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I am a 27 year old Virgo female and my current boyfriend is a 29 year old Gemini. We met 2 years ago when his ex wife went crazy on him with a golf club and I got him and his stuff out of there.

From day one, we were fast friends and became fast lovers. The sex was great. As life started settling in, we started arguing a lot. I would want more attention and he would only give attention when he felt it was the right time. I wanted to have sex and he didn't want to unless his emotions were behind it.

I finally gave up on that fight and started picking the fact that he was disabled and couldn't go out and work like other men. I resented the fact that I had to go work while he was at home. The fighting got so bad that I actually went to a doctor and was prescribed anxiety and depression medication. I am a lot better at handling the financial and sexual stress and he is adamant on sticking around.

I still get angry sometimes quietly because I keep wondering if there is better out there. Sometimes I think I'm a bad person, and sometimes I thin he just isn't the one for me.

I'm a Virgo woman I was in a relationship with a Gemini man for 1 month I fell for him within weeks of the relationship I loved his take charge personality the sex was great! But he had a big jealousy and trust problem I always had to prove myself and we argued a lot.... the love left as fast it came

Im a Gemini male and I recently dated a Virgo female. we first started off as good friends then we became lovers. at first it seemed like we were going to be together forever because we knew each other for a while. the sex was good and everything but then things started going down-hill. we would get in fights for little things or no reason. I had to watch what I say or she would get mad and I wasn't clicking with that. I felt trapped and tied down. she never wanted to go out or have fun. I am the party type she is the house type. she could easily piss me off hitch caused me to drifted off. we broke up but became good friends. then our friendship went away because we were still having arguments which caused us not to communicate with we each other anymore. she was the jealous type and I didn't like that. and she thought I was a flirt but I didn't see that. it basically didn't work out.

I am a Gemini Man and I dated a Virgo women for 1 1/2 years. We met each other at work and within 3 weeks were on our first date. It was amazing for the first 6 months, but after that she slowly started to pick fights with me. Not enough attention, why do you always go out, why are your friends more important then me, etc. These things were never true as I did really love and care for her, its just I was my own person and so was she. We started to fight a lot, about sex, money, personal time. It become to much for her and she ran away back to school and immediately found a new lover. Its crushing, but I know ill be the best "lover" she has ever had

I am a Virgo woman who had dated a Gemini man about 20 years ago. We lived together, talked about marriage, kids and had incredible sex and could talk about anything, then I realized he was more "adventurous" than I and I left him. I supposedly "crushed" him and he was unable to forgive me for a few years. We recently "hooked" up again and the sex is absolutely mind-boggling. There are no strings attached so it's an ideal situation. I would spend the rest of my life with this man if he wasn't so flighty. But I know we'll always be great friends and lovers for as long as he'll have me. It's too bad he wouldn't settle with me because we love each other very much.

I've been dating a Gemini male for over a year now. I'm a Virgo female. We've known each other for years, and when we first started dating I loved the attention and devotion. It was all about me, and I really saw a future with him. But then things started to go downhill, he wanted to spend less time with me, excluded me from activities, and his flighty immature nature started to show through. We love each other very much, and are very passionate. But admittedly I pick fights when I haven't gotten the affection I need, and I can't handle his carefree attitude towards money, and situations.

I'm a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Gemini man. He's liked me for months and didn't tell me until after graduation. He even had a lot of girlfriends in the time he liked me! We have been together for almost two years. No fuss, no fights, no argue and he is still want and lusts more and more from me every day. My advice to you is never believe everything you hear. I am a Virgo, so we all know that I am always worried that one day he will stop liking me, but that day hasn't even came close. Before, I thought I was safe because we didn't have any problems and he loves who I am and wants to be with me forever. I stated becoming VERY scared when I read the articles about male Gemini's and who they are. They are a handful, but he told me to stop believing everything I read, see, and hear. He just might be the one for me. Anything is possible.

