Getting a Capricorn man into bed

by Devontay
(Hope, Arkansas)

To a degree, we're always down to have sex but the trick is putting our heads on it. These are easy things that can quicken the pass:

Calling us into another room - seems to simple but, if we are in a room working, pulling us away from what we're doing, could be the difference between the green and red light. Out of reach, out of mind.

Be spontaneously sexy - We can seem dull and predictable, yes but that make us easy to shock. walk in on us, fresh out of a shower or ask us "How do i look in this new outfit" and see what happens.

Talk about sex - use our memory and inquisitive nature to your advantage and literally make us think about your body. Bring up times that you had great sex him, things you did to him, he did to you, and would love to try. It will get his ideas rolling in the right direction.

Just go for it! - this is a high risk, big reward move that if done right might be the best way to get us in bed and get the most reward out of it. You cant be confrontational because of our nature asking us or being overly aggressive will make us defensive so the best way would be to go physical. get close, kiss i'm in his sweet spots, and get "hands on". If you want something then take it lol

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