Gemini woman married a Scorpio

by DM
(Houston, Tx)

While I agree with most of the personality traits of the Scorpio man and Gemini woman, I'm at odds with the compatibility aspect of the two. A year and a half ago I married my Scorpio man and the two of us are happier than ever. We each went through painful first marriages: he with a Pisces and me with a Sagittarius. We dated for a year and then married. We are best friends and the best lovers I could possibly imagine. We are loyal to each other. I do see the possessive nature in him toward me and he will be the first to tell anyone that I belong to him......but I like that. It doesn't make me feel tied down....just loved. We seldom argue and if we do, we know to give each other space until we're able to talk calmly and then we work it out. Sexually we are an amazing pair. Despite what it says in the Gemini woman description, I am not too shy at all to please my Scorpio man. I am imaginative which he loves and he is extraordinarily passionate which I need. I know there are other aspects of astrology involved when it comes to predicting compatibility but I just want to say that it CAN work.

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what to do
by: Anonymous

W Hat if vthe scropio man says he doesnt want the gemini woman anymore but whren the gemini woman tells the scropio man to get his number changed soi wouldnt have any contact with him He never does it band also he doesnt call me biut he still answers when i call im confused bc its a back n forth thang whats does he want from me PLEASE HELP ME

from a scorpio
by: Anonymous

a scorio always need to be in controle u have to always call him cz thats what he wants . if u realy love him go ahead and call him u shouldnt be waiting his phone calls . he ll call u when he feels he s secure enough with u and he feels he cant trust u .

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