Gemini Scorpio marriage

Gemini woman getting married 7/31/2010 to a Scorpio man. I also think your moon sign has a lot to do with your initial compatibility as well. Through some internet research I found a constant read of your moon sign dictating your emotions and the way you may react to another persons emotions. I have no solid proof but I tend to acknowledge myself as not being the typical Gemini female. I never really had the urge to flirt with a different man or any other man for that matter, and some Gemini woman receive a thrill from this. But, again I have no proof, just internet reading. My moon sign is a Pisces, which I have a few personality traits which would indicate this as well.

I believe taking a better look into the full chart would be a great and fun idea. And to retrieve your full chart reading online is very rare, it's out there but rare.

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by: David-admin

Your moon sign affects your emotions. Having said that, so do many other planets, and their changing relationships (aspects) to each other. Following just your moon activity is useful, but there is a lot more going on. Personal horoscopes highlight this, some specifically list the relevant influences affecting your emotions as they change.

If you want to drop me a note (via the contact me button on the right menu) with your email address and birth time referring to this post, I'll send you a forecast of everything affecting you with the dates etc. You'll be surprised just how much is going on up there and factoring into emotions

married on 7/31/2010
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to update everyone on my status. We did get married on 7/31/2010. The wedding was wonderful and even more excitement took place on our honeymoon :). Again, our gemini women and scorpio male relationship is wonderful. I have no complaints.

Married 7/31/2010
by: Anonymous

Hello, Everyone. It's 2 years later and my Scorpio and I are still happy and married. Something to know about Scorpio Men: My husband can be very secretive with his feelings; however most of the time it's because he does not want to hurt my feelings. Gemini Women: We like it straight forward because we're going to give it to your straight forward. Scorpion Man helps Gemini Women make clear decisions and stick with them. As a Gemini Women I hate making decisions because I am always looking for the next best thing. For Example my husband and I purchased a house we shopped around for months until Mr. Scorpio had enough and talked me into making a solid decision and now I am glad he did because I love my home. So, any gemini women out there with a Scorpio man; remember to have patience, be kind however at the same time don't take no crap.

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