Gemini woman dating Scorpios

by River

That's 100% right.. And I do believe that every word here mentioned is correct. But I have a very important question here ..As you said that the most ideal match for me should be:
Deep, mysterious and interesting, without being too emotionally needy or intense. Someone who keeps her guessing, and allows her a lot of freedom. Ideally you should have your own interests, and be spontaneous enough to surprise her occasionally. (This is Typical Scorpion) I really love the challenge that's why scorpion are very attractive to me BUT all astrology are saying that the worst signs together are GEMINI & Scorpion ?? Is that because it's not mutual interest I mean Gemini cannot fulfill Scorpio needs?

Quick answer from David:

Scorpio and Gemini is a powerful combination, often with a lot of mutual attraction. In the short term it's great, in the long term however the problem is that the Gemini wants space and freedom, which makes the Scorpio feel neglected and jealous. As the Scorpio starts to 'demand' more attention and commitment the Gemini pulls away even more. A vicious circle results.

Now, that's not to say it can't work, as it definitely can. It does however take compromise on both sides and does depend on other personality elements. For example a Gemini with a Cancer moon works very well while a Gemini with a Virgo moon never works. This is an example of a combination where sun signs aren't enough to judge by, and you need to look deeper into the natal charts.

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I hope if this could happen
by: Anonymous

Actualy I'm dating a scorpio man.And I have a very nice feelings towards him .
But he is very mysterious and he needs sex only.However I'm sure that I can make him more happy and I can meet all his expectation .butI have the feeling that in our case he is the one who is escaping the long term relationships and he has been hurted from love .
But I tried to not to communicate with him any more but I can't .But I know I have to end this relation as it's not good for my self at least.

He use to send sms and never call only if he is next day off .And of course after 2 times I understood and I give him excuses Because honestly I feel pain why I'm not the woman he is looking for if he is attracted to me in this way and I have the feeling that 90 %since he knew me he didn't make sex excpet with me.
I need your opinion.

I was a gemini women who wasted time with a scorpio man
by: Madison

I dated a scorpio man for 4 years aged 17-21 and I assure it that while it was the most intense, emotionally involved relationship I've ever had with anyone, It was truly in our bost benefit it Ended. We were just simply too different to even compliment eachother. He was silent,jealous,and obsessive and I was talkative,outgoing,and deeply desired more freedom. He was way too obsessive with me and didnt even approve when I hung out with my girlfriends, forget ever having a FRIEND of the male sex..if a guy even looked at me hed get an evil stare down and a death threat. The more he tried to control me the more i pushed away, i snuck around and cheated, he was aware being intuitive and our relationship crumbled. No matter how much i love him and think of him to this day, i could never be with him again. It is bittersweet, it has been 10 years now and this man still stalks me online, and has my phonenumber, he is so obsessive, he insists he needs me in his life, and simply hasnt given up for years, i tell him over and over its not logical, and he makes me feel guilty that i dont love him as deeply as he loves me, its all too freaky and deep for a light fun gemini like me...

To lose early better to lose your self later
by: Gemini Female

I agree with you ,May be some people will think about me that I'm superfacial as they call us.But I don't care I know my self more than any one else.I started a relation with a Scorpio man 1 month back ,I felt he is hyponitising me for conveincing me to sleep with him .Because sex could play a very important role and explod the unlimited energy .Hahhaha and I will tell ofcourse I was ready to be Hypointiezed I liked him .And I was dreaming to have him in my life .I liked his smile ,His voice his silence his eyes ,Every thing...And 4 times we were together he never tough me expect on bed .I was very patient .last time I just told him what is love for you : He said : Love is loyality,to think about the person you love all the time,To start to go aways from your friends ,To need to spend so much time with your lover,But also planest play a very important roles!!(Sex was playing a very improtant role)And he finishd by saing (Love is pain and suffering) and he didn't think to ask me the same quistion .Because he don't care .He doesn't need love he need only sex with woman he is sure she is sleeping only with him & started to love him as well.
He never thought about me in sex .I do my best to make him super satisfied and he just finsih and take me between his arms and then I live him that I can sleep becasue I'm still hot .And then Good night .
after 1 month I found that I'm Crying ,Suffering ,Searching on the internet how to deal with the mysterious scorpio and all the things!!!! Oh my God I said shall I spend the rest of my life with man like that Did he deserve all this efforts.
I just made the choise and the last time I decided to never meet him again.And not to talk to him on chatting or sms Because he use to send or to communicate when he has time to see me for a while .Only me who knows my reall value and there are some one who know it very well.
The best match with this man I think is a bitch who has 2 hours every week for him and well never suffer any thing .may be I'm rud but this is the truth.

