Great description of Taurus man

by Success

This assessment is dead on! I am a Virgo woman and I have been dating a Taurus man for about a month (I am black and he is white; although not important:) As an independent woman who is really attracted to intellect more than anything else, from our first date, I really knew I wanted to see him again. The crazy part is, our first date was a blind, date through a dating service. I really had no expectations of anything except meeting, being polite, and going home (this is a dating service you pay big bucks for with background checks, etc.) Anyway, he is a physically, beautiful man and we have just clicked. I was divorced a few years ago, and although I haven't dated much, he is by far, my equal. Although I think we will go far because we are so compatible in areas of fitness, finance, temperaments and goal orientation, I am really satisfied that I met him at all. It has truly been a masculine, spiritual, intellectual, pleasure! I have never dated a Taurus man and although this relationship has been brief, I can tell you, there is no other man like him. I like getting to know someone and taking my time to make sure that I am getting what I want, however, I must tell you, if marriage was in my future at any point, he is the only man that I have met that I might give some consideration. Yeah! It's that amazing!

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