Gone, Baby Gone

by Hope

I'm talking about me!

My Aqua man came for his first visit here and stayed for a wonderful week. He asked to stay an additional week and I was elated. I took another week off and we had a great time. He left his evening and I feel totally lost.

I am totally convinced this is the man with whom I am intended to spend the rest of my days. He is witty, fun, compelling, compassionate, really cares about others, aware of the world around him, well read, fun the talk with, and so romantic.

All those things I shared in our year of emails, and thought he was not reading/ignoring, he casually mentioned at just the right times. So endearing. He’s attentive, thoughtful, a great hugger, and loves to cuddle. Loves to go on adventures and explore new things. Easy to entertain, as is excited to try interesting new experiences.

I swear I wanted to break out on to the runway and charge after the plane. I miss him something awful already you guys! I'm a complete mess.

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Same Baby, Same!
by: Red Oktober

I feel the same way when mine goes! Lately, I've been trying to focus on other things and get right into them. If you keep yourself really busy and occupied with other things, its not as bad!

Nice story - sounds like you guys had an awesome time.

Red Oktober

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