Gemini Scorpio frustration and passion

I am a Gemini woman and I am in love with a Scorpio man. The curiosity and intrigue between us is captivating, but frustrating. there are days when I remember why I fell in love with him, and there are days that I cannot figure out for the life of me why I fell in love with him. His intellect never ceases to amaze me and my inability to stick with one idea for more than a few days never ceases to frustrate him. We are soul mates though and we will be together forever, but we just have to work harder than other couples to make our relationship work. I like to think that my ability to forgive easily helps us a lot because I never let an argument carry over to the next day and as a Gemini woman, I have realized that my passion for change leads to more passionate experiences behind closed doors. If you are with a Scorpio with a Gemini or vise versa, and you are having doubts, try compromise and I am sure that you can make it work...Gemini's are good in bed though, no questions asked.

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Gemini and Scorp . Can it work?
by: Anonymous

I'm opposite. Scorpio woman w Gemini man. He doesn't take things seriously as I do. He forgets everything I tell him. But he told me he has a bad memory and prob wil ask same questions. He even told me he gets bored easily and would find girls he liked better than the ones he was dating. It's still the beginning but I'm getting frustrated. Guess I have to compromise or lose him. He couldn't handle my scorpio temper or jealousy.

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