Gemini woman can't stop thinking about Scorpio man

I am a Gemini woman and in love with a Scorpio male. In the beginning, man, he chased me (we were co-workers) and he never made a move, just became good friends with me. (Got into my heart that way). He asked me out several times, but I stated I didn't want to date a co-worker. Well the day came where you have a low and lonely point in life and I let my guard down. WOW!! I went out with him and had the longest date ever. He called every day and night, hours on the phone, until we were crazed and tired and had to hang up to go to work in 3 hours. I fell in love but maintained a quiet and unknown relationship at work. This ultimately hurt our relationship because he brought this up often, he didn't like it. Then co-workers became suspicious and made us discuss and argue about them. The Gemini in me became suspicious of him because he started being aloof and estranged from me. The arguments increased, and then it happened. He broke from me. He broke up with me. I am hurt right now because we were intense in our discussions and sexually. I am at a loss a loss. I miss him and cannot stop thinking of him because I felt so at ease telling him my everything.

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I am a Gemini woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman, and I love a Scorpio man. All I can say is WOW, we do get along very well, we are both very strong willed, but it works for us. He is kind and caring, but on the flip side he is jealous and possessive, but in a very Gemini controllable way, lol. We can talk and laugh together very easily, and yes the sex is beyond great. No problems so far. If the relationship is give and take it can and will work, just depends on how much you are both willing to give.

by: Anonymous

Guess what, my ex-lover (Scorpio Man) is involved with another coworker now. I am pissed off! I thought I was his everything, you know he showed that loyal thing. Even though we were broken up, he came in work one day (we weren't talking anymore), looking as good as ever with that special glow, and when I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited! Thought he was there to surprise me. Turns out, he was there seeing another girl! I feel so foolish! I thought I meant the world to him. Then I thought this was the Scorpio trying to punish me for our problems. You know they say that the Scorpio is vindictive and this it? Is he trying to make me jealous? That's just wrong! This is real distasteful, a real turn-off. I thought highly of him...


by: tiara

im a gemini woman deeply in love with a scorpio man, he did pursue me for a long long time almost when i was already involved with another. his persistence was crazy but i knew it made skip a beat very time i saw him. after i broke up with my ex, it took a party at a common friends place and some alcohol to let our guards down.... IT WAS MAGIC from then on. there has been no turning back. we are crazy for each other and every moment brings a new lease of life to our relationship. we both are egoistic but we both can also accept our mistakes and apologize after some blood bath. our sex life is great. and i would change anything about it ever. dont read this stuff tht say you guys are not compatible, just take the leap and find out for urselves.

I understand
by: Anonymous

I completely understand. Im a gemini woman going crazy over a scorpio man. I have tried so many times to let him go, but for some reason I can't.

by: Anonymous

Its so true! They ALL say we're not compatible and I don't understand why! I mean, I can see some of the things they mean, but not all that's for sure!
I'm a 30-yr old Gemini woman, and beginning a relationship with a Scorpio man. Whats funny, is that he is my ex from when we were 18! We had broke up at that age I guess because we were young, and my heart had wandered..but now that I'm 30, I'm looking to be more stable, and I can see myself with him once again, and long-term too! I can agree with you too that the sex is great, haha! And the way he looks at me, I can just melt, and I love the things he says to me. So sweet and caring and knows what he wants. Love it!

im gemini woman falling for a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

at first he seemed like a sagittarious man to because he was very intellectual and had a wide variety of knowledge, lus he is funny. Althought i do like him and i know he likes me its strange, he seems distant at times then affectionate at other times. He makes me smile no matter what, but he can get really angry and jeoulous although i always hated that i dont seem to mind hat from him. I feel safe and secure when hes around, and he is sweet and caring and keeps his promisses. Although i think he doesnt want to be with me, but he text me evryday to c how iam doing, and when i dont reply after a while he text right back, and i feel like hes been wondering why i havent texted at all. although i do like him, i seen some dar sides that a gemini woman would find a problem, he always wants to take the lead, and geminis dont want to be neighter the leader or the followewr of a relationship they want a companion to rely on and there companion can rely on them. They are fun to play mind games with, scorpio men are very insecure, but there the meanest zodiacs u will meet aside from virgos and leos and aries, ( they all have something in common, they have to feel the center of attention in the relationship)

feel the same
by: secret

I'am also a gemini women in love with a scorpio man,that i work with. He kept shown me attention that i did not want but soon as i let him in(not sexually)we never had sex but i wanted to but mentally he blew my mind we were so connected in our conversation before i know it i was in love . Crazy as it sounds it's true, anyway he got mad at me because i sent him a mean tex cause i had not heard from him . It piss him off and he cut me off now he acts different at work i,m hurt but it's going away But i'am glad we never had sex thats one good thing that did come out of it.

