Getting a Leo to commit

by Vanessa
(United Staes)

I am a pisces woman and have known this leo since i was in the tenth grade. When we first met our attraction was electrifying and it hasn't disappeared now that we are adults. Although we have never been in an actual committed relationship we still have a thing for each other. We would go years without seeing each other and once we did its like we couldn't say no to each other.

Now its been years and he is recently out of a long relationship as well as myself and we get back in touch with each other. Problem is he was hurt by ex girlfriend and although we have history together he is giving me the damn blues as far opening up to me. I have tried everything. He acts more arrogant and selfish and inconsiderate than ever before. We did sit down and talk about how opposite we are, but he did tell me that he is always drawn to me despite that and I to him as well.

For some reason I have loved this man from the very first, but how do I seal the deal? I want him to be my husband and actually think we would make a very good couple. I was hurt in my last relationship and I am afraid to be hurt by him, leos have a way of stopping their feelings. Oh he did tell me that he thought I was a very smart woman and knew how to handle myself and he told me I was the best mother he has ever seen to my daughter, and he know I would be a good wife. We are actually not having sex with each other but we talk everyday and we talk about how it could be if we were commmitted. So how do i draw him on in or is he already there and I just need to wait?

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leo men
by: Anonymous

well the only thing i could think of is to be straight with him ask him how he feels about you

Time is patience..
by: Anonymous

I know how you must be feeling... i am a Leo woman and i seemed drawn to Pisces by their sensitivity...(they are so kind but mystical and the same time). They are very patient but Leos are not. So time is reaquired for this work out. Pisces communicate with the soul(spiritually) and talk with body language even if you say you love them and want to be with them. You have to show it!!!! they are hard to get and i quite hard to understand. It takes time for them to heal from any kind of damage. so my advice is to be next to him and support him. then show your love, not in words nor in sex. but in body communication. nothin sexual!!!! (not to extreme)

how to get these leo man??
by: pisceschild

Hey Hun
Im a pisces female and im asking myself the same thing!! i've been in a relationship with a leo man for 9 months that has no specific title, im not his girfriend nor just a friend and not friends with benefits because were not having sex!! I want him to committ to me and make me his girlfriend but he says he needs time!!

Getting a leo to commit
by: Anonymous

I am a leo girl and all I have to say is this his probably not ready to trust you even though you have never hurt him. I know one thing is once one person has broken my trust I then stop trusting everyone, show him how much he means to and that you will try your best to never hurt him don't be too strong, be honest and if all that fails, just tell him how amazing he is LOL

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