Gemini women and flirting

I'm a Scorpio guy. I got to know a Gemini girl when she started working for my company as an intern. She had just broken up with her (also Scorpio) boyfriend who was unreliable and unfaithful. Due to the job, we spent a lot of time together esp. talking about life and the world around us. She said I was the only one who took her seriously and cared deeply for her well-being despite her having many (superficial) friends. I am much older with a successful career. Unfortunately, I do not share her interests like all-night clubbing and socializing. However, whenever she needs serious conversation or advice, I will be the one she seeks. She has told me that I am different from all others and that she truly loves me as I do her. We will not be having a sexual relationship till marriage (planned after she finishes her training) due to religious reasons. I thought all was going well when I discovered that she had been going out with two different guys at the same time (declaring her love to one of them on her blog!) behind my back. When confronted, she said she's just having some fun and they don't mean anything. I am her one, true love, her soulmate. I guess Scorpios are just too intense and hopelessly romantic and Gemini's are born to flirt and lie! They fall in love too easily and lead people on - which can cause major heartache to the faithful and loyal Scorpio

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I can relate
by: Anonymous

I can relate to your scenario as I am a Scorpio man currently having a relationship with a Gemini woman. I love her deeply and cannot imagine life without her. Gemini's are fascinating creatures with great charm but lack emotional depth. There were many a time when I felt cheated or hurt when I was side-lined or two-timed (they have no sense of guilt!) despite the fact that she has declared her love for me profusely. The pleasure was in the chase and after the relationship is secure, then there is a tendency to flirt and pursue others for the thrill of it. However, they will tire from it and return to you if you are truly the one they love. My advice is for you to understand their innate nature of flirtatiousness and love of excitement (infatuation with a new guy is exciting!). However, these dalliances usually do not last long but your relationship will (I survived three break-ups with her because she dated other guys behind my back). Learn to let go a little and give her space. If not Scorpio, just let these social butterflies fly away for good.

i can tell you why gemini woman flirt
by: gemini

I am a Gemini woman and i had alot of friends that are Geminis and sometimes Geminis we flirt when we are bored form our lover or when they don t give us to much attention or to let them know that we are strong but sometimes is and bad but is are nature but it will be a different story if our lover give us freedom and they are never boarding and they have alot of communication with us and ''WE DONT LIKE JELOUS PEOPLE''THAT IS THE MAIN THING.and we love when they take us shopping or troveling or and the main thing of a Gemini woman ''likes you to do for her is to always be SHAPED'' and and always try to flirt with her and make her laugh and don t be to needy and don t ever ignore her and last thing for you to do be yourself but if thoes things dont work out that means shes a total bicth and a hord but if you dont it is ''OVER''.and if you do that she will never let you go and and try to impress her with something new and always change your looks and try to be her friend and that it good luck.

Not all gemini women are flirts
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini woman. Not all gemini women flirt. According to astrology, gemini women can easily break up a relationship and get into another. That is not true. I had been into a 4 year relationship with a capri man. Things didn't work well between us. Believe me or not, I took one year to actually arrive at a conclusion that we should break up. That was because, inspite of differences, I loved him so much. But, we were way apart. Either he didn't understand what I felt (or what I actually am) Or I didn't try enough to sort out the differences. Either ways, both weren't happy and it was not leading anywhere. That was the reason I broke up. Now, I am married to a cancer man for 6 years, who also knows about my ex-love. Even with my husband, there are differences, but we are able to sort it out, by speaking frankly.

The main thing about a gemini girl is to talk openly. I know lotsa men, who don't show their emotions or wouldn't talk freely, because they feel, 'if they do, then the women might take advantage or feel that he is not a strong man'. That is not the case, atleast with a gemini girl. Try talking to her openly. That might solve the issue. If you feel that he still flirts with other guys, then she was not in love with you. That must have been pure lust. In either case, don't blame 'gemini women', it is just that girl.

It's so true!
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman & I LOVE to flirt. Even with those I have no actual interest in. It's weird & I found this page by trying to understand it. I usually do it out of straight up boredom or when I feel neglected from my current boyfriend.. Like when they are lacking in communicating with me (major slap in the face-we are very social creatures, we NEED it). A way to solve it is to spoil us a little here and there. Doesn't need to be anything big... Flowers from the neighbors yard will do! Anything to show an effort, or that you were thinking of your Gemini earlier that day . Geminis are very loyal once they are well taken care of, but they do require a little extra :) unfortunately harmless flirting will still be a part of our lives always.

a gemini
by: Cherish From Arizona

it is so very true. i am a gemini.. ido flirt alot, but can be insecure at times but that doest stop me from getting what i want. If i want someone, i usually get them and they tend to get used only for sex. Love? that is very rare. Gemini women will only fall in love once, and it will be to the most opposite person or sign. Even though it will not work, thats her only true love, that she will not forget. She will show a man so many things in the bedroom and is always down to try new things. She will always be searchin for that perfect man to turn her out. But intill then she will have fun w/ any man who comes along. but truth is i do flirt alot, only w/ people i have an attraction to, but really want them in the bedroom. Gemini women do have a tendancy to cheat, even on the ones they love. and yes we do lie, very sneaky i must say. but hey its all for finding the right person n the end :)

boss.... even i too got ditched by a gemini
by: jayant

hey boss, i am from india, i am a aquarian man, i loved my classmate for 7 yrs who is a gemini girl ,i roamed with me for two years, in these two yrs she never said she will leave me,always assured me that she is there for me, but after 2yrs, she hinted that she is looking 4 a much better side of life which her parents choose, and plainly said i donot love u any, now she is planned to ditch her libra husband......
as for ur case,,,,,lucky u did not got that girl in ur life.... brother i certainly assure that there are some good n ok girls there. good luck

scropio first and one true love
by: Just a Gem girl with one love scorpio

Ok well I'm a gem girl and yes we do flirt with anyone and everyone its not a big deal. Just to let you know my one true love was a scorpio we have a love child together and that is all. He broke my heart in two and i will never be the same and cant give my heart twice. We are so different he is so possesive and jealous and in love its wonderful. The thing is we Gems are lonely and the flirting is ...well our way to cope (i can only say this after years of self analyses and being true to myself).Anyway my point is we want someone to love us and take care of us but after undersatnding our true insecurities yes we flirt but once we fall in love we are and will be faithful but it takes a very stong, secure, reliable man and one that can truly love us.(sorry bout the typos)

by: Carra

Hi i am a geminis but i am not a liar i never cheated on my boy freind and guest what hes a scorpio ok!!!

