Gemini women get bored easily


i am a gemini woman and this is very true about me some of my trairs i hate because i do get bored easily and it has contributed to some of the hurt in my life and some of the bad karma i have experienced. i am trying to learn more about my self so i can get better it is a bit of a struggle though!

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Why we should wait?
by: Gemini Female

You know I'm just like you .But now I'm thinking in deffernt way .And I found out that Gemini Sensitivity is the main reason for getting bored.!!
Why ?\Because we don't like ot ask and we don't know how to ask for what we really need!!!
And belive you me all men they think when u say nothing that you are fucking happyyyyyyyyyy.
And then he does nothing...
And then you vanish .
And then he start to pull your leg please don't leave me /and you say you have taken so much time.Game over!!
But till when we will do like this?
And the other women become wifes and mothers and we are still looking for the write person?
We should face our selfs and learn how to ask and how to motivate .I will do that.

by: Lady J

The previous poster makes good points.
Gem ladies we must be more direct in our
relationships. We can not be his buddy a
give him too much space.
I know we avoid commitment, to a point, but
we need serious, reciprocal love and respect too.
Ask for what you on point.

by: Anonymous

before you post online, learn how to spell

easily bored that's me
by: mangnifcent

I'm a gemini woman and I'm easily bored,most of the time find my self in problem because of it. Why so easily bored may ask.

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