im a Virgo lady never been going out or dating ever in my life; a few week I met a guy at my work place, I knew exactly he liked me more than like, ha.... One day, he waited at the door way kind of waiting for me to come to work. Well, he is a handsome young guy (born 1981). Every time and each time when he see me, he is craving that he wanted to huge and kiss me. Whatever, he can't do that; he is the role. I'm not into Another week later, he sent his friend to talk to me said, "I'm very pretty and he loved me." Asked me to hang out; he is a Gemini. I told him, I love him, too, however, I cant go out because it is against my religion. One of my peer said to me, "good girl, you have a good response!! "guy today." If I decided to meet a man in my life, I would not dating a Gemini. And of course he is flirting around with lots of girls. I don't take that seriously and put myself in a position that will leads me painful after it has done. I'm free and independent. So good luck to Virgo and Gemini

I have known my husband for 27 years. We have been married for 25 years. We have 4 children. He has never wanted me to work even though I have a degree. He used to say it was cheaper for me to stay at home and look after the kids. I listened to him. He has cheated with his secretary, ex girlfriend and other women. I have forgiven him each time, mostly because of our children. We seems to argue so much and more often now than before. A lot of my friends would say they do not know how I do it. My cultural background is different from his. I am West Indian, he is white. My parents would tell me I should try and make it work. I often wonder about our compatibility. Was this union a big mistake? Sometimes I think I would go insane because of all the arguing. I feel he does not have respect for me. Yesterday I got angry with him...when he got home from work I was wearing knee length shorts...he goes, is that what you are wearing...I said what's wrong with it. He said my shorts were too long. I am 51. I will not wear shorts to my ass. I never have before even when I was younger. He is extremely critical. Any opinions anybody!

I am a Virgo woman married to a Gemini man (he is eight years younger) for 6 years now. Speaking to all those Virgo's in self mutilation phase... if he is being a jerk and acting like a completely different man...Yell! Don't hen peck or try to court an answer that makes since to you out of him...really YELL AT HIM! Tell him in no uncertain terms how you feel at full force. I know, I know, we are Virgos...we keep everything together and rational (usually), but Gemini don't get it unless you show them emotion... real intense emotion they can't escape from...showing them they are emotions and feelings they have helped create. Gemini are not cheaters or unfeeling (throw all that crap you've read out!), they simply don't see how they could possibly effect anyone in a negative way with their passive aggressive behavior. They didn't do anything, right? Gemini are some of the most deeply passionate and loving people and if they give their heart to you it is yoursÂ… don' t chase away who you want and who you need by being scared of being real and letting those mysterious, unpredictable longings and urges out...good, bad, sexy or even can trust your Gemini to adore it - unpredictability experienced with them and loyalty to them is all they really want...and we are just the sign to give them that if we can open up the hidden side of ourselves to them.

I dated an Gemini for 10 yrs we lived together, but he would leave me off and on for someone else but keep me on the side, like having your cake and eat it too... He loved his women, but he wanted to make sure there was someone there that would stand by him.. I was always there for him, but one day I got tried of it and left him.. He ask me to marry him thinking that would keep him from wanting to date or see any other women... We got along great, and agree on everything, and I know he had a heart, I just wasn't good enough for him, he had to have others.. He was a great guy, he need the loving but I don't think it was enough...He had a bad attitude too, and down on everything too.. And that isn't use Virgo at all... So, you could get a great Gemini or a bad one it really depends, but I think that Gemini are women people...

I am a Virgo woman and I just recently meet a Gemini man. A couple of months ago I was minding my business walking down the street and this car pulled up next to me. A man in the drivers seat started talking to me, I was a bit two minded but I gave him my number anyway and since then we've been communicating with each other everyday. He seems really nice, we can talk about anything, we have learned so much about each other in such a short time. I must admit the attraction towards each other is very strong and the sex is amazing and wonderful even though it only happened a couple of times. He has a few issues from a past relationship and I am not sure how this will play out for us, but I am willing to try and see what's in store for us.

