Getting stung by a Scorpio

by gemini woman

i was involved with two scorps: the first one was my band mate while the second one i just found somewhere. i have experienced two kinds of scorps...

my band mate and i can talk about a lot of things for the longest time and to the extreme extent, there was a time when after long hours of walking and talking we just laid our jackets on the road just to continue the chat and just waited for a bus to take us home. the problem was he has a girl friend, who he has been in a long term relationship with for 7 years and counting. no matter what i do, i just can't shake him off his loyalty and faithfulness (both are two different things and he has both for her!).

i finally got to meet his gf when his family invited me over for dinner when she came back from australia (they are quite a big family and i was adopted as the 7th child by their parents) and only felt bad for myself that i had to invent an excuse so i could go home. since then, i never hanged out at his home the way i used to even if her mom was the won sending me invites but we still meet for practice and for whatever other side activities we have.

i was still hurting when i met the second one in a seminar i attended. he was one of the speakers and was well versed with his topic. i had a lot of questions in mind so i approached him to initiate a conversation. he answered my questions pretty well but we lacked time so he invited me over for dinner. not a fancy one since our goal was just to continue the conversation and nothing else. after the dinner, he invited me over to more dinners. some i rejected, some accepted. all the conversations were deep, intellectual and then later on became fun.

i told my band mate about this seminar i attended and it aroused his interest. i thought this is the best way so i could be closer to him (i'm still desperately hoping). then came another seminar of his, i invited my band mate. after the talk i introduced them to each other. at that time he was a bit quiet and was just nodding when i talked to him. my band mate also initiated a conversation with them, which was quickly ended. when my friend and i went home, i am pretty sure mr lecturer never removed his gaze at us as we walked done the stairs still talking and laughing.

after a week, i received a message from him (lecturer) to ask me if we could meet at lunch time the next day at a restaurant. i was having a low time at work at that time so i skipped to see him. he told me that he made it lunch so he could spend the rest of the day with me and he confessed his feelings. he also asked me not to see my friend anymore because he's quite insecure when he sees us both (my band mate and i are of the same age group while he was 6 years older than i am). since then i just focused my attention on him and no one else.

later on, i assisted him in his lectures we were a tandem in research. when we go out, i was well guarded by him. if it was possible for him to put me in a pedestal and set up a barricade of rocket launchers so that no guy would steal me away from him, i think he could. that's how protective, possessive and jealous he was.

then months passed, he bought an apartment and asked me to move in with him so i did. the apartment was nice and he made sure that i had enough books to read. i was a typical house-wife and at the same time a researcher. i enjoyed my life. i was happy until the day came when he told me he needed to travel so i was alone for a long time.

one night, it just happened that i went home late just to watch a movie alone and he was the first one to arrive home and i didn't knew he was coming since i never received a message that he will return earlier than expected. perhaps, he tried to surprise me. he was enraged! never had i been scared my entire life. i tried to explain but i was just more scared. he was jealous and was accusing me of seeing my friend while he was gone. i tried to convince him but he was never swayed by my arguments so i just stopped. everyday he would tend to become sentimental about it. he would randomly bring the topic up and we would just end the day feeling down. i just tried to understand him and made my self believe that he would forgive me and forget about the while but he grew colder. later on, women's intuition kicked and and i felt something's not right. i felt he was cheating on me but then i cannot prove it still. my soul was broken into pieces when he brought home another woman and slept at OUR apartment. i waited for them to leave and without any second thoughts i hailed a cab and threw whatever belongings i have into the trunk and into the back seat and went to my mom's place.

years later, by happenstance, i saw him with the woman, who at that time was pregnant. i cannot help but think that i should be the one caressing my tummy while buying groceries with him. unfortunately, i was the one staring at them holding back my tears. i left my cart and went away immediately so they won't see me.

although i've dated men (a virgo and a gemini) after him, i can still recall everything like it was just yesterday. a scorpio man can either be a blessing or a curse. just imagine yourself sticking your hand into a hole full of scorpions and try to pull one out by the tail. lucky you if you weren't stung. i was stung heavily that i can still feel the poison coursing through my veins then into my heart.

right now, my band mate and i are in speaking terms via sms and ym. i still value our friendship but preferred not to see him yet. also, another scorpio just came in to my life. i won't give up on love but i will be EXTREMELY cautious this time. if i could scare him with a stare, that'd be the last time he should see me. hopefully fate would be nice this time. but i must admit, scorpio's are the best lovers around that not even a bubbly pisces can contend with how a scorpio shelters and protects their women if THEY THEMSELVES AFFIRMS BY HEART to keep them for life.

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Gemini Woman 37 Scorpio Man 25
by: Anonymous

I just ended a 9 yr long distant relationship with a Scorpio Male who is 12 years younger than me. I am his first girlfriend the first for everything. The arguement was partly my fault. Of course no cheating on my part just his in the begining but I forgave and took him back. Ever since then I have been an emotional roller coaster during our relationship I couldn't trust I was afraid he would do it again.Its been a working progress but up until this year. He has been manipulative emotionaly and so have I. We fight then we make up. I also hang up on him so I don't say anything regretful he becomes vengeful. I ignore his calls cause he doesn't answer mine. I broke up with him saying its over soo many times because the long distance was getting to me and him not answering my calls made me suspicious. So finally he kept calling till he was blue in the face everyday I just ignored it. He sent me flowers on Valentines Day and he called I ignored it and said just move on its over. I was angery and upset cause he wouldn't answer my calls..I also was tired of the long distance. I took all my frustrations out on him.

I thought he would try back like he normally did but he didn't. He change his status on fb to single. That's when I knew I pushed to far. I called and called he ignored me. I called his work several times he had his coworkers lie for him saying he wasn't there. I talked to his bf he said he had been crying his eyes out for me. I called his work back finally he spoke to me and said move on it gets easier with time..just like I said to him in a text. I said to him I'm soo sorry I didn't know it affected him that way and why I did what I did but it wasn't right. I was blinded by my own fears and hurt that I didn't realize I was doing that. I don't ever want to make anyone cry especially the ones I love He wasn't hearing me. I beg an pleaded for him to try to work things out. He said he needed time. Then he contrridicted himself. And said move on. I said tell me its over then don't leave me hanging he couldn't. He said just moveon so then I said so its over is that what your saying he said no I just need time meanwhile move on. I'm confused. We have always fought but we make up. This time I don't think so. Inspite of our dysfunctional relationship we both love each other soo much. He texted me and said he didn't hate me he is just hurt he has moved on and so should I . I asked him since I gave you a second chance when you cheated I asking for one he denied me. I want him back.. Scorpios once they're hurt I was told forget it your dead to them is this true?

STING of a scorpio hurts
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio and i stung my friend before because he pissed me off.

Band camp
by: Anonymous

To Ms. Gemini from band camp. You need to work on spelling, punctuation, word structure and syntax. I have a very hard time believing your little fable of being a scientist or a researcher or whatever you claimed you did. You would have written better english as college demands for a higher level of written communication. As far as you killing yourself over a man who does not care about you is in itself unattractive as Scorpio men do not like weak links. As far as Mr. Scorpio being insecure about your friend, that was more of a personality (obsessive compulsive) thing than anything else. He knew you were weak and he simply used you for sex as Scorpio men adore sex. However, he will not treat you any special as that special kind of treatment is reserved for one person, and you are not it.

Be a woman, have guys chase You and not the other way around. There is nothing less attractive than a desperate woman. Women always want what they cannot obtain.

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