Hell after falling out with Virgo mans family

by jessica
(san francisco )

I'm a cancer and he is a virgo man. I gave him a hard time for two years then I decided to give me.. it was the most amazing experience in the world. We both were deeply in love, everything was perfect.

We had the best of communication, sex and compatibility. The we had a falling out with his family and its been hell ever since.

He told the family we were no longer involved and we keep it on the low because our connection was so strong. Due to leaving me out of the picture for so long from daily routines, I gave him an ultimatum to tell his parents or it would be over. He would not tell them so we have been breaking up and getting back together all the time. its been six years on and off and I still have a hard time letting go of him. We also had a life situation occur and he turned into the most un human person I’ve ever met in my life. He shocked me and completely made me realize that maybe he was just using me or something. He would go MIA all the time and leave me in the cold. I was the worse feeling in the world.

When I tried to move on he ran back and begged me like a little kid. I took him back and then he cheated on me and I would catch him flirting with the world so I no longer could trust him. We try not to talk to each other and just move on but we both can’t let go.. I won’t call for days then he calls out of no where. Then he says he will call back but he does not… I honestly don’t know what to think. He was amazing now he is not.
The only thing that blows me away is our connection its so strong. Virgos are weird but I just cant let go.

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by: Anonymous

I am married to a Virgo. I am extremely careful about my opinions of any members of his family. In fact, I bite my tongue, and refrain from verbalizing any negative opinions about any members of his family, at any time. Even if he is complaining about one of them, and asks for my opinion, all I do is acknowledge his feeling about it, even if I agree with his negative opinion. I DO NOT express my agreement or disagreement, whatever the case may be. If he keeps pressing me for my opinion, I will say “if it were me…”, and I will STILL be very general and not too critical or negative. If you avoid giving him any opinion at all, he might assume the worst – a negative opinion. You must be careful. Virgos are very self critical and constantly strive for perfection. Their families are an extension of themselves, indirectly, but nevertheless. Also, if you feel you must express an “important” negative opinion, try to find a way to joke about it. After all, that is their language – my husband jokingly expresses negative opinions. In your case, you’re already in a bad spot, sorry to say. However, if he keeps coming back to you, there’s hope. If he cheats on you, that’s a different ball of wax. If you are willing to put up with that, that’s your prerogative. On the family thing, if you have betrayed or disrespected his parents, it might seem like he will never forgive you for it, or trust you. It’s very hard to regain a Virgo’s trust or obtain forgiveness. What makes it harder is they don’t want to talk about it anymore. If you still have a good relationship with “him”, and you want to “make-up” with his parents, you may need to offer a nice gesture or two towards them, or a nice opinion or something. But, if the parents are the ones who don’t want to “make-up” with you, then maybe your Virgo man is just respecting their wishes. I wouldn’t proceed on making amends until you discuss it with your Virgo AND he agrees and is willing to support your efforts. On the other hand, again, if he habitually cheats on you, it’s possible that he’s using you and has no intentions of letting you into his family again. Well, you have a lot to think about. Try to sort things out, weigh your pros and cons. Be clear about your short-term and long-term desires and try to be practical and rational in your decisions. I wish you all the best.

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