I must admit after reading some of the comments I am not sure if I should pursue him , but I guess only two things can happen either we make it or we don't.

im a Gemini man starting a relationship with a Virgo woman,, the biggest thing that strikes me is I am not the typical Gemini im not "flighty, disloyal a cheater, insensitive " or most of the complaints I see about my sign! I was married to and have dated all the signs that are supposed to be a "good match" for Gemini I married an Aries (9 yrs) Leo 2 yrs any way this wonderful Virgo female and I have discussed everything about what we want in a partner and life and we both feel like "shazam" and we've been hit by lightning !! I think this Virgo woman and I are perfect for each other and if she keeps me I will be hers loyally and dedicated forever I can be very happy with just 1 woman in my life I am sensitive and attentive to my woman's needs I have always put her needs in front of mine!! (yes im really a Gemini June 3rd) I have never cheated on my girl ever not in 20 yrs of relationships (3 total) but I seem to possess most of the good traits of the Gemini so I guess my girl and my self are lucky, I will chime in again in a year to update on this new union

I'm a Virgo woman dating a Gemini man for the past 2.5 months.

Ive started to feel I'm losing him and I think I'm trying too hard to keep him. And I think he sees this. I'm becoming needy and trying to please him too much. This has backfired many instances. He's definitely cool and doesn't show too much emotion. I on the hand am very sensitive, so this is a huge problem. I feel like I need to cool it myself to be more in tune with how he sees things. My advice, make sure you maintain your life outside of him. Do not show you are so open and willing to wait for him hand in foot. As a Virgo we are big people pleasers. Let him chase it he wants the challenge.

I,M A Virgo WOMEN AND WAS TALKING TO A Gemini married man he was my ex he would tell me he loved me every day when I went to work from when. I went to sleep but when his wife was around he act different like we were a secret . I was tired of him treating me like a side line so I told him don't call or text me again .

I'm a Virgo female and have been seeing my Gemini for 8 months now. Our connection is truly amazing, but I worry that if I let him get too close to me then that will be the end. We both tend to be rather free spirits and need to have other interests outside of the relationship for it to work. He does party a lot and that started to bother me because I felt that maybe he didn't feel as deeply about me as I did him and I was afraid of getting hurt so I stopped seeing him for awhile.

At that point he haunted my dreams and I couldn't get him out of my mind I still loved him. I even started dating someone else, but I missed him. My Gemini would still call, but I would politely refuse to see him. My other love interest only lasted for 3 weeks and my Gemini returned asking to see me again.

finally, after being away for so long I think he realized that he needed to treat me better and I realized that I needed to give more to get better results from our relationship. So we agreed to see each other again I thought that he was only doing this as revenge and I was upset, but he kept trying to see me. I have always kept my distance from him because I was afraid of being hurt, but I realize what I want now even though it took awhile to get here, I just hope it's not too late for us.

I am a Virgo Woman dating a Gemini man and he is such a gentleman and he is so sweet and gentle. He gets clingy sometimes but tries to hide it. He treats me like a queen and buys me gifts and always remembers our anniversary, does things like pulls out my chair, compliments me, gives me his coat etc. He is chivalrous. I don't know if it has anything to do with his Libra moon, but he is just such a sweetheart!

He always thinks about me before himself. We have been together for 3 years now going on 4. So people, don't believe everything you read about how Virgo and Gemini are a bad match. Just because something may seem difficult, doesn't mean it's impossible!

I am a 22 year old Virgo girl and he is a 18 year old Gemini. We both fell in love very quickly and yes he is a total party boy. I love that he can never bore me and can always make me laugh,the connection between us was indescribably amazing. He would tell me he loved me like every other minute and I loved that. Although we started fighting a lot over dumb stuff, I felt like he didn't respect me, and even though I know he loves me I feel he will never take me seriously, I don't know if its the age difference, like I act more mature.In the end it ended really bad we were only together for 3 months. After 5 months of never seeing him again we met again I feel like I still love him but I feel way better pretending I don't, we are currently just friends and you can say lovers too because that's the way I wanted it, I honestly don't think its gonna work out this way though because we both love each other so much and are both really jealous, unless we make it official ag ain but I really don't want any drama in my life rite now. But I guess in the end if it is true love maybe one day we can be together without all the BS.

