Gemini women are magnificent actresses

by Latifah
(London UK)

I am a young Gemini female. I have had an array of relationships and dates from age 16 to 20 and I will tell you not one of them look the same. Some have been black african, jamaican, arab, portuguese, mix-raced, white, philipino, somalian, etc, LOL Whilst I have found traits in all of them I have liked, as I have become more mature I realized it is like I want an aspect of all of them in one man which may well be near impossible! I have also realized that although I claim that I am a simple girl, I am far from it. In fact really at this point in time even my knight in shining armour wouldn't make me happy! I'd find something to pick out, probably dwell on the past and be internally sad whilst portraying that I am happy. I waffle a lot. Sometimes my sentencing may not seem fluid as these are raw thoughts. I am emotional and have a heart of gold. I feel for humanity. I can cry over words, a sound a mere memory. People that are truthful and sincere no matter what get my love for life. I have the amazing ability to almost brainwash myself into a certain mindset, even perhaps a whole new person. Mind over matter is what helps me deal with emotional pain. On the other hand I can be as cold as he ice pole, having no care for you, your opinions or what you want. Because I am selfish! Yes that's right me, myself and I. What?! I respect realness a lot although we are described as a magician in some ways perhaps a trickster is what we are described as often, we Geminis. I beg to differ. I'd say that Gemini females are a pure, unique, unusually beautiful illusion. Almost like a holographic image playing the "correct role" in society, perfectly as we are magnificent actresses with a lot of facial expressions and mannerisms that tell a whole story and it is only the special few that can touch that holographic image and bring the Gemini into reality and into the real rare diamond gem she really is deep down under the fascia.

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