Hard to figure out my Scorpio woman

by Eddie
(New york, NY )

I started seeing this Scorpio women after not seeing her for 16 years. I was married and was not looking for a relationship but she was non stop in her pursuit and I gave in. It was the most terrific intense romantic experience I've ever had. She made one big mistake she fell in love with me knowing full well that I could not leave my wife. Now I am free and we hooked up again but she seems aloof now and non committal.

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Dont leave it too long to say I LOVE YOU
by: Anonymous

Don't be to dishearted, the reason she is acting so aloof, is because you hurt her the first time around ( did you ever make it clear that you were never going to leave your wife?) she is just keeping her feeling close to her chest this time because she is an emotional person(all scorpios are) and does not want to get hurt a second time around. As you are an air sign i realize that you are not use to showing you emotions readily. But she does need some acts and words of love from you right now, to make her feel more secure, in this realationship. She loves you and needs you to show her that you love her to. If she didnt love you she would not still be in your life, because there is nothing shallow in a scorpio woman, the have deep feeling, and dont just switch them off and on like a tap. Just take comfort from the fact that she has given you a second chance in her life, now the rest is up to you, if you want to keep her there. Shes a special lady, and you are going to have to go a long way to find another one like her. I wish you and your scorpio lady luck, love is such a small thing to give someone, but the returns are huge,its called happiness, and you wont regret it. I hope this helps. Take care

by: Anonymous

I completely agree. I am scorpio women, and i am in the same situation now. The aquarius man really hurt me few years ago and now we are kinda back together but i try to avoid being hurt the second time. If he really wants me back he will have to prove it whatever it takes. It is not that i am not commited to him, it is just natural reaction from me to hide that commitment just to avoid the same situation again.

You should really take the first step in expressing feelings, that should help:)

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