gemini women
by: Anonymous

I am also a gemini women and I believe that yes we tend to flirt a lot ,but what we really need is someone that will understand and accept that about us. If there is one thing I CAN NOT stand in a guy is that they get all clingy and insecure that I will leave them. Trust is the main key in dating a gemini girl, if you trust her enough to give her space when she needs it, and trust the fact that just because she flirts with people doesnt mean shes going to cheat or anything.To me saying all geminis are prone to cheat isnt true. it depends on the person and how they feel about cheating. Honestly I will never cheat due to the fact that I know the difference between right and wrong.

Best sign for a Gem & their flirting ways
by: Irene O

Yes I am a Gem woman (a real Gem!) I love to flirt with men, it's a passing thing and then it's gone in an instant. I flirt because I like knowing that I still have the magic. You Scorpio's shouldn't judge because you are looking at a mirror.

Sometimes the flirting turns into infatuation but with this Gem woman, I know the boundaries and even when men were ready to steal my heart, I would not allow it to be stolen by anyone but my true love. Some signs find flirting traits to mean affairs and infidelity, but it's more the character of the GEM involved than the sweet words that pour out of me. Actions speak louder than words.

I too am attracted to Scorpio's....don't know what it is about these men but like a moth to a flame...there I go burning my butterfly wings.

I was married to a Virgo....too boring, now I'm involved with a Leo (oh my God the drama...and it's all about him, him, him).

Someday I might meet the man who will capture this Gemini heart but so far no one of interest. An Aries man might be dominant enough and strong to tame a Gem.

hold on a mo...... :0)
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini female and I am really fed up with being labled as a "flirt", a "cheat" "two faced" or even a bitch because of my star sign... I am a loyal person, and refuse to shrink to fit into anyone elses box. I do flirt a little at times but what is the real harm in that because i dont know many people who dont realisticly..I know I may sound like Im ranting here but, how flipping stereo typical....!!! any way My point of view is that I fell really deeply for two scorps at diffedrent times and have found the whole thing a waste of time... dont get me wrong I do really love theese guys as they mean so much more to me on an emotional level than a lot of people do I feel we connect but I am really fed up with trying so hard to get around a wall (invisible) i have tried talking to said person every day to be told to back off i have also tried giving a lot of space to be given the impression that i dont care anymore and then ignored until i have made an effort to patch things up?... if the scorps in question had been openly or even a little forward in letting me know how they felt I would of happily stopped looking around for a soul mate because I would have found one instead of carrying on and trying to move on as I feel its not meant to be (I do leave things to fate at times but have also tried letting both know when it was relevant). I felt it nearlly killed me to move on last time I was in sooo much emotional and psysical pain from the first (almost relationship with he denied but it didnt stop how I felt) and then a few years later I bumped into the second bloke (who really helped me to start moving on up again but he decided to sleep with me then moved on to another girlfriend really quickly)I am now single and talking to both but confused too. as I do love both in thier own way and they are the only people who i have felt a deep enough connection to be really serious about I do have trust issues at times I do take that into account at times and the irratica behaviour dosent help me to be more confidednt in seriously persuing it??? please help?? if you can??

Words from the mouth of a Gemini
by: Gemini girl

I'm Gemini, and, yeah, I do flirt a lot, I really don't know why, maybe I feel bored or ignored by my boyfriend( Taurus). I recently also broke up with him because he doens't talk to me, after 5 minutes chatting on facebook, he wants to play games, we are both 13 years old. Whats more, we are in different schools, his is in the afternoon session and mine is in the morning session, and when I do visit him, he pretends like I'm not even there. So, I ended our relationship..and now I have a crush and I really like him (Capricorn), the other small reason I broke up with my ex is because I feel guilty for having a boyfriend and liking someone else...

by: Anonymous

Hi i am currently dating a Gemini girl and i have started to notice these traits in her. I'm a virgo guy and believe it or not, I have all it needs to get who I want. Is it fair to her that I flirt with pple I get attention from? If she does it, so can I right? what will be your feelings towards me doing it in this case? will it jeopardize the relationship? doesn't it show disrespect towards the person I am with?

by: gemini82

We do cheat if we are not in love we are huge flirt and have a tendency to lie our way out of things. I also know that we like sex way too much and we tend to use men to get it. And never feel guilty. Idk why we're like that.

by: scorpio guy

Hey scorpio here and just need to clear some things up .i was involveg with gem fem for 10 years and its true they flirt which usually leads to cheating its called temptaion ppl hey u play wit fire u get burned .now my gem said she loved me but behind my back yeah she was sneakn arnd with the flirt guy and yea they had sex i forgave but what happens again same thing then the good part Ive gave my life to God she say so we cant sin anymore so ok i say if us being sexual offends your religion ill wat bc i love you so a year of ne waiting was a year of her screwing several different guys and me being lied to so wtf is up wit that Carolyn Martin martinsville va .is the trick that makes me hate gem women to flighty to settle down and they ruin to many ppl bc yhey dont take the time to analyze there actions and really dont care about no one but themselves ,truth is your always looking for mr right but you cant c him when hes in your face bc deep in you love isnt what you want .the chase is all gems like everything else is in the way .her bday may 31

