have had problems with other girls and I should of known then b4 we had kids. this relationship has been one of the biggest challenges in my life so far. we would be good then he will get distant and then a girl would call. always the same thing. I don't no what he want in a girl. I try to do everything but its never enough. sex was good until I just started dist. myself so I wouldn't get hurt any more. and now were not together and I miss him so much. and im debating weather to take him back. when he is around I feel like I have another kid. he wont do any thing unless I ask him like 20 times. he doesn't help out with bills he doesn't help out with work around the house or with our kids at all. so I don't no weather to go back just so I could take care of him again. and have to feed clothe him. o and when we fight damn. its like ww3. he is very angry person and hides it so good. and when he drinks sooo no we can not drink together at all .

Gemini men, we just can't resist them can we?? I'm a Taurus girl and I'm attracted to this Gemini boy in my school. Everyday its a rollercoaster, He'll be smiling and adoring one day and the next day he's quiet and bored with life. I feel such a strong connection with him. I've been in a relationship with a Capricorn before , it was alright but it was NOTHING like this. My Gemini man makes me feel...Different when I'm with him. Its true he's 'Flirtatious, witty, and charming.' But either way I still love him, I can't help it :)) I like this rollercoaster.

wow, I always believed in zodiac traits but reading this ive found that were all dating the same guy!!! I dated a Gemini man for about 7 months I loved being with him when he was being sweet, but then his entire personality would flip and he would be so rude and sarcastic but then not understand why it made me angry because he was "just having fun". he was also too flirtatious always looking at other girls, which being a Taurus made me jealous wanting the same commitment I gave. I wanted to end things because his split personality and flirtatious nature drove me insane, but at the same time being without him made me miserable. we finally ended when he told me he loved me but he needed "variety" and "freedom". so to my fellow Taurus girls if you feel your Gemini man getting bored and distant you might want to just end it and save yourself the heartbreak

Oh my God !! Believe just exactly the same thing happened to me word to word, I was in love for 6 months, he had dual personalities or more than tat ! When I went total insane confused at him flirting a lot, taking me out but looking at other girl s! I decided asked him what he was about? He said he likes me but he wants variety, and lots of freedom!! My heart cracked yes I heard it crack :) before he play anymore I called it off. . . And saved myself. . . Good luck girls :)

I have not seen one Gemini man stand up for him self on this page but its ok. I am a 100% Gemini an yes we do have to sides to use very true. But in life I think every one haves there day. Its misunderstood for the most part one thing about Gemini people we have to be happy in an out. We love new things, trips, spending time with loved ones, ect. some thing else is that Gemini are not always the best lessoners. So there for people tend to get upset if they have to repeat the selves. Sorry but Gemini's are just that way. we love to love. An hate to fall in love. Yes we can be very hard at times but in my since I think that's a way that we show are love. habits any one can have like drinking smoking and etc. I think it should be 50 50 at all times if you love then you help no matter what. life and relationships are not easy for any one no matter what sign you are its how much you willing to help or put up with. Still we as humans will never fully understand the way we live but we try to make it a little easy on your other. as for today I am typing this on my launch break lol but I will check this page out a lot more often now that I now about it.........I just wanted to free my mind for a little and let some of yall know that Gemini's are not always bad we are just misunderstood. xo

I am a Taurus woman dating a Gemini man. We have been together 4 a month now. And we might have our ups and downs here and there. And we have been close to breaking up almost 3 times already. But in the end we always go back to each other. I have a lot of guy friends and he doesn't like that. my boyfriend is very jealous and sometimes has trouble trusting me because of my friends. Its only been a month but I have truly learned to love him. I agree, life without a Gemini would never be the same, at least mine wouldn't. he's like no other guy I have met. He makes me feel different I'm trying so hard not to loose him. The 1st two times we broke up he came back to me. But I don't want their to be a third.

A Gemini guy s like a innocent colourful bird:) he s very pleasant to be wit very attractive nice! But being very ignorant of the fact of hurting its feeder emotion less innocent bird just flies off when it becomes bored! More than calling them bad its just the way they r! I strongly advise my fellow mother earth ( taurean girls ) just c them from distance enjoy their company nvr develop any love or attachment for these birds as its their nature to fly off! Find a water sign to make a fertile paste :) good luck

Hi everyone. . Am a taurean girl . . I have seen 3 Gemini guys very closely in my life! First two from my childhood day my buddies, last one in past 1 yr . . . I made the mistake of falling in love wit tat guy . . But here am to tell few facts about Gemini guys to my fellow women. . . . C for a Gemini guy who s very much using his brain a real love can easily happen only during his very early days like high school once they pretty grow up, it almost never happens as deeply as it does for we guys or other signs! So they r superficial or they forget things easily so don't care much about emotions, attachments, sentiments etc all they know is fun, conversations, good things, praises, status, etc they many of them neither understand or respect something called true love as long as their peers r jealous of their spouses ! They want recognition :) but I say may be enviro has its effect on few if they say they have emotions ! don't say they r bad, because no one is entitled to just br and someone we r all humans! Its the way a Gemini guy is! !but the prob in these two sign compatibility is wit the girl why she falls for a gem guy? Use common sense even if they r one of the most beautiful colourful creatures on tis earth like birds, but girl being a earth don't you should just admire them at distance and get locked you're self fall in love commit to you're true soul mate a water sign or another earth??? Because when the colourful creature ignorant at themselves of hurting others as its just their true nature, fly away, who will be hurt?? Off course u! :( :( admire them at distance they r good people as long as they stay never fall for them, they r not what we want!! If you want a bad guy go for Scorpio, or anyone other than a gem. . I know my guy was good but its his nature to not use sentiments and fly off. . . Good luck girls:)

Im a 19 year old Taurus and im in love with a 30 yr old Gemini man.. right when I met him I was attracted to him. We are absolutely 100% honest with each other and it's amazing. Maybe he does look at other women (I look at guys) but he always come home to me :) I've only been seeing him maybe 3 months and I still cant get enough of him! Everyday is something new and he spoils me rotten. Im hoping and I've prayed that our relationship will grow stronger and that he doesn't turn out to be just another guy but so far I've seen no signs. I think if its working for me then it could for you too with God and communication let that stubbornness go for a sec and u'll see... thank me later

I am a Taurus girl. I met my Gemini man online and we had wonderful conversations. He was so sensitive and caring, wanting to know everything about me and I wanted to know everything about him as well. We shared wonderful conversations, late into the evening. We'd text all day...everyday... becoming closer and closer. Of course, everyone on the social network we are notices the sweet posts we have for each other. He ALWAYS makes sure he is the first on my page no matter what the post topic. At the 3 month point...he accidentally said I love you in a text to me. Then immediately, texted back, 'can I say that'? He backed way off after that point. I was used to him taking time to himself. Some days I wouldn't hear from him and he'd pop back up out of nowhere saying Hi. Everything was normal. he is more formal. He still chats and texts me as much as he always has, but it's formal. I might mention we are 2000 miles apart!! He has said, he cannot under stand how he can love someone he's not met and he says I'm unreal in a very real way his heart feels me. I told him to go. be He's gone out with other girls and he'll come home and chat me until 3 or 4am. Sometimes, He even texts me while he's out on his date. He cannot live without me, asks me to leave him voicemails to he can hear my voice. If I don't text or chat him, he wonders where I am and sends me notes and leaves voicemail asking where I am. All of my friends say to let him go, to go with a Sagittarius that's chasing me in a huge way. I can't stop thinking of him and he can't stop thinking of me. We wake up in the middle of the night and will text 'go to sleep' because we know when one of us is awake. It's magical, complicated and bizarre to love someone like this. he craves my mind, my energy, my happiness, but he is afraid of the distance. I crave his gentle sensitivity, his intelligence, his warmth and his imagination but don't like the silences he goes into. I will be relocating to his area in a couple of months, not for him, but for other reasons. Hopefully, we can finally come together and see what this is all about. :) I've already set him free. I don't think he wants to be. The more he tries, the more he comes back to me. Isn't that a strange twist??