Gemini Girls!!! Don't trust the scorpio men
by: Anonymous

I'm A gemini woman & was falling in a love with scorpio man.He only chased me for a long time. I refused his love at the beginning.I analysed him a lot & realized his care on me.And became a lover to him.After started the marriage plan,his contact faded away.He started to blaming me & broken up my relationship.Still im thinking him.Im angry on him,but couldn't hate him,though I was cheated.

my scorpio love
by: Anonymous

i am a gemini girl and i'm in love with a scorpio man. yes they are very deep creatures, hard to get and reach,but somehow the emotions are all there and we click so good. we don't have to talk to know theres a vibe there. the horoscope says geminis and scorpios dont mix and are opposites but i never felt so attracted to someone before. hes so mysterious and powerful and strong.(like a scorpio) geminis love a man like that i want a man that can tame and control me cuz us gemis can get out of hand a bit. i'm so in love with my scorpio love. and the sex is not bad its terrific. the intimacy is unexplainable, were so madly attracted to each other. always have been. <3

Follow-up: Gemini woman can't stop thinking about Scorpio Man
by: Anonymous

I am the Gemini woman tht couldn't stop thinking about the Scorpio man...

This is a follow-up to the story.

He got into a relationship with someone else, and its serious - cause he told me. Now I look at him and wonder if he ever loved me and why I ever allowed myself to trust the Scorpio, and why when I knew that, according to astrology, we wouldn't make it anyway. I read that he could be revengeful and vindictive being a Scorpio, well that came true. So I walked into my own trap. I am seeing him all the time and he is happy. Embarrassed. Heartbroken.

No more Scorpio's for the Gemini.

Thanks for your comments from before.

by: Anonymous

I always felt very attracted to Scorpios. I've had tragic experiences, and other less painful. I met a neighbor and one day he came to me. At first I ran, trying not to give too much openness. But he surrounded me as prey. I felt very involved and accepted a date. We've been together a few times and everything seemed fine until it disappeared. When we met again he agio as if nothing had happened. As a Gemini in a common situation I would't mind with this attitude. However, usually when it comes to a Scorpio I can't control my feelings, they fascinate me. Currently I am again involved with a Scorpio. We have a romance that lasts for years but never became serious. We have an intellectual and sexual intimacy too large, but less involvement in other aspects. Sometimes I think he likes me, but he does't show his feelings. I'm very afraid that a more serious relationship can lead us out. I'm afraid of getting hurt again.

Heart broken
by: Roxane

Im a gemini young woman and i just got dumped by my scorpio boyfriend. I know that our relationship was very special and that there was absolutely nothing wrong. Two weeks after our 1st year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend, he decided to not be in a relationship and that he did not love me anymore. I know him and thats not him. His parents did this because as everyone knows a baby boy will always be “a mommies boy”. His parents told him that he was not ready for a relationship because of his studies which is pre-medicine. How can that be? I love him so much and he is avoiding me. I can’t stop thinking about him. Eventhough he has broken my heart, im still willing to forgive him if we get back together. I feel so attached to him not only because he was my first boyfriend but the connection we had and the sex life which was pretty in the moment and wild. His parents are manipulating and he does not realize that he has the power who ever he loves.

Gemini woman and scopio man
by: Anonymous

I have read many articles saying the a gemini woman is not the best for a scorpio man. well i disagree completely, im the gemini woman and i love my scorpio man and its crazy how i can love him so much and it is true that they are jealous and possessive but i am too and we both have admitted to this. i know his the one for me and im the one for him and it all depends on us not what a compatibility chart all depends if we are willing to make it work in the long term ( which he already said he is willing to) :D lol and so im i. oh and the sex is fantastic he loves to please me, and i love to please him. and when a scorpio man tells you he loves you.. there is no reason to not believe that.

Gems can't stay away from those Scorps
by: A Gem Girl 2

I am completely on board with the Gem Scorp attraction. I was dating a Scorpio male for 7 mos. He was the strong silent type...I loved to talk and he said he loved to listen. The attraction and sex were off the charts. However, due to his committment phobia...he said the relationship was getting too serious and it ended. I loved him very much and it tore me apart. Although the hurt is gone...I am still drawn to him. We still remain friends, which is good. Since then I date other signs such as Libra and Aquarius, which were much easier to talk to...but didn't feel the same. I am now dating...yep, you got it...another Scorpio guy who contacted me after not talking for years...we have a deep rooted friendship that goes back to high school...we are both 45 yr. now. We have always loved and care for each other as friends...but without us expecting it...has gone to the next level. I am so crazy about him...and so comfortable around him...he loves to talk a lot and we laugh all the time when we are together...the physical attraction is the charts...what is it with this sexual magnetism with us? I haven't been able to let go of my heart completely...after being so hurt from my previous Scorp...but know in time that he will also capture it...and the risk is worth it. I think you must go with your heart. Even if only for a short time...the intensity of feelings you give and receive is worth the risk of hurt that may or may not happen. Good luck...I love Scorps...or I wouldn't keep coming back for more...

by: Anonymous

oh i feel the same way it drives u crazy and u cant seem to help i think its the easy way of a scorpio man but if he thinks for one moment u slip it hard to forgive i think they give but cant take ahhhhh.p.s sexy as hell thats what kills u lol

Scorpios are the more thoughtful Virgos...
by: Anonymous

Which means they are just a little less of assholes but because of their intense sex you tend to overlook it until you get completely bored with them having to have everything means something. Scorpios are the everything has to have meaning instead of just taking their heads out of their butts and smelling the roses sometimes, I have no idea why Geminis attract insecure and jealous signs such as the Scorpio and aka the Leo....But I digress, But I can tolerate Leo way better because they actually express their feelings so I don't have to figure out where they are coming from or what they want. Yes opposites attract, but being similarities stay together. I find Scorpios to be some of the most self serving maniacs in the zodiac and plus the sex is not really that great just intense...there is a difference

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