Gemini Ladies
by: Anonymous

We gemini ladies will always flirt, but it's only to connect with people and make them like us! If I'm with a guy who doesn't mind the charming nature we put on (even better loves that we charm his friends/family), we have no reason to cheat. It's just our nature to use it and if someone tries to repress that part of us it comes out in secrecy. Geminis are always searching for a one true love, we have children's imagination. The only times we cheat are the instant we know that it can't possibly work out, and once we have decided that, there is no getting our hearts back into it anyway.

i am not a flirt!
by: riya

hello everyone..i m gemini girl here....i dont understand that why gemini girls are called flirts...i am very honest and loyal person..i don't know what is flirting...i am shy and reserved type of gemini....may be this is the reason...but in my view not all geminis are flirts! also depends upon how the person has brought all depend upon the environment in which the person had lived..nothing to do with astrological sunsign....yaa i can say i m only 20% of the description of gemini girl....i love conversing,i m intelligent,impatient,lovable,very good friend....only these things describe me.....and u all will be surprised that i am not a chit chat box..i speek only to the limit..i gain lot of respect from my friends as well as others...and my close ones love me a lot....when i read about my sunsign...i get very surprised becoz that doesnt describe me at all.....:)

I have a gemini gf
by: Dane

After reading a this, it kinda makes me mad because I am dating a Gemini girl. What the point of us dating if she's just gonna cheat on me? She does play mind games and she is a little sneaky. I would like some feedback on this asap

by: scorpio guy

Dump her bc truth is gemini woman know what they are doing when it comes to flirting or being sneaky and as we all know ,if you seem to enjoy flirting and things like this you will soon act on them so save your self some hurt and dump her find a woman who doesnt do the things that we other Humans see as disrespectful or sneaky ,for some strange reason gemini see know wrong in anything they do and this is why dating them is a bunch of mess

We tend to be players
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini, and If i was a man i would never date us.The reason why i say that is because we are players, but once we find The One we really like/love, we can stop there and try to work it out. Gems are very playful and changable, we need a stimulation of our mind and if we dont get it we lose the interest and move to smth new.. Sorry, but that's how we are. Once you capture our heart we can be Yours 4ver, but it's hard to do that. Good luck guys!

Taurus man gemini woman
by: Anonymous

Right now she swears that i have her heart and she is being completely faithful, but she has pushed me out of her life. Being a man of emotion and her not being there hurts.

i am a gemini girl
by: Anonymous

it is not true that a gemini female ditches her is just that she is trying to find her true love and for some reason, those people didnt let her have it fully. Once she has found one, she will never leave him. she will get a heart break if he leaves her. I love an Aries truly and I cant even think of anybody else in his place though gemini sometimes flirt to get attention and thrills.

The Darkside of my Gemini wife.
by: Poor Guy

When we got married in 1983, my wife is so sweet and after six months, all I've got is the darkside mode for 29 years. But still she's my partner.

Gemini's are not flirt
by: Mabel

I am a gemini woman and am not a flirt nor a cheat. I beleive most gemini women needs true love and an open minded person for a friend.They try to make things work out for them. If you are faithful to a gemini woman,i bet you dat u will never regret taking her as your wife or girlfriend. Remember, gemini are twins which mean some re good and some are bad. I believe that most of the gemini dat feel thet are flirt are the other side of the true gemini bcos we are loving,caring n faithful if we are with our true love.

Gemini girls are cheats
by: Anonymous

yeah, gemini women are totally cheats with no sense of guilt and no conscience. so my friend, a pisces likes this gemini girl who has a boyfriend but has no problem with having sex with my friend. she's still with her boyfriend and doesn't see anything wrong with her having sex with someone other than her bitch

Geminis are confusing
by: Scorpion to the core

I have a gemini girlfriend or something like that. We broke up for 2 years and started seeing each other again. She has not been the same. I do not have her heart but for some reason she continues to hang on. Many times I am ready to let go. Can't take the secretive flirting with persons entered her life while we were apart. Our once steamy anything for utmost sexual pleasure is completely dead. Everytime I try to make a move for intimacy she makes excuses and starts an argument. I am so sick of it and I know that I will move on and turn my back completely one day. She will move on too because they are not faithful to anyone. She lies, she flirts and she is too secretive. I love her but I know one day I will leave her for good. Once a Scorpion makes a decision to sever a relationship the world becomes a very very cold place. We love and hate with the same intensity.

Who Cares
by: Cancer Man

I take all gemini's lightly. They are fun to be with but really never
want to get involved with them on an emotional level.
Really ... who cares. There are other signs that I am more compatible with so why bother.

Gemini women demand constant attention or they will stray.
They are child like to the point of being very immature at times.

I love them but not ones to be serious with. They are very much into their own happiness without regard to others.

If your bored then date one but never take it too seriously.

Just my two cents.

gemini women dead end
by: Anonymous

this gemini/scorp rising which is really the biggest game hit it off good in the begining with her,she talks freely about sex. you take it to the next level,she pulls the plug or gets mad about something and freezes you out for couple of months. You try to avoid her then she comes around to fish you in again.weve known each other for a while and most times i feel like a stranger,where most others would say hi with a smile.So i wanted to put closure on this and move on so i asked her out,she said no with a look like im better than you,you must be joking

my take on it
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman with high ideals and purity of heart. Speaking for myself I can attest to the fact that once I fall in love with a man, my feelings for him remain strong and even-keeled. I love, adore and cherish every aspect of my lover and I tend to put him on a pedestal. I am devoted to him, until HE disturbs the balance...

In my experience it's always the man who, for no apparent reason other than his own laziness, starts taking me for granted and stops putting in the effort. When that happens, however subtle the difference, I will notice it. It's not my pride that will be hurt and I won't be jealous, possessive or vindictive, but I will once again be reminded that I'm alone and that I don't have a true soulmate--which is what I'm looking for.