IM A Taurus female and have been dating a Gemini male for 8 months now and yes true on the Roller-coaster but he is sooo worth it in the end I would go crazy with out him and cant go a day without him they are not how people say they are he loves me just as much as I love him and reminds me of it quite often. He gives me his all just like I give my all> I mean it took me a while to get inside him and let him know its OK to show me how he fellas and that im not going to judge him. but he came around and our love is as strong as can be and we cant go any ware but up from hear we pane on getting married and having a baby. and starting our life to gather so don't judge a Taurean girl and a male Gemini if you love is strong and pure you can be compatible with any body I LOVE MY Gemini

I've read all the messages sent, but I think that first of all we must know that Gemini are double characters people, and they can easily change their behavior, according to me as a Gemini guy better wanna say that we are fabulous as we are really sensible to others characters. We are not that rude, this depend on different situation. The only thing to know is how to tackle things and how to convince.

After all every couple is not that perfect, we need to understand each other, I think the best idea is communication, understanding our life partner.

We are not bad after all.

Go for Gemini.

Girls you will learn lessons within 2 yrs all about the time:) Gemini will always be a Gemini! One thing I feel bad about we girls is the way we r damn easily impressed, we get carried over very fast by love and get blinded in it to the extent we keep happily forgiving them sometimes we even feel it great yes its true!! But it was meant to because no matter what others say we guys learn only from our mistakes:) good luck

Omg man oh man I too have the biggest thing for a Gemini man he is so witty loves to make me laugh and put a smile I love his company on my face but yet I haven't seen the other side yet but man beside im being great looking out this world!!! but I do think we can make it work if we both try !!! I swear I wanna marry this man I think he is my dream husband by im still worried about the other side !!!yikes I know my temper !!!but at this time we bout still have our guards up but I swear I wanna let me down for him I swear this guy keeps me on cloud 9!! damn these Gemini men !!!

im a Gemini man... and I have strong feelings for a beautiful Taurus Girl. I think she feels the same towards me but she's sooooo patient its driving me nuts! I try not to text her all the time cause I don't want her to think im over bearing. truth is she's constantly on my mind. nonstop. and when we spend time together its nothing less than amazing for me. To all you Taurus Girls out there.. you're diamonds in the rough. and this Gemini would do almost anything for this girl. even if it means not looking at other girls ever again!

I'm a Taurus female and have been with a Gemini male for 16 months. It is so true the relationship is on the Roller-coaster but he still drives me crazy: smart, handsome, articulate, witty, and sociable. I never feel bored when I'm with him. However, as a Taurean girl, I prefer security, stability and commitment. The big fight always happens when I pushed him to come to a conclusion about our relationship and that scared him off. I believe that he does love me and he has tried hard to make me happy, but it's still the kind of huge pain at my heart not being able to figure out what exactly he is thinking. I guess for Gemini guys themselves, they find it hard to define themselves in an easy and clear way, because they are so UNPREDICTABLE! and sometimes they become the victims of their own UNPREDICTABILITY! To be with a Gemini guy does require lots of patience, understanding and compromise, which seems to be necessary in any relationship-marriage dictionary. So, what I've learned from the 16 months boils down to one tedious sentence: respect his yearning for freedom and variety, imagine he's a kite that is desperate for air and sky, let him go for a while, since however high and far he flies away from you, as long as he loves you, the string is firmly held in your hand and there's the moment he comes back! I don't know if I'm right or wrong, give it a try Taurean girls, if you do love your Gemini guy. I wish all good luck, including myself!

I'm a Gemini man. We flirt why? Only for such minor affection that can only be had by a Taurus women. You are the stability and affection that we love to be around and are willing to do just about anything for you. We always get accused of being two personalities. They are very easy to understand. First "the extrovert". We just want to see and enjoy different things. We want to do this with a loving partner who is not afraid of showing affection. Few women do this. A sensual Taurus woman can. Otherwise we just do it on our own and are content. Second "the introvert". Sometimes we feel a little lonely, frustrated with life challenges that we normally do very well with. When I'm like this; FLOOD ME WITH YOUR AFFECTION!!!!!We can be home bodies, possessive, jealous, great with money, great lovers, likes the finer things of life and grounded. JUST LIKE YOU HOT Taurus WOMEN!

I did love my Gemini guy more than myself and still love him silently after 1 and half yr there s not a single day single hour goes by without me thinking of him! I was always loyal to him and I was not able to express myself full when I was wit him for 4 months due to many reasons! Almost everyday goes by crying in silence remembering lost memories, I understood him liked him loved him more than myself in just 4 months but after 7 months when the question of commitment came, he broke me down by asking me 'u were really so serious '? 'And how much do we really kno each other after all 3 months ' he said he s not ready for committment! I nvr expected those words from him as I always perceived him damn close. . I was shattered my dreams gone it was lik I lost my life s battle! I lost 1 yr of my academics, still I was not able to hate him to push myself up , even now I cant!! He came out wit flying colours. . After all tat durin his treat he hurt me by tryin to underes timate my brilliance. . . I hav let him go forever! I don't want him back anytime in any possible ways! For even now I suffer from tat trauma! I do wish silently he gets all tat he wants , I will nvr ever again talk, or message him. . I hav moved on slowly wit 1 yr balance. . . But I wish atleast 1 day in his future he should realise how much I loved him and could nvr express it properly . . . Good luck girls

I am a Taurus girl currently dating a Gemini man. I don't know what it is about them but I just love them, yes it's very true it is two of them. It keep you guessing sometime you don't know if you coming or going,because their so wishy washy, but I have learned that you cannot rush them to commit. At their own time they will. I think Taurus women are into Gemini men because their such a challenge and their love for change. Gemini men are the bad boy and every good Taurus girl love a bad boy.

I can only speak for myself. things with my Gemini ended recently .we were together for a year and a half.. I couldve easily done a year more. but.

when we met he was very witty and talkative.. I was enthralled. he seemed to know a lot about everything .. but was a bit arrogant about the fact.

he told me he loved me right away .. I fell in love about 5 months in .but I did everything for him .. I took care of him because he was a big slob .. and a workaholic . never had time for anything .

the sex was pretty great at first .. very inventive very kinky.. he was quite into talking the whole time which I had to get used to . but eventually we began to fight about how stubborn I am and about how arrogant he is .. and unreliable and also he was quite unstable.

and I really became turned off so the sex was never the same .. which he noticed and held against me .

i just want to say a few things about him . HE lied about everything and the person he was . I ended up moving in and within two months found out he was someone I didn't know . which was quite a blow .

he had been cheating for the entire time .. and from the beginning he said he would neer cheat that he wasnt capable that it was horrible blah blah blah.

i found tons of email and facebook messages and phonecalls that said otherwise.. hewould keep pictures of naked girls on his computer.

i was enraged . neeedless to say. I threatened him I yelled I called him everything I could think of but decided to give him a chance. am onth later nothing had changed he was still cheating and even worse.. he was turning into another person .. he started to smoke all the time which I hate. he started to treat me like crap telling me that it was his place to justify every inconsiderate thing he would like play videogames loudly while I was trying to sleep and smoking in that apartment.. it was "his place he could whatever he wants".

