Gemini woman affair with Scorpio man

I met a Scorpio and have always felt an immense chemistry and energy between us. I have been avoiding him since I'm married and felt that I wouldn't be able to resist him. I met him at his office one day due to work and things spiraled out of control. It was as if he was controlling me. I cheated on my husband and now cannot stop thinking about him. He was very sensual and paid me many compliments. But I think I ruined his wholesome view of me. It was as if he couldn't believe a good girl like me would cheat on my husband. Something I have never done before. I also told him that I like to do my own thing and left without really answering his question of what I was going to do about my present relationship? I think I might have hurt him, and that he feels I have deceived him, since I'm not ready to leave my husband. How can I make up with him, and show him my true feelings?

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gemini woman affair with scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm a Gemini woman involved with a Scorpio man and the chemistry is off the chain!! he is married and so am i. we get along all too well. we have been in love for over 8 years now and lost each other over the years. but when we came back together a few months ago.......we have been inseparable!! he has a sex drive i cannot believe and he makes me feel as i am the only woman in the world. we get into small arguments but when he looks in my eye's...that's it!! gem's ans Scorpio's do have a strong connection and it definitely does work, try it for yourself

what should i do
by: Anonymous

thank u for your comment just got in contact with a scorpio from years past was with someone for years that didnt satify me in any way i think i deserve a little scorpioin me ha ha i mean my life

Married Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman and I met this Scorpio man when I was 24 and he was 26. He is married and has been since high school. I am now 29 and he is 31.

We broke up for 2 years but recently started seeing each other again. And we have a 3 year old daughter who will be 4 in June. His wife knows everything but does not know we recently started seeing each other again.

We just always seem to run back to each other.

He's always there with his little interrogations.

I really love him but I am getting ready to let him go for good.

He runs off then comes back and I can't do it anymore.

It's killing me.

I want him to leave his wife.

my marrie Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I met my married Scorpio 12yrs ago from the very beginning our relationship has been very intense he is married yet that has never stopped us even in the years we only were able to talk on the phone he has always known how to get to me 2 years ago we reconnected it was like we were never apart this man knows how to make my body respond like no one else whenever were out its like there is no one else is around but us he is still married but it doesn't matter he says he is in love with me I think he truly believes he is but being a Gemini that has been badly hurt it is hard for me to trust him but even harder to let him go I hate to loose

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