I am NEVER the first to give up, but when I offer the best of myself I expect the same in return. When he stops giving that, I will start flirting with others. It's like a defense mechanism.

Besides, I flirt in different ways. One way of flirting--which I extend even to women--is simply a way of breaking the ice or showing people that I appreciate them, bringing a little happiness into their lives. Most of all I recognise that to varying degrees everybody is flirtatious or sensitive, or loyal, or jealous... A little bit of everything is in all of us.

Gemini women cheat
by: Anonymous

I've been dating a gemini woman know for 4 years, and it's been a nightmare . She will lie to my face ,and expect me to have no response to it . when we met she was screwing her best friends boyfriend and has never told her . We decided to get engaged because she got pregnant , but I've never trusted her . I'm a Virgo man and I feel very emotional for the woman I'm with , but this relationship is different . We seperated. for about a month and I started seeing other people , and refuse to stop because of her ways . I won't tell her I plan to leave her soon because she'll conjure up one of her fake , I love you rages . As long as I'm with her I'm going to forever cheat on her because I don't trust the bitch. as far as I can throw her, they are very evil creatures, that tells to many lies .

by: Anonymous

They have so many great ideals and tends to know so much about life and yet they lie and cheat and sneak around. what is that? also think they are right, much talk of communication but never take the lead will always analyze and criticize the other side and never themselves,not grateful always wanting, will give but only when their intrest is apparent. the only reason we don't let them go is because of our big ego.You seewe get sucked in by all the big moral talk, and when you least expect, yur heart is messed up............. i would like to see the shoe on the other foot

Gemini Goddesp
by: Anonymous

I'm a true Gemini Goddess, we geminis love to flirt harmless we can get noticed by any man by the words we say and our youthful nature. I'm dating a Sag man he doesn't get me. He always thinks I'm cheating on him.I'm not that type of girl.I only start flirting with me because he's neglected me. We Geminis love attention and will go all out to get it. Otherwise we a very LOYAL people.

being a gemini
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini and i think if we follow the moral values then nobody (of any sign) can hurt anybody its just about controlling yourself nothing else one thing more there is no manual to completely figure out someone's personality

by: Anonymous

it s like this with gemini women. They want a man who loves them totaly and will not cheat on them or flirt with other women, but who also is not jealous of her having many male friends to whom she playfully flirts with all the time. she wants to be free but wants her man to let her be free with out worry of the mans feelings geting in the way of her life and her friends. you as a male must not have any female friends only male friends to whom she may hang out with and flirt as she wants with them. do not digg for the truth she does not like that. not that she likes lying, she just doesnt want to tell the truth.

Gemini (a commercial withougt terminal) hahaha
by: guys

I think gemini are mean for FUN not for a serious relation or life partner either, whenever you're looking for a one night stand look for a Gemini. in Zodiac we have mothers, wife material and prostitude of Zodiac you know what I mean. so left for you to make a choice, there is no where both religion, tradition and the world parmint a married woman to flirt with other men. I had some guys saying give a gemini woman a space she will come back, of couse she will come maybe with Viral deases lol... Gemini are loyale at old age when there is no strength for parties and flirt lol... Guys are you going to wait for Gemin to get old before you settle down in life? think.

Nt TRUE!!!
by: Anonymous

Ok, tht is ssooo not true Gemini's are not born to lie nd lead ppl on nd I'm only 16 but mature for my age, and I am a very Hopeless romantic, I love to cuddle nd have serious talks but also treat u like u r my best friend,nd I am 1000% committed to my relationships, some Gemini's can be the ones who can be ur best friend nd always be their for you (hints: who I am) but some Geminis can chew u up and spit u out like you are (hints: what I can do nd not think a second thought about it) but im not tht kind of person I am genuinely sweet nice, caring, comforting, and will always be their for you no matter what, so it is just based on which Gemini you get, wit who has their dark side mostly or their nice side mostly,so it's just based on which Gemini you get.

Pisces and Gemini...
by: deadfish

I am a pisces and she is gemini...(board-line ish Cancer)

I really am not sure if...
she is cheating or she just needs her own space with her "clients"(she works in PR) or "friends".
she has no interests in me (or just interested in sleeping with me) or she is just not as affectionate as I am.
everyone keeps saying that Geminis loves to communicate, but it seems like its always me doing the talking...

its driving me crazy, cos I really do love this girl dearly....
she keeps me away from most of her friends/clients cos she says I wont get on with them... I tried to break up with her a few times cos I couldnt handle the secretive relationship anymore but she keeps coming back... e.g...
she is super secretive with her phone... once I accidentally saw her texting someone with those cute iphone emot-icons, I asked her who it was to, she didnt give me a straight answer (colleague, friend blar blar blar....), then later that night, when she was out with her "clients" again, I got so feedup and pissed that I send her a HATE (one that contained at least 10 F words) sms telling her where to go and to break up and thinking that would be it... but she called me back all worried...came over to comfort me... while I had a break down... and we got back together....

same kinda story is happening right now, se is out with her friends... etc... and she also hinted that she wont be spending NYE with me...WTF...?

basically, I dont know what she is hiding... or cheating... or what..?
anyone? I wish I know how she thinks... so I can really be myself and love her....