Also he stopped wanting to go out and got into a deep depression .. and I helped him find treatment centers and therapists. but he refused to go .

thefinal straw was when I found out that he was still in love with his ex girlfriend from college. (shes a gemini) he would write her all the time begging her to come back to him .. he even made plans to fly acrosss the country to see her.. I was CRUSHED CRUSHED CRUSHED.when I confronted him about his lies.. he said it was none of my business.

he would say things like "i never wanted you to move in "(when I asked him so may times if he wanted me to before I actaully did)

"i don't even want to be with you "

"i feel like I havent started my real life" because he wasnt with her.

I exploded ... i'll admit I tortured him with some of the things I said to him .. but thats a Taurus .. we're vindictive.i was so hurt.. and he kept trying to take it all back ..

i moved out .. stopped talking to him .. he constantly tries to email or text .. he feels like we should leave things in the past.. be friends. he enver admits to anything ..he never admits to how horrible it was for me.

what a joke .nothing gets left in the past when you hurt me and no i'll nver be friends.. I hate his guts .. hope I don't feel that way forever. he really is two faced.

why did I put up with so much ? because im a Taurus .. and its hard to admit I made mistakes .. or that I was so SO wrong about him.

Girls its my duty to save all my fellow Taurus girls! Kick them out of you're lives no matter how bad it feels then take time to heal you're selves , believe me there r a lot better guys out on earth! Not the bloody lying, sly , irresponsible, superficial Gemini anymore!! Try Taurus , cancer, virgo, capri , we don't hav a for ever time on earth to waste on useless emotion less, passion less irritating Gemini s !! Live you're life wit utmost respect and you deserve a true lovin guy as you love true honest sincere! Kick them out first . . . Good luck

Taurus female here... with a Gemini man for 13 years. I WISH I NEVER MET HIM. Don't ever think this match will work. It never will. They're borderline crazy, in my opinion. Delusional, never happy. Never satisfied.

I am a Taurus women and have been talking to this Gemini guy for about two months now and he doesn't want a relationship like I do.

Sometimes he can be sweet, loving, and naturing. Other times he can be a jackass. He said he wants to take a chance with me and start a relationship but I've been waiting for two weeks already.

I really like him and sex is great.

I'm a Taurus woman who have loved a Gemini man for the past 9 years! I couldn't agree more.. Life with him is like a rollercoaster. It's crazy yet beautiful.

He loves to FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT it their NATURE, something that I try to tolerate with. I'm uberly stubborn and hard-headed and I often question him things and that pushed him away at times and can be come a starting point for an argument. But the sex is AMAZING! After 9 years our sex is still amazingly good, we would still do it everyday or 5 times a week!

Things ended last month. He tell me he loves me, all the time! Saying I was the best thing that ever happened to me bla bla bla bla. I'm done trying and believing.. Done putting up with the same thing over and over again. Found out he cheated with a friend of mine ( a saggi) I ddnt see any signs, he jst became another person, today he will say he loves me and the next he would say he loves her and madly wants to be with her.. When I confronted him he said he wants to explore more, he wants to be with me but not now, he wants to see how he is with someone else. He even said, if he's going to marry that person would be me but for now he needs freedom. But knowing a Taurean like me, that makes no sense and is a F rubbish. I was deeply hurt, heart shattered.. I've done so much for him, helped him became who he is today.

But all in all, he's got a good heart. A good cook + a clean freak. Very smart and intellectual. Wishing he would realise what he's doing. I often think they don't look before they leap, they often regret later. So girls out there, buckle up.. You're gna have a crazy ride.

I've been with a Gemini man for 2years and one month. At first everything was like a dream come true. He was the sweetest guy you could ever meet. this was during the summer and when we went back to school that's when he started changing. He never called or txtd me. but we would see each other alot.He would flirt with a lot of girls. Until one day I saw him making out with another girl but I walked away he was shakingg and his eyes looked like they were about to cry. I asked him why would you do this to me? what have I ever done to you? he didn't say anything he just looked at me with the puppies look. I walked away and told him that its over. with tears running down my hurted so much. That girl just kept on laughing. a week passed I missed him so much!! I needed to be with him and he apologized and told me how sorry he was that it wont happen again. I forgave him because I loved him. but he never changed. he got even worse. he started insulting me and offending al ways making fun of me and im a very sensetive girl and I got my feelings hurt I don't know if he was playin around but w/e it was it hurt. unfortunately he continued to be like that and I had a lot of patience for him. I was afraid of how it wud be for me if we break up because I was so used to being with him. He would always judge me and tell me what to weart and that I shouldn't show skin becuase im his and he doesn't want other guys staring at me. and my stupid ass always dressed up for him for him to offend like this. I got tired of it. he was so jealous. even though he said he was not I know he was. I didn't dress like a slut he just didn't want me to dress up nicely so no other guy could look at me. he just started getting annoying and I couldnt take it anymore. he changed so much even though I had hopes that it wud be better but got worse.He was somtimes good but never actually showed that he loved me even though he wud say it.He is so bipolar. and those people could never be happy at least for a momment but thats all. he was so uncommunicative. even though he is a Gemini didn't communicate with me at all I was always the one to start out a conversation. he never took me out anywhere I asked him to but he said he didn't want to because he didn't want his girl who are friends to know that he's going out with me becuase they might beat me up and he doesn't want that to happen. I was like bullshit. this shitt is done. it was hard but worth it I cant be with a guy like that 2years and one month. he gave me hours of happiness and years of pain!! I loved him so much but eventually that feeling faded away.

Now... we don't talk at all anymore or see each other. But there's a this guy that myfirst impression was damn he's cute. but never actually thought we wud actually talk. He sits in front of me on the bus and he started talking to me. that's when I realize that I started liking him so much. I only see him on the bus.ive been seeing him for 2 ears but been talking to him for 2 months. and he is aewsome! but he still has no idea that I like him alot. I try not to show it. and then I was being curious one day and I asked him when is his birthday and he said it was june 1st im like not another gemini!! but I jus wanna make sure I really know him before I actually tell him or show him what I feel for him. My birthday is May 1st and his Jun 1st I don't know if that could be good thing. lol well I know that I got my Venus in Gemini and Mars in aries. but I don't really get it. anyways.. he's so interseting to talk to. sometimes I feel like he likes me to because he always touch me when he laugh s like he touches my hands or face or he plays with my hair. but then idk. I don't wanna get to excited cuz it might just be an illusion. but he such a freaking sweet heart. I don't know if shud go for another Gemini im afraid that he might turn out to be like the other one. What should I do? he's so sexy,sweet,nice,funny,fun and so far he hasn't changed to his bad side.

alright!! alright.. I read enough -lols I"m Gemini man - I'm reading these comments because i'm looking for an answer why we split up me and my girl Taurus. I"m dying over taurus. I'm gonna tell you the secret about Gemini man. Gemini's weakness is the being affectionate personality. Taurus is very affectionate. It's true that we got bored easily, but it doesn't mean we can just replace for another woman because we flirt a lot. It don't mean shit. Deep down he's thinking about you. For the comments " I asked a Gemini guy to define poor relationship and now it feels like he is pulling away, what should I do now? Let him go or just give him his space? We have a very strong connection." Don not let him go. Because once change his mind there are no turning back. Why should you taking him back? I ll tell you why - because if you win his hearth he'll do anything for you. I mean I guess not all Gemini is like that but in my opinion if woman respect my heart I'm down for an ything of she needs. It's not always being intellect remember that win his heart. I guarantee he will stick with you for the rest of his life.