I have learned so much about my own relationship reading all of the posts. I have been with this girl for seven years and and have been engaged for the past 6 months. I love her truly but do not trust due to how fickle she can become. It truly feels as if I am dating two girls. Due to this I end up breaking up with both of them

I am a Virgo girl I have been dating this Gemini boy for a month now and things are good but he has trust issues he always says I don't trust him and I try very hard to make him think I do and I really do but when ever were to gather his friend calls him shes really pretty and I don't really mind but when he told me that she dosnt no were dateing I kinda got jelous cuz I no she likes him and he says he loves me and is very kind and cares about me a lot more then him self and I want us to togeather for ever but that still bugges me but other then that were perfect and any1 else like me out there dnt trip it will work but only if you're willing to make it work its all on you to were 14 now and I am very confidante were gonna be together till were old and gray

I am a Virgo girl I have been dating this Gemini boy for a month now and things are good but he has trust issues he always says I don't trust him and I try very hard to make him think I do and I really do but when ever were to gather his friend calls him shes really pretty and I don't really mind but when he told me that she dosnt no were dateing I kinda got jelous cuz I no she likes him and he says he loves me and is very kind and cares about me a lot more then him self and I want us to togeather for ever but that still bugges me what should I do ????

I am a Virgo woman who dated a Gemini man for about 2 years. when we first met it was at a club. we were both out with mutual friends celebrating new years. I remember watching him bounce around the club from woman to woman and thinking " this guy is just too wild for me"! then next thing I knew he'd crept up on me and told me that he wanted to dance. I put him off for a while and waited until almost the last song of the night. When we finally got down to the dance floor he treated me so delicately and held me so gently it was unbelievable! He was not the same guy that I had just seen on the dance floor! so, naturally being a Virgo that made me curious and I wanted to get to know him. To make a long story short though,my experience with my Gemini was sort of rocky. He showed me lots of affection when we were together from the very begining but as far as outward showings of affection as in around his friends...that took a while. When we first met, he vowed he'd nev er get into another relationship (he 'd had a bad experience with an ex so much in fact that he wouldn't even kiss me!I told him if he sticks around me too long he's gonna fall in love with me and within the first 2 months he did....HARD! lol! we both did but, I soon grew tired of his lack of emotion, his stronger devotion to his friends over me, his frivilous spending habits, his flirtatiousness (though I soon realized it really was harmless and seemingly uncontious), and his spoiled nature. Don't get me wrong though, he on the flip side, was also very giving and nurturing. It was confusing to me. virgos don't like instability and relate more effectively to what's's crazy though because though geminis aren't constant they are so charming and they are very attentive to your needs..well at least as far as hearing them out! lol! For some reason I can't help but to be attracted to them! As a matter of fact, i'm no longer with that gemini( though he is still deeply in love with me..kissing and all!), but I'm now attracted to another gemini! I have to admit though that i'm a little afraid of what the outcome of this will be. One thing that i've noticed is that the less attention you pay them the more they wanna find out why! but you still have to find some sort of way to balance out the lack of attention you're showing them and showing them attention (because you're most definitely not going to win them over by not showing them ANY attention and affection. Just play it cool virgos and don't take everything that they say (and they willsay A LOT) to heart. They can be extremely blunt but like the other lady said up top, I found that when I didn't hold my tounge either we got more accomplished. I don't mean nag him either though ( because when you think about it he's not nagging you now is he?..he's simply throwing his thoughts, feelings, and ideas into the air!lol) that's my take on it though. I say good luck to all virgos trying to pursue or make it work with a gemini, and get ready for this bumpy, passionate, confusing, adventurous, irritating, loving, memorable ride!

