Gemini Scorpio and sex

by Angelic Turner
(Chicago, IL)

I am a Genuine Gemini Gal who has met a sexy and comical Scorpio guy! I was told some negative things about him, but was still curious on meeting him to figure things out for myself.

He was very chatty and open, while I was a tad choked up cuz I actually wasn't sure what to open up to him with. So I was more of a listener than a talker the first time we kicked it.

The next day, things seemed if I wasn't what he thought I was. His communication seemed a tad strange, but I just brushed it off. Later that night, he basically offered a massage and some sex. I declined the sex, but accepted the massage offer. I did that because I'm not quite ready for him to attempt to conquer my sex drive. I wanna make sure he is into me for "Me" not just sex.

But now that I've declined it, I just kinda feel like he is slowly but surely losing interest due to me saying "NO" and "DECLING"

Not sure what all is going on, on his end, but hopefully he hasn't lost interest....

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Gemini woman/male scorpio
by: Anonymous

I know for me as a Scorpio and being respectful of set boundaries a Gemini layed out for me. With you passing on sex, he may feel a lost of interest in any relationship you may have for him, thus cooling off on his intensity, which we know a Scorpio has.

The issue I face with the Gemini woman I've fallen for, is she drops glaring hints of interest even as she has declined on seeing each other for a date or outside of work.

Show your interest if you have genuine interest, otherwise, don't play with his heart, we may come off as cool, but the emotional waters run very deep and we can play poker very well.

scorpio male response
by: Scorpio Male

Agreed. If you don't like him then leave him be. It isn't worth the risk. Don't get stung!!
He may not have lost interest because you declined tho. He may just seem to have withdrawn because he feels vulnerable and isn't sure how exactly you feel about him at the moment.
I can say that with confidence, as i've recently met a gemini, and i feel that way right now. I don't really feel hurt, because i'm not too invested yet. I'm just not sure what to make of this relationship yet.
The upside to that is the mystery. I love getting to twist things around in my head and looking at them from every possible angle. Explore every possibe scenario and outcome, so that, regardless of what happens, i have some idea of how i feel already. Emotional preparedness i suppose.
I am intrigued enough to give it some more time just to see where it goes. Like i said it's a young relationship, so i just don't know enough to make any judgement yet.
I should mention that upon reading your post i had to stop and think, were you her, but your example of turning down sex and takin the massage is just not gonna happen. If i massaged you, we'd have sex. No offense meant. You're description of him, tho vague as it was, seemed eerily close to myself. So chin up, all is not lost! Be mysterious!! He'll love it
now, should you feel you need more advice, or maybe you've got some pointers on how i can charm the shit out of my new friend email me please. Don't be weirded by this. It's just so far i feel amazed by her. Altho i'm 31, i'm almost positive she's my first gemini and i wanna know more, of course.

go slow, but be interested...
by: Arcataman

If you really like this guy, let him know it.
But don't run down the sexual path too quickly - your heart is inherently fickle ... and this guy, if he's really into you will wait. Wait until you have some confidence about your acceptance of each other before moving forward ... 2-3 mo. I suspect it might be awesome - but don't run past what you really want, and whatever you do, don't jack this guy around mentally - he likely has an intensity that you can't even fully begin to fathom...

IF he won't wait for you - walk, and walk hard... even if you want to go down the sex path... hold-off for a while. Make sure that relationship can be realized on a practical level - or DON'T GO THERE! He will expect to be NUMBER 1 ... if you don't have some level of confidence you want this ... DON'T MOVE physically.

Scorpio men Gemini women
by: Anonymous

With my own expire nice Gemini women as I am we need to be romanced first be for getting us in to bed as we are very affectionate loving kind natured person but like most Gemini women we are afraid to get Hirt so that's why they with hold sex first from scorpio men even tho we are stong we also are vonarAble with scorpio men they do think that by having sex is very much to do with love and affection even tho they aren't that romantice they have their ways of being praticual first but as long as you tell a scorpio man why you don't want to have sex just yet they are more understanding and respect fall of you being strong but you do have keep insuring scorpio men that you find them sexy and attractive that will keep them interested what most Gemini women don't relise is that you can tease a scorpio you have to accept that with a massage they do thing of its going on to the sex part so don't tease them because they won't appreciate it coz their self of steam goes down and don't like the feeling of being degrade even tho your not intentionally and to keep a scorpio man intererested you have to reinsure them that they are good looking and as compatabilert for sex between Gemini women ans scorpio men is amazing you aren't going to find some one that can satisfy you more then a scorpio man

Crazy Scorpio/Gemini Relationship
by: Gemini Girly

I'm a gemini girl and I've been in a non-relationship with this scorpio dude for almost 2 years. This man chased me down for years, and finally I gave in....only for him to act like an arrogant fool. He drives me absolutely crazy because he has not made up his mind on our relatioship status. He just recently told me that we ae working on a friendship -WTF! I keep telling him I don't wont what he is offering.I feel like Im forcing him to be with me. I have to mention that he has abandonment issues because he's been locked up in jail for a while! We have wonderful/fantastic sex but the emotional rollacoaster is really making me sick!

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