I am a Taurean 'she' and I am very much in love with my Gemini man.True enough most of the traits of a Taurus woman, I have. My first love is music. I love natural sorroundings. I love culinary arts. I love animals. I love talented people. I bake and cook. and even the worst about the Taurus I have them too. Frugal, that's also me :D. My boyfriend is a Gem and yes he has the traits of a gem. oozing with mental and physical appeal. It's scary if you will always base relationship with the signs, although it can help you, because for me all that matters is the feelings towards each other. And that is what he thinks too. One time he told me "let's prove the world that that we can work this out" although I think he didn't mean 'signs and compatibility'. Anyhow I didn't bother to ask him why he said that. That line will never be taken away from me.It's engraved in my heart.I hope that I only love once. I would really really want love my Dolphin "forever". He is actually m y first love and my first everything if you know what I mean. I'll do my best to make things work. The only way perhaps that can break us up is if he will say the words 'I don't love you anymore'. Unless I will hear this from him, I will keep on loving him. And as long as he and I continue to be prayerful we both can really work our relationship to its best. I wish all of my Taurean sisters out there happiness and blessings. Just continue loving and praying. What is also good between us, if this may help you all out there, is I always tell him what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not and vice versa. Now I realise that he brings out the best in me and I am bringing out the best in him. He gives me new perspectives and feeds me things in larger spectrum. In my heart I now I am giving him the love, affection, support in the best words and actions I know. Patience & Communication is the key. I don't want to flatter myself again by sharing this to others that my Gem-man had told me that's one thing he loves about me about me- I don't lie and I always make sure we talk things over in order to solve them no matter how trivial they are.

I am probably the only Gemini male that has and/or will write on this page. I've 'dated' three Taurus women (for longer than a couple of months, anyway). And let me just say that I have definitely been horribly entertained by these anecdotes about failed relationships. I am inclined to say that the VAST majority of these Gemini traits are entirely too true. I've always had a lot of friends, male and female (more so than my Taurus counterparts). I found that we would almost always spend time with *my* friends and do what *I* wanted to do... Not because I was controlling or anything of the sort, but it was because I simply don't want to do things that I have no interest in. Sounds simple and logical enough, right? I was always happy with throwing parties or going out to bars or meeting new people, or having absolutely no plan and just driving around to find something completely random to do. I am an unintentionally huge flirt! Even while having a 'relationship' (I sti ll refuse to call it that). The flirting aspect is something that comes natural to me, and it's more of a means to sharpen my wit, than to get anything out of it. I don't and have never tolerated jealousy or nagging or being controlled in any way. I'm not sure what it is about Taurus women being attracted/attached to me, but it tends to happen frequently. Maybe it's Taurus' innate desire to "tame" or "change" me that keeps them coming, who knows. I'm just saying that you won't change me or a Gemini male (but you're more than welcome to keep trying). Good luck.

On a side note, since Geminis are prone to changing their minds, I MAY just decide to post something tomorrow that completely negates everything I just said =P

I am a Taurus woman, and it is something about the Gemini man that lures me in. I can know all about his flirtacious and inconsitent behavior- hot then cold, but my patience is limited. I adore this Gemini man, but I can't put up with his inconsitency any longer. He knows how I feel about him, and it is in my nature to be upfront and forth coming, which is probably a mistake with a Gemini man. But I cannot waste anymore time, but I so adore him.

oh my god! just early in a relationship with a Gemini guy. i'm so scared cos of all the star sign compatability test saying no and i'm afraid they are right even though things are still great between us. but from everyone's testimonies esp about keeping them entertained I can relate to that. i'm afraid i'm not interesting enough for him and have to come up with things to do. I think we could get to the I love you stage but if not I want to leave him before he leaves me cos i'm afraid I would be very hurt. what to do? he's so amazing, thoughtful, loving and hasn't shown the flirting side yet. he's always so attentive when we are out and makes sure I feel comfortable. i'm drawing hope from the Gemini guy who posted a positive experience with his taurean girlfriend even though he said they had differences but he loves her and will stick with her. fingers crossed my man will feel like that!

No Gemini for Taurus girls please on tis earth! Had enough please be friends and just friends wit them girls , it ll nvr ever work out . . Believe me, can a match between aliens and us work out?

I'm an african Taurus girl and I have been with 3 Gemini guys so far. The first was am irish man. The relationship was perfect for 6 weeks and then he fled. It was his fear of commitment. The 2nd Gemini was an austrian. We dated for 7 months with a lot of drama: the relationship was on one week and off the next. And any time he wanted to break up I said: feel free to go and then i'd move on immediately. I'm good at this. Then he wont move on and will come back for us to work our love out. It was really funny. He would break up with me and then come back each time and each time I would take him back because I would I knew he was one confused guy who just didn't know what he wanted. One day I got fed up with his confusing ways and asked him for a break up: this guy gazed into my eyes with his adorable teary eyes and said: just because we are having problems does not mean we should break up. So we stayed together for another month then I broke up with him for good. Bu t during our 7 month relationship I cheated on him twice because I found my roller coaster relationship with him annoying. Although he was such a sweet guy! It's been about 2 years now since I broke up and i've met other guys, other signs... Just last week I met another Gemini guy, and he's 3 quarters african and one quarter lebanese. And I see us building a connection... Same same Gemini drama. I love Gemini men. They're super sweet guys and I love being with them. Since I also love to talk a lot. The verbal chemistry between me and them is just electric. And they never forget me. But i've decided that I will always have a secret lover [maybe an Aries or a capricorn] in addition to a gemini. That way I can keep my sanity and enjoy the types of men I connect well with.

I'm a Taurus woman and I've been with my Gemini man for about 9 months now. He is a cool sexy; dark eyes, dark hair, reserved in public but hot in the bedroom. Only problem, his Taurus wife. I read a post on here by Aries guy about crazy stalker Taurus women. I think he might be on to something!! LOL. My Gemini man oozes sex from his pores. He see each other at work every day and I can barely control myself around him, every woman loves a man in uniform. He drives me nuts and I think we enjoy driving each other nuts. He wants to leave his Taurus but fears her and with due cause. Don't think i'd want him anyways. isn't the fun of it being naughty! He's not someone i'd want to brush my teeth with every day, but keep a toothbrush in the cabinet for those suprise days. I don't love him and how could i? He's a married Gemini cheating on a sister Taurus, but the sex is amazing. He's uncirumsized and I never knew what a difference that could make.