I am a 21 Virgo women dating a 20 Gemini Man. Our relationship is very interesting such as many people have posted. I hate reading that these two signs are destined for failure. I met my current boyfriend through mutual friends in college. When going out, we have a lot of fun and the conversations are never dull. He is very much a people person. We did have some communication issues since sometimes I could not read him and I get very insecure about that. I believed that we would never get together. We dated for 2 months and he asked me to be his girlfriend twice. I declined because we would be far apart during the summer. Over the summer we kept in contact and sometimes I did get upset if I didn't get a phone call from him first. I can be very needy and I am working hard to be my own person. Once reunited we quickly picked up were things left off and started our relationship. Our communication problems are no longer a issue. We spend lots of time together, but I giv e him space to do his own thing. We laugh all the time and have many inside jokes. THE SEX IS AMAZING. But sometimes I wish we had it more often. We both like to party and have a lot of friends. It is hard being 21 because he can't go to the bars with me. I do anything to make him happy. I may have to lay off all the cooked meals, back scratches, and other sweet things I do because he may be getting to used to it and not appreciative. He does do things for me such as cooking me dinner and morning cuddling. I do find myself getting jealous when he pays attention to some girls. He does not get jealous of me. He's not the jealous type. We have not had a fight. I also want to have his attention often. I cannot be ignored. I hope this won't be a down fall. We are very happy in our relationship which has been 3 months. I routing for this Virgo Gemini relationship.

I'm a Gemini man married to a Virgo for 8 years. The first few years together were amazing. We traveled the world together, laughed, talked, had great sex however at the 5 year mark things have become increasingly boring. Our interests have parted, she no longer wants to touch or be cuddles, days with no conversation. The passion is gone. I've dated a few Virgo women in the past and the all share the same characteristics and no of the relationships worked. I do think that Gemini and Virgo are a bad match, I feel so suffocated, out of love and bored...what to do but find happiness!

I am a 58 year old woman who has been dating a 62 year old Gemini. The sex is great; however, we have always went to his camp by the lake and I haven't been invited to his house. He is in the middle of a divorce, he says that will be final in January. Yet there are red flags all over. He says he loves only me but will not open up about what is going on in his life right now and avoids questions telling me only what he wants me to hear.

So with his being that way I have no way of knowing, is he still married not getting a divorce, seeing other women or just wants me when he wants me and sex and not to interfer with his normal life? I have cooled it with him although he is so very sensitive, caring and good in bed. I miss the sex and the way we are together. But, yes, Virginia, there is another side to SOME and I do say only some Geminis. Secretive with no excuses for omissions in data. Even though we are very good together I must move on for my well-being and self-respect.

I am a Virgo woman who has dated a Gemini male for about 2 months now,at first, it was okay, he was charming, I just felt like he was the shit and I listen to him trying to "change" me and my routine, but lately all of that has become annoying, and he beggs alot, tries to alter the truth when I want to break up, he roars on the outside but he really is a fake, lying big ass teddy bear, I don't like him always thinking he is right and I just want to strangle him now a days, we were friends first for about 3 months, but also, the sex been dead from day one, he loves to have sex, but I get noo enjoyment out of it, it seems to me that he is one of them people who just wants to use gettin ready to leave him and if a Virgo woman is thinking of dating a Gemini male...u better run tooo!!!!11

I am a Virgo girl and have met a very humorous and charming Gemini. He makes me laugh, and I can feel so relaxed and happy around him...but I can't trust him. He always plays with my emotions, and I can't ever read him. He tends to be so distant, but then he is the one that always wants to keep in contact with me.

I figure that he only wants to be with me sometimes, and the rest of his time is with other women. My relationship, in all honesty, is quite tiring and confusing. But I don't know what to brain...or my heart...I wish I never met him...

