Good way to seduce a capricorn

A good way to seduce a capricorn or get to a capricorns heart.. Many true Capricorns are overworked, and stressed often and there's nothing like a nice professional style massage or pampering body treatments to bring u closer.. Help to refresh your Capricorn and subtly suggest a few business ideas and pay interest to hat they love, especially their work or business , offering new ideas or enhancement to their presentations etc.. Always look smart and express an interest in the things they enjoy or a obstructive issue, and be mega independent. A driver, a well kept stable home and if you have children, a good parent and family loyalty by example can be make or break.. Do not over expose but be subtly sexy, be patient, avoid being forceful or dominating and the SMALLEST comment can live with them for the longest time so keeping it pleasant and knowing the right time and place works but addressing issues without coming across too smart.. be sweet about it.. a lovely text message during the day and lots of understanding if and when he/she goes wrong.. They require forgiveness and understanding.. if he/she is overworked, look at a remedy for that .. Dont expect nagging about being neglected to bring them closer.. a long face is just as bad.. if you feel neglected even before you are even together, remember you would be disconnected if he or she lots interest. This just means that your true Capricorn is taking time to analyze you and has a highly active mind, filled with work and all sorts and needs to be shown that you accept them the way they are and they require attention and love, even thought they may not APPEAR to jump for joy, it happens in the heart..

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he wants everything
by: Anonymous

i dont know what to think. I am afraid I have upset him. And wonder will he return my txt msgs or something...he was busy working and interrupted him (ouch, :( i know) and he takes his work serious, VERY serious. I can be a bit emotional when I miss Im working on keeping these feelings in check...But before he sent me the calm your ass down text he told me that he wants it ALL from me, EVERYTHING. this drives me nuts because I dont want to jump to conclusions and think love, kids, money, ect. Because jumping to conclusions can hurt a potential relationship bad. just confused but i miss him like hell. Why wont he just tell me exactly how he feels? I mean I know we just met so this is why the "EVERYTHING" thing is bothering me, has me thinking like how could you want so much so soon.

Super woman
by: Anonymous

Well, I am a scorpio, and from a personal experience, they just need an understanding woman, but, and this is very important to them, you must look sexy, they are driven by their eyes. Of course, it is very important that you both have good communication, understanding but being sexy is most important trait!
When you win his heart, I assure you he is just like a baby, you will be in control, he will follow you like a child, the surface is hard but deep inside he is just like melting chocolate that you will enjoy to the utmost.

Is it just sex?
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aquarius woman who met my Capricorn man a year ago. We had a "real" date and it didn't seem like he just wanted a sexual relationship. We talked on fhe phone And texted each other every day. As time went on when he or I wasn't busy we would just meet for occasional "flings". I started falling for this man but he would keep his emotions bottled in and I never could understand what our relationship meant to him. He is in the navy and was sent overseas for 18 months and now we only talk once in a blue moon and when we do it's phone sex!! Omg is this what this relationship is all about? Because sometimes he acts like I'm the one and only!!!! How do I get this man to open up to me???

Scorpy woman into Capri man.
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio women who has been seeing a Capricorn man for 3months now. He is incredibly romantic and affectionate which I love. But as a Scorpio our traits include passion and strong sexual drive. Even then he scares me a little as he is a little more than what I'm used to in the way of attentiveness, having dated and grown used to a wrestless and emotionally vacant Saggi in the past.
Now step by step we are at a point where we are starting to define our relationship. Being the ever so cautious Scorpio that I am, I'm sussing him out and he is doing the same with me. He is very private about his emotions and it is still taking him time to truely open up about how he feels. Drivesme up the wall sometimes. But I have learnt that patience is definately key if you want to get a Carpicorn man and keep him.
A Capricorn friend of mine once said that "Capricorns only open up once they feel 100% secure or certain that they wont get trampled on, because their heart is their temple and they have a big wall which require enough rope and a determined participant willing to scale it".
I am scaling that wall to try and get to the other side. Ahahah

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