I am a Taurus female seeing a Gemini man and am using him for sex, I have rules I do not date outside my zodiac realm but will screw a digenerate sign such as a Gemini any day. he's so funny that he thinks he's smarter than me sending me txt like "if I have time I will txt you so we can chill" silly Gemini the mind games wont work. If I am asking you for sex a simple yes or no will do, the hard to get tactic will not make me swoon, men have absolutely no emotional affect on me. I just see men as sex nothing more. I have 4 on call fbs if one doesn't want to fuck me the other will, they all think they there the only ones.

Poor Gemini is upset cause I went over to his house screwed him and left imedietely afterwords with just a hand wave not really a proper goodbye. I hate men literaly but love dick otherwise id be a lesbian lol

I have been with my Gemini Lover for 7 years. He cooks for me, He tells me he loves me first. Yes, We have been through it all but I was a handful as well. The only advice that I could give is to keep him on his toes. Show him he is the lucky one in the relationship because yes you had options. He cater to me but I cater to him as well.. I love him more than anything.. I know he loves me the same. I am Taurus woman. I could be very demanding but who isn't. Ladies hang in there.. I don't really believe in Astrology.. I know God has us at this point!

I am a Gemini man who has been infatuated with a Taurus woman for the last year. When we first met we did not talk at all but communicated non verbally very well. I now am in love and think she is as well.

We are both married and not happy with our current spouses. We are crazy about each other but rollercoaster ride again applies but mostly to her moodiness. One she seems to border on hate toward me the next she is all over me. I am 20 years older and she has 3 small children so it will be fun and challenging.

Actually, I was reading through these comments and I thought, "Wow, that sounds like this guy I like/liked." So, I checked it out and he was a Gemini. We were both in high school then and I'm in my third year of college now. I know I loved him and it was the first time I felt like I had ever felt so deeply about someone. While we didn't date... we flirted together a lot. He was a friend of mine and we had a class together, we'd sit in the corner and... flirt. But, then, that afternoon when I saw him again, he'd be hitting up on my best friend or would act like nothing had ever happened between us. I cried over him, because I cared for him so much but couldn't bring myself to ask him on a date. When I finally did, he never answered, but it became apparent that he didn't want to because I would be leaving for college soon and I respected that. Even when I felt driven crazy by this guy, I still yearned for him like I've never yearned for anyone before or since . I'm kinda interested in another Gemini guy know... just gotta find out if he might be interested in me too!

I'm a Taurus woman who has known a Gemini man on and off for many years now. We just started dating after being separated for several now, which makes us Long Lost Loves and we feel great about being with each other again. However, the thing that bothers me is he is a spontaneous guy and he does things at the spur of the moment and I'm an intense, reserved, quiet, easy going woman. I believe his chameleon like nature I can get used to as well as my low keyed nature he can get used to also. However, he does things on his terms and he'll spend time with me when it's convenient for him. He can be selfish like that and it makes me feel rejected. My grandmother (RIP) was a Gemini and my grandfather (RIP) was a Taurus and they both were married to each other till the day my grandfather died. As frustrating as he could be, I really want this relationship to work. I am somewhat insecure and he's aware of that. He is a very caring person and deep down he's very compassionate . I just need some advice on how to handle a relationship with my Gemini Casanova. We have known one another sporadically for nearly 25 years and we can't just throw all those years away because of a few minor clashes we may have. There's reasons for everything that happens and I strongly believe the two of us were brought together for a purpose, otherwise we would have not caught up with each other after 15 years of being separated. There's an old saying, "If you love someone, set him free. If he comes back to you he's yours forever, if he doesn't, then he never was." That saying is a perfect example of me and him. We are clearly opposites and opposites attract. I just need some help with how to deal with a fickle man without taking anything personally.

im a Taurus woman whose dated a Gemini for the past 6months, I met him almost 10yrs ago because he was a friend of my brothers. so later we found out that we both liked each other, he said it was fate so instantly we connected. yes they can lack stability when it comes to certain things, he is constantly the center of attenton and can also be extremely jealous and possesive because the majority of my friends are males. he has such a big heart and is very affectionate and even in public it surprises me how he wants everyone to know "im his" he says im his best friend, it can be an emotional rollercoaster at times but neither of us can really let go of one another. he wants to get married and have a child together. I know he will make a wonderful father because he has taken so well with my daughter, he is a little immature and I think could use some more guidance. he has a lot of the Gemini traits but he's also very different than the typical gemini. we have an incredib le connection mentally and emotionally, and the chemistry is nothing ive ever experienced with any other sign. you can do all the research you want on your compatibility with a different sign but the keyword in relationship is "relate" remember love conquers all :) good luck!!!

I'm a male who's 18 and is 100 percent gemini. Not gone lie most of the stuff y'all saying is true, but that doesn't mean all us Gemini are like that. And yes I know hearing that from another male Gemini is like "ugh another male Gemini saying nothing but lies, false hopes and pain to try to satisfy his needs." But, thats not me at all. I mean I flirt with a lot of girls, and I can even talk with a girl for like a cople of minutes or half and hour and it feels like I've known her for a good little while. But, I keep my social awareness of being an professional, young man who's willing to please a girl, but not at the cost of trying to sweat talk her to get something from her and to hurt her in the long run. I've met a some Taurus females and oh my gosh I love y'all. I love everything about y'all and the fact that just getting to know y'all even more pleases me. You know why because I'll tell you why. Because when I show a li ttle of myself to y'all even though you may want to no more about me I can feel that connection just from the slightest look in y'all eyes and it kills me when I get pull is so deep being drawn into those beautiful, sexy and committed eyes of a Taurus girl. At the beginning of last year when I was heading to my 3rd and 4th period class and as I walked into the classroom the first thing I notice was this girl looking straight at me the moment I walked into the room and I just like I don't know had to like walk up and sit by her since everyone wasn't settle into their seats yet and I said to her "hey, my name is ..... and its a pleasure to meet someone who's got cupid's arrow the moment they lay eyes on you." And every since then me and her was like real tight and have a close friend relationship. Even though we close friend's now and I do flirt wit her a lot still, but at the beginning of our friendship we just couldn't help but be one with one another even though we weren't dating because I told her before we did it for the first time I don't date and she knew I wasn't that kinda guy to be in a relationship before I told her that but she said its ok. Of course I couldn't help but give her more of me. After awhile I started to notice she wanted to be more than friends so I went over to her house on the weekends like I normally do cause like I said we were friends we both be talking, having fun just you know doing what friends do even though we did a little more of what usually friends wouldn't do. So when I went over to her place she like jumnped on me and I smiled and hugged her and we went inside and what not and I got a pop tart and some yogurt cause she always had some in for me to snack on and we just chilled, watched movies and stuff. But, I started to bring up this subject of me noticing she wanted to go out from the way she been acting lately and she said sure. We sit and talked for hours and she knew that I wasn't the type of dude who wanted a relationship, but she knew I was more than capable of holding a relationship with her. I knew she hold strong feelings for me and I didn't tried to hide not noticing it, but I tried not to encourage it either because I knew it was going to lead to problems eventually but I also knew as that friends making out was turn out leaving someone heart broken, but was something that just comes natural with me making out with most of my female friends, but not all. So, I was talking with her and I wanted her to tell me what she be holding inside for what she felt for me cause obviously I could tell she hid saddness behind her smiles when we hang and stuff that I just couldn't ingore and I wanted her to know that I noticed so thats why I decided to step up to what she was trying so desperately hard not to show me. And I said "I know you have strong feelings for me," but before I continued to say what I was saying she started crying and I instantly hugged her and wouldn't let her go. Then I started to continue to finish what I was saying. I said "but you know I care for you and always will, but I'm just not feeling the whole dating thing" of course I was lying because I did want to date her but I had doubts and was being a little punk you can say of being straight forward with her. Even though I couldn't find myself to say that lets be together I told her "lets just stay like this for awhile" I was still holding her. And after awhile I came to notice I was holding onto her for so long I didn't notice we felt to sleep and when I woked up she still asleep and I gentle shoked her and she woked up. And I gave her a kiss without knowing it my body just kinda reacted to when she woked up. And after that I said "we friends and you'll always have me right here by your side." She couldn't say anything and I said "its ok your eyes telling me everything I need to know I'm just a fool not to accept it." I had a feeling deep inside where her tears that I saw that was still watery in her eyes but not flowing hitting me deep inside. I really liked her, but I just couldn't be with her cause I'm a flirt and rather us be just friends then with me going out with her as being a lie because I wasn't mentally fully commited to promise to never break her heart if we ever went out. I knew if I went out went her it would be a long relationship and I wasn't ready for that yet cause I knew she wouldn't easily let me go if she ever got mad enough to let me go which I wouldn't have never allowed myself to ever bring her to a breaking point like that so couldn't give her what she wanted, but I could ease her pain for me being a fool to not accept that I really have something good that I could hold on to for a life time. This tourus girl had me feeling for her like that, but this wasn't first time I was in this sitution and everytime I got myself into a sitution like this I buried myslef deeper each time into a black hole, but at the same time I was still their for those few tourus girls I have met that I've felt for so deep sharing a serperate and different feeling for each, but for some reason I alayws end up doing the same thing when I meet a Taurus girl I just buried myself deeper with this gravity pulling down on me for rejecting these beutiful, sexy, committed female taurus, but I never hurt them in a way to make them feel like they were just a painted memory that I just got bored with and just started a new one. I'm still friends with these females Taurus and they all know each other and I try to not be flirty arround them though, but at the end I'm their for them.