Gemgirl too
by: Anonymous

Sorry but I can't stand Scorpio men. My ex was controlling, a flirt/ perve but it was not ok for me to check guys out let alone talking to them. I think by the end of it I drove him totally crazy because after 3 yrs of his verbal/ physical and psych bullshit he knew I no longer loved him. How could I? He became the most repulsive and unattractive man to me due to his daily neurosis' and insecurities. He dealt with this by becoming more and more controlling, violent and stalker- like. Mind you we were friends for 2 yrs before we got together.. So sad. They say dont fuck with aScorpio - never again! They may say we Gemini gals are split personality but what about alot of men out there.. They go nuts once they're in a relationships. (Insecurities mainly but my ex also took comfort in eing sadistically nasty emotionally. Basically if you dont know how to behave in a relationship or how to treat ur partner you really shouldn't get involved with anyone until you get help and sort yourself out.. Your problem not anyone else's if you make a bad partner to someone.

gemini woman w/scorpio man
by: sophie

im.a gemini woman and i've been in a relatiin with a scorpio man for 3 years now, we are very very different but we are atcease in each others company, i feel safe and protected in his arms, as if nothing or no one will never ever hurt me, he knows me like no one does and is very compassionate and tolerant of my flickle.nature, i want to be better for him, so i make sure.i always.strive to improve myself, im 17 and hes 22, i also think the fact that his moon is in gemini helps a lot. he teasses me quite often in a funny way, quite the troll, we always lol. <3

Gemini women
by: Anonymous

Yeah.... i guess my experience was pretty much the same as everyone's expressing here. I hate to rip into them but pretty much the characteristics that everyone's expressed on here about Gemi women has been correct to the tee. My ex (a Gemi women) has pretty much moved on so fast and I'm still getting over the breakup. Sad part is that I would love to cut all and complete ties with her but we have a little boy together so that aint in the cards for us. Every time I see her when I pick up my son my heart aches but she acts like nothings ever happened. I often wonder if she ever thinks about us anymore and the hopes and dreams we were supposed to share together. Alllll down the drain. I don't know, call me sentimental but I still don't see how she can move on so quickly onto a new guy and me still mending my wounds. I cant even move onto another girl yet cause I don't want to make any girl pay for what this Gemi did to me. I hope all of us are able to move on peacefully.

gemini's opinion
by: Anonymous

Gemini when in-love will be loyal to her partner. If not, she'll be in search for her dream mate out there. What gemini wants is not much. We only want someone who will understand that having a social life is important. Had once a capricorn bf.. Very possesive, doesnt want me to go out with friends. He's controlling, perfectionist, he wants things well planned before doing it. You see, gemini doest want to be controlled, we are free spirited beings. I feel like im caged all though our relationship. Im not a perfectionist, i dont want to stress my self so much about making every tiny detail perfect. I dont like planning things, i just go with the flow, im spontaneous. People that i find fun to talk with because they are witty and can throw punches back right at me are: aquarius, aries, and my same kind gemini. And signs that i find less entertaining are taurus, scorpio (it depends if we have few things in common to talk about) TALKiNG is important, its like foreplay if u want to get in to us. EVERYBODY.. WHATEVER THEIR ZODIAC SIGN IS.. HAVE A TENDENCY TO CHEAT IF THEY ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR RELATIONSHIP/PARTNER. dont put all the blame on us. There are many factors, one is incompatibility (in thinking,ways, sex) and the others.. Figure it out urself LOL.

BS Artists!!
by: Anonymous

I was seeing a Gemini for over 6 years and everything here is absolutely true. They will seduce you with their charming ways merely to inflate their own ego's and they love to play with your mind. Clever liars, manipulators, that cannot be trusted! Thier actions contradict their words then in some brilliant way "that only they can comprehend" will blame you for their unfaithful behaviors. Don't be fooled, once they know you care, then you best beware for they will offer you nothing but disrespect heartach. Never, ever do they take any responsibility for the hurt they unconditionally breed. Making you jealous is just part of their game. She'll distort the truth by saying "It's me who had the problem with her innocent fun" What a joke these people are while on they're on their "I'm all that and my sh!t don't stink attitude" which makes them feel like they are entitled to act like childish @ssholes who aren't doing a thing wrong & that's if you even get any feedback from them at all! Shutting you out and pulling you in around is thier convenience and your punishment for stirring the argument. Ya know, what started out as a incredibly relationship has been ruined.
So as sexy and flirty as they know they are, you'd be better of to just enjoy the good time and move on because the more you prove, do, say, forgive and the end she doesn't really even care. Their amazing alright, amazing how they have no form of guilt or sorrow for destroying your feelings. Now heartbroke, angry, used and made to feel like a aggravation, I see that truth is she's a lie.

Flirting and unfaithful
by: ChingyPingy

Hi, I am Gemini. I don't think myself is faithful since I got Gemini in my Venus. And I have been through many relationships. The longest on is with Aries guy. I admit it is the best relationship ever and I commit myself to marry him.
But the sad fact is, my Gemini nature is too strong. My Aries is bisexual, so once he ever had male partner, and he asked me to do sex with his partner.
I have so many male friends. I flirt with them, and it's not a big matters since I'm just playing. I cheat few times on my boyfriend. I just want to try sex, but I never love one.
But once I marry, I promise I'll be faithful. I want a marriage just once in a life. Being faithful is option. Some geminis may be faithful too. But I as Gemini isn't faithful at all.

Charming flirts
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman, and I like to flirt but mean no harm, my true love is a Leo but I love to play around other guys.... Am very sneaky and unpredictable and love to play wit guys heart...... We re charming so why not......

Cap-man, gem-woman
by: Anonymous

Flirting is cheating you unloyal dumbasses! I've been in a so called relationship with a Gemini woman and she is horrible she blames everything on me so she can feel justification for her cheating. She flirts right in front of me with everyone and anyone. Oh boy, if I did that she would flip out. NEver Ever again. Flirting is cheating you unloyal dumbasses!

