Get nasty with your Libra woman!

I am a libra woman. I love lots of skin, dirty talk, and the nastiest things that can be done between to people in the bedroom. Sex is not only for the bed. I like to have options and create new memories. Outside or anywhere is fine too just to say that I did that! Intellectual talk is fine, but I do find that I am not compatible with men that engage in too much debate with me too
often. I like to be right, or at least not start an argument from too much debating. I do love romance. The more romance the better. The more a man tells me how much he likes me and what he likes about me the better. Especially if he tells me personality traits that he likes about me, and comments on my style.

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Re: Get nasty with your Libra woman!
by: Anonymous

Which neighboring sign are you closest to, Virgo or Scorpio? Sounds to me like you're bordering on Scorpio.

Anyhow, you sound like you're the Cherry 2000 that a lot of guys would want and covet. Maybe not the typical Libra lady, but bold enough to say what you really like. Most other Libra women must have fantasies, but need to be encouraged to open up, but it takes a lot of guts to speak up and let others know what those fantasies are.

I'm a Leo guy, and I got no problem with a kitten becoming a tigress when the time, the place and the moment is right. Bring it on, baby!

get nasty with your Libra
by: Anonymous

You don't sound like a Libra/Virgo. You must be boarder of Scorpio, lol. Real Libra and real Virgo are intellectual speakers by Astrology Personality. No one can pretend to be another sign; it is inside you as characteristics.

I'm too embarrassed to open my mouth with an inappropriate comment. I know how a Scorpio sounds because my Scorpio lover not that shy.

Virgo Libra woman.

Not necessarily Libra/Scorpio Cusp
by: True Libra

Once I fall deeply in love with someone, I can be more nasty than a Scorpio. But I must feel that intellectual and emotional connection with someone and I must know that person is havinging the same or stronger feelings.

Also, one of my good lady friends is a Libra (still within the Virgo/Libra cusp), is the exact same way, extremely nasty with her boyfriend, who has chased her down from halfway across the world to confess his love for her. As she states, she's exhausted every part of her body with him...

Being extremely nasty isn't just a Scorpio thing. It's a Libra thing too...we just have to be in a solid relationship.

"I can be more nasty than a Scorpio. "
by: Anonymous

Being a reader of your comments about a nasty Scorpio, I keep giggling alone real bad. Sure, I seem agree with you too Libra. We can be nasty more than Scorpio when we love someone deeply; in the private. Ah, you are good!!! But I'm kind of shy when it comes for that alone with him; I'm on a cusp of Libra-not Libra; thanks god I'm Virgo. Anyway, I can do what he can not a rule to remember; make sure just do it right...hah, hah, I feel out of my mind today. I'm having a break; a friend of mind who is Capricorn told me it is almost ,two more years,time for me to look for a husband.... I do want a husband, hah no! I told her hell no!! lol....I'm good just to be myself...
I'm Virgo likes gay guys only; gay guy is safe to be sorry to say...that-no offense, but I mean it. I like them Libra, you are good...

Aries/Tauras in Love with Libra/Scorpio Cusp
by: Aries/Tauras Cusp

I am going out with a Libra/Scorpio Cusp and i dont understand why he be's nasty to me sometimes. he says harsh things whilst making jokes and teasing me, sometimes feels like how can a person like that even love you when he's so harsh with you. I dont understand??? I'm born on Aries/Tauras cusp and he's born on libra/scorpio cusp.

Thumns up
by: Anonymous

I would have to agree with that I can only be my true nasty self when I have that strong connection with them, then I can let all my fantasies become real. If there is a weak connection, I will be bored, therefore I won't waste my time and tricks on you, Mentally stimulate me and I'll do anything you want. lol oh btw sept. 27 libra

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