scorpio man in love with Gemini woman
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio man that has fallen under that Gemini woman's charm. It takes a deep connection for me to fall this way. I did not expect to fall for a woman at first sight, but the chemistry was immediate and the connection just fell deeper, at least on my part. As they say a Gemini woman can move on so quickly is an understatement. I still care for this woman whom I know has moved on. I will always have a soft spot for her and have to hide my emotions to keep myself from falling again when we meet at work. I am pretty sure I love her but can't seem to play the coy guessing games that can keep an interest alive for the Gemini woman. I would move heaven and earth to walk through life with this woman for the rest of my life because she keeps me in love with her and life in general.

For the Gemini women who are looking for a deeply, committed love, it is true. You can find one in a Scorpio, even a Scorpio/Dragon, however I'm not so sure it can work the other way around.

The Other way..
by: DearAgony

I'm the gemini and i'm the one who's clingy.I have a deep fear of loss though.My scorpio is the one who's testing the freedom waters to see if i'll remain independant while we are apart at times.I am very worried this time apart will be enough for someone else to pop up in her universe.I think that's the true node cancer part of me.The emotional clinginess is prolly neptune in my first house.

im a gemini female age 35
by: Anonymous

i am currently dating a scorpios male age 28 (althought we have not had sex yet) i can't seem to stay away from him. We met through a friend. He is in this relactionship that i am aware of but i feel connected to him. What should i do?

gemini woman, scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I don't know what it is about that sign. I have lived with 2 scorpio men. They were both intense wonderful lovers. The problems were never in the bedroom, but in the fact that the scorpio man wants to have his way all the time. They are not great compromisers, tend to be jealous and posessive.

I run from Gemini Women
by: Anonymous

Im a Scorpio Male, and Gemini's have been my worse relationships. None of them lasted long. I tried dating three different Gemini Women and the thing I couldn't stand was their inability to see reality. It's like they had their own world in which they saw everything different. The worse part was they changed their minds all the time, if they could make a decision at all. Im sure that not all Geminis are that way, but three strikes for me and I will never date a Gemini again!
I was allured from two of them that peaked my interest. Yes, it was the mystery. Two of the women enticed me with their "evil Twin", and if she ever showed up, she would pleasure me like I have never known. Funny how they played their "twin" as Gemini is known for, but two of these women used it like a force to suck me in. Both of them teased me with their twin side and tried to use it for control, but in the end, it was a game for them. I knew with all of these women from the start that they didn't seem trustworthy, but I was sucked in. I finally learned my lesson and will never even consider another Gemini. Worse sign I have even seen in a Woman from my own personal experiences and opinion.

Its tough for us too - Anonymous
by: Anonymous

What's really hard is trusting someone who tells you that you can trust them...

It feels like the Scorpio is so secretive and doing something in the background that is hard for the Gemini woman to believe in. I loved a Scorpio in such a short time, and I mean deeply, even I cannot believe it. I felt at ease with him and thought I could tell him anything. I didn't because I was feeling my way through, learning to trust. I always knew that some day, he was the kind of man that I wanted to show him me, inside and out. Scorpians have a magnetism that draws you in, a trusting nature. From my expierience, I felt that, when you are in, they withdraw and tend to make you feel as though you are violating them when they close the door on something you ask them. Well, that was the very thing that drew the Gemini woman to the Scorpio man. What really hurt me was when my Scorpio man started not calling or sending text's and only called when he needed that. I felt sick, expecially because I hadn't had many relationships, more importantly, sexual ones. So there was a special need for my case. That probably appeared as juvenile in his eye. If only he had stayed a little longer and went the course, I believe he would have been pleasantly suprised in the long run. I have a lot that I'm holding in. The Gemini woman, me, just wanted to peel slowly, learning to feel more secure, and he wanted the thing that made him feel more secure with her, sex right now, that made him feel connected. That, was torture on both fronts. Or as she would think, he only wanted her for sex. And he would think, I can only reach her though my sex to feel totally close to her.

Or, was he just using her for sex?

From my perspective - we broke up because he only wanted sex. I need more. And, I ache daily over this whole situation. I just shouldn't have...
And, he doesn't and didn't ever care I think - today.