I am a Gemini man with a Taurus woman. and man oh man its like fireworks all the time. I love her dearly I've been with her for a year and half... this relationship required a lot of sacrificing, but to me was all worth it because I love her dearly. She is very nice and decent and she fell in love with me first. I sometimes think how life would be without her. And I have my say, it would be very boring. Mine and her relationship is literally a rollercoaster, something that I'm fine with. She is slowly getting on it to don't worry. So girls relax not all Gemini men are flirtatious, I know I am but I flirt with my girl and not anyone else...I've seen a lot of love in her eyes for me and as for the sex life ...well we haven't really got to that yet, she's very protective and I never forced her to do it, I guess it will come

I'm a 21 yr old taurean woman and I've been dating a 22yr old Gemini for 4yrs off and on . Rollercoaster ride ? Yes . Two personalities ? Yes. Confused about what he wants ? Yes. He always come back after EVERY break up ? Yes. I don't know what to do anymore . I'm tired of giving my all & getting nothing but heart breaks. I've been told " I need my space... let's be friends for now ..." its starting to get old. The woman who said " if you love something set it free , and if it comes back it was yours to begin with " , what do you then do when you KEEP setting it free and it keeps coming back ? IF it is " yours to keep " wouldnt it STAY ? And how many times do you allow it to come back/ set it free ?

To the Gemini men who stated that they LOVE Taurus WOMEN , why not TRULY show it ? Being scared to commit can relate to ANY man not just Gemini men... isn't the point of being in a relationship is to find someone who is willing to put with all flaws and all and still love you for you who are ? Everyone wants someone who is going to love them no matter all the broken/shattered hearts ? Someone who is going to stand by them through it all ? Someone who will never leave your side ? Someone who is faithful? Someone who really loves you ?So stop with the excuses of being afraid to commit ... all the above is exactly what every Taurus women are giving you. So the excuse of wanting to explore to see if there is better out there is ridiculous , because all that you have been looking for has been standing by your side the entire time = Taurus ! The day you realize that is the day that the heart-broken , left confused , damaged , hurt Taurus woman would have already learned her worth & moved on.

Reading these post has gave me a better understanding of my " relationship" with Gemini . I'm still confused whether or not to pursue him or to FINALLY let go after so long but I know I have to make a decision SOON

After a month my Gemini man asked me to marry him. Now 20 days away from the big day and we are still going strong, not even a sign of the usual procrastination. I know he will love me forever. I have to wonder if he is a real Gemini, but May 24 is not exactly on the cusp. All the great and annoying Gemini traits-intelligent, artistically talented, great kisser/lover, sweet heart, will do anything for someone in need, handsome, lots of friends and connections with family, two sides to every situation, communicative, procrastinator, irresponsible, poor time management, unorganized, aloof... He has been willing to grow and make sacrifices. At the end of the day he has expressed his love multiple times and wants to be with me. I feel like a lucky girl and he says he has never felt or acted like this with anyone. I say a Gemini is just wanting/waiting for his soul mate. If you are her, great! If not, just enjoy the ride.

im a Gemini male and I started talking to Taurus woman. there were sparks from the moment we laid my eyes on each other. non stop smiling and even to this day (2.5 months) still the same. at first she was affectionate to me then about a week or so ago it pretty much stop coming from her. I mean I like her a good amount and I prove that to her. she sees how much attention I get from other girls and stuff but I looked at her straight in the eyes and I told her I was not going to play her. about the same time her affection stopped coming from her she caught her panties next to some other girls which I stopped talking to A WHILE BACK. I felt bad I threw the panties out but I kept hers. I even showed the drawer to her. I understand that was the dog in me back in the day but I havent messed with anyone else period. ive shown her how sincere and loyal I can be but nothing. im about to give up on her cause I cant be always trying to prove to her im good, cause then im open to get hurt. im slowly starting to let go even though I don't want to. I sometimes feel like im too nice to her and thats a no no but for us Gemini men.. once we notice a change we start letting go. one important idea I want you ladies to keep in mind about us is this. *** Gemini men are always always always analyzing past to present emotions. almost like sonar.. we send signals to test waters and if they do not come back the same.... we slowly start detaching ourselves.. if any Taurus woman can help me with my situation... please do.

Gemini men are extremely intutive and can sense when there is change in the woman they like. whether its physically or mentally. thats why its imperative you ladies show affection or show you care a bit more than average cause then we'll start feeling like your not interested in us.. then its all down hill from there...

