Gemini men are charming but hard to understand

I have read all the comments above and i think its so true about Gemini men. My mom is a Gemini and she is really like twins. One minute she is so lovely, the next minute she can be a different person, so cold and distant. But she is really a good person with a warm heart.

I'm now dating a Gemini guy and its exactly that every morning i get a "good morning" from him :) its very lovely. He's on the go a lot and he likes me since he likes to talk to me, asking me what i do, what i eat, very sweet and lovely. He's very good with words but also straightforward and flirty! But i like it because I'm flirty too. Communication is the key to any relationship and I agreed with him. first u need to be friends understand each other then when you have deep intellectual connection it will develop to passion and love.

He likes to talk about sex and related things, oral sex! he asked a lot of questions about that, how i like it, what i want. u need to be open about this with him, but not telling him everything because these men are very imaginative. U keep secrets about yourself! He will like to chase you and discover u as much as possible. He was sweating talking with me a lot of nights. U need to stimulate him, let him imagine things. These men are very visual, they go after what they like and quite often they can get what they want so be careful!

These men are not stingy, in fact they r generous and spend money on good things and families.

They get bored easily its true so u need to be an excited person, and bold. U should be independent, strong and open-minded, do your things, have your own goals in life and he will like you a lot. Don't be too emotionally attached, talk about anything and everything with him, share your ideas and wisdom. He loves smart, sexy and intellectual women. Be confident! don't let him feel like you like him too much. Sometimes ignore him and let him know you are desirable too :)

If you are confident, charming, communicative, independent, sexy and not afraid to try new things u sure can keep him for yourself :) these men love traveling, sports, cooking. They are witted, quick-thinking and open-minded people. They look for someone who can challenge them mentally. So you need to be prepared on everything you talk about. U should be knowledgeable on topics you talk, you will intrigue him.

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