I am a Virgo woman with a Gemini man. When I first met him I honestly attempted to have nothing to do with him. Once we became friends things kicked off pretty fast. We are actually about to cross our one year mark of marriage. Like others here we used to argue a lot but honestly is stupid little things and we are no where near ending it. He is the bossy type while I am stubborn so at times it can be frustrating. I am always willing to help while he could sometimes careless about helping people. I am always planning things while he is a last minute guy. I don't like my things to be moved while he can't stop. He has played the role of Mr. Desiciplune to our hyper active kittens while I'm their favorite who saves them. I guess im saying that sometimes opposites can attract and actually work. Good luck to you all...and again don't listen to everything you hear, stop worrying, and have some faith.

well must I say im a Virgo woman and I met my first Gemini male two months ago... I move in a new apartment and he lived upstairs from me with his girlfriend.. for a whole month he was tapping at my doors helping me bring in bags just charming me so good until I finally gave in to him.. I feel so bad for dealing with someone in a relationship but he's just so charming and the sex is crazy... now im sitting here trying to find out how to stop this fire between us before someone gets hurt...

I'm a Virgo, 18 and he's a 21 Gemini. We met through Volleyball in our school. We've been dating for 9 months, going 10th! I understand how a Virgo feels, and I always felt that I'm not appreciated for what I've done. I get Jealous and etc.. He's the one that's "over-friendly" if you get what I mean. Also, occasionally flirts with some girls.

As a Virgo, I do think we're always jealous, want attention and I'm always scared that he'll break up with me some day. We don't fight but we do argue sometimes.

I've always heard and read bout bad comments bout Virgo & Gemini. But, seriously, I think as a Virgo we should open up for once! Have fun in this relationship. As long as I trust, as long as I believe, we will be together. I know all you need is something that can clear your mind; Gemini is not bad for a Virgo. All you need is trust him, don't show too much love, and it will work out! Have fun in this relationship!

I am a Virgo woman, my 1st boyfriend was Gem. I loved him then and 34 years later I still love him. Even though we didn't work out because of his mom, we are still in touch and still friends to this day. I also had another boyfriend who was a Gem, we were together for 9 years, it was like dating Jeckel and Hyde. If it wasn't for the fact I loved the guy I wouldn't have put myself through 9 years of sheer torture. I feel sorry for the woman that ends up with him for sure. I have currently been married to an Arese for 18 years and it has been bliss.

Gemini and Virgo here same age 25 this year and it's 5.5 year mark my agenda for the last 3 would tell even the stupidest person to run with it's redundancy of how he have ruined day after day and always puts me last and lies and uses his words for all kinds of things even adding moments that didn't exist till he said it all manipulating reality till it's all just enough to make me jump out of a moving vehicle but I guess it's hilarious to not care where their words lead but this Virgo follows the bait and I don't like my enormous compassion to be taken advantage. I'm trying to get away he is very persistant but only when he wants it. Sometimes he's everything I've ever wanted but I guess it's just a game. He never makes me feel safe quite the opposite

I fell in love with a Gemini man at age 23 we were to get married but had problems with family on race issues.wehad the most special relationship ever but we broke it off as we could not handle the problems.when I was 30 and had a child wityh someone else he wanted to get back together but I wanted to make it with the childs father,but that did not work out.he got married had kids and I was on my mind always went back to him as I realised I should not have let him go the second his marriage is over and somehow our souls were searching for each other as we realised thatw e had been thinking of each other for like 2 years now.well it is still a wonderful relationship and needed no work as we just took up where we left off.virgo women must be very careful with Gemini men,,they are really wonderful people,,show patience love understanding ,,let him know taht you are concerned about him and always listen to what he says cause sometimes the little things he says are what matters most,please don't be critical or dominating,he will be angry and keep away,let him feel he is as free as he wants.and try to understannd taht Gemini are not like virgos ,,we are very insecure thats why we want to be told that we are loved often Gemini are the way we are back together after 25 years. make things simple...i really like this Gemini but he has a the beginning I didn't know that..anyway we had sex...and it was the best I ever had..however we don't talk..i wish were did communicate a little more than what we do..buts thats fine..because I don't want a relationship I just want to have sex with him..and thats it..but he has a habit of doing it on his own time..and I DO NOT LIKE THAT..i don't know whybut its either my way or the highway..but for some reason I settle for him...Did I mention he was a baby...yes he was only 18 when we 1st had sex and I didn't know..but he is now 19 and im 21..i honestly just believe im hooked on his sex...or it may be the fact that he doesn't pay me any mind..i kind of enjoy this chase....