Humilated - for real.

gemin women in love w a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini women who loves a scorpio man. Everything was great at first. Until he confused me. We had well still have this great connection but he has pulled away from me. The problem is we work together and he keeps giving me mixed signals. He actually opened my eyes in a way that still shocks me . He makes me want to drop my guard and let him in. But then he pulls away. I want to tell him how I feel but I think its 2 late.

Gemini Woman in LOVE with a Scorpio Man
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman and I am desperately attracted to a Scorpio man. He is my doctor. I have been seeing him once a month for the past two years. I was totally smitten the moment we met but since he was married, I kept it very professional. But after the 2nd year and the wedding ring came off, I just became desperately, sexually attracted to him. I THINK he is attracted to me b/c of the way we lock eyes for more than just a glance, or how he touches my leg or arm, or how he asks me abut my very personal life, or how he turns back to look at me when he leaves the room. I am not a psycho chic just imagining these things, I know the sexual chemisty is there. But then to confuse the hell out of me, on other visits, he is very serious and right to the point. I will not make the first move whatsoever b/c I would rather him ask me and I am going crazy with anticipation. I assume this means that he is just playing games with me. Am I right? What should I do?
BTW: I fit the true Gemini traits and the thought of being dominated is a total turn on. I get disappointed to see it written everywhere that Scorpios do not go with Geminis. BUMMER!

gemin women in love w a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I am still so confused. This scorpio man has changed my outlook on life completely. Now that our relationship has ended we were suppose to still remain friends. I still see him at work but he is so different. I feel like he is avoidieg me. But when we talk sometimes he makes me think he still wants me but then other times he acts like its no big deal n he rushes me off the phone. I started to tell him earlier how I feel like we lost our friendship that I feel like things r back to how they were before we got together. I don't think he is seeing it or he just doesn't care. I even wrote him a letter just haven't gotten up enough courage to give 2 him. I am afraid it will make thing worse 4 me when I see him at work. Does anyone have any advice 4? I sure could use it

in love with a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

Thank goodness i can finally tell someone about this im a gemini woman that fell for a scorpio early on in life i was about 21 and cant forget him no one talk's about this but my mind is offtend on him no matter who im with he just started calling me again after year's and the feelings is even stronger everything about this man attract's me(all most hate the jealousy) no other man has had the same quailties he has the sex loyalty conversation smart honest the need to be with me honesty maybe it is me but I have found that as i've gotten older i can be with one man he just has to have that(thing)after all isn't that a gemini women's goal to find her one true love he my not be everything but he comes close to me he make's me want to become a better me as a gemini woman i never had a problem attracting a man or keeping one i figure out quickly what make people tick and can keep u around if wanted i feel like only he can keep me on my feet but i know it has to do with who he is a person it is just him. I hope all gemini women find thier mate and if not we can keep ourselves happy what a wonderful sign to be thank goodness for women like us because we wont stand to be controlled and we know how to get what we want and we will have it if for a life time or just for a night.last thing i knew since the age of 9 that if i found the right person meant for me i'd never need to look for anyone else in this life time!!!my whole life i wasn't the one that had problem's being faithful just saying.

Unusual relationship dating Scorpion
by: Anonymous

I was dating a Scorpion, it started off very strong & then I noticed that we started falling apart. The attraction at first was so intense,we had a compatible sexual relationship, although, at times he would be selfish. I found that he was very possessive and quite jealous. I personally do not feel Gemini's & Scorpions are compatible for long-term relationships, because I know us Gemini's are constantly thinking of new & different ideas, where the scorpions thinks we are just being indecisive. They can be loyal, although that come with a price, & they also have that sting in their Tail, which can be off putting for us Gemimi's.

Gemini in love with a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

It started at work, just started this new job. No worries, all of a sudden I see this tall blonde hair blue eye goddess. He looks at me and I think he undressed my soul. His smile was so beautiful I think it was love at first sight. We started emailing and talking on the phone at work. The more I spoke to him on the phone or by email the more desirable he became to me. I wanted to give myself completely over to him. It was like I couldn't control myself. He would do anything I asked of him.

So the bad news is he cut me off and said he thought it would be best for me not to ever contact him again.. WTW!! I'm so hurt and its been a year and I still can't get over him or let it go.I never got a chance to finish what we started. I'm no longerat the job that we worked at together. I just want another round. I have to have him!

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