Just finished a 2 year relationship with Gemini man, My god, we had such a magnetic pull to each other, even when we were apart which was often because we split up on a very frequent basis. But the love and tenderness we shared was out of this world. I have never experienced such an intense feeling with someone. But I am a very jeolous Taurus and I could no longer put up with the constant flirting and eyeing up other women. It was like he was besotted by women, talking about them all the time too. I love him so much but I cannot begin to think about spending the rest of my life with a guy that is always on the lookout for other women especially when he critisizes me all the time!!! As for arrogance, I would say 'I love you' and he would say 'I love me too'!!!!! Says it all.....

ive been seeing this Gemini man for a couple of months now and I must say the connection is like nooo other. reading all your input makes me feel like im dating the saaame guy as you! he is so unpredictable. the way he looks at me is unreal. but then hell act bored hahah it is NUTS. I feel like he cant commit and it's driving me crazy but I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep this one around :) and I think he feels the same. all I can say is I think that if you both wanna make it work you can, even tho we are stubborn bulls if we want something bad enough we can do it. let him flirt because hell be coming home to sleep with you! :)

I am a Tarus woman and I've been on the ride twice. Well kind of. My first love was supposed to be a Cancer, but was on the cusp and acted just like a moody gemini. Our relationship lasted for 7 years & I moved out of state. I think that is the only thing that helped me end that. My new relationship is with a full blooded Gemini...with all that comes with it. Its crazy because I know him so well, and I feel like I should just leave it alone, but I love him. But I must say, that when we first started I was much more affectionate than I am now and a Gemini needs their affection!! But it was due to circumstance, but of course, he started to pull away...and well...right now we are not together. I love him dearly...but I am getting older. At some point very soon, with God's help, we must get to the point, or I'll have to get off the ride.

Well I read every post and I'm a Gemini man and 2 months ago started talking to a Taurus girl I couldn't help being attracted to her strongly and I was surprised that I received the response from her even though it wasnt spoken and we have strong sexual attraction like I can try and resist or vice versa and each time we somehow end up having sex and I felt myself falling for her and I can tell she is falling for me too cause when we sleep she falls alseep in my arms and I feel truely happy when she is in my arms but I'm scared of getting hurt and so is she cause both of our pasts and I understand that and I feel it can work between us its gona take a lot of work and commitment and I'm ready for it we have a baby on the way and I'm hoping that we can be together successfully and I having the feeling that she still don't know if she wants to be with me its hard to tell now and I am getting a lot of hope that we can from the few successful relationships posted here the ones that didn't i'm taking what went wrong in yours and going to do my best to not make those mistakes but life is never perfect but doesn't mean we can't try to make it as close as possible Gemini man

hmm... Taurus ladies, do not try to own a guy. Because we never own anyone... people do come and go, I do not understand those people who want to change others and possess their partner.. Those thinkings of your can change someone, will just torture you. You have to love yourself first before any others. and you have to respect other people's freedom. I know Taurus girls are smart and kind, ambitious and powerful, but When they are in love, they get blinded... which makes me sad all the time.

i am a Taurus girl, with Aries/taurus cup. I love sharing knowledge before any relationship and currently seeing a Gemini man. We love to get new information, build our knowledge and ideas. I always had my rules that I have to become a friend before relationship, no sexual intercourse before. cos sex does not help or compromise a healthy relationship. and it does work.

ladies, take your time... do not be afraid to be yourself. Do not worship other man. they are just the same human as you. Worship yourself first, love who you are and do not get depressed even if you get rejected, cos as I told you they are human in the end, not god. the world does not end even if they are gone. Be strong with yourself. Do not feel satisfacted by others.

Do something that makes you happy and tell him how it did to you. He will be happy to try together too.

i know this is just my way, but try to know your man before hand. Cos guys do not tell you anything unless they feel that you will not react crazy on whatever they did. people do get foolish, you have to control your temper and have some guts to laugh about things he challenges you.

Treat them as your friend first, I know you can have a good, rich talk with them, Go Taurus ladies...

Hi guys I really dearly need your advise, as am a Taurus woman who has had her heart well and truly in a gemini's net :( we started getting close over Xmas time and the click between us was almost instant , he got a leg injury and was bed ridden for over a month, so we counter acted this by spending hours on the phone, thinking of new interesting and some downright funny questions to ask each other , which meant over time I learn't so much about him. He actually told me about some childhood memories one time, and then even said I'm surprised I have never told anyone about this stuff about me before,and we just got so bonded over time. He said he has dated plenty of girls but many he has got bored of on the first date,as they didn't allow him to talk much etc and this bored him so they never heard from him again. I tried not to get excited, as I knew I was falling for him , and one day he told me I think I'm falling in love with u, and all I replied back is Arrr that's so cute ;) .. We made arrangements when he was better, to spend a romantic weekend together, what we was both really excited about , but the day before he was made redundant and urgently had to return to france ( where he is from ) to take further interviews, that was 12 days ago, he messaged when he was first away I'm so fed up everything is runined lost the job I love,and it all happened at the wrong time. Think I have def fallen in love with you , as I think about you every single day ! A few days later I noticed he had deleted all my fb wallposts off his wall and all his friends. I messaged asking him why had he deleted all my wallposts and was he ok? I asked was he angry with me, and I got a prompt reply saying of course I am not angry with you why would I be , you have done nothing wrong. I'm just very down, right now , still abroad doing interviews but nothing yet, I miss you so much I was feeling so fed up as he is so far away, and I feel he would be better to come home so I can support him through all this, but typical Gemini he has gone far away all alone to deal with this stress by himself. I hate knowing he is down and depressed, but I cannot help, I want to know he is coming home , but am scared everyday that I will get a email from him saying he is not returning. Even the thought of this brings tears to my eyes, as I have never fallen so much for someone as I have him. Guys I need your imput .. How do I take it from here? Should I leave it til he replies? Or go dead quiet ? The last message I was angry and fed up but I simply put babe I'm here for you 110% you are really clever and smart so you know you will defienetly get something else, but I need to know that you want me in your life , as this has been hard on me too. Miss you so much, and you're silly animal noises ( don't ask ;) ... I'm not sure what to do at the moment I'm stuck I'm limbo , don't know wh at to do , but all I know is I want this man in my life help !!! X

Ive been with a Gemini off and on for two years and 3 months and I love him to death will never get ova him... lyk evryone said a big roller coaster me a Gemini really has no idea what he wants... he's distracted by explorn than bein with one that truely loves him....we constantly argue if its not serious its jokingly we both admit we love to argue but he hates when he pushes me to the point where it gets serious and we stop tlkn for a lil...he says he loves me and wants to be with me but then he says man I dnt thnk its gunna wrk....btw a Gemini man thnks to damn much...thats what gets them in tired of the drama but I rather be wit em cuz bein witout him is more pain than being with stuck and icnt get out im sure he loves me but he's confused his self.........idk what to do

i'm a Taurus female...i have to agree with the guys about Gemini being misunderstood. they really are great guys, we just get mad because we don't understand them 100%. i'm 20 and have had a sexual relationship with a Gemini man (32) for a year now. I finally decided to ask him to be with me...the answer was, in other words, no. he said he liked things the way they were and he knew that I didn't and he didn't want to turn me down, for a fear that things would end between us and that relationships always end badly and he doesn't want that. we continue our "relationship". I told him that either way, I know he cares about me and he said he does. I know he feels the same way about me as I do him...i can see it when he looks at me, and I can feel it when he holds me. I was understanding of his decision whether I 100% understand it or not.(which I don't) but i'm starting too. most of you call it selfishness, when in reality, it's the total opposite. some of them do this to spare your may not seem this way, but it's true. I do believe that Gemini don't know exactly what they want and it's hard on Taurus because we always know exactly what we want, therefore it makes it hard for us Taurus to understand this side of gemini. I love my Gemini whether I understand his decision or not, it doesn't matter. I still get to be around him and be a part of his life, and that's good enough for me :)

