Head over heels for my Taurus man

i totally agree with all that has been stated--im head over heels with my Taurus man although we aren't communicating on the regular he pops in & out with a cute text which is very annoying but its better than not hearing from him at all -- I'm an Aquarius & we do have night & day personalities but he is worth the crap he dishes out

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oh really?
by: pisces woman

i wouldn't keep calling it crap if i were you.

Head over heels for my Taurus man
by: Fong

Ya, I don't understand that part either. What's up with the once a while text, I don't use text so he sent me cute email like saying " thinking about me", if I don't call him for a couple days. Which is sweet however.....

I am in the beginning stage with him, there were a few times I called him and he didn't answer my phone call or returning my phone call at night (I also know he sleeps late), so that is my problem that I don't know if I can trust him. However from my question and a Taurus girl told him I should trust him because he is assessing and watching how I react... so I guess I will be patient and see how it goes :)

by: aquarius gal

I dont know what it is with these taurus men i am talking to one and in the beggining we were texting like everyday now its every other day. i dont know if what we have going on is fading away but like u say he sends a cute text like "I miss you" and i respond that i miss him back but i have my doubts about him thinking that hes a player bc hes very attractive what girl wouldnt be all over him... and i really like this guy i dont feel the same when i am dating another man..im just thinking about my taurus guy...but i aint in no rush to be in a relationship i just want to spend more time with him... i do all the right things that taurus like now im just waiting for him to let me know when he wants to see me...bc i feel like im DOOMED! LOL i text him and "say when am i going to see you" and he responds "soon" and i feel like he dont want to see me as much as i want to see him..i need some advice i am an aquarius woman and i feel like im being desperate to be in his company..i never feel like that when any other guy and i never had to do whatever it takes to be with him


In reply to your question
by: (__)

Hope I could be of help being a Taurus guy myself, I feel that you cannot rush things ahead of his timing. A Taurus guy generally will be slow off his ass to start something off, this is the time when he wants to assess th options and differences, and also could be focusing his time on another important matter without suffocating the relationship as it is right now.

Taurus guys are terrible at hiding their emotions and when they are in love with you, you could literally 'see' it in their eyes. But we get a little sticky (level 1-2 clingers lol)

Hope this helps... relax! He's not running anywhere or trying to stay away from you - but once he's 100% into you, you might be feeling the suffocation then! Just a little warning on what to expect and be ready for

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