Gemini women
by: Anonymous

Gemini women are wonderful in every way but one. I am married to a Gemini women for almost seven years. I am a libra man we are both very sexual, creative, adventurous and flirtatious as well. We are capable of talking and dreaming at great lengths. Life is very enjoyable unless tough times hit. I have a demanding job that for a brief time I didn't deal with the stress very well. Gemini women are very quick to preserve themselves. They are not suited to help and entrench with coping of life albeit however brief, for the helping of others. Gemini women flirt daily get used to it, it is in their nature. As long as you continue to be open for absolutely anything you can win her heart forever. If you are a man of habit and structure you will never keep a gemini's attention. Or as in my case you have a brief round of personal turmoil you are in trouble man. She will not be interested in counseling or your problems for long. They will start other seemingly friendships that become relationship. Gemini's are butterflies very capable of entertaining multiple people. She may truly love you, but also have deep feelings for another man that is quite willing to dazzle her. Obviously in my case my wife had an affair, but we still love each other. I don't want it to happen again, but our love is stronger for it. At least for now, only time will tell. If your ego cannot take the butterfly twins of Gemini do yourself a favor get out right now. Or as in my case Never have a weak moment. This is really the only down side to be honest. Gemini love sex anywhere, anytime-and are very passionate and creative lovers. If you don't keep your self together at ALL times she will find someone briefly to play with, while you sit on the bench and heal. This is very tough because as grownups life is stressful at different stages. Gemini's have no time for anyone else's problems, but do have lots of their own that they deny almost daily. Best advice is to have a insatiable zest for life and sex they will truly love you. However, as I have been saying-have a rocky road moment, or don't entertain them constantly. They are very childlike and will have many playmates to fill the void with. Good luck, Never assume anything! Romance her daily and don't let your ego win. Crafty, dark, mysterious, sensual, fun, brilliant, inquisitive, high maintenance but sooo worth it. I have been with many gemini's I love all of the people they have in there. That's how you understand them-there truly is more than one woman in there! So exciting! I love you gemini women!

Gemini insight May 24
by: May

I read about zodiacs but not enough to fully understand sun sign etc. I am a Gemini gal. My bday is May 24. I can’t speak for all the lovely Gemini ladies out there but here is what I can tell you about me. I am extremely independent, barely go out on dates (can go for months without a date, 23 months the most I've gone being single), and when I go out with someone, I really like that person. I don't want to be with someone just to have someone. I don't mind being alone. Guys that are too clingy are a major turn off for me. In fact I don't mind if I don't hear from a guy for a day or two as long as I know he's always there and that he will have me back, I will always come back. Give me a chance to miss you! It's not playing games. It's my nature. I'm pretty straight forward. If I like a man, he will know. I don't play hard to get when I like someone and a man will know if I’m not into him. I love intelligence in a man especially if I can learn something from him about any interesting subject. In fact, the way to my heart is thru my brain.

When you first meet me, I’m friendly which can be mistaken as flirty according to my colleagues. The first couple of weeks of meeting a man, I am very analytical. I tend to draw that man if he’s a good guy and a good potential match for me. Sweet talk and sweet nothings does nothing for me. I pay attention to what a guy does, not what he says especially in the beginning. I evaluate a man. In the beginning, I guard my heart closely because when I fall for someone, I fall deep so I make sure that my Romeo is a real one and not a wolf disguise as a sheep. I am affectionate, love my freedom, not jealous and expect the same from a man.

Gemini’s are labeled as flirts, cheats, indecisive. None of these applied to me. I can see from a mile away when a man tries to play games with me. When I see it, I’m gone without saying goodbye. I don’t tolerate that nonsense.
Overall, I’m just a girl who needs to feel loved, wants to be held, wants to be hugged. As I like to put it, in every bit$3%, there’s a softer side and I’m not an exception. As I have gotten older, things that matters to me before doesn’t seem to matter now. Don’t we all women feel this way regardless of our sign?

I love my life, i can firmly stand on my own two feet and if a man comes along and enjoy the ride me, he will be introduced to a woman full of passion.

by: Anonymous

Only 2 faced backstabbing woman I've ever met is a Gemini and I'm almost 50 years old! She has cheated with my husband on all 3 of his wives over a span of 37 years! I had no idea until I caught them and did some research. She even slept with her sister's husband! Truly a horrible woman!

fucking gemini
by: Aquarius

Aquarius here, started a relationship with a Gemini 2 years ago . she left a few times but kept coming back .she fell for a scorpio at work but then back i found out , then i left her. she tried her hardest to get back with me and i gave in after a couple months because i did love her but was resentful , i wanted her to prove her love. i guess i was a bit hard on her but i was giving us a chance to get through it. a couple months later she cheated on me with a guy she when to school who she ran into a bar with her friend. she told me the next couple days and said she didnt mean to cheat. i left . she cried.i started to miss her later on maybe a month we hooked up then she couldnt do it anymore . and now its been 5 months since the longest we gone without talking ..and i still have love for her but i fucking hate her for her actions. i was 27 she was turning 21. Oh, and i think shes seeing that fucking scorpio again who she left me for in the beginning . some shit huh.

The Sacrifice
by: Anonymous

Geminis are 2 people in 1 body That's y their symbol is the twins 1 half is committed while the other half is not I think

by: Scorpio

I'm a female scorpio, have many Geminis as friends and family. Geminis will calm on here and anywhere that its just fun, its for this reason blah blah. NO its because Gemini is a selfish, lying child. Leave Geminis for there own selfish kind, Aries, Libra Leo. All selfish.

Best thing to watch is two Geminis dating, haha. Each know that the other is fake and does not have real emotions. Its like watching two people learning to outdo each other in the shallow end of the pool, while the adults watch laughing at the deep end xx

Real experience with 4 gemini women
by: Anonymous

I dont know what to say about the gemini women.. i have encountered relations with 4 different gemini girls .. YESSS the flirt big time, anytime & anywhere with anyone .. oooppppssss this is very dangerous !! they know how to break hearts and make relations at worst stage ever .. they are not mature yet with 2 different personalities .. when they get the chance safety to cheat, believe the will never rejected !!

My friends Gemini are good to be for a week stand and not more.
they cannot be serious , they are not mature to build healthy relations. But they are Very smart indeed.

