Help! Confusing Taurus Sending Mixed Signals

by Kaia

i met my Taurus man around seven months ago. He's a friend of my two best mates, they've known each other forever and all three of them are actors. If he were born 2 days later he'd be a Gemini, so he's got some Gemini traits, too, I guess. He's very pretty (if you can say that for a man, haha) and he's charming and a bit on the posh side, he's somewhat arrogant and covers his insecurity with bragging so he doesn't have an awful lot of mates but allegedly he's been through so many girls he's basically an urban legend and I dunno how many of the stories I should believe. Anyway, the day we met we started flirting and he held my hand, saying that he needed to hold me because we were at a balcony and he was afraid of heights. All our friends were sure we'd get together and pushed for it, and the next time we saw each other he flirted even more openly, and when we were going back home he leaned over to kiss me on the lips and then kissed me on the cheek in the last possible second. Now, I'm a self-confident Leo girl, but I've never met anyone who shook up my faith in myself and my world in general from the very start so I just sort of froze over with some odd sort of stage fright and I think he took it as a rejection and that's why he kissed me on the cheek. The next day I found out he had a girlfriend and our relationship deteriorated into a friendship with lots of confusing flirting. As in, sometimes we would act as best mates and sometimes he would make suggestive commentary and sometimes he'd barely notice me and talk to my other friends instead.

Eventually I mostly gave up on him and almost got together with our mutual friend who'd been interested in me for a while, and I think that may have put him off for a while but basically the friend and I didn't get together because I realized that what I felt for the Taurus was too strong for me to be with anyone else, and the non-Taurus friend realized the same regarding his Bulgarian ex girlfriend. The Taurus continued to ignore me and then get all sweet and do tiny things like remembering some random comment of mine at the lake and making me a bracelet out of seaweed and giving it to me so the rest of our friends didn't see or something like that. A couple of times, when I'd wear short shorts because it was summer and it was hot, he'd get sort of jelaous and comment in annoyance how this or that bloke on the street was ogling me or something to that effect, and get all protective. When one of my friends first saw us talking, she said that he was looking at me so intently that it seemed like nothing but me existed to him, but she's fairly romantic and overidealistic so she may have been exaggerating. He also once called me his 'best friend and worst critic' because he'd shown me some of his writing and I've offered him constructive critique.

Then we didn't see each other for a while because none of us had the time and I finally made myself forget about him until I went to the premiere of his new play and then we went out for a drink and I sort of fell for him again. We spent New Year's Eve together with some friends at a cottage in the woods and I nearly fell asleep on the couch in front of the fireplace when he came along and, thinking I were sleeping, kissed me on the head and tucked me in and made a comment along the lines of 'Darling is sleeping, so sweet' thinking I wouldn't hear. Then the next few times we saw each other he nearly ignored me, and he broke up with his girlfriend in the meanwhile without telling me anything, even though previously he'd often complained about her.

Then, tonight, at our mutual best mate's birthday party he gave me some cheeky grins and blew me some kisses and fed me chocolate and wine and even, at a point, had me sit between his legs. He was generally acting very charming and flirty but then that other friend I was supposed to get together with started flirting with me and I ended up falling over him completely by accident and then both of them went on to chat up other girls at the party. I had to leave early and later found out from a friend that he may have made out with a random girl, but she wasn't sure if he did.

Basically, when I get convinced that he isn't interested in me whatsoever, he does something sweet that makes me fall for him all over again, and then he proceeds to almost ignore me for weeks, and he's had me spinning in circles like that since the beginning of July. I'm not sure at all if he's interested in me anyway or if he's just occasionally flirting for the fun of it and because I have a reputation for being a bit promiscuous and a flirt and I'm reading into it too much because I want us to happen. So I figured I'd get some unbiased oppinions, heh x)

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by: Me, Aquarius

Are you sure you haven't dreamt all this?? :) It does sound very surrealistic to me...But IF all this is true, you should show your pretty Taurus guy some undivided attention. I mean, take the initiative, take him out, even! That should be enough for starters...
That you are known to be a bit promiscuous can be a problem, however! So, turn down your lusty urges a little, lioness :) and show your softer, girlier side a bit more...GOOD LUCK!

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