I feel the exact same way as everyone my relationship is also an older Gem man he's 35 I'm a young Taurus 20 it was instant he literally took my breath away my situation is a bit more complicated we work at the same place as my mother and cousin whom he's best friends with there also the same age and I'm sure my cousin wouldnt approve or he would somehow be embarrassed by the situation being a true Taurus woman born May 8 th this bothers me abut but not enough to secretly flirt with him anyway it's like this gem appeared out of nowhere we melt in each others eyes I could stare at him all day out of nowhere he walks up to me and starts telling me his whole life story I didn't mind though I could listen to him talk all day I learned his birthday through this random conversation it's may 24 I was excited about this at first until I found out this trails into gem territory I'm not saying there I the same but I'm cautious he is also a very big flirt and has a come back f or everything which I guess I kind of like he asked me did I feel like he was full of s*** I said kind of everyone around us recognizes the chemistry they he's never been like the before just until I came along he makes sure that I see him and he makes it very apparent that he's looking for me even my mother notices this magnetic pull as someone said earlier I'm only hesitant because my mom had an awful experience with a gem I came here looking for answers as to if the possible relationship would work but Im starting to think we should be friends first and the love will come later I'm patient and willing to wait oh did I mention he has a woman or so I'm told but I can't let go there's something there I'm not sure what this blog helps good and bad it feels good to get this of my chest and to them gem men who took their time to post I appreciate it you sound sweet and honest and you give me hope

Im a Taurus women who dated a Gemini guy for 2 months. Our relationship ended the day after our 2 month annversery but the break up wasn't to bad tough it ended on really friendly terms. I wasn't like horribly crushed but I was pretty bummed for a few days. It was a great experience and he was such a great guy to be around and always treated me right. I can't really say it was a rollercoaster ride since we didn't date that long but wow from what i've been reading it sounds like we've all been dating the same guy.

I am a Taurus woman dating a typical Gemini man......He is soooo charming, sweet and intellectual and the chemistry we have between us when we are together is out of this world. However when we are apart sometimes it comes accross that he is loosing interest. We see each other about twice a month because we live in different areas and due to commitments we both have this is the only amount of time we get to spend with each other. When I see him he is asking me where he stands because I try to back off when I don't hear from him so much a kind self preservation. This man is driving me crazy, I think about him all the time but try to give him space because I know that he needs it, then when I back off to give hum space he iss asking me where he stands. I'm so confused and trying not tolet my emotions run wild and not be blinded by his dazzeling looks, and seductive eyes and the emotional bond we share when we are together. He even asked me why do I not get jealous whe and he talks about women who have tried to flirt with him when we are apart and said that this shows that I don't care. Of course I get jealous I am a typical taurean but I know my traites and I try to control myself and tell myself jealousy is a wasted emotion. He also asks me why I don't tell him about when guys ask me out and I said well I don't see the point I'm with you, what would this gain, because I am very loyal.... It seems like he wants to play games.

I would appreciate any advice especially from a Gemini man who understands how these personalities work. I have very strong feelings for this guy and would like a future with him but at the same time I'm 31 had a few bad relationships, I'm getting too old to play games!!! what does he want!! does he want commitment?? because he points to that in one instance, then in the next he saying it's too early for all that!!! He has told me he loves me then the next time he see's me he says he thinks he loves me!!! How frustrating!!! The sad thing is I feel I am becoming more self guarded which he recognised on my recent visit.... I don't want to be like this because I think what we could have could be amazing!!! HELPPPPPP!!!!

It was so fun with my Gemini man, he has a great sense of humor that made me never feel bored of being with him. The good side is he is kind, honest and loyal. The bad side is he is so much extroverted than me, he went out a lot and non stop talking in public which made me sometimes tired of keeping up with.

Our breakup came from my desire of "Stability" which he NEVER had to provide. He never wanted to stop moving from this country to another country. He didn't care at all if we didn't have anywhere to call home, didn't care about how much money we will have for the future, didn't care about what we need to do NOW to have a family in the next few years. It drove me totally nuts. Stability didn't mean anything to him, but it means everything to me. I am Taurus!

When I decided to break up, I had to spend a lot of time to explain to him about those reasons but he didn't even understand why those are good enough for me to break up with him.

Gemini man and Taurus woman are good for a short term relationship. Life would be really fun and full of joy. But if you are ready to settle down, don't go for a Gemini man. :)

After reading these posts, I'm starting to believe more into astrology, but I won't treat it as a foolproof theory. Anyhow, the girl (Taurus) and I (Gemini) struck well off the bat. We made out after a month and I will admit, she is very possessive and controlling. To all those Gemini men out there, if you're dating a Taurus woman, keep these things in mind.

- keep things fresh (show affection one day, stay silent the next...better yet, don't call her for two days)

- stay cool (this really attracts them). Never take things personally and of course, stay keeps them wanting you more.

- be more of a father/brother role than be her bf, it gives them a feeling of being secured around you.

- with a Taurus woman, you really don't have to show much affection by buying roses, chocolates or treat her to expensive dinner. If they're into you, it means they like you for who you are.

- mean what you say and say what you mean. don't lie. Taurus women are very intelligent.

- we like to give them space while they like to express their affection but I think the truth is, we want space while they want, tease them here and there and keep the relationship zesty.

I am a Taurus women married to a Gemini Man! Awg! He is so INDECISIVE, he cant make up HIS mind..which drives me crazy! He is also moody, and if I am mad, YES me...I get the silent treatment(wierd huh?) When we first met...he was WONDERFUL..and still has wonderful moments too at times that remind me when we first met...but he is a handful with my emotions. oh ya still love him..but I shake my head a lot I will put it that way nicley. And yes he loves playing video games ..ALOT. Married 14 years now. all I can say is to the Gemini men..MAKE UP YOUR FRIGIN MIND..GAWD!!!

I'm so happy I came across this thread. I am a Taurus woman who was most recently enthralled with a Gemini man - my first. Previous boyfriend of 3 years was an Aries and I thought that was rough! Broke up w Aries w lots of hard feelings. Met my Gemini guy thru a mutual friend who thought we would be perfect together. Within the first month we had 3 bouts of drama. I kept relating to him the what I did my Aries. Needless to say, he still went hot and cold. I've since learned of the classic Gemini trait - freezing people out when angry. My Aries never did this although we had a fiery passion as well. My problem is - I REALLY like this Gemini. He is very good for me for a lot of reasons. As a Taurus, I'm upity and enjoy a man who takes charge, I do it all day for work so I find this attractive in my Gem. Now he won't talk to me. HELP ME! Do Gemini men ever forgive and forget? Am I just grasing at straws? I miss him and his annoying traits. The arrogance was annoying but Aries schooled me so that part I could handle. The flirtatious part felt like he was trying to prove a point, again Aries schooled me. I really want my Gemini. He won't talk to me. What do I do??

Will not work. Gemini can be very possessive and then nonchalent the next when they hv another girl in mind. His stupid temper and possessiveness made me lose a whole bunch of frds. Then when i'm finally left with no frds, he went sleeping arnd. He has the most foul temper. When I left him he still found the chance to use darcasm on me.. But he admitted that i'm a nice girlfrd. Fker. I hope he dies soon.NEVER get involved with Gemini men IF you r Taurean. So many men out there.

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