Good description of a Scorpio woman

by cecilia

Everything written is correct. I think Scorpio woman are quite scary to superficial or hypocritical men. She is just a full of sexiness and can fulfill the person she chooses in all aspects (emotional and sexual)....

She has a problem to let show her feelings and desires and to lose control of herself.

I am a Scorpio and I think if a man could even imagine how it is to be loved like scorpian woman do... they will be courageous enough to take the challenge....

Scorpio in love turns innocent and caring... passionate and committed... until the end or until a disappointment turns her love to ashes...(being insulted,ignored, underestimated or cheated)Thanks a lot.

You're just right!

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100% agree
by: Anonymous

i like your explanation about scorpio woman when she's in love,

scorpio woman,despite her strong independent and kinda intimidating outerlook, she is actually a very sensitive being, a warmhearted woman that really cares about the man she trully loves,

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