Gemini woman love triangle

by gemini

I am an incredibly confused Gemini woman. I am currently in a relationship with a Capricorn male, and it's the first time I've ever been in love. We are very different but we've been trying our best to make it work. He has hurt me a lot in the past, but recently he has been trying really hard to make it up to me and it's clear that he loves me very deeply and trusts me completely.

The thing is that last year, before I ever met him I fell hard for the most beautiful, amazing Aquarius in existence. He was perfect for me in almost every way (and I have pretty obscure taste). We met sporadically through music, and spent only one soft and beautiful night alone together, a year ago.

I can't forget about him, I still think about him all the time, even throughout my current relationship, though I tried to suppress it. I saw him the other night at a gig, we spoke like friends though awkwardly and nervously. I went there because I knew he'd be there, to try to get over him, to remember his true nature. But I'm more enthralled than I was before, now I think about him in the arms of my boyfriend, and I feel like a slave to my attraction.

I tried contacting him, but he hasn't responded. And I need to know, if he still has feelings for me, but i can't seem to catch him. It seemed like he was still interested in me. I literally can't get him out of my head! Am I wasting my time pining after an Aquarius? Even though it has the potential to be so incredible? Could he ever really commit? Am I being cruel or selfish by remaining with the Capricorn, or should I try to make it work? HOW do you catch an Aquarius?? Should I tell him how I feel or would this scare him?? Do they ever expose how they feel, even if they really like someone? HELP!!

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Aquarius Lover
by: Anonymous

Aquarius are great. Capricorn are too but what what are you doing with this Capricorn.
Does Aquarius know you have a b/f?
If your b/f is not enough for you, you should break up: your being quite selfish and Capricorns aren't exactly like us...they are monogamous.
As for this Aquarius, you can show interest for sometime but if he's not ready or wants it, there's no convincing him otherwise. It seems like your attractive. Remember that one night, but don't expect too much. It's not that he doesn't careor your not good enough. It's just how they work...until they are ready to settle....seeing everyone else around them already has.

i hate love
by: Anonymous

same condition has happen wit me. m an capricornian.the other one will use u.. even thou he will promise u everything he will ditch u alast moment.. u can go back to him but whn u will realize it dat capricorn is write for u it will b to late for him to accept u.. dis is really my prsonal experince. so u decide wats ur ans.. R

Hate Capricorns
by: Anonymous

I have dated a Capricorn in the past and the best advice I have for you is to break things off immediately. They will be mean and you will have a hard time but once they realize your about to walk out the door they will become sweet and promise you the world but it doesn't last long for within a short time you will be trying to walk out the door again. They will use you for whatever they need then toss you when they have no use for you anymore.

Capricorn Gemini soul wrenching
by: Anonymous

Capricorns suck me up spit me out and when I give up they want me back if you like a rocky road they'll provided one

by: Anonymous

I was married to a capricorn for 10yrs/dated for 5yrs. He became very controlling and mean. Stubborn and unmoveable. Unemotional and boring. We as geminis need a free atmosphere to roam. I am strongly attracted to capricorns but finally got with a leo and WOW!!!!!! What a match made in the stars!!!!

Get rid of the Capricorn!
by: AHHHH!!!! Capricorn ate my soul!

I dated a capricorn for two years. At first his ambitions and praticality made me think he was the perfect catch. Here I was picturing this life full of luxury and travel. I loved how we seemed to be a perfect balance. But as time went on, I realized the only reason I liked being around him is because of how fun he made me seem. He was so serious and career minded all the time. He made me feel guilty for changing my mind or not following through with things I'd started. And I was doing the same. I'd get on him for not being spontaneous and call him a stuffed shirt. What it all boils down to is that we were closing so many doors for each other. We would never let each other reach our full potentials.

It is a TOXIC relationship for you both! There is a deeper, more entertaining love waiting!! I wish someone would have told me that sooner! And you won't understand until you can get away from him and finally breathe! But as soon as you do, your heart and mind will feel so much better!

So, dear Gemini, my advice to you is to FIND THE AQUARIAN! He has all the ambitious attributes of the capricorn, but he can juggle all the fun, dangerous sides of life as well. He won't stick to the conventions and traditions that we try so hard to abandon. In fact, he'll have the perfect plan to make our rebeliouness follow through. Even more, he'll have the perfect plan to help us follow through on all of our ideas. But he'll still find it charming if we don't go all the way with it anyway.

Maybe for this particular circumstance you should tone down the aggressiveness. Keep your elusive, flirty gemini wits about you and the Aquarian will be intrigued!

cap sun moon in gemini leo rising
by: Anonymous

Find your moon placing. Find your Aquarian's placing and Find the moon of your Caps. If it is air for Aquarius,you'll both stand the test of time and in regards to the Cap. He's a rock. Rocks don't fly out the window like Peter Pan.Teach him about the "THUMP.THUMP" It boils down to this. Excietment or Responsibility.Which one will you take a gamble on.I say this to Aquarius, "What makes you think you have something that magical or powerful that you can't be fenced in?I say this to Caps. "Caps rule chains and bondage and delay but also Karma, you are lucky anyone has taken an interest in you, least a intellegent woman with the talent of two people.Preserve it."So to the Twins in Trouble I say this, Find a sun sign Libra and you won't even remeber those two people's names.

Gemini women
by: Anonymous

“what are you doing with this Capricorn.” Agree with that..I have dated a Capricorn in the past, and the relationship doesn't work . It’s take a lot of hard work and compromise from both sides of the relationship just keep each other from going crazy. This relationship may not last forever, but you can still enjoy it while it lasts.

dating an aquarius man
by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarius man in a relationship with a gemini woman. I am not sure all other aquarius men will agree with me or not, but the way we are built is, when we don't give we don't give. When we give however, we give all that we have. We are very supportive of that special lady in our life, but if we see that her heart goes elsewhere, we walk away and dont look back.

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