Gemini woman - my take on us

by Dawna pronounced Donna

I play mind games on people and pretend I don't know what we're doing or I'll use a hypothetical or make believe story just to get you to tell me secret information if it's one thing about Gemini's we ARE nosy. I can pick up quickly on a person's emotions and mental structure and become the exact woman he is attracted to. Unfortunately I can only play the game for so long before I get bored. Sometimes the whole mixed emotion thing frustrates me because even when I'm angry with someone they never take me to seriously because I never stay angry with them for long. Constantly thinking about what the other may feel and how I offended them. The jealousy thing negative I would have to really be in love to be jealous. Even then he'll never know. I love being secretive and keeping people guessing wondering wanting MORE ! I don't try to be a heart breaker it's just one minute I want to cater to the needs of others and then a split second later I'm back to catering to the needs of my own. Deep down I think all Geminis want love but we don't need it unlike some other signs we definitely won't die without it it's optional. I guess that indifference drives men crazy.... Oh and when it comes to sex any and everything goes. Not just because we're wild women although I do love sex... But because we are curious about EVERYTHING even the taboo activities. As long as we can find a lover who isn't afraid to do what ever when ever where ever spontaneously we'll been in love lol. Phone sex is a must. We're very creative and can come up with any erotic sex story within minutes. Words intrigue us sexually because it intrigues the mind. No inhibitions don't think just do it ! Random free life styles is the way we live.

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by: Anonymous

She totally gets it.
Sometimes flirting gets old because it feels like an act rather a sincere turn of emotions. Sometimes we find out traits that are unappealing but keep it going to be polite and then SNAP we're gone.
Gemini-Capricorn/Gemini-Virg/Gemini-Scorpio: more like a father daughter relaitonship. They totally get me but I don't get them and its sweet how they are so protective and responsible but it makes me feel inadaquate. It bugs the crap out of me.
Gemini-Aquarius: the ONLY who I consistently fall is magical...and I hurt when it ends but with time I fall again...for another Aquarius
Gemini-Leo: Pretty good match-they are as materialisticially as ambitious as me but after a while I crave more depth.
Gemini-Cancer/Gemini-Piesces: A lot of emotion but then they use this emotion as manipulation and I feel cheated because even though I am JUST as clever I refuse to do that to them.
Gemini-Aries/Gemini-Sagitarius: Fun and airy, friendship really goood but it isn't as much as more
Gemini-Libra: nice match but here I feel like the older one.
I haven't had any strong Taurus relationships or other Gemini relationships. I'm assuming Taurus will match with either Peices/Cancer or Virgo/Scorpio/Caprigorn. As for other Gemini's, I definitely think we'll get each other but it will be way too many game playing tactics and lack of variety.

Misconceptions about Us!
by: Pooja

There is this thing that Geminite women are called Fickle.... Let me tell u all sumthin that we Geminites are NOT! Its just that we enjoy flirtin, which is like Air needed for breathing to us (And we are the people of AIR sign... LOLZZ). If we get Really Involved in some Guy then the Commitment and Love we offer cannot be equalled to any sign in the zodiac. If there is a need, We Adapt better to make the relationship last long! :)

by: GeminiJess

Yep that about sums it up ....I do have to say though that I get fed up and bored with myself sometimes if that makes sense..??....What I mean is, I do get bored and seek stimulation to the point of overstimulation and then BOOM!!!! I go into hibernation mode and shut out everyone and run in the opposite direction which can lead to doing reckless things... and then feel guilty for a bit and then forget about the guilt and the naughty behavior and then back to the people I previiously shut out....!!!...whew!!!! I friggen exhaust myself....ugh....heehee

by: radiohead24

i totally agree i'm a gemini woman and i feel like we totally think alike. i feel the same way when you said you want love but dont need it.

by: Anonymous

I am a gem lady. I believe that we give and take love unconditionally. That is something that we need to realize. If what they say is true and we are all "geminis", then look into yourself and ser that you are always filled with love!! If you see a woman on the phone giggling...u feel joy. If someone confides in you with a sad story...u feel their pain. If someone calls upon you and asks for your help them knowing that they are in a hole. We live with our entire hearts and will not judge or condemn anyone that does not want to be condemned.


And don't even get me started on intuition, spirituality and the like....honestly. I am still baffled by the feelings that I get from others. And the way that I honestly makes me very happy to be who I am.

by: Anonymous

Spot on. It is seriously exhausting being a gemini. Dating a gemini is even more exhausting. The deepest connection i know of but also the most painful.

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