Gemini Woman and Aquarian Male

by Hav0k
(South Africa)

I'm a 34 yr old Aquarius male. Madly in love with a Gemini woman, problem is, I never know if I am coming or going... We click on so many levels but she will not give me a chance. Any ideas on how to turn her around?

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Either way!
by: Anonymous

She might just be playing hard to get because she is not sure about YOUR feelings toward her. If you love her tell her. If she loves you she will be yours. Otherwise she might have something else or someone else in mind...sorry

simular situation
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other person, tell her, sometimes you aquarius men come across very detached so thats probably why she keeps you at bay as she doesnt know where she stands with you!!..

lucky gemini <3
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini women an my ex was an aquarius. you see her being a gemini.. she almost certainly already knows your in love with her. And don't get me wrong she probably likes you back to,but the one thing about us is that we like to keep our partners wondering, and play mind games with them. Look if u really love her surprise her with flowers or something special oo and very random if she asks why? Just say "because these beautiful flowers reminded me of you. I can assure You will make her heartt float like a butterfly:) o and one more thing once you have don't ever I mean EVER! Try to enclose her because then you will loose her forever. Trust me.

push harder
by: gem in loved with aqua

hmmm.. arent you just playin too safe??? or u too has the feeling of having a second thoughts... look, as for us gemini women we want something definite.. aquarians and geminis are really compatible in all aspects.. u just have to push more and prove to her tat ur sincere. coz sometimes u aqua guys are too unpredictable.. we too are scared we might just fall. good luck!

To my aquarian lover
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini women and I am in love with a aquarian man. The best way to capture her heart is to be yourself, show her that you love her be spontaneous, even though we may say it. We love attention but not to much attention you have to play hard to get as well. Because we love to be chased and we also loved to chase back, if we see that you may be losing interest we will take this as a challenge. She may just surprise you! Try not calling or texting, this is where you will see were her heart really is. If she has been on and off with you this long, KNowing she has. Than that means she just is afraid to be settled down. Sometimes we think to much meaning if we let you in we may just get hurt. Remember this and you will know the true answer, to your problem

by: Anonymous

You need to be clever at this point, you need to be interesting, suave, smooth, confident, and don't act TOO INTERESTED! Do your own thing, drop your hints, flirt, let her know you care, and step back... remember to do creative sweet things for her! Something unique that stands out... once you catch her eye, here comes the hard part, stay interesting, stay smooth, stay suave and NEVER ever insult her! Keep her thinking and don't give all yourself up all at once.. we need a good intrigue! Good luck!

-Gemini Meagan

Brain, Brain,Brain
by: Gem mimi

Hello I am a Gem girl married for many years with a Libra man. We look like Beauty and the Beast, been my husband the beast, Ha-Ha. I am telling you this because if you want to keep our attention you must have brains. You could keep us busy doing a lot of talking but if you don't keep our attention mentally we will not be around for a long time.How you do this? In my case my husband's work /profession is a field that i do not dominate very well but always admire. So i was always around him asking him questions and like a gemini girl always coming back looking for more. For me he was/is a genious so I admire his intellectual brain, after that he charmed me with his tenterness and attention, always taking care of me without been pushy. I begin to see him in a diferent way and eventhought he is not the MOST attractive men in the world i began to see him in a diferent way. After a while I began to love him and we have been married for many years and have a family. After a while I worked on his weight his hair cut etc... and VOILA i got my self the most attractive/smart man in the world!With brains and looks. Jackpot for me!!! As you can see we are smart girls and we make our moves when we thing that the man is worth it.
My advise to you, think about stuff that you can do that could amaze her, find something that you could be good at, but she is not, and develop that skill to the maximum. Always be smart, look and talk about themes that are for brain people. Believe me if you talk to a Gemini about esoteric themes or the latest in the news (important news, not about LIndsey Lohan drama for example),you could have our attention right away. This is the first step to keep her attention.
Second - Always be clean and smelling good and well groomed. We will not be around you if you fail on this. You could be attractive and clean wearing jeans and a polo. Do not have to be too fancy. We just need you to be a clean, smart guy to have the first 50 points with us.
One you keep her around be nice and always honestly take care of her, without been overwelming. We do not appreciate drama, it is a waste of time. Try not to be around every corner, we like our space. Once you thing that she is looking at you in a different way ask her to be your girlfriend. Do not expect a answer on the spot just let her think about it. Next time you see her ask her about you question...and go from there.
Hope this helps.

clingy aquarius'
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini female and I must admit, I have attracted a lot of aquarius men but none of them tend to last. Everything I read about aquarius talkes about how detached they are supposed to be. Ok.. sounds good to me! So i hop on board with the bastards and they turn into clingy bitch boys singing ballads under my window after only two dates. Can you say weird? Lets hope you are not scaring her away with all that future talk that yall love so much. You might wanna just live in the moment if you have your eye on a Gem honey.

Not a fan
by: Anonymous

I'm not a fan of this pairing. Aqua and Gemini have very similar dispositions. We eschew emotion and can be very detached. It's way to easy for us to stay in our comfort zones. IME it evolves into a friendship, which is not what I'm looking for in a mate. Friendship is part of it, but their must be passion, emotion, and growth.

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