Gemini females
by: aquaman

I am very interested in this one Gemini, she is little older but I don't see it as a big problem. To make long story short; I have don't a lot of little things for her here and there which didn't cost too much money, just a bit of time which we all know we can never get back. I know for example that she hustles her xbf even though she never told me that straight forward, I know she got screwed by a lot of dudes because she's got a stamp on lower back. She never agreed to go out or meet anywhere with me at all. All she wanted was to XXXX. I am a bit confused; so you came here to watch my nephews while getting payed from my sister and you want dick at the same time? What the hell are you? What the hell did my sister hire? Aaaam I don't know, I typically try to stay away from females just because I don't want to heart their feelings, the reason is when I do feel lonely and I need a girl near me, I suck it up and find something else to do, because I know that it's just a temporary desire for pussy and after I am done with them I will want them to leave. Too much pride, can't say that to females. The point is why do Gemini females are so difficult to resist even though I can pinpoint all the shitty characteristics which coat them.

it's our nature
by: Gem girl

Being gemini is hard..:D one minute i want tk go to see ballet, the other i want to party in the club all night, but also easily i can be up for a night in with some movie and my boyfriend by my side. The problem is he's cancer.. And he mostly only enjoys the home/tv/dinner scenarios.. It crushes me! And makes me feel.. caged! Now i met a virgo! And that guy is so new and exciting! I know I'm flirting with him and leading him on, and i know i don't want to leave my boyfriend, but it's hard to resist! It's like I'm splitting in half! :D flirting makes me feel alive and it comes so easily.. No effort at all :D

Gems are great friends .. Nothing more! Fact.
by: "REAL" Scorpio women !

Gem women tend to stray when they feel unappreciated!! They are very selfish and have to have things their way! I know this because I have 3 aunts who are gems & a host of cousins that are gems as well! My aunts have major material issue because they treat their husband like door mates!!! They walk all over them & everything is about "me me me" with a gem girl! Not good. Lol! 😑👎 I also have a close friend I have known most of my life, that's a gem! I know they so cheat and flirt a lot because my friend did! She was in a serious relationship with a guy, (Sag.) he made her mad one night about something small... She called an Ex- BF that was in town from Vegas and she slept with him! Mind u.. She knew the guy was in a serious relationship with a girl, they lived together in Vegas! That didn't stop her from ducking him while I was laying on her couch listening to all the action !! Lol. She was a serious flirt also! She loved what I would call a double life! To her closes friends and fam. She can do no wrong ! But to others they know the real her! Gems are strongly attracted to Scorpios and Sag. So know why because I don't like gems.. Will never date one.. Maybe they are attracted to Scorps because we see straight thru the lies and try to help and change them for the better. We know what the heart truly disires and we try are hardest to give that in any relationship! Also we are the gods of SEX.. Gems are very sexual ! Lol. Sag is a fire sign .. Gem bringing air makes fire expand !! But can also go wildly out of control! Just depends on what type of Sag. She's dating. It can be very passionate or a passionate headache !! I just feel gems are to unstable and should learn to be real with themselves and others !

Gemini woman a liar, backstabber, and who're
by: Anonymous

I dated this guy that this gemini woman wanted and she is trying to take me down... She has had sex with him numerous of times even though she lives with her boyfriend. She goes to the guy that I'm dating and slanders me and makes up lies and he still doesn't want her. She's infatuated with him and she just won't quit. She has even approached women that he has had a conversation with. My thing is, if a man what's to talk to you, he will. Why throw yourself at him? She's trying to get us to stop communicating, but what she doesn't know, is that it won't work. It hasn't yet. She needs to worry about her boyfriend and stop worrying about someone who appearantly doesn't want her. I hate insecure, jealous females... Loser!!! She needs to get a life... The end...

by: gemini

I am a gemini woman and I have been with my boyfriend for 3years.I have never cheated,yet he still says i flirt. Its the gemini personality! I don't mean anything by flirting heck most times I don't even know I'm doing it,it's not something that we can change cause its who we are.

by: Anonymous

Been with a Gemini woman for 4 years, She has no problem at all with lying her way out of anything,but pretends she is a saint.She gets bored and the moment she is absolutely secure of you, she will look for the next victim.She MUST get her way always,likes much older men maybe not for sex but to get SOME thing from them.She loves to be admired for her looks and he brains and MUST always get her way! She will play with you like a cat with a mouse before eating it up.She has no remorse when hurting you,and always puts herself first.She is totally self centered and couldn't care less of YOUR feelings or needs.Yes she will do things in bed,but that is part of her 'doing things best she can so she gets what she wants'.She would lie, have different mail accounts, phone numbers,and come back to you home and pretend she loves you still.Do not let yourself fall in love with this woman.She is heartless, irresponsible and if you show her feelings, or pain, she will despise you, you will be nothing in her eyes.A sucker of a man.She is ALL THE time on the look, and only does what she wants.If you ask her how was your day at work she will say , what you jelous??She can be nice, sexy, playful, can have a good talk, but she is just incredible selfish and superficial.Once she THINKS she figured you out,she will dump you like you never existed for some new 'tough guy'..and then regret it again, and dump you again, and so on.If you look for sanity and stability DO NOT ENGAGE which such a person.I have seen sooo many cases identical all she does is USE and ABUSE Everybody,feminist too, and MEN for her are just stupid victims that MUST serve her purposes and in exchange she gives herself to you as a great honour!! BUeakkkk

Flirty, but faithful!!!
by: T-nice

If we cheat, then our mate ain't the one! I am a Gemini girl (June "true Gemini" that is) and it is true that we are flirts! However, we are also extremely loyal to whomever we give our heart to! But once we give our heart away, and it is damaged, it is VERY hard to do it again. When we give, we give our all!!! And all we want is just a little of that in return. It does not take much to keep a Gemini girl happy! Definitely trust her enough to give her a little space, definitely keep the lines of communication open, and love her unconditionally (faults and all)..if a man can do these things then everything else will fall into place and the man will have a faithful, sexual, beautiful heart/spirit mate, that will keep him happy and satisfied in everything! She still may flirt, but as long as the man is secure in himself then there are no worries!! Geminis are very "mental" lol and we analyze EVERYTHING! We definitely keep an open mind on things, which is a positive for us Geminis!!!

by: Anonymous

dear scorpions ! grow up !!!! I am Gemini yes I do flirt but I dnt lie and m not cheater .

by: Ms Gem

Not ALL Gemini women are like that any sun sign can be a slut. And most of the guys who are complaining all ready knew what these girls were like and still persued them and 4 years later are mad that the girl is an idiot??? Btw i am a Gemini what i read about the sign good and the bad i can relate too just not the big flirting cheating compulsive liar part. Also if i were to judge ALL SCorpios as the same as the one who messed me around i would have to say you are all non commital socia paths who hates sluts but if you wait to have sex with them take off. I all most forgot then can be very mean but say one wrong thing to them can sulk for days about it, even when the "offending" person has no idea it would offend them haha.