I am a Gemini male dating a Virgo woman for 9 months now...she is very withdrawn bout a lot of thingz..which I don't like but after reading up on Virgo women I have a better understanding..and I m going into the future hoping for the best

I'm a Virgo woman married to a Gemini man. Been married now for 20yrs. I'm 40 and he's 48. It was love at first site for us, we did everything together. I have to say that I was a sexual (adventurous) person and he was crazy about me. He was then a gentlemen, thoughtful, loving, showered me with gifts, etc. He always had wondering eyes, that made me jealous. After 10 years of marriage things changed I believe he got bored and wanted new adventures. The things he use to do are things of the past. He's distant, we don't sleep together because I don't trust him, and he's ok with that. He doesn't want to give me a divorce so I guess I'm stuck. The thing is Gemini are loving people but they get bored. Hopefully you can find one that lasts forever in a relationship.

I'm a Virgo with Gemini rising. Thats quite a bit of Mercury. I once had an Gemini acquaintance, Andrew, whom I was mesmerized by. He always had one woman or another but he was never WITH them in pub. Always hanging out with the guys. My then Aquarian boyfriend, Gus, and I broke up so he asked his Gemini friend Andrew to help him patch things up between us.

Andrew and I met at 5PM for a drink. (Our first ever solo meeting). We talked and I started liking him immediately. At 7 we went to dinner, at 11 we were dancing away somewhere, and finally at 2.30AM I said goodnight. Needless to say, we grew very fond of each other. We spent so much time together. He often stayed the night in the spare bedroom. My Gemini rising makes me appear the same as a Gemini Sun. So I understand now when they say Gemini's spend more time with their friends than their partners. Needless to say, old boring Aquarius never found out.

What you have to bear in mind is that both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Already there you have too much intellect that needs a great amount of stimulation which you get from this union. OMG, not to mention all the communication that goes on between the two. The ideas that are borne out of normal conversation just never takes form because all the talking takes up a lot of time.

You also have to look at the bigger picture, are the placements of your other planets compatible. Once you have this knowledge you can work with it and you can make the relationship work. Knowledge is power.

I recently met a Gemini who is deployed in Afghanistan. At my age I am skeptical. But. Maybe he is the one. He is so gentle, caring, loving. Communication is erratic because of his deployment, but I get butterflies when I see his e-mails at the age of 48. I have learnt not to have expectations so what do I have to lose. Relationships are an emotional investment and investments are usually risky by their very nature.

To all the Virgo ladies out there, empower yourselves. Do a compatibility chart and if you care for your Gemini, you have the tools to make it work. Oh, and stop being afraid to get hurt. It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved.

As I am writing this, this email came through from my Gemmi: ___________________________________________________________ my love sorry I did not write you, I was very busy and have not had the chance to come on internet, I miss you so much and I want you to know that you hold that special place in my heart, nothing will ever stop me from making this dream come true, Honey just be strong and know that your soldier Man is safe and ok, MISSED YOU ALREADY, how I wish I can hold you close to me now to just feel that you're warm body on mine, I just write to say hi I will check back to write you more later, Hope we get to chat soon.

Lots of Hugs and Kisses ___________________________________________________________

Best wishes to all of you. Remember to empower yourselves. Get to know his Rising sign, moon sign, love sign and "good Luck". You are responsible for your own happiness.

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