Gemini woman questioning her Scorpio

by Samatha
(columbus ohio usa)

I am a Gemini woman who fell for the magnetism of the Scorpio male. I met him and instantly felt the wrath of his sting. I cannot seem to stay away from him. When we get along it is wonderful. When we fight which is quite often, it is awful. It has been a year and a half and I am beginning to wonder if it will ever work. I divorced my husband for him. He gives me strong, loyal and passionate love. But then is obsessive, jealous, controlling and I sometimes feel suffocated. I do not think there is any medium with him and do not know how to handle it. Should I end it now? Scorpios are wonderful, loyal men, but why are they so stubborn about being right?

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gemini women scorpio man
by: Duality

I can't seem to find a post date so maybe thisll help u and if not, maybe it'll help someone in a similar situation. As a Gemini women in a relationship with a Scorpio man, I totally understand the word "suffocate". As a Gemini I'm bubbly and love to live life to the fullest and that seems to frustrate scorpio. This has been a benefit for me though because I stay out of a lot of trouble and save myself a lot of stress. If you truly, truly love the guy, it's frustrating because he'll be the first person you're willing to let "tether" you down, he won't know how rare that is and you'll get frustrated at his lack of appreciation for that. Your guy has to show tolerance and some flexibility (realize that a hint of flexibility for a Scorpio is a big deal) you have to show total unwaveringly loyalty. Itll be excruciatingly at first because its something us Gemini aren't accustomed to, but after he sees you're worthy, he starts to let down that annoying shield and slowwwlllyyy the good times will start to outweigh the bad. Games don't fly here, and we're notorious for that. We over think things to the point of destruction, that'll have to be kept in check. Double standards are everywhere with scorpios too. As a Gemini, seems like we have to change everything that comes natural to us, but believe me it is so worth it. When the smoke clears and you've steered clear of his suspicious eye he will complete you and you'll accomplish more than you've ever been able to before. He's your anchor, he helps us focus our ingenuity long enough to make a difference. This relationship takes a lot A TON of compromise. If he absolutely refuses to and you know you've done your absolute best, find another Scorpio. Lol

scorpio man
by: Anonymous

You said you divorced your husband for him? Well, as a Scorpio man that in itself would have my mind racing 6,000 revolutions per minute as it shows how easily you would leave or hurt someone just so that you can be safely happy. I would never trust 1.) A stripper 2.) A military woman and 3.) Someone who left their spouse for someone else. All these three that I mentioned are the most untrustworthy of them all and Scorpio will forever scrutinize you. Scorpio will however have sex with you when ever, but don't expect to be treated special.


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