I am a true Flirt
by: Boisterous Beautiful Mar

I was born on the 1st June. I am a true Gemini.Yes I do flirt and I love it. I get away with murder you can say. I love to be wine and dine with new friends especially males. I always look for the best in all males that I meet. I can have a striking relationship the first time I see any male no matter the race or color. I am very loud and it gets alot of men attention. I have a wonderful smile and I share alot of knowledge I guess that is what attract men to me. YEah I know I am married but hey a sister just want to have some fun from the boring relationship at home. Yea I love my husband but it does not mean I do not like to meet other males friends. One thing a Gemini I do not like is being told to shut up or to stop have male friends. A Gemini do not like to be ignored oh God that is a no no. This makes her crazy and I mean crazy.

Ladies Gemini woman are nice loving people who are just full of excitement so do not bore her. When a Gemini likes you she does and when she get to hate you well your problem.

I am a true Flirt
by: Boisterous Beautiful Mar

I was born on the 1st June. I am a true Gemini.Yes I do flirt and I love it. I get away with murder you can say. I love to be wine and dine with new friends especially males. I always look for the best in all males that I meet. I can have a striking relationship the first time I see any male no matter the race or color. I am very loud and it gets alot of men attention. I have a wonderful smile and I share alot of knowledge I guess that is what attract men to me. YEah I know I am married but hey a sister just want to have some fun from the boring relationship at home. Yea I love my husband but it does not mean I do not like to meet other males friends. One thing a Gemini I do not like is being told to shut up or to stop have male friends. A Gemini do not like to be ignored oh God that is a no no. This makes her crazy and I mean crazy.

Ladies Gemini woman are nice loving people who are just full of excitement so do not bore her. When a Gemini likes you she does and when she get to hate you well your problem.

by: gemini

um, I read everything you typed @ the scorpio guy, I am a gemini and I do flirt, it's in my nature, I do it either wen am bored or when I wanna play mind games, I don't cheat though, haven't cheated on my bf since we strted dating, my bf on the other hand is also a gemini, king of flirts, Lol! He's just like me, he's not clingy and Jealous and we both understand there is need to explore and as long as we're not cheating, after flirting with different people, we always come back to eachother and joke about it, I tend to like scorpio guys but they are too emotional 4 me and that makes me feel guilty and not good enough all the time so I decided to stick with my gemini man, we've been together for 2 years and counting without cheating, I believe gemini women should be allowed 2 explore and we can also take care of ourselves and prevent cheating, for those saying their gemini women really loved them but still cheated, know ur facts, it could be possible she didn't even cheat on you, maybe you are someone who loves assuming things, if u don't actually see her cheating, maybe just talking with the guy and she tells you she didn't cheat, she didn't!!?! Kk? Bye

by: Gemini

I am a gemini and we are born Flirty it's just part of us but what was said in the previous comments about us being liars and sluts is not true. Geminis are passionate and most are loyal.Geminis are very creative individuals and love to have fun. But most of all geminis mostly focus on finding the one and once they do they stay loyal and always remain by your side because they have fallen in love. I'm engaged and have never been unloyal or even thought of it because I have found my soulmate (sounds cheesy I know :p).(Geminis are one of the least likely signs to cheat)

As For Me
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini Lady....the life of the party even when it's not a party. I too hate the stereotypes. I am not two-faced, a cheater, nor a liar. People mistake my fire and ice characteristics for two-faced. Lie about what when I don't have to....who is gonna whoop me. Then there is the cheating... I am a very loyal soul to who and whatever i commit to....example, i have been in the same relationship with a Libra man for over 25 years-married to him for almost 18 of them-cheating didn't cross my mind till bout 5 years ago after years of emotional abuse, his lying, neglect, and cheating....and the flirting was and is a past time for me....bc I'm good at it, it is fun, and it fills a void....I have no desire to sleep with these people bc i am not permiscous. Even after the thrill if flirting, I always wanted to finish the day off with my man. I can speak for me

Not ALL gemini women "flirt&lie"
by: Anonymous

I am a proud gemini woman and there is NO way if she truly believes you were THE ONE. That she would do that to you. What she did was repulsive and disgusting- but please don't brush it off as a "female gemini" trait. IT IS NOT! I dated a scorpio in the past who was everything BUT romantic and sweet- should i say that's how all scorpios are?

Just a gemini
by: Anonymous

Well I'm a Gemini and I could never cheat because the guilt would be too much and I'd rather end the relationship then hurt the person I'm with, so don't think that all geminis are like that

by: McKinley

Leave a Gemini woman for a few minutes she will fly away. They need constant attention. Iam currently dating a Gemini, left her alone for a few days and guess what she gave her phone number to a stranger on Facebook. This is how desperate Gemini woman are.

Think for a second, they FLIRT with all these men and then with the same HEART they come back to their man and say "l Love You". What a joke!

And regarding Mr.Right - after all the crap women put through men, we don’t want anymore Bull! It's no wonder half of the men have problems trying to live their lives women want them to live. Go...try to find the perfect world and